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podt8Hello there,

The game is moving along… yeah, don’t know what else to say, there’s more things to do than I expected, lack of planning I guess, and new ideas keep coming up which I think I will have to cut out because I’m stretching myself too much, if I remember correctly this game was supposed to be simple and quick… yeah good luck with that… as long as specific progress, I’m done with enemies (almost) and basic game play and I’m already in the story events part, which I keep rambling about but doesn’t sound that exciting, the header pic may give you a (brief) idea on what it kind of will be.

Anyway, haven’t picked a name yet, the things that seem the simplest are always the ones that I over think to no end, the suggestions are still floating around but I’m waiting to see if something else comes up along the way, I suck at this, names should be de easiest part of all… damn it.

So… I think that’s it, sorry for the lack of “showable” content but my process is quite messy for what you might think development should work, I bet most of you think making stuff goes the same way you play (first make stuff for level 1, then for level 2,etc, etc) but that’s actually not the case, so I don’t want to go showing stuff out of context  and also I don’t want to spoil too much as I said before, also percentage progression would be difficult to calculate at this point like this.

This would be a good time to ask: What is your ideal length for H-games? What other game you have played that you thought was too short or too long? I’m shooting for at least a 30  to 45 minutes long game, more if possible, but we’ll see about that, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

BTW there WILL NOT be egg laying or birthing or that kind of stuff (since it was asked), just so you know, sorry, but that’s a bit too extreme for a lot of people, including me, well I really don’t mind it that much but is not something I want to do myself (unless there’s too much demand but still subject to my own judgment) I don’t mind fetish suggestions, actually please go ahead, but there will be some limits according to wide appeal and obviously my own. Don’t be discouraged by that but not everybody likes the same stuff, and some stuff can actually become deal breakers, if I would know.

Anyway, See you next time.

Diet Alien

Flarfff 2

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Just hanging around.

Hello people, the reason I haven’t updated recently is because I have nothing much interesting to say, the new stuff is boring technical stuff and… oh yeah now you can crouch, but just for dodging… something… I don’t have anything to dodge yet, aside from that I’ve been drawing but I don’t want to show too much of that, I’ll decide how much to spoil once I have more of it, I’m pretty much done with the enemies I have so far, I just need to tweak them in difficulty and some other stuff so I can continue with the rest.

About the name, I’m pretty sure Alienophobia was a joke, besides the phobia games are guro/gore/blood and guts/mean, soooo… not that one. I liked “Alien H”, but I realized it sounds a bit too kawaii desu ne. So far I got “Alienaged” derived from “Alien H”… but yeah I don’t know, I like one words, they’re cool…. but… ugh, my brain hurts.

Sorry I don’t have more interesting things to say, this was more of an “alive notice” post, for now I’m still in the assets creation part, I’m managing to advance with this game from 2 to 4 hours pretty much every day so far, so that’s good I guess, not as good as I want but good enough.

See you later.


Oh yeah, that picture do you think looks good or bad? *ahem* gravity wise I mean, it’s something new I never tried before so…