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Demo Fixes

Posted in Uncategorized on September 25, 2014 by Vosmug

To save bandwith please use Mega, use Box only if Mega doesn’t work.

Download (MEGA)

Download (BOX)

Fixed most of the problems, I think all of them, if I forgot something let me know.


Ceiling glitch fixed.

Menu Glitch Fixed.

Ghosts won’t recover HP after grabs.

You can attack while naked, instead of just stunning.

Ghosts can attack you while jumping, that means they will throw you down NOT grab you, the idea is just to prevent you from jumping and escaping. Crawling let’s you avoid though, is not a glitch. Depends on the enemy too, you can avoid ground enemies by jumping and avoid air enemies by crawling.

Hand will come back near you if it falls to the floor below.

I forgot what else.

So there’re difficulties now and you can select how many ghosts you want, 2 or 3 is recommended since I guess that’s the normal you will encounter in game, you can add up to 6 just for funsies, but more than 3 is not canon so if you go with more than that, don’t take that difficulty as indicative of anything.

Same controls as before plus quit the game with Esc, or Q and then Esc.

Something that I forgot last time, there’s is no game over or any big penalty for now, of course there will be game over and stuff.

To address some questions, there is no customization, 2D sprite customization is not very easy, actually is quite complicated unless you use independent parts, and even then is not easy due to the amount of frames I have to work with, it’s just very impractical.

Same goes for similar fixes and additions, anything that involves changing or adding parts to the character, is quite difficult, sure I’ll fix some sprites and retouch some others but not bigger changes, there are still other characters not done yet so, I’ll think about some of the suggestions for them.

The thing about the controls not being responsive, I don’t know but I don’t really see it, I see how cooling down from stun or attack can get some getting used to, that includes turning around since it looks like is the cooling down what won’t let you turn around as fast, but that’s the point, you need to time your moves, actually while naked you can almost spam stun, that needs to be fixed. So I don’t think there will be much change unless it is a major problem. The ghosts launch speed was still reduced in normal though, that should help a bit.

If I forgot something important let me know.

I tried to fix one sprite but it ended worse, the one I said I didn’t like was the one when you are ass up on the floor after the ghost drops you, I hated it and now I hate it even more, I’ll probably redo it entirely or… I dunno know but it’s terrible, don’t judge me.

Gameplay Demo

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So, ahem, I usually don’t do this, and I don’t want to keep doing it, that is, showing in-development stage stuff, I would rather have something more complete, but I figured it was due time to show something. So whatever, there you go, it’s important to note this is a GAMEPLAY demo, I just want to show the basic gameplay, there’s not much sexy content aside from the normal naked playable sprites, and the interaction with the test enemy, so don’t hit me.

Please use Box only if Mega doens’t work.




Arrow keys = Move and stuff

Z = Stun (you have to stun first, then attack)

X = Attack / Recover hand when you lose it.

S = Absorb orbs.

C = Recover clothing while naked.

Enter = Menu

Q = Restart Game

Alt+Enter = Windowed mode, use it to close the game.

First, There’s stuff missing of course, sounds are missing and need to be leveled, some sprites need to be retouched, one big element is missing but I won’t tell what it is until several people notice it, it’s not hard to notice though. No music either. I hated how some sprites turned out, you’ll know which ones I’m talking about.

The most important thing I need feedback on is difficulty, there’s just one room to play in and you restart with Q, the number of ghosts that appear every restart is random between 1 and 3, to test mainly how many enemies on screen is ok, 2 is already a bit too much it seems, the idea is that enemies are not going to be that common, to make every enemy encounter matter, or maybe it could be RPG-ish where you can escape, you tell me.

Oh and you can upgrade if you open the menu near the monolith (I guess that’s what it is) there’s only 3 points to upgrade for now, also, enemies can’t grab you while upgrading, so you can test some upgrades, try to play without them first, to test the difficulty.

I suspect is difficult but that can be fixed according to feedback.

Hope you like it, see you later.

Found glitches and details:

– Enemies recover full HP after grabbing you, will fix that, this makes it more difficult than it should be.

– Jump/fly sprite is incomplete, should have more frames.

– Pressing X while naked only stuns, will add an attack instead.

– MAJOR GLITCH: Sometimes after getting out of a grab you’ll jump to the skies.

– Being attacked while jumping will be added

– GLITCH: Opening the menu while moving glitches the character into that animation.