Lunar Crisis Demo Update 0.2 (Quick Update 0.3)

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Hello, long time no see…

The concept of time doesn’t exist anymore, yesterday was January and today it’s already September, crazy, huh?

So hey, demo update or something…

Edit: Quick update with all the problems found so far fixed, scroll down for a fix list.

Download Demo 0.3 (Quick update)

Download Demo 0.2

I have many things to say but honestly, I’m just going to let you play and decide for yourself, most things I’ve already said like it being a simpler take on adventure games, of streamlining puzzles and the like, so you be the judge if it’s too much or if it works for what it is, considering this is pretty much an accurate depiction of the final version, except for some small gameplay changes later on than you haven’t seen, and to be fair I haven’t worked much on it either so I don’t know how it’s going to eventually turn out.

I realized this ended up being more of a slow burn than I expected, so eeehhhhhh, I don’t know man, you’ll be able to skip the introduction sections even in the final version, but then again, that’s the kind of game this is (but you’re already aware of that *wink* *wink*) but yeah, it’s a bit slow. Or maybe it feels to me that way. I dunno. You tell me.

I’m interested in knowing how much it takes you to finish this demo, maybe that’ll help me pace this better in the future, a timer appears at the end.

After the demo ends, you can still play but everything is broken front hat point forward.

[ESC] – Quits the game without warning, so be careful

[Q] – Goes back to the main menu, also without warning.

[P] – Shows a bunch of meaningless numbers.

Some details:

The music is most likely temporary; I will dedicate more time to it or just commission a real musician, not yet though, not a priority for now.

Red framed images that appear sometimes, twice for now one in the bridge scene and one at the end, is something I want to do but if I can’t make the character ones look good, I’ll probably ditch them. It’s the same story again, I will always have problems with bigger character images. That’s just not my strong suit and never will be, you would think after 2 games I would be better at it, but nope.

No grunts and moans yet, I don’t think I’ll be focusing on that for now, again, not a priority.

The big one, there’s a continuity error on how a certain event plays out, I left it on purpose because I don’t know how to fix it yet, try to spot it, or find more (if you want or care of course).

Let me know of any bugs, glitches, problems, or whatever. A few things broke after the update to the newest GMStudio version (2.3, pretty great update btw) I hope nothing is broken anymore AAAAAghh!



Fixed and Added for 0.3:

  • A few drone screens allow you to move out of the room.
  • (Game breaking) After getting the “prevent vacuum” objective, sometimes a trigger will activate in the Elevator Room which will break sequence.
  • Some sprites have a dot at the base.
  • Class A Alien walking sprite still has previous design.
  • Cell B opens automatically close to the END.
  • Some locks don’t reset every day (They should)
  • Placeholders on camera pictures
  • Make [Space] to move dialog forward in addition to [X].
  • Change the color of the red window prompts and add page number indicators.
  • Add LOCATE ARMORY as an objective.
  • Have [Up Key] to open doors in addition to [Space] (I guess?)
  • Updated help prompt at the begining.
  • Add [Z] Key functions to [Y] Key, even thought it doesn’t say it in the help propmts.
  • Add Spanish, German and French accented characters to the font.
  • Other minor fixes

Apocalypse update

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I’ve been going back and forth between replacing early game placeholders and moving forward by adding more placeholders to then replace them later when I catch up in the replacement process…. yeh… I forgot how time consuming sprites are.

I don’t know what else AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Can the world just end already? This is the worse apocalypse ever.


Old New

Game is moving along just so you know, I don’t know if everything is turning out as I expected, especially the whole gameplay thing since I cut a bunch of “get key” and “get item to do thing” from the design doc, I don’t know if it classifies as a point and click anymore, I don’t think it ever did, I always called it “simplified”. But trust me, it would have gotten tedious, there was just too much. Also, I worry about the length, it looks way longer on paper, but once you approximate with a barebones execution it seems things go way faster than predicted, removing filler item hunting made things worse, so, that could be a problem.

Also, I did a (boring) test stream a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know if there’s interest in that, let me know.

Corona Fantasy VII: Remoke

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I hate it.

In other news, the world is ending this time for real, I’ve been working on the game slowly but consistently if that makes any sense, but nothing soon, sorry.

I want to update the demo but on top of some work still missing I’m also depending on some external help for something so, we’ll see when it can be done. But again, I’m going slow due to the apocalypse I guess, it should be the opposite but is not really working for me, if anything it’s starting to look like this should be at the bottom of the priority list, can’t really focus much right now. It’s of course temporary, I’m assuming in a couple of weeks or so I’ll start to pick up the pace… or we’ll be dead already, either of those.

