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I don’t know how to name posts…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2017 by Vosmug


So ok, I completely missed last month, is not like there’s a schedule, but I wasn’t intending to not post something I really just missed it.

I already started putting the thing together, graphics, backgrounds and animations are 99.5% done, maybe there’s some details here and there missing but nothing major that I can recall, some enemy and trap behavior still need to be done, mainly the new ones; sounds, music and “systems” (save, gallery, menus) are mostly the only big thing left before continuing with the “putting together”.

Now, there’s one thing that I completely forgot about and is the “CGs” (still don’t know why they are called that) as you can see up there, I completely forgot that the very beginning, before the house, needed an introduction, I also completely forgot that I fired my artist, so it turns out that now I have to do it, so yeah, I don’t love it and the main reason I wanted somebody else doing it was so I don’t have to spend time on it ( and it would be better), but at least the style is consistent with the rest of the game. I owe you a different artist for whatever the next project is.

Some behind the scenes: 1  2  3

See you around.