Serious business

Happy new apocalyptic year.

Hello, sorry I won’t talk about the game today, I’m working on it even though I’ve taken a small break for the past couple of weeks, but I’m already back to work, kinda, I’m rusty and readjusting.

What I did in the meantime was play around with blender, I want to fully transition from 3dsmax to blender, so far some things are way easier and faster to do in blender all you have to do is get used to the new interface which is easier than it looked at the beginning, I still prefer 3dsmax in certain areas tho, like animations and some render options, but things like UV unwrapping are such a breeze in blender compared to the eldritch nightmare that it’s in 3dsmax. Any blender users here to share opinions? I would like to know your take especially if you transitioned from other software.

I use 3d mainly for backgrounds and base character models to keep proportions consistent, so is not like I’m going full 3d game or anything.

But anyway, the main reason for this post is that as of today I won’t be using PayPal for direct purchases anymore, I’ve already disabled direct purchase from this page, it’s becoming increasingly risky; after getting two warning emails from two different friends (I guess independently but who knows) and hearing notice that Kyrieru had his account suspended, I think it’s time to jump ship, I don’t want to risk it since I need that account for other stuff including DLsite.

For now, Ghost Hunter Vena and Xenotake are only available on DLsite, until I find another way of distribution.

So if you want to yell at me about Patreon (and help me decide a good model *wink* *wink*), this is your chance, I’ve been considering it for a while now even with my negative towards it, I still don’t like the monthly subscription method, I can’t justify monthly anything with my work schedule and they are also dubious with their adult content policy, so honestly, I don’t know yet. I’m still leaning towards no but seems like there are no options. Maybe steam is more plausible, who knows.

Either way, this post is mainly to let you know Paypal is dead.

Take that you tyrannical overly censorious corporation, I was going to give you 7 dollars, but now, nuh uh, your loss.

Oh yeah, Geminis won the poll, unsurprisingly, while Sallika which is the one I’ve heard the most about got last place, Sai who is my favorite is also behind, weird too the one I’ve heard was the most boring got second place, the sample is not that big but except first place, the rest was not what I was expecting.

Hope you’re doing fine, see you.


Sorry, there were several comments hit by the spam filter, I tried to recover some but if I missed one feel free to post again.

Thanks for all the feedback, some thoughts so far:

Steam seems very likely, way more legal and financial steps tho.

Patreon sounds less and less likely every time.

Subscribestar has a dedicated adult section which is cool but payment methods are limited.

Pixiv haven’t checked yet. tho, good stuff so far, I’ve seen several rapey games there, meaning the rules are not as strict and you can actually pay with paypal, very cool.

Why do I complicate my existence so much? I don’t know, you tell me.

65 Responses to “Serious business”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly I’d be fine with you opening a Patreon but only if it lead to animations being posted regularly. As an artist you’re amazing, as someone who makes porn you have got it down to a tee, but your ability to make games that are good for anything other than getting gallery loaded on F95 Zone? Yeah no you’re pretty low in that regard.

    Maybe I’m the bad guy, but I’ve also been that loud asshole for the past few years pushing on you to get a Patreon in the first place but after another year went by I realized your efforts fall right back to what every other game is, just a slog until someone posts a fully unlocked save.

    Keep working on your game but I think it might be time to poll your community on what they actually want at this point. Keep up the great work friend, you’ve done a lot of good.

    • It sounds to me like the patreon requests were not about genuine support but about getting more content, not very encouraging, but maybe I’m wrong.

      Either way, my purpose is the game, if you want something specific out of it due to it being difficult or not of your liking, then I’m sorry but I can’t help you there, as you said, you could just wait and get the content you want later, funny thing is, the main reason why there are no regularly posted animations is because I’m not there yet, once I get to the graphics polishing phase I’ll probably be posting animations more often, but to do it out of a monthly obligation, that’s what I fear about patreon, it sounds like a bad idea still.

