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You know what I’ve been doing and what the work schedule is, if you don’t check the last blog entry, that should cover the next several months of tasks to do, by reading it again though I notice my way of communicating things can be confusing, but we all knew that, , the event part was especially weirdly worded, I hope it was clear enough to give you a solid idea of where we are.

As expected I’m still working in the event list, I’m at the 7th point of the second page, the one that starts with “goes back”, I should have been a bit farther that that but ran into some problems that made things more difficult than expected, no big deal I think, it’s to be expected and everything is going with relative normality.

for those who didn’t understand though, that’s not the list of the entire game’s progress, just of the main events, they are for now bare bones code animated sequences with poorly made placeholder graphics, I will make the entire list of events from beginning to the ending sequence in this manner so when they are done I can polish and replace the final graphics all in one go, and then continue according to the previous post.

By next month hopefully I’ll be done with that part and will be animating and replacing graphics already, let’s hope.

In other news, I was interviewed by DLsite in a monthly interview/news thing they do that I had no idea it existed, I don’t remember exactly what I said anymore so you can read the dumb things I said in the last section of this page: