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Next thing…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2014 by Vosmug


Now that I’m done with some stuff I had to do, I already started working on the next game, is not exactly what I planned at first but it still retains some ideas, is not action though, it’s more survival-ish with an RPG-like combat system, I think it can be interesting.

The sprites I had before are still project ideas floating around but none of them convinced me for now.

Anyway, try to guess what it is about… the first comment will probably get it though. Also, how old do you think this girl is? it ended up looking way too different to the first idea I had but still looks good, I think.


How do you like it now?

Dat right hand perspective in the last one is killing me.

Doing Stuff

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2014 by Vosmug

Well, since it’s going to take a while for whatever next game, I figured I could tell you what I’ve been doing.

First, real life stuff no one cares about, even I don’t care.

Game related, what I’ve been doing these past weeks it’s been mostly practicing and trying to get accustomed to drawing for long periods of time again, and damn I’m rusty, also, my hand is starting to hurt real bad after 30 min or so, that really really sucks.

I have several ideas pretty much ready to go, I haven’t decided which one I’m picking yet, but before going fully into it I’m deciding the sprite style, line thickness and all that, I tried to do thinner lines but is way slower to do, and thick lines look just ugly; and practicing in general because I’m way out of it.

These are some of the practice stuff I’ve done, I think I’m going backwards, I really can’t tell anymore. They’re ideas from the two most likely next games. but It could end up being something entirely different.



About the ideas, an action adventure with a bit more gameplay than before and a shmup like one (yup), guess which one is which… again, just ideas, it may change completely.

And that’s that, this is so you know I’m actually doing and planning stuffz. Once I’m confortable with drawing and with the style again, I’ll be starting to work on it right away, whatever it is.

EDIT (Apr 13):

tifa shmup