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Name and stuff

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Good thing that there wasn’t major problems with the demo and seems like the gameplay itself was well received in general so… cool.

First thing today is… for some reason I’m having quite some trouble naming the game, so let me know what you want to name it, this time I don’t really care, just come up with something cause my brain is dry already, I wanted to have the words Alien or Ship or Trap, or maybe just one word like Alien… igized… azation… I dunno… or without the word Alien at all, if it helps we’re not really in space, it’s a ship parked somewhere in earth and we’re going in on a rescue mission, one thing I don’t like is very descriptive names like: The Rape of the Flying Valkyrye and the like…so, not those…

Some things I changed and to be changed:

Heavy breathing sequence time decreased.

All grabs including hentai grabs will now do damage.

Enemies shouldn’t be able to throw you out of the screen (still figuring a better way to do it)

Thinking about giving one H-grab per enemy, that is, they will only do it once and then continue attacking normally after, not sure yet.

Still thinking about the crouch button, probably will do it but only to dodge, but again, will only be necessary if I make it necessary, so not a priority for now.

And now the big one, surprisingly enough I didn’t receive that many comments about the censoring, I don’t really mind censored stuff, sometimes I even prefer it, but I guess I’m the minority… so yeah, I’ll try to do the patch thing to uncensor later, even though I dunno how “legal” that is with DLsite and all that… whatever… still, the mosaic was there more to cover a mistake than anything else, so I’ll have to fix that… also, what do you think about the vagina-less sprites? I thought it wasn’t necessary to draw detail, since there’s not that much to see from that angle, so I didn’t really give it much thought, it was only one comment which mentioned it though, so maybe is not that big of a deal.

Aside from that there wasn’t really nothing broken or needed to be fixed urgently I think, if I forgot something let me know.

See you next time.


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Download Demo/Gameplay Test 0.1


Left/Right = Move

X = Fire/Kick

S = Dash

A = Change ammo type

Z/Y = Respawn Armor


P = Restart Game

B/N/M: Create Enemies (Only in the first room)

F4 = FullScreen/Windowed

Esc = End Game

Does Mediafire delete mature content?

Anyway, here is the Demo/Gameplay test I kind of promised, the truth is I’ve had it ready for more than a week but then I found a nasty bug and spent a while trying to track it down, when I couldn’t find it, left it alone for a couple of days then came back and realized it was just a stupid mistake on my part… fun… also I’ve been trying to make the gameplay “playable” since at first it wasn’t going to have enemies around that much, you can see obvious flaws in the interaction with enemies from a design perspective but… yeah, I hope it works for you, I’m fine with it, there’s no hint of the story yet but that’s obvious why.

Here’s how it works, only in the first room you can create enemies with the B/N/M Keys, you have to move away from the left wall, this is to test the difficulty and you can also tell me what do you think is the ideal quantity of enemies on screen at once, you can create unlimited enemies but don’t go too crazy because it can crash if you create too many… I think…

During enemy grabs the bar is red or pink, Red means damage or death and pink means sexy times, so I think you want to avoid red ones from filling up.

Also haven’t decided yet if it needs a crouch button, I know you will say YES!!!!! But I if don’t make it necessary , like by adding enemy projectiles or Guro inducing ceiling plants, then I don’t see why it should exist.

Something I regret not having yet is voice, I have no idea how I’m going sort that out yet, also there are some sounds missing and some others are going to be replaced.

I forgot what else…

So there you go, hope you enjoy…

Also, enemies: Balls or no balls?

New Post

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For today I was expecting to release a beta/test demo with only basic gameplay and some enemies, but it still needs some polish and some more details to look presentable, like sounds and some visual effects, so in a few days it should be ready, unless you want to wait a while more until I start building the story elements… so… I dunno.

One thing I need right now though are enemies, I’m not sure how many “playable” enemies I should have, not counting bosses (so far 1 planned) or bad guy NPCs, I was thinking around 7 or 8 most likely, not much given that the story H events will already get most content and enemies could get redundant… maybe? So yeah, if you have any ideas for enemies, with its respective “hentai moves” I might use them since I’m out of ideas for those right now, remember they are Alien like, extra points for non-biped  non-humanoid ones.

It looks more like an RoR game now (it was before, but now is more… I guess), but no game overs for you… yeah…

See you next time.