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Me Helps

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The main and pretty much only reason for this post is to give a plug CheshireCat who is having a bad time right now, I’m not going to pretend to know or to relate, because the more serious hardships in my life have been down internet connection and not having a computer for a few months due to it failing because it feels like it or because it wants to explode on me for whatever reason, so go to his blog read it and if you have enjoyed his stuff, can or want to help, you can do it there.

Anyway, have a boss because I should post something, right? Red or Vengeful ghosts will ONLY want to attack (or maybe kill) you BTW.






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Hey, it’s the future already.

So here’s the thing, I was sick for most of december and barely last week I came back to work and getting used to it again is being a bit difficult, for now I’ve been doing several small things at the same time which is not a good idea, I need to focus on one thing then move to the rest, mainly finishing some enemy behavior and then continue with the rest of the animations, to be perfectly honest, it feels like it’s going to take longer than expected, adding so many characters maybe wasn’t such a great idea but we’ll see, those characters don’t have as much animations as the main character, but it still counts, also modifying sprites is not that much fun either… spot the differences:


That means there’s still work to do, so work you nerd.