      Thanks, but maybe what I offer is not for you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll gladly buy your games again on Steam if you put them there

    • That sounds like a better idea, I need to check steam policies more in depth, also it requires more legal stuff, but that’s more likely at this point.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yooooo! Imagine if on steam we could have profile backgrounds related to your games, or emoticons or badges etc. That would be awesome!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Just keep in mind that some countries, like Germany, can’t buy your games through Steam, as there is a blanket-ban on porn

      • Anonymous Says:

        Please add cards for stuff like backgrounds and Badges if you put them on steam

      • Can smaller games add backgrounds and stuff like that? I thought only the big ones could, I would have to get a good artist if that’s the case, becasue I’m no bueno for that.

  3. Progress looks good! Sorry to hear Paypal didn’t work out, but Patreon seems to be a good place in many regards. I’ve gotten good updates and heard few complaints in my time as a pledger, so once I get paid again I’ll have to check you out! I greatly enjoyed your other projects (at least the demos; I haven’t been able to get DLSite to work for me, my bank disagrees with them for whatever reason), so I’m eagerly awaiting more! Someone else mentioned Steam, but I have little experience in that avenue, I’m afraid. Hoping for the best ❤

  4. In your Patreon you can publish sexy drawings of your characters, just an idea.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Nobody says you have to justify or promise anything monthly. Some people might not donate if you don’t release something ever month, but you can just keep your patreon as a sort of tip jar and make it clear that the patreon is simply to support you.
    Some artists do that, they keep patreon as a tip jar with low dollar tiers only and they made it clear that you’re not really getting anything in return for supporting them.
    Some people might not even be interested in seeing any content and just want to interact with you personally in some fashion.
    I mean look at Hdoomguy. He hasn’t made an update for his hdoom mod in quite a while, and his patrons seem more interested in watching old horror movies with him than anything else.

    • I’ve seen that and sounds like a good idea, still not ideal for me, I rather sell product over support to create product, even if it’s a small amount, but we’ll see. I have to say is the more appealing model along “pay per creation”.

      I’ve been thinking about intearaction too for a while, streaming mostly, but I don’t have a good personality or voice, I’m fairly boring.

  6. Remember that Steam blocked H-Game sales in Germany so If you sell your games there, make sure to have some alternative for your german fans.

    • Problem is there are not many alterantives besides steam and patreon. DLsite is the most reliable alterantive right now, but is not very well liked by a lot of people, besides it charging more, there’s a sale right now btw.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that poll’s results won’t mean that we’ll see less of Sallika in the game!

    You probably know some of this already, but it might be worth checking out subscribestar as a platform- I don’t really know much about how it actually works, but a lot of Patreon artists and hentai game designers were forced to jump ship because Patreon started cracking down on certain kinds of content. Your games are pretty tame by comparison so I don’t think it would be a huge issue, but I do know their rules on bestiality are notoriously murky when it comes to alien or monster designs and that might become an issue.

    When it comes to picking a model, I’ve seen some creators who actually encourage their supporters to just resubscribe every so often to check in whenever there’s something new instead of paying each month and expecting every single one to be worth the price on its own.

    • Nah, the poll was just for fun.

      Yes, I’ve checked subscribestar just barely, the good thing about it is that it has an exclusively adult site and unlike steam or patreon it’s clear about its rules, basically nothing illegal, the main problem about other sites is the sexual violence clause, it’s not enforced all the time but still in the rules, while subscribestar doesn’t care. Bad thing is, they don’t use paypal, meaning the problem of those without debit/credit card comes back.

  8. I’m not really sure that Patreon is a good idea considering your content. Patreon’s been cracking down on a lot of non-consensual content as well as things like monsters and beasts. I’ve heard a lot of good things about SubscribeStar though and ended up jumping ship with quite a few creators when they abandoned Patreon for SS.

    • I think so too, the rules say that plus no sexual violence, looks like they enforce it when they feel like it or when they find someone too “problematic”, I don’t know yet.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    In Sallika’s defense, her being at the bottom of the poll doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the least popular character in total. I voted for Geminis, but Sallika’s easily my second favorite and there’s no way to reflect that in the vote.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I don’t think Patreon (or Ci-en from DL-site) is a good idea for you. No offence, we all know you’re not a regular blogger. A monthly plan (even only as “donations”) kinda forces you to make monthly updates while you clearly prefer to post updates at your own pace (which I do not judge you for, I myself isn’t anything like a schedule-person.)

