Lunar Crisis Demo Update 0.2 (Quick Update 0.3)

Hello, long time no see…

The concept of time doesn’t exist anymore, yesterday was January and today it’s already September, crazy, huh?

So hey, demo update or something…

Edit: Quick update with all the problems found so far fixed, scroll down for a fix list.

Download Demo 0.3 (Quick update)

Download Demo 0.2

Traducción en Español por alex_vazquez999, extrae los archivos en la carpeta “gamefiles”.




I have many things to say but honestly, I’m just going to let you play and decide for yourself, most things I’ve already said like it being a simpler take on adventure games, of streamlining puzzles and the like, so you be the judge if it’s too much or if it works for what it is, considering this is pretty much an accurate depiction of the final version, except for some small gameplay changes later on than you haven’t seen, and to be fair I haven’t worked much on it (the gameplay change) either so I don’t know how it’s going to eventually turn out.

I realized this ended up being more of a slow burn than I expected, so eeehhhhhh, I don’t know man, you’ll be able to skip the introduction sections even in the final version, but then again, that’s the kind of game this is (but you’re already aware of that *wink* *wink*) but yeah, it’s a bit slow. Or maybe it feels to me that way. I dunno. You tell me.

I’m interested in knowing how much it takes you to finish this demo, maybe that’ll help me pace this better in the future, a timer appears at the end.

After the demo ends, you can still play but everything is broken front hat point forward.

[ESC] – Quits the game without warning, so be careful

[Q] – Goes back to the main menu, also without warning.

[P] – Shows a bunch of meaningless numbers.

Some details:

The music is most likely temporary; I will dedicate more time to it or just commission a real musician, not yet though, not a priority for now.

Red framed images that appear sometimes, twice for now one in the bridge scene and one at the end, is something I want to do but if I can’t make the character ones look good, I’ll probably ditch them. It’s the same story again, I will always have problems with bigger character images. That’s just not my strong suit and never will be, you would think after 2 games I would be better at it, but nope.

No grunts and moans yet, I don’t think I’ll be focusing on that for now, again, not a priority.

The big one, there’s a continuity error on how a certain event plays out, I left it on purpose because I don’t know how to fix it yet, try to spot it, or find more (if you want or care of course).

Let me know of any bugs, glitches, problems, or whatever. A few things broke after the update to the newest GMStudio version (2.3, pretty great update btw) I hope nothing is broken anymore AAAAAghh!


Fixed and Added for 0.3:

  • A few drone screens allow you to move out of the room.
  • (Game breaking) After getting the “prevent vacuum” objective, sometimes a trigger will activate in the Elevator Room which will break sequence.
  • Some sprites have a dot at the base.
  • Class A Alien walking sprite still has previous design.
  • Cell B opens automatically close to the END.
  • Some locks don’t reset every day (They should)
  • Placeholders on camera pictures
  • Make [Space] to move dialog forward in addition to [X].
  • Change the color of the red window prompts and add page number indicators.
  • Add LOCATE ARMORY as an objective.
  • Have [Up Key] to open doors in addition to [Space] (I guess?)
  • Updated help prompt at the begining.
  • Add [Z] Key functions to [Y] Key, even thought it doesn’t say it in the help propmts.
  • Add Spanish, German and French accented characters to the font.
  • Other minor fixes

178 Responses to “Lunar Crisis Demo Update 0.2 (Quick Update 0.3)”

  1. OMG, look what I have found! finally a new update from you!. still downloading…., I will come back and comment after trying the new demo.

  2. Ok, let me try. hmmm nice one

  3. uh oh, when the game automatically goes into surveillance mode in the elevator room it teleports the player to the room the camera is showing and the cutscene doesn’t play

  4. AT LAST….. ❤

  5. Finished in 1 hour and 10 minutes, but I skipped the intro and some dialogue at day one because I accidentally quit the game by pressing Esc. I found small bug at day 2 after you talk to alien about duct access – if open camera menu and select main control room camera (or whatever it is called) you won’t see anyone on camera, but if you walk to this room and try to open a door it shows that blonde girl is in that room. Also I want to suggest merging X and Spacebar functions together – it’s not very clear when to press one or another – you need to press Space when using a drone and go through vents, then you can get in cutscene where dialogue plays and for some reason you skip it by pressing X key instead of Spacebar (or maybe you can make Space key skip dialogue as well as X).

