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Posted in Uncategorized on July 14, 2014 by Vosmug


Well damn… real life has been happening, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate over here, I’ll have to move to a different place at some point, but mainly, game wise things haven’t been working the way I want, the mechanics in general just aren’t coming out in a way I feel they work competently to the point where I’m stuck and I’m already getting frustrated, which is why I stopped with the programming for a while and went back to draw some sprites, I’ll get back to more programming when I figure out how to fix that mess I made. Since you don’t know though, I’m doing a stun/attack kind of mechanic, you have to stun first then attack, your attack only works if the enemy is stunned, otherwise it doesn’t do anything, it’s weird but if it ends up not working I’ll just scratch that and make a normal attack system because I’m spending way too much time on that.

So I don’t know, everything sucks for now, I’ll do a video or something once the mechanics are decent enough.

Edit: Oh btw, left and right button mashing was the more popular way, so I gues I’m doing that for the first grab, the second grab, the naked one, it’s going to be only one arrow random button QTE style, and the a third one, the H animation escape one, would be either of those again, left and right again sounds the more reasonable.