In all seriousness tho, stay safe out there.

Demo thing

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Oh god what’s happening.

So here it is, as I said in the previous post this is just the first 1 and a half days of the game, so is just the setup, so no sex or anything, don’t yell at me, mostly set up for the conflict and characters.

Please read the previous post for more details and paranoia.

Lunar Test Demo 0.1

Alt+Ener = Toggle Windowed/Fullscreen

Esc = Close Game (In-game only)

Alt+F4 = Close Game (Title screen and in-game)

I have to clarify other thing, this is not the whole picture since we haven’t gotten to more action based sections, so that could be misleading, between days 4 and 5 the game shifts to a more stealth/action gameplay, it can be difficult to picture right now but there’s not much done in that regard since I’m moving in a linear fashion this time, so I’ll work on that when I get there development wise, but yeah, just something to note, if it matters at all.

I hope everything works, let me know if you find a problem and check the list to see if it’s been mentioned already.

Known problems:


  • Bridge inner door animation looks wonky.
  • Punching bag background looks different.
  • Some character outlines are not finalized (mainly black lines around skin)

So after playing it and if you would like to help me with a few things, I’d like to ask a few questions and have a few ponderments.

I think everyone who’s been following knows already what kind of game this is, so knowing that:

  1. I think there’s a few moments that could be considered exposition dumps, the main offender I believe is on day 1 the conversation during the first mission update (in the captain’s room about DNA and stuff) …but it’s okay, right? That’s it, that’s the question. It’s a story based game after all, right? Right? I just don’t know where to move it to make it relevant, it feels to me all is necessary, I need to call my writer.
  2. I don’t know if I should add more background text, like for example clicking more things in the background and having an “examine” prompt for more things. The reason why I didn’t do that is because I don’t want to have text for things that are not relevant to progress, all things you click now have, or will have purpose, so I don’t know if I should have more flavor text or ONLY relevant text.
  3. Taking 2 into account, all messages from the character are supposed to be given in a “robotic” manner, kinda like an AI interpreting things, don’t know if it come across or not, that means all flavor text is going to be robotic as well…. so… yes.
  4. You can press P when the “end demo” message appears to remove the invisible wall so you can keep advancing, from that point forward everything is broken tho, so I don’t recommend it if you want to preserve the “magic”, I don’t even know how much you can advance after that.
  5. I can’t think of anything else for now.
  6. Don’t kill me.

My brain doesn’t work becasue I can’t think of anything else to say so feel free to ask.

Demo soon, not yet tho… brains

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As you know (or if you remember), I pretty much stopped progress to polish the first part as much as possible, there’s still noticeable missing spots but the end result is what you would call in nerd speak, a vertical slice, or a demo, whatever. I’ll be uploading it in a week or so.

But before uploading this thing there’s a few things I want to say:

Some things ended up not working as I wanted and I’m not really pleased about a few things, so if it’s not noticeable I won’t care about it anymore, but if it is, I don’t know, it’ll be a major bummer, I know it’s vague but I won’t say much in case it’s just me blowing things out of proportion (probably).

Keep your expectations in check, as I’ve said many times before: this is NOT a traditional rapey platformer, instead it is a simplified point and click adventure, I’m paranoid but only because I don’t want anyone to feel ripped off. I’ve already said what it was going to be so I hope you didn’t think it was suddenly going to become something else. I’ve received some emails about it, so I wanted to clarify… once again.

It will only have the first 1 day and a half or so, the full game will consist of 7 days, each day being some sort of chapter, the first 2 days are setup, the 3rd day onwards is when things start moving in the sexy direction (so of course we won’t get there just yet).

There’s still time for some modifications but I’ll get into more detail next time.

If I sound paranoid and defensive is because I am… I haven’t taken my medication in like 6 years.


End Year Post Chart Thing 2019 Extravaganza: Deluxe

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Just for the hell of it I did a thing, I thought it would be interesting to see this chart showing dev time counted in months, it’s measured by post dates, as in, initial post about the game to release, you can safely assume each game could have 1 or 2 months more of development before the initial announcement but for simplicity it has the post dates.

Why you ask, no reason, it was just for fun, but then fun died the moment I realized it’s been a year since I started the current project, I honestly thought it was 6 to 7 months at most, damn.

I also realize I need to finish it before 2020 ends, it’s just not productive to have dev cycles like GHV anymore, that’s just overkill.

Also math could be wrong since I suck at it and I was sleepy yesterday when I made it.


So yeah, hope you’re doing well and see you next year.



We are in the future already and still no baseball with hot chicks and robots, worst timeline indeed.


