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No Game… yet

Posted in Uncategorized on January 23, 2014 by Vosmug


Misleading title FTW… corrected.

I don’t know what to say, so no excuses, throw your potato bombs this way… the game will take a bit more since I’m waiting for some pictures, I wanted them because I need the ending to be more than just text, if you don’t care about story, well, sorry but I do, If you care then I hope it’s worth it… I have my doubts too but I think is at least worth to try it, I overdid what I planned already so what the hell, one more thing won’t hurt… the artist is having trouble trying to imitate my style, which is weird because is pretty generic… so we’ll see.

Sorry about all the delays and stuff… I’m not specifically worried about the fact that there’s a delay, it’s pretty normal actually, what really worries me is that after one year, some of your expectations must be through the roof, if you’ve been following from the beginning that is, If you’ve been here for 6 months or less, it’s a pretty reasonable waiting time… I think, do you know if other h games took this long? Probably not, or better yet… What’s the acceptable standard you know about, or expect yourself?… I sure as hell don’t want to go this long again…

So… damn.

Check in next time to continue witnessing my gradual down spiral into madness… and maybe play the game…