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Posted in Uncategorized on May 8, 2013 by Vosmug

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First of all, I’m sorry for not being around that much, things have been crazy around here, but we are getting close to the final line.

As you may already know this is a “story” driven game, similar to what Prisonkage was looking like, is not a full fledge deep meaningful story, just some dialog connections to keep the events of the game going (and some are long, damn), you can say it’s a “bare bones visual novel with some gameplay thrown into it”. So my question is: How many of you actually care about the story and dialog? Would you prefer not having any dialog at all? Like an option to always auto skip dialog? I don’t know how much fun a game with seemingly random intermissions will be. You already know how the gameplay is like, so you should already know if you’ll like the game or not, just add in the dialog factor. Also, how long usually H-games get? How much would be a good balance?

And still has no name, I suck at names, thank you to everyone who suggested names but I think I’m going for something simpler and more descriptive like Alien Ship Trap or something. I had Xenotaker but kind of sounds too pretentious for my taste… but what do I know.

I want to make another demo, which will work as the final trial version, but I want to wait until I have a more finalized version (Sounds, music, menus), also is time to start talking about pricing and distribution, I need help with PayPal because apparently I’m an idiot, but I’ll be talking about all that in next posts.