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Release date… finally.


The files are  split in two.

First you download which contains the main executable among other files, and by purchasing  through PayPal you receive the other half of the files in your mail. The product you will be buying is called Xeno Files. Then you extract all the files from both ZIPs in the same folder, and you have a whole game.


If you run the executable without the rest of the files it’s going to crash right away after it finishes loading, but it’s actually a good way to test if your system can run the game before purchasing.

I would like to ask you to let me know how everything goes during purchase and download, of course you will tell me if something goes wrong, but even if everything is fine I want to know just to be sure, I never tried an automatic mailing system before so I would like to know if everything is OK… also paranoia.

For any japanese players out there, japanese translation will be coming soon, hopefully in a matter of weeks.

Just to be sappy for a moment I want to thank Flux for his help in proofreading and testing, and you for buying and supporting this very long and annoying development process, especially those who’ve been following from the beginning. And I’m not very good at this so I’ll shut up now.

So there you go, I hope there’s no bugs or glitches or weird stuff happening, if there is, you know what to do.

Hope you enjoy.

Potato Shields Activated

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First of all, thank you for your support in the last post, is not like I was expecting hostility or anything, just… you know… delays and stuff, even though, I’ve never given a precise date (that I remember), all have been “hopes” and “maybes”… but still.

One of the stuff I’ve been doing was fixing and finishing the art, since my artist half bailed on me I ended up doing some extra corrections, I’m not entirely pleased with it but maybe I’m just too picky, I don’t think it’s bad, just not awesome as I expected… I dunno. Feel free to tell me if I should get him for next time, once you see all of it of course.

So OK, we’re pretty much done, I have a very big memory leak somewhere but I hope to fix that in the next couple of days, then  I will finalize details and send it to my tester for a final beta testing run, if no more bugs, glitches or extra details in need of polish come out of that, it means we’re done.

Aside from that memory leak, I don’t like one bit that the game eats up from 600 to 800k in ram, that’s way too much, not even 3D games go over 500 – 600, cause you know, they are well optimized, looks like that memory leak could be the thing making it go up to 800 but I’m not sure, even with that it’s still perfectly functional with a decent system, low end systems may have a problem though, even without the memory leak, so, I don’t think I can help you there. Again, hopefully that will be taken care of in the next few days since it’s really the only thing left to do.

My PC is pretty lame though, 2gb RAM, 2,7 Dual core, the only extra is the Gfx Card which is not very good either, but it helps a lot.

Anyway, I’m guessing it will be ready within this week, depends on how well memory fixing and testing goes, after that I don’t know how much it will take to set up Paypal and all that, but I hope not more than a week, or maybe less, no idea.

In non important news, I received word from Curious Factory, who are the contact with DLsite, and the game needed more censorship, I see how it did now, I was thinking about those manga with very tiny white strips that pass for censorship but don’t really cover anything, but that doesn’t work here, they demand full cover of everything. I already did that and it was stupid annoying, specially for something that is intended to be removed, as in, you will be able to remove it and I will have lost all that work that was censoring, because you’re not going to see itno jokes allowed.

See you later.

Edit: Censor will be removable, that’s what I implied… we’ve been over this already in previous posts, there are no changes, censorship has always been planned to be patched out.