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h34zbqfbzrfrHey there,

This post is only to let you know, if you’re interested, that Flux, my script corrector and QA tester has been working with other guys (or girls I dunno) in some other projects, one of which is an RPG still in development called Malise and the Machine, you can find it here:

You can read the info, watch the trailer, see screenshots and all of that there, there’s also a patreon page if you feel like contributing, if it grabs your attention you may want to keep it on your radar, the video looks pretty cool.

They are called Eromancer, here’s the group’s blog:

I should have done a sidebar with links a long time ago, I should start doing that but I always forget.

Viva la resistance

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Hello there.

I hate this time of the year, everybody is so happy and cheerful… it’s disgusting, especially the neighbors with their late night drinking and loud music.

Anyway, I’m finally done with the new enemies, last week I was busy with some family stuff and just yesterday I was able to finish, Legsman could use some additions like walking on the ceiling or something, also, I didn’t realize it was going to end up so big so I had to resize it and the lines ended up being too thick, I’ll have to redo the lines later.

Thinking about it, the last few posts added more work than expected, these enemies were trickier than the previous ones, the masturbation part also got more complex, and I realized I still have to finish at least 2 powerups; jumping is a power up btw, you will start the game without it, attacking too but you’ll get that almost right away.

Also, I’ve noticed some interest in the design aspect, in the comments too but mostly via email, so have some of ultra-amazing and super organized “design documents” if you can call them that, most of the rest are just scribbles, bullet points and walls text of in a word doc.

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I just realized this is lame, I usually don’t like sharing this, it ruins the magic, but whatever.

And why is time moving so fast? It sucks… hear that time, you suck.

Most likely this will be the last post of the year, so see you next year.