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Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2015 by Vosmug


Well, good news I guess, I’m done with most of (at least 95%) of the technical stuff, all that is left is drawing a lot of sprites and putting the levels, dialogs, events and other stuff together; making backgrounds is really fun but level design and linking rooms and areas together not so much, but is not that difficult either, additional to that sounds and music are also missing but that’s probably the easiest part, maybe music is not easy but I really don’t care that much about music here, I’ll probably ask a friend of mine to put something together real quick and be done with it. About voices (moans and stuff, not dialogs), I would like to have custom voices but I have no idea how I would get those, besides I’m socially retarded, I would never be able to ask a girl to moan for me, so I’ll keep using that super expensive library I got last year… I guess.

So that’s it I think, now, drawing sprites takes a lot of time so it’s still going to take a while more, but at least the most difficult part is over… and I don’t know how long is going to take, so don’t ask, I know it’s been long enough already but this time I’m not as pressured nor as stressed out as I was with the previous game, and I think that’s good… on my end at least, I’m still very motivated and setting expectations, building pressure and stress with estimations that will inevitably not be met will just ruin the pacing and the momentum, so no, I rather keep working at my own pace without rush… sorry, but that’s the method I decided to follow with this game from the very beginning and will probably keep using it from now on.

Also I wanted to say that the portrait you see in the screenshot is temporary, so don’t mind it; I’ll get an artist to draw the portraits and maybe some CGs as I said before, problem is the artist I got bailed out (I think, I’m not sure yet, it’s weird) so I’ll have to get someone new, that’s something else I have to take care of. Thinking about it though, I don’t know if portraits are even necessary given the screen starts to look cluttered, so we’ll see.

So that’s all for now, things are going pretty well that’s for sure, see you next time.