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Going back to nonsense post titles (Update: Aug 16)

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2019 by Vosmug

Update 2 (Aug 16): I was ready to upload 1.09 and decided to do another test run, it turns out there’s a huge glitch, extra difficulty gets automatically activated after the first orb eater no matter what difficulty you selected, because you know, that’s the room where you need orbs so I had to modify it to have normal orbs instead of less orbs but it got glitched and now even easy difficulty turns into super difficulty afterwards, heh, that’s why this was labeled as a TEST and not a final release, good thing no one thought this was a real release or anything like that *cough* *wink* *wink*… so, yeah… I’ll fix that…

Here’s a soft (beta?) release of the GHV update, the main reason why I’m not officially putting it up for download in the main page or dlsite is because I would like to ask those who want to test it, please do so and let me now what weird things you find, I don’t know what could be broken because of the engine change which required more tweaking than a normal update:

This update is not a big deal really, is not much different to previous updates and you won’t get much out of it if you already played it, so don’t get your hopes too high up, the main differenece is the engine update, there was a lot of trouble updating from GM Studio to GM Studio 2, some things didn’t work properly, some others broke, and I even found some bugs left from the previous versions I never noticed and apparently nobody else did.

The main updates are:

Updated intro and ending images, I’m still not entirely happy about them, mainly the ending ones, you can still select the old ones in the options if you want.

Added an option for custom script translations tho it seems unnecessary at this point; the main reason is because the file system is different in GM studio 2 making it easy, and someone had a Spanish translation in the works for a while now and I wanted to include it, I decided to instead of baking it in, I just added the option for external implementation since it’s so much easier now; on another note, there is a Spanish translation floating around for the previous version, don’t know how they did it.

Extra difficulty mode selectable after beating the game, available when starting a new game and not from the options, almost like a new game plus but not really, let me know if you think more could be added to it (within reason of course).

Fixed a bug where sometimes the map still wouldn’t align with the current floor.

Added prompts to points where jump is necessary.

The rest are minor fixes and internal optimizations that are not visible, most were necessary from the engine update.

Again, this is a soft release, if you feel compelled to test it out, let me know what you find. If you find anything the data on the left is great help to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks in advance if you want to test it.

In other news I haven’t been working on the new project much since I got distracted by the update, so now that it’s done (hopefully no major fixes needed) I’ll go back to work fully on the new one.

Some elbow fixing:

See you later.


Update: Jul 29

WARNING: To be safe, make a copy of your saved date, it should be fine but I can’t be 100% sure:   %localappdata%\ghost_final\

1.9 Test 2

I believe everything is already fixed and working properly, it’s still in test mode just in case, if nothing new comes up I’ll uploaded the proper version to the download page a week from now or so, thanks again to those who want to test it and helped me test it before, there were some pretty big problems found, thanks.


The font now has Russian and Polish characters, if there’s interest in other languages I’ll update the fonts, I believe Portuguese and German are already in but I’m not sure, so for those who are interested in the translation process this is how it works.

The numbers in the first line of the text determines the font used:

00 is default: English, Spanish, (I believe Portuguese and German too)

01 is Arial font with extra European alphabets characters, for now: Polish, Russian

So write the number you need followed by whatever you want to write (language, your name, etc)

Modifiable script files are:

txtdata.txt = Main Dialogs

txtdata2.txt = Extra environment text and journal pages

txtdata_jp and txtdata2_jp are Japanese, txtdata_c and txtdata2_c are the ones loaded as the custom language option, of course you can modify any of those but the custom is the one you should go for and the only one that accepts the font change.

I’ll add this information as a help text file later.

As an additional note, this is a weird addition, the reason why I’m doing this is because it’s easier with the new engine but it’s kind of unnecessary at this point, of course this is the system I’ll keep using for future projects so fan translations can be done close to release instead one year later, unless the engine changes and use of external files is limited again.

EXTRA difficulty

First of all, this time I tested more thoroughly and I have to say, It’s kind of annoying, only worth it if you want the challenge, I wasn’t able to upgrade any power up, that’s why I changed the orbs from 4 to 15; mind you, not every ghost drops 15, they drop normally but instead there can only be 15 on the screen at any given time, the rest disappear, maybe with 15 you can at least upgrade something.

It took me a bit over 2 hours skipping all dialog and going exactly where I needed to go, of course retying a bunch of times, especially bosses.

I still don’t know if there will be a reward at all, I didn’t plan this, this was a last minute addition due to some interest, I didn’t even know what to do or how to do it, so… I dunno…

Everything else

I really need to be done with this and continue working on the new project.

Is mega working for you? I can’t download anything anymore; it always tells me my bandwidth was exceeded, even when I haven’t downloaded anything recently.