    • Space to skip dialog too sounds good.

    • Ok, I thought I knew what you meant by the camera thing but now I don’t, when you talk to the alien about the ducts you don’t have the option to see the cameras yet, and after you do she won’t be in the bridge anymore from that point forward, so I don’t get which part you’re talking about.

  6. Is anyone else stuck on Day 2? I injected myself with the DNA, picked up the other injector, used the vents to steal the Warden’s key card, unlocked both the Class A and Class B cells, got the spores from the Class B alien… but now it seems like there is nothing I can do or interact with to progress. Can’t inject the Class B spores into the oxygen generator for some reason, the blonde captain is still hanging out in the bridge, the door back to my cell is locked, and the Class A alien just tells me to get lost.

    • Inspect the map in the elevator room and then go back to the alien guy

      • Aha, thanks for the assist! I played the first version so many times that I completely forgot the map had a trigger.

      • There should really be some kind of in-game indication that viewing the map will make the prisoner alien talk to you (beyond telling you to go away.) It’s not immediately obvious the two things are related or that they would trigger anything. If you already tried walking around and talking to him 5 times you won’t do it again after viewing the map (unless you’re just exhausting all options because you’re lost.)

      • You’re not supposed to know where it is so checking the map seemed like the logical option, but if you already know you could forget how to trigger it (as stated above) , so I guess maybe adding that as an objective would work? at the same time isn’t it a bit too much?

  7. Falconartist Says:

    The demo seems pretty solid, took me about 15 minutes to get to the end. Had the same “teleported into a room by using the camera” glitch other people mentioned above happen after timer popped up, but after replaying, I managed to get the actual conversation to play between the two CAOS agents and the Warden (with some unfinished placeholder sprites) by checking the camera for that room right away. Unfortunately the game crashes there every single time once the conversation is finished.

    Only complaint is that the tentacle scene was a little disappointing… only because I thought the one animation for this demo was going to involve finally bringing the Warden to those aliens lol

    Also that size/bewbs chart is hilarious! I just wish that the Captain had a little more than just 2% on having the biggest chest haha

    • Yeah I thought it was gonna be the scene with the Warden too but I’m happy with the surprise tentacle scene.

    • 15 minutes seems too fast.

      After the timer shows up everything is broken.

      Thinking back that 2% amounts to even less since her sprite size is capped at 24% which is the default while the other charcater is 25% at 100% boobs, meaning the difference to her would be technically less than 2%, BOOBS MATH!!!!

      • Falconartist Says:

        There is only one solution to this: Captain Geminis needs an upgrade! HER LUNAR BOOBS MUST PROJECT AUTHORITY

        Oh and just to be clear about the completion time: I skipped right to Day 1 and most of the Day 2 dialogue since I played the previous demo like crazy, also knew exactly where to go up until you unlock the ability to use cameras. Didn’t think to mention that!

  8. I can’t get past the “when the game automatically goes into surveillance mode in the elevator room it teleports the player to the room the camera is showing and the cutscene doesn’t play” part. When you said “you can still progress by going in the other direction”, what exactly do you mean?

    • Go all the way left and interact with the sleeping alien

      • Didn’t work. Any door that I get freezes the game, and I couldn’t find any sleeping alien on that floor. Guess I’ll just have to wait until Vosmug fixes this.

      • that seems to be a bigger problem, I was being cheeky and stupid but by pressing P when a problem happens you can check the event number (first in green) which will usually tell me exactly where the problem is, don’t worry about it now, I’ll check it out myself.

    • Dont go into the elevator room when you get the “prevent vacuum” objective. You go to the alien that you got the spores from and wake him up.

    • And if you don’t have the item to wake him up, you need interact with wires on the ceiling

    • Great demo, you really have a great start. Really like:
      – the scan feature to avoid having to guess and check everything in the room
      – no inventory, just focus on what you have to do
      – costumes and characters designs look great
      – story is intriguing

      I also found the part where you have to go to the map and figure out the air ducts thing confusing and had to look here for the answer. I also wish there was more H content early on. The final scene was good, but could have more pizzazz. You’ve always been great at keeping a fairly steady flow of h content, so I think you should incorporate more, even just small stuff.