    However, if you would just use Ci-en as a backup blog, it’s perfectly fine. I don’t know about Patreon but there’re many creators (which mainly bases on DL-site) uses Ci-en purely as a blog, with only one free tier and no paid option at all.

    So, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Turning your hobby into your job tends to make it boring pretty quick. Also a rushed game never turns out to be any good.

    As for distribution options, there’re platforms like Steam (which people has pointed out, your game may not be available in some region due to local regulations) and Personally I’m fine with DL-site as long as I get the patch to remove the Japanese censorship.

    • I didn’t know DLsite had a subcripstion thing, I use it as a storefront only mainly for the japanese audience.

      You pretty much sum up my doubts, honestly, steam is pretty much the most logical option a this point, I’m also not sure about contetnt restrictions. Problem with DLsite for western audiences is also the price, due to their cut usually the price needs to be almost doubled.

  11. ihaveaproblem Says:

    worth checking out i’ve seen crisis point etc have their stuff on there for sale, no idea if any good in terms of a cut they take and how easy would be to find your game but only seen one person mention it so far (or its terrible and that’s why no one has mentioned it, no idea :P)

    I would say if doing patreon or ci en, go with the “tip jar” option so people can throw some lovely money at your face as and when they can and use it as a back up blog, maybe make it clear in the bio that its not a monthly subscription to the wank bank for animations

    I think at this point you’ve made it very clear you’re not out to milk the patrons for every penny over a 20 year period for one game, and that is just goddamn refreshing

    also love the games, already taken two slots out of my top 10 h games, animations are exceptional and you are one of the main inspirations for having a go myself when I figure out how to draw a straight line on an XP-pen 12 pro, love your level design, they take a good amount of time to get through but the gameplay I thoroughly enjoy, I will sometimes revisit the gallery videos but there is nothing like coming across one of your enemies for the first time and thinking “ooooooo, how is this naughty bastard gonna butter my crumpet”. I don’t find your games a slog at all, they’re hard (but so am I for them) and never felt unfair

    • Sorry, taken by the spam filter.

      I thoght was indie SFW only, will ahve to check it out.

      Thanks for the compliments, I try, even tho it’s not enough sometimes, 4 years for one game is not 20 years, but it’s still not optimal.

  12. Alexander Says:

    Dejaré mi opinión en español, hace un tiempo, probe un juego llamado Alien Quest Eve y este tenía el siguiente modelo Por medio de patreon consigues donaciones mensuales mientras vas publicando un avance privado por medio de esa plataforma, la odio porque se gana mucho si eres una chica lluego de terminarlo lo das gratis en este caso no creo que haga esa parte y sus fans actuales no se adaptarían a ese cambio incluyendome, así que se implementa lo que ha hecho con Xenotake y Ghost hunter vena darlo por medio de play pal (a mi alguien más me compro el juego porque en esa entonces no saía como comprar) y por DLsite, añadiendo Steam podría aplicar censura a pechos y zonas privadas de las chicas, ah y cortar algunas escenas si es necesario, como cuando vena mata a los matones, y así si procede, hay un juego semi eroge con sexo explicito censurado con mosaicos y su decensurador no oficial así que otro artista de juegos hentai sumado a steam no debe haber problemas Creo que es todo por el momento y no hubo respuesta de mis mensajes, por cierto feliz año nuevo

    • I cannot use paypal anymore, that’s the problem, it’s going to be either steam or patreon, most likely not boh, DLsite will keep working as it has been.

      Don’t know which messages you talk about, it would be easier to ask again since I think I didn’t catch them before.

  13. I know you dont have a patreon but it would be nice to have one. i understand why you can be reluctant to have one when many people pledge expecting content every month, but you can make it clear to people that you take your time,that maybe youre alone on this project and to not expect monthly results

    i would definitely pledge for this game.not much in beginning but once i clear my debt,i can give a good amount

  14. Thop Team Says:

    One thing you should consider making is creating a discord server, so, everybody can interact with you in real time, not to say about other benefits of discord for games/content creators like you (announcments, discord’s api which can be used in games for deeper interactivity and so on).