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So anyway…

I realize I should have started drawing the actual sex stuff already, the reason I hadn’t was because I was busy with everything else that comes before, so just a warm up I’ve been doing a little bit of that and gah-dehm!! I forgot how time consuming it is.

I guess what I’ll try to do now is to polish the very beginning as much as possible and see how everything clicks together.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been working as consistently as I should, as in I have been working every (available) day but more often than not, not as many hours per day, I’m starting to feel the burnout I think, and it reminds me of this post where I talked about something similar, and yeah some of that may be true right now, it’s probably just temporary but yeah, burnout is a very real possibility at this point, it sucks, for some reason the idea of going against the flow and making a “forbidden” game doesn’t feel as exciting anymore, and knowing that WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY ready to shoot down anything not conforming to its core values doesn’t help.

I don’t have much else to say, I’m working not as fast but still working.

Also sag or no sag? Very important question.


Sag tech has been… improved? didn’t completely remove just toned down, you tell me. Open each and change tabs to see the difference.

Edit 2:

I just received a spanish translation for Ghost Hunter Vena, go to the donwload page to download.

Nueva Traducción en español para Ghost Hunter Vena en la pagina de descargas.

Placeholdering the holding places

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Sooooooooooooooo I’ve started to “build” the progression in a linear manner, meaning I already have the system working, now I just have to build one thing after the other as if I was playing normally, but you now, instead of playing I’m building, I don’t even know how to call that anymore, the catch is that it’s being built in placeholder mode, so everything looks dumb:

I don’t know how to continue right now, I don’t know if I should continue placeholder building the rest of the game or if to go back to the beginning and polish it to see how it’s shaping up in a more finalized state.

The problem right now is that, it’s not taking shape as I thought, it’s still not looking like a real game, mainly because what I have done so far in the “building” phase has been still in the intro-ish sections so I still don’t have the full picture so to say.

So this is how it’s gonna work, the progression is divided in days which could work as chapters, the first few days are introductory, setting up the characters and the situation and the like, the more interesting bits start happening after a few days, in total I expect 7 days or so and I just started working on day 3, which is the shortest day, things really start going down by day 4; since the first few days are introductory they go by faster, so the final days should be the longest sections, at least that’s the idea, to have a real feel for it I need at least one of the longer days playable, that way I can better judge how it’s shaping up, since I’m building linearly I still haven’t gotten there yet. I hope that made sense.

After that what follows is replacing the placeholders with real graphics, which usually is the most time consuming part.

I don’t know what else to say that hasn’t been said before, all is left is to wait… as always… game creation is a slow tedious process, it always boils down to MORE waiting…

As I’ve said before, I expect this one to not as popular or well received the ones before, you can go back a few posts to find all the fighting; I feel like I need to say this every time in case someone still thinks this is a traditional rapey platformer, it’s not, it’s a traditional rapey-light-visual-novel-but-not-really-simplidfied-monkey-island-clickity-clackity… thing, that’s the official genre…

If you haven’t you can see this old-ish version video and have a better feel for it.

Ask questions and maybe I’ll answer, I dunno…

I’m tired… I’m always tired… I’m dead… not really… but maybe…

Ghost Hunter Vena Version 1.09 (minor update)

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The real release of Ghost Hunter Vena 1.09 update is now on the download page, in the final test it had a glaring bug/glitch where the hardest difficulty was activating by itself, so this is the real release with that fixed, that’s why tests are important, thanks to all who helped me test this, it was especially important due to the engine change which created quite a few problems, hopefully it’s all good now.

Download Page

Again, this is not a big update, if you already played the game there’s not much for you here, the biggest additions were the updated intro and ending images and a new difficulty mode, which btw doesn’t have an additional reward, I guess it’s only for the challenge if you care enough, it was mostly added because of requests.

Also, it’s a little late but now you can add you own custom files for translation, this is due to the new engine easier file handling; you could say it’s not very useful anymore since most interest in translating has probably died down, but it serves as practice to start using this system for future projects, additionally there were some people working on translations right now, so this is much easier to work with.

I hope there’s nothing else to fix so I can go back to work, but if there’s another problem/bug/glitch please let me know.

Important: If you played the TEST version and got your save glitched with higher difficulty (if you got to the first Orb Eater), go to the DATA shortcut (takes you to your appdata folder) and delete ONLY the file named “plus#” the number corresponding to the slot you were playing in, then run the game, select a difficulty in the options menu, then load the game normally.

