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So anyway…

I realize I should have started drawing the actual sex stuff already, the reason I hadn’t was because I was busy with everything else that comes before, so just a warm up I’ve been doing a little bit of that and gah-dehm!! I forgot how time consuming it is.

I guess what I’ll try to do now is to polish the very beginning as much as possible and see how everything clicks together.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been working as consistently as I should, as in I have been working every (available) day but more often than not, not as many hours per day, I’m starting to feel the burnout I think, and it reminds me of this post where I talked about something similar, and yeah some of that may be true right now, it’s probably just temporary but yeah, burnout is a very real possibility at this point, it sucks, for some reason the idea of going against the flow and making a “forbidden” game doesn’t feel as exciting anymore, and knowing that WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY ready to shoot down anything not conforming to its core values doesn’t help.

I don’t have much else to say, I’m working not as fast but still working.

Also sag or no sag? Very important question.


Sag tech has been… improved? didn’t completely remove just toned down, you tell me. Open each and change tabs to see the difference.

Edit 2:

I just received a spanish translation for Ghost Hunter Vena, go to the donwload page to download.

Nueva Traducción en español para Ghost Hunter Vena en la pagina de descargas.