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Ghost Hunter Vena Version 1.09 (minor update)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 16, 2019 by Vosmug

The real release of Ghost Hunter Vena 1.09 update is now on the download page, in the final test it had a glaring bug/glitch where the hardest difficulty was activating by itself, so this is the real release with that fixed, that’s why tests are important, thanks to all who helped me test this, it was especially important due to the engine change which created quite a few problems, hopefully it’s all good now.

Download Page

Again, this is not a big update, if you already played the game there’s not much for you here, the biggest additions were the updated intro and ending images and a new difficulty mode, which btw doesn’t have an additional reward, I guess it’s only for the challenge if you care enough, it was mostly added because of requests.

Also, it’s a little late but now you can add you own custom files for translation, this is due to the new engine easier file handling; you could say it’s not very useful anymore since most interest in translating has probably died down, but it serves as practice to start using this system for future projects, additionally there were some people working on translations right now, so this is much easier to work with.

I hope there’s nothing else to fix so I can go back to work, but if there’s another problem/bug/glitch please let me know.

Important: If you played the TEST version and got your save glitched with higher difficulty (if you got to the first Orb Eater), go to the DATA shortcut (takes you to your appdata folder) and delete ONLY the file named “plus#” the number corresponding to the slot you were playing in, then run the game, select a difficulty in the options menu, then load the game normally.