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I don’t know what to say so…. puppies.

And I’m alive just so you know.

My brain hurts.


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Hey there,

First of all, I really don’t like posting unless I have something concrete to show, I feel way too overwhelmed by not having, you know, game to show, that ughh… my brain hurts… so whatever…

That being said, whatever it means, the game is going slow but steady, I completely overestimated my abilities though and there’s more to do than I thought, and work… that sucks. I’ve been wanting to quit my job but I can’t until I’m sure I’m not going to starve to death, so I want to wait a bit more, that of course expecting this game will do well enough to support me for a while, I don’t know if that’s even possible… specially because I know this game is not going to appeal to everybody (should have started with something simpler) but… whatever, there’s not going back now… besides this is what I really want to do instead of a normal platformer (which I might do later maybe who knows maybe maybe not probably not maybe) but for now this is what I prefer.

As for specific progress, right now I’m working on a boss battle I completely forgot and now I’m struggling with it since I barely remember the parameters for damage, grabs, and all that and I’m trying to relearn all of my messy code… so that’s that, it’ll probably end up being lame and easy.

After that I’ll continue with the events, story bits, “cutscenes”, etc, then finish the level design, and finally extra polishing and testing… as always it could take more than I expect and I don’t know how long that would be… already failed at my personal goal which was July-August anyway, I don’t trust in my estimations anymore, you shouldn’t either.

So you tell me what do you think about all this mess, I really hate for how long this has been going, I’m actually surprised I haven’t gotten bored of it already, I’m usually less patient than this.