    That is up to you.

    • I don’t see the benefit for now, real time interaction is not that appealing to me unless it’s streaming or something like that, but I don’t have the personality or voice for that either.

      • Lolita Lover 69 Says:

        I agree with him! You don’t need to do some streaming and so on.

        But if you wanna open your eyes for new ideas and suggestions about discord, i suggest you to visit this discord server:

        It shows how you can interact with your public in discord.

        See ya.

      • Thanks. Will check it out.

        Edit: Is it DLsite’s discord?

      • Lolita Lover 69 Says:

        Yes, that is the official dlsite’ server.

        Suggestions for your site:

        – Use/create an account system, so, we can edit our comments and so on;
        – When there are more than 2 or 3 replies to a same message, the reply option disappear, so, fix this if possible;
        – Let us edit our comments (with the accouns system i believe this is possible to do);

        If you are open about discord idea, you don’t need to create your own server, instead, you can join that dlsite’s official server and interact with people there, if you prefer.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    If you’re looking to make Patreon, I’d also suggest looking into SubscribeStar, which is similar to Patreon but seems to be more lenient (after all, Patreon allows PayPal to be used, as well as credit cards, whose companies are even stricter when it comes to porn)

    As for having to post stuff regularly, of course I’d like to see regular updates, but I think it would be just as fair if you just made it very clear in your patreon description that Patreon is a way to support you, not a way to get more content out of you.

    • Subscribestar has a dedicated adult platform with clear rules, which is good, but it doesn’t use paypal at all. Patreon using paypal is fair game since they have a direct agreement with them, who knows if they’re going to turn in the future, it’s independent and more “risky” businesses the ones that paypal is not cool with, there’s no risk with patreon.

  16. You can do other payment options on Patreon instead of monthly. An author I follow has a pay-per-chapter system, but he finished his last work a few months back and is prepping for his current one without taking anything in from Patreon. idk if what other options Patreon also has.

  17. Can’t you sell adult games through I’ve seen plenty of creators use that, as it takes a smaller cut compared to DLsite and Steam, I dont know if it has to be tied to paypal in any way, but kyrieru still appears to be selling Eroico through despite the paypal being cancelled, but that’d be a question for support I guess.

    as far as patreon goes, my understanding is that you can set up patreon on a per creation basis, instead of per month, so when you make a post you feel people ought to be charged for, you just charge em, like with new versions and such.

  18. If you’re worried about Patreon then what about Fanbox or Subscribestar? I hear Patreon makes it a lot easier for artists to collect if they have fewer subscribers but I don’t think that’ll necessarily be an issue for you, plus Fanbox and Subscribestar are much more adult content friendly.

  19. foxendouche Says:

    Honestly, I really wanted you to create a Patreon so I could help support your work, not as an obligation for you do so as a complete and utter “job”. From my experience, I haven’t seen many creators (of the adult side) on Patreon where their community’s had been really pushing/forcing them to create more content. Instead, it would just be that: support. Though, of course, there are those that do push/force their creators to make progress. On another note, there are plenty of customization options for payment on Patreon available for the user. That Rosemary guy you replied to even gave you a pretty good suggestion. In addition, even with your “all over the place” schedule, you can pause Patreon payments whenever you want, in case you feel like you don’t just want to be taking people’s money each month.

    So, uhh, yeah. I’ve got money to spend, and I feel like giving it to you. Whatever you decide, I’ve got your back. To be honest, I’ve got the backs of a couple of creators right now lol. As long as they’ve got a good head on their shoulders, I don’t mind handing out my money.

    • you can pause Patreon payments whenever you want

      Really? That’s awesome.

      I’m not really saying people will force me to work or anything, the whole support aspect just doesn’t feel right if I’m not producing enough content, sorry if it came out wrong, there’s many people like you who just want to support without asking for much in return, other than the game of course, I’m obviously overthinking it.

      Thanks, first I need to have more game done before I decide anything.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    If you start up a patreon post a link and I will start donating.

    I have followed your games since Xenotake and have loved all of them to pieces and still play them.