      Only glitch I had was once when the drone randomly got stuck going up and down and I couldn’t get back to the PC.

      Keep it up, so excited to see more.

  9. Awww the only scene is with the only girl that is not hot 😦
    Other than that I really liked it, took me like 1:30 reading everything. I would haver have the same functionality for space and X, and the bugs that have already been mentioned.

  10. I love the zoom in picture when the tentacles grabs glasses girl, I hope we get more of that with other scenes

  11. This is cool 🙂

  12. Very nice! Took me 1 hour 7 minutes, intro included. I still love your animation and art style! 🙂

  13. I played 0.1 and 0.2 now and find myself getting stuck on the same thing, the part where you learn about where the ducts are by looking at the map, I always found it confusing because it never feels like the game is leading me to look at the map as an objective, and honestly its hard to see when you can turn the pages on certain text blocks because the background is red, and so are the arrows, I think an easy fix for this would be to make it so that if there is more than one page to show, the page turn graphic would be a different color, so if you were on page 1 of 3 the turn right “light” is on so to speak, and vice versa for page 3 of 3, I think that would be an excellent hint without outright telling the player what to do, and may be helpful for future puzzles.

    • I might have been unclear, by “ducts” I mean the point at which you can put the spores in the air supply, that part it seems to me is triggered by looking at the map

      • That’s a different part, you have to look at the map when you hear about the armory, since it’s unlikely you know how to get there it makes sense you should look at the map, the spore part is straight forward, you take the thing from the lab, got to the cell and comeback, there are no additional triggers.

        But I agree with the prompts, I will change the color to white I guess, and add a 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 indicator or do what you suggested.

        There could be an objective update “find the armory on the map” but I think that’s overkill.

      • Maybe just an objective that’s a little more suggestive, like “download the ship’s schematics”? Or moving it from that panel in the elevator room to that console on the bridge? The way it is presented, it is really easy to just open up the map too early when you’re exploring and assume it’s just as optional as the personnel files so you never go back to check

  14. The tentacle scene was an amazing surprise, love your work so much!
    Took me 20 minutes to do everything starting from day 2 and i haven’t seen any bugs besides those already mentioned in the previous comments.
    Hope you’re doing well and i wish you the best.

  15. How do I activate the scene? I got to the teleportation and I don’t know what to do, I can’t release the octopus and I can’t go to any room (including elevator).

  16. Good demo, improvements like the scan make the gameplay much less tedious but I guess the reach for interacting with stuff needs to be bigger. Also I really have to say, that now the idea with the male protagonist that leads the females into alien traps really works out for me. The sex scene was pretty good in my opinion. Really hope you bring some awesome outlandish alien designs in the later stages of the game, which can rape the female crew. But I also wonder how will be the density of sex scenes? I mean if you play from the start it really takes a long time till you get to the first scene, especially if you don’t really know where to go next. Also you said you want this game to be finished by the end of the year, so is this still realistic? And is now the hardest work for the game past you?

    • Once the conflict gets going from day 3 or 4 forward, the pace should pick up, or at least that’s the idea, while the begining is mostly setting and character setup.

      The end of the year doesn’t sound plausible anymore, I’m sure that’s going to be held against me, but as always, it was a best case scenario estimation.

      Sprite and aniations are the main work still left to do, more than the “hardest work” I would say it’s time consuming, I’ve been focusing too much on the technical aspect and not enough on the art so I’m quite rusty, that’s going to be the biggest chunk of the work going forward, putting everything togheter in progression/event form is also a big part but I would say not as “hard” as sprite work.

  17. Every time I walk by that mess hall and see all of the nameless guards hanging out in there, I feel like I have to ask… Will we ever get to see the whole ship just get taken over by the aliens with a bunch of the random guards getting fucked?

  18. Real solid release. Took me just under an hour to get through everything, starting from the very beginning. The pacing seems alright. Maybe a tiny bit on the slow side, but I figure it makes sense for that to happen with what kinda game this is. Even if I hadn’t actually gotten to any scenes at the start, I very much felt like the buildup to finally getting one was enjoyable. Like us as the player character are sorta just biding our time, getting intel until we finally find an opportunity to have one of the gals get fucked.

    The framed cutin images seem nice. Would definitely like to see those stay. Gave a nice bit of flavor to the engineer getting grabbed by the tentacles.

