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Monthly post I guess…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 13, 2014 by Vosmug


Hey long time no see, I wonder why that is.

So I’m done with the basic gameplay… I guess, it was a very messy process due to poor planning, I had to cut down a lot and in the end is simpler than I expected and I don’t know how well it will blend with other enemies, I guess they will have to be adapted, still I think it works ok, is not perfect yet so some fixes need to be done, but in general that’s the idea, there are still some things that need to be fixed, there are no sounds and there are some placeholders for the sex sprites that need to be replaced since yeah, none of that yet… I want to show a very basic gameplay demo soon (Keyword: GAMAPLAY), but first I need to fix and add some of that stuff, so don’t know when.

As an additional note, someone said that I should release a bunch of screenshots as an update, sorry but the thing is, there’s nowhere to take screenshots from, right now we’re at the boring stage of development and there are no levels or enemies or animations, except for the main characters ones, which most of them are already implemented but they don’t have much context yet, so here are two mid-dev screens, this is what I’m doing, code and main character sprites, mostly code.





So, sorry but there’s not much exciting stuff right now, we’re still at an early stage, that background you’ve been seen for a while is the same one I will be working on for a while more, I’ve been working in the same small level/room since the start doing and testing all the basic gameplay functions and other code stuff, the forest back ground (which is a backyard) and the wooden one were done quickly for of variety and to test the room size, tile size etc., but I haven’t really added levels as you know them, just a small room to run around over and over while testing. That’s how it is, you build block by block until at the end you are finally able put them together.

So yeah, not death, working on it.

Next, I’ll do some sketches for the NPC characters just as a preview, and might look into the possibility of an “artist test”, it’s still a while until that needs to be decided but I’ll have someone do some tests, I’ll post them here when I get them.

See you later.