    As for store front Steam and are good solutions.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Agree with that poll , unexpected.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    A random note, a lot of people are suggesting Patreon but the last time I heard Patreon has this lovely policy that adult oriented games can’t have any non-consensual content in them, seen a few game makers end up leaving the platform because of it while another modified the game and now the game and all the lovely bits kind of feel… separated? Like why not just make all the content a reward for beating the game at that point? Steam seems the better way to go if you don’t want to be forced to change any content in the game. That said I’ve also seen some people sneak around this in various ways, like sending out a “SFW” version on Patreon and then just distributing a patch that adds the rest somewhere like a blog… so yeah just wanted to share that in case anyone else hasn’t in the long list of comments.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Modified? One game i know that got modified is that Crisis Point: Extinction or maybe i’m mistaken but i believe it is so since the rape conversation of the character when its gameover got changed and her expression is different, rather than the monsters having non-consensual sex with her, they changed the story and made the “fumes” or the atmosphere of the planet she’s in to affect her libido or something, a good pull up from an almost devastating event for them to happen.
      And that sneaky ninja way sounds good, but i doubt everybody else would really put an effort onto doing that tbh, Patreon is still bad for something like this (the demo didn’t really had any valid points on being up on patreon)

      I do hope Vosmug doesn’t change the way he makes these games, its best left as it is, don’t be like those people.

      • I’ve seen that, and the rules do prohibit some content which I do have and wouldn’t want to change. But then there are other games that seem to be fine, the best thing to do would be to compare more content between creators and see what seems to get a pass and what doesn’t.

        Although tweaking a few things to make it patreon friendly and patch it later wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but not ideal either.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    you could use subscribestar??? I don’t know if his politics are more friendly with adult content.

    • Subscribestar has an adult platform that would be ideal and OK with most content unless it’s outright illegal, but their payment options are more limited.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe give a look too

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like Patreon tbh, its like what happened to PH but it was worst for them than Patreon tho. If people want to donate its best if you put up a Patreon account meant for showing SFW stuff and post your NSFW here instead, so that they will know your vlogposts here, i doubt Patreon would check on your game for awhile to know if you’re violating their rules or so, they wouldn’t really put much of an effort on a single Content Creator.
    Patreon is a sinking ship, best if you figure out a different path for this.

    • I like the tip jar idea better, but there needs to be some content posted there, and I really don’t want to divide my attention or the users.

      Options are very limited tho, steam is still the best option so far.

      • Steam is your best bet, the Tip Jar wouldn’t give you much from your efforts on this project, regardless if this is just a hobby and Patreon isn’t worth your time to begin with.
        On steam, it would be hard for some to crack it up and post it on a different site for the masses to play it for free (you wouldn’t want them to keep pirating your game like that) even so some of the people who’s got the money would be inclined to just pirate your game and you don’t deserve that.
        You can also set up some exclusivity on steam by having like art collections that isn’t included when they purchase the game sort of like your personal “Tip Jar” on steam for their appreciation of the content and your efforts.
        Patreon and Tip Jars? no thanks, Steam and Tip Jars? yes.

  26. Dude, if you create a patreon page, I’ll just subscribe with $1 per month pledge (sorry, I’m too poor to donate more) and forget about it. I don’t care if you deliver something every week/month/etc. Just do what you do here, but on patreon and that will be enough for me. You can add an early access to your game when it’s finished as a reward for patrons or something like that.
    Tbh I dunno why you hesitate for so long, man. You can at least try this patreon thing and see how it goes. If its admins forbid your content there, so fuck them, DLsite still exists and your fans still know where to find you. No-homo hugs.

  27. Why not Steam + For Steam, you’ll make a lot of money by adding achievements and trading cards. For people like me who refuse to buy these kinds of games on Steam because there are things my family and friends don’t need to know, we could buy on also let’s people pay above the asking price.

  28. Nastynassy Says:

    Get a pixiv account and make a pixiv fanbox, there is everything allowed you could make a loli-bestiality-guro-game and they dont care.

    • This sounds promising and also a good alternative when trying to upload your game on steam, this will act as a tip jar function for people to tip you on your stuff, however not everyone would know about this, so you will have to make a way to deliver the message vosmug.