    Overall, very optimistic about this project. Looking forward to more/full game in the future.

  19. it is good lovely!!!!

  20. I feel ripped off the truth, the most obvious thing would be that after seeing the two ladies we would see their respective scenes. The one with the tentacles that is already there, AND THE ONE WITH THE ALIENS OF CLASS A, I’m sure the one with the class a is listed in your storage. Otherwise everything is very SPICY UWU. I wait and kill for the final version. CHEER UP!!

    I mean the sexy Salika, MY FAVORITE UWU.

    • the other scene happens not too long after, but it wasn’t ready for the demo and proably wouldn’t want to show it yet either, there’s more sneaking aroud to do before you would get to it too.

  21. ▼I'm using Google Translate Says:

    A demo that I’m looking forward to the completed version.
    by the way,
    “Early Demo”
    “Prison Kage”
    Will this be completed?

  22. Dear Vosmug
    Do you have any other social network? facebook, instagram, twitter? Something with which we can find out more about you.
    PS: The demo was good, I look forward to more content if possible, good luck.
    Best regards.

  23. Hell yes! Glad to see ponytail girl get tentacled first! Looking good so far. Can’t wait to see more. Hopefully Sai gets fucked a lot in the future too

  24. Amen! I second Sai getting gangbanged!

  25. Vosmug, What are your opinion about the show

  26. Hi, took me 50 mins or so. Thanks for making these things

  27. It’s cool 🙂
    keep it up friend

  28. I like that the sexual stuff can happen in the background while you’re still playing the game. In Xenotake the game ground to a halt if sex was happening with maybe 1 exception, same with Ghost Hunter. I feel like it benefits the design overall.

    • I agree, there is more room for it happening here.

      • Hell yeah I’m glad to hear that! One of my favorite moments from Vena was the Sui/Rixa scene where they were captured by the two goons and Vena had to crawl behind the wall while they were getting fucked. The framing really made that feel unique.

        Or in a similar kind of way, how Xenotake took so long to flash back and show Malla (I think that was her name? The villain chick) getting gangbanged by those big aliens after Eerien saw her get grabbed.

    • I like the idea of the PC going off to do other things while we left Sai to her fate hanging with the tentacles. Its even better that we can check back up on the action with the cameras while we are doing other tasks. Can’t wait to do that with more characters and scenes, especially when most or all of the girls on the ship are getting fucked in different areas at the same time.

    • Absolutely agree. my favourite part of GHV is when you leave the villain chick behind getting dicked by the two ghosts. That “game over” feeling is really excititing


  30. Just finished the demo, took me 1 hour and 5 minutes from intro to complete.

    Even though I have played the first demo, it’s a long time ago and I got stuck here and there.

    At the end of Day 1, I got stuck after completing the object. I vaguely recall that I had to return to my cell, but couldn’t find a way to do that – I returned to where I started, used the drone to reach the panel, and all it does is giving me a buzzing sound without letting me to close the lock. Then I wandered around for a few minutes until I interacted with the panel directly instead of using the drone and I was finally able to close the cell. My first instinct to use the drone is because that’s how I got out… Maybe this part can be simplified by just walking into the cell without the need to use the panel?

    Some time at the beginning of Day 2, while I was somewhat stuck and wondering all around the place, Captain is on the bridge, yet if I use the drone from my cell to reach the bridge, the room is empty. I’ve tried to reproduce this by starting the game from day 2 but failed to find where exactly I was… on all my attempts to reproduce it, my cell is always locked until Captain isn’t on the bridge anymore, so I don’t know what made it that I could enter my cell during the first play through.

    After reaching the tentacle scene, I returned the drone and get the “demo end” message. After that I tried to use the camera and it showed some really weird glitch and game crashed – well, that’s expected.

    BTW, using [space] key isn’t really a good choice to interact, because [ctrl] + [space] activates IME which is quiet annoying, and that shortcut key is impossible to disable without messing with registry due to a Windows Bug… so it would be nice to avoid the chance of [ctrl] and [space] being used together.

    • I beleive the first thing was you trying to remember instead of just checking as you would normally do, the drone is only available when you check vents, meaning the first option shouldn’t be to check the vent but to check the panel, imo, I don’t know, that one sounds wierd to me.

      Will have to check the empty room again, I didn’t find it last time somebody else mentioned it.