Going back to nonsense post titles (Update: Aug 16)

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Update 2 (Aug 16): I was ready to upload 1.09 and decided to do another test run, it turns out there’s a huge glitch, extra difficulty gets automatically activated after the first orb eater no matter what difficulty you selected, because you know, that’s the room where you need orbs so I had to modify it to have normal orbs instead of less orbs but it got glitched and now even easy difficulty turns into super difficulty afterwards, heh, that’s why this was labeled as a TEST and not a final release, good thing no one thought this was a real release or anything like that *cough* *wink* *wink*… so, yeah… I’ll fix that…

Here’s a soft (beta?) release of the GHV update, the main reason why I’m not officially putting it up for download in the main page or dlsite is because I would like to ask those who want to test it, please do so and let me now what weird things you find, I don’t know what could be broken because of the engine change which required more tweaking than a normal update:

This update is not a big deal really, is not much different to previous updates and you won’t get much out of it if you already played it, so don’t get your hopes too high up, the main differenece is the engine update, there was a lot of trouble updating from GM Studio to GM Studio 2, some things didn’t work properly, some others broke, and I even found some bugs left from the previous versions I never noticed and apparently nobody else did.

The main updates are:

Updated intro and ending images, I’m still not entirely happy about them, mainly the ending ones, you can still select the old ones in the options if you want.

Added an option for custom script translations tho it seems unnecessary at this point; the main reason is because the file system is different in GM studio 2 making it easy, and someone had a Spanish translation in the works for a while now and I wanted to include it, I decided to instead of baking it in, I just added the option for external implementation since it’s so much easier now; on another note, there is a Spanish translation floating around for the previous version, don’t know how they did it.

Extra difficulty mode selectable after beating the game, available when starting a new game and not from the options, almost like a new game plus but not really, let me know if you think more could be added to it (within reason of course).

Fixed a bug where sometimes the map still wouldn’t align with the current floor.

Added prompts to points where jump is necessary.

The rest are minor fixes and internal optimizations that are not visible, most were necessary from the engine update.

Again, this is a soft release, if you feel compelled to test it out, let me know what you find. If you find anything the data on the left is great help to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks in advance if you want to test it.

In other news I haven’t been working on the new project much since I got distracted by the update, so now that it’s done (hopefully no major fixes needed) I’ll go back to work fully on the new one.

Some elbow fixing:

See you later.


Update: Jul 29

WARNING: To be safe, make a copy of your saved date, it should be fine but I can’t be 100% sure:   %localappdata%\ghost_final\

1.9 Test 2

I believe everything is already fixed and working properly, it’s still in test mode just in case, if nothing new comes up I’ll uploaded the proper version to the download page a week from now or so, thanks again to those who want to test it and helped me test it before, there were some pretty big problems found, thanks.


The font now has Russian and Polish characters, if there’s interest in other languages I’ll update the fonts, I believe Portuguese and German are already in but I’m not sure, so for those who are interested in the translation process this is how it works.

The numbers in the first line of the text determines the font used:

00 is default: English, Spanish, (I believe Portuguese and German too)

01 is Arial font with extra European alphabets characters, for now: Polish, Russian

So write the number you need followed by whatever you want to write (language, your name, etc)

Modifiable script files are:

txtdata.txt = Main Dialogs

txtdata2.txt = Extra environment text and journal pages

txtdata_jp and txtdata2_jp are Japanese, txtdata_c and txtdata2_c are the ones loaded as the custom language option, of course you can modify any of those but the custom is the one you should go for and the only one that accepts the font change.

I’ll add this information as a help text file later.

As an additional note, this is a weird addition, the reason why I’m doing this is because it’s easier with the new engine but it’s kind of unnecessary at this point, of course this is the system I’ll keep using for future projects so fan translations can be done close to release instead one year later, unless the engine changes and use of external files is limited again.

EXTRA difficulty

First of all, this time I tested more thoroughly and I have to say, It’s kind of annoying, only worth it if you want the challenge, I wasn’t able to upgrade any power up, that’s why I changed the orbs from 4 to 15; mind you, not every ghost drops 15, they drop normally but instead there can only be 15 on the screen at any given time, the rest disappear, maybe with 15 you can at least upgrade something.

It took me a bit over 2 hours skipping all dialog and going exactly where I needed to go, of course retying a bunch of times, especially bosses.

I still don’t know if there will be a reward at all, I didn’t plan this, this was a last minute addition due to some interest, I didn’t even know what to do or how to do it, so… I dunno…

Everything else

I really need to be done with this and continue working on the new project.

Is mega working for you? I can’t download anything anymore; it always tells me my bandwidth was exceeded, even when I haven’t downloaded anything recently.