    • Sounds interesting, the main problem is not the platform but the payment methods, paypal or international transactions with he third world are diffiuclt to come by when it comes to adult content, I’ll check it out, I thought iot was a japanese only platform.

  29. Tried to post this earlier but might have glitched out, sry if this is a duplicate.

    I’m a huge fan of your work. Metroidvanias just work so well with the H-genre and you execute it so brilliantly. I can tell you put a lot of thought into backtracking, the level design, creating atmosphere, etc. You’re 100% a leader in the world’s H-game development.

    One thing I’ve always wondered about. How was the experience of translating Ghost Hunter Vena and Xenotake to other languages like Japanese? Like, obviously your games sold really well in both languages, but the ratio is pretty off compared to what you normally see on Dlsite.

    Most games sell several times more copies for their Japanese versions on Dlsite compared to their English versions. However, your japanese translations of the game barely evened out with the sales of the English version. Which is pretty odd for Dlsite.

    Did you find it to be worthwhile to translate your games? Do you think it’s fundamentally different than a Japanese dev translating their game to English? How do you even find people who’ll translate H-games properly?

    I’d really appreciate your insights as somebody who’s been in the community for a while and stands as a leader in this sub-genre, especially in the west.

    • Anonymous Says:

      He’s got more Fanbase that speaks English, one obvious reason (his vlogpost says it all)

      I do believe it is necessary for one to translate their own work into English as majority of the world’s population understand English more, and that they are fundamental on one’s skillset of being a DEV, if they can present both works in different languages, people would appreciate more of their work, although for certain situations such as voice overs for more complex smut work, i do believe subs would work well, not only to conserve effort and funds but to also avoid rubbing off the feel of where it originated from, who’s work is it and what the dev wants to portray up on their work, just because its a smut work doesn’t mean they don’t want to make their audience feel what they want to give off from their work.
      I mean a japanese made hentai game with an english dub that will ruin the vibe of the actual words that is and should be spoken in Japanese is so cringe such as many other english dubs in an anime.

    • Sorry, taken by the spam filter.

      Actually I never went into comparisons between Japanese and English DLsite, but yeah, they seem to be pretty even, and much to my dismay Xenotake is more popular in both over GHV. And even with their cuts DLsite is still more profitable than direct paypal purchases.

      The translation was contracted with DLsite directly so they have either professionals or native speakers, but in return is more expensive than a freelance translator; in my estimation it’s worth it, I didn’t think it was going to do much better, but having the same ratio of EN vs JP is fine by me. I don’t know how the Japanese audience feels about having filthy gaijin imitate their style and if that influences sales, who knows if they even consider western H-games as “legitimate”, just like we bitch about western animation not being anime, would be interesting to have some insight on how that plays out.

      When it comes to other languages I leave the files completely open for fan translations, Japanese is the only language I will be doing actual “official” translations for.

      BTW, it’s important to note Lunar Crisis is NOT a metroidvania and I don’t think it could even be considered an action game, so please keep your expectations in check, not sure if that’s what you were talking about or if you’re talking about previous games only, but still something to consider.

      I don’t know if I’m a leader, but thanks, it sounds fancy.

  30. I’d say go for Steam personally, I know Kyrieru has some stuff on there so maybe you could reach out to them for advice? It seems like a good move that could open up your work to a lot of people from fans to people who’ve never heard of you. As far as I know there is an issue with Patreon and NSFW content but I don’t really know much on that. Either way I’d be glad to support you, your games just keep getting better, and unlike some offerings out there I can actually feel the love and effort that you put in to each one.

  31. edgartheslayer Says:

    From what I’ve heard, patreon is trash. They limit the type of content you can make. Maybe if you’re never going to be making bestiality or birthing actual human newborns, it might not be a problem, but who knows what other restrictions they might add in the future. No alien sex? No undead like ghosts from GHV?
    The only good thing about them is that I think it’s quite popular, so it has a reputation of being reliant. So I suggest looking into if it doesn’t conflict with your ideas, otherwise booo patreon, just dumpster of milkers

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