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First thing I want to say is, I’m getting a bit annoyed about things, the game is fine in my opinion, but I’m worried about time, I know you want faster progress but that’s something I can’t control, either it moves slowly or it doesn’t at all, I’m starting to fear the day I have to start something new, just the fact that I know it will last more than a year up to 2 years is very discouraging… I know I complicate things myself but I can’t help it, both the games I have, Xeno and this one, started as small projects, and look how they ended up, so, it sucks, there’s no solution, there’s no workaround, it just sucks… only thing I can do is stick with it until the end… hope you do too… I’m not asking for moral support or anything like that, just patience, this is something I wanted to talk about after release but I better mention it now, and then talk about it after too, and is something I would like to know your opinion on…

The fact that these things take so long makes me wonder how long people are willing to stick with it, not on particular projects but in pervy games/hentai in general… people change over time, maybe you’ll “grow out of it” after a while, maybe you’ll stop caring about porn in general when you get a girlfriend or just get tired and jaded to it, who knows, the point is, how many games with long dev times will be able to be released while you still care? and more importantly, how many games will I be able to make before I grow out of it? Let’s say I have 10 more years still in my porn clock, at this rate, that’s  4 to 5 games… that sucks, I want to make more than that, will I still care at 30 or 35? Wizardhood might help but who knows.

We were getting a bit existential there; maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

So in relation to that, I know story is something some of you don’t care about, while I do care about it, I think I’ll have the option to remove it completely, as in, characters will still move and interact but you’ll never see the dialog box appear and it’ll move automatically through it, I haven’t tried it yet but it shouldn’t be hard, I hope. What do you think? That doesn’t mean I won’t invest time in story, since that’s the kind of game we’re making here, if that’s not your thing or if it’s not what you want, then I guess what I’m offering is not for you, but at least I will try to have that option. Also, given my likes/dislikes, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea; I talked about how I hate sex talk, so there’s that.

Also… wait for it…

“I’m working on it…”

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

Also, animation.