      Using space + ctrl doesn’t do anything for me, and usually those keys are used in shooters so I didn’t think anything of it, don’t know what other key to use, space seems to make the most sense. I guess the UP key could work since there’s no vertaical movement.

      • Well, let me explain: at the beginning the player is locked inside the cell, and couldn’t reach the panel so had to use the drone for that in order to unlock it, so my logic goes: if I want to get back to where I was, I have to lock the cell while I’m inside of it, use the drone to lock the cell again like how I unlocked it at the beginning. If I use the panel to lock it, I’ll be facing a empty locked cell which I couldn’t get in – that’s basically what I thought.

        About the empty room bug: I tried to play the demo again, this time from the intro. When the game reaches Day 2, after exiting the cell room, I could enter it again (where as if I start the demo from Day 2 it would be locked which I assume is how it intended to work)

        However I can’t send the drone through the vents (unnecessary action) so I continued to play, after some cut scenes the game progressed a little to 22:00, I’m able to send the drone through cell room vent to reach the bridge, and I’m able to reproduce the empty room bug.

        My best guess is this has something to do with I unlocked the p-cell from the Bridge panel on Day 1, because when the captain leaves the bridge and I entered to hack security cameras, the “unlock p-cell” gives me an “already unlocked” message.

        Also during this second play through, I’ve noticed that some animation of the Class-A alien (when the player first unlock the Class A cell and the cut scene plays) have something on the shoulder, I guess it’s just you haven’t get around to redraw all the sprites, just a reminder 🙂

        At the aisle before Class-B alien, there’s a panel on the wall that controls the lock of it. This area needs to be accessed multiple times during Day 2, and every time I need to operate the panel to unlock the lock. However near the end of demo (23:00) when I approach this area for the last time, it opens automatically. If I leave the area and comes back again, it’s locked just like before and I have to operate the panel manually.

      • Sure, I guess that’s one of the side effects I wanted to correct by adding the “unncesary action” thing, to avoid confusion and block the drone when it’s not needed, I ended up removing most of the blocks, I guess some are left, and I guess that’s why the empty room happens too, the best option would be to add “unnecesary action” again to all unneeded drone uses to avoid confusion? I’m not sure.

        The fact that P-Cell would already be unlcoked IS the bug, it should reset every day.

        I noticed the alien sprite and already changed it.

        Will check Cell B lock.

  31. Sincerely:
    If everything continues this well, it can far outperform GVH and Xenotake.

  32. I may have found a softlock: in Day 2, right after unlocking surveillance mode, if I leave the bridge and walk left, I can’t go into either door. The door to my cell is locked, and if I try to enter the elevator room, it just gives me the ‘find a place to hide’ message again and doesn’t let me in.

    • Never mind, it’s a fixable softlock: IDK if this is intentional or accidental, but starting at Day 2 doesn’t automatically set anything to already done even if you logically already had to do it to reach that point, including injecting yourself in the lab or, in this case, unlocking your cell door from the bridge.

  33. I feel like playing 《The Neverhood》before.
    Vere good game

  34. Great demo, you really have a great start. Really like:
    – the scan feature to avoid having to guess and check everything in the room
    – no inventory, just focus on what you have to do
    – costumes and characters designs look great
    – story is intriguing

    I also found the part where you have to go to the map and figure out the air ducts thing confusing and had to look here for the answer. I also wish there was more H content early on. The final scene was good, but could have more pizzazz. You’ve always been great at keeping a fairly steady flow of h content, so I think you should incorporate more, even just small stuff.

    Only glitch I had was once when the drone randomly got stuck going up and down and I couldn’t get back to the PC.

    Keep it up, so excited to see more.

    Also, sorry for the repost, my initial comment went in as a reply for some reason

    • I think things will probably escalate as the game gets moving. There’s no sense in having a very fancy sex scene as the absolute first thing you see in-game.

      If it was me, I would do it like Alien. Have a generic guard girl get fucked by one of the smaller aliens mentioned in the log file (Class B? I forget), then things escalate from there with more aliens and positions. Pacing will do this game a lot of favors.

  35. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    Ok, I tried the game and in the first 1 hour and 30 minutes, without dialogues it takes you 20 minutes, I think the part of the dialogues is fine, I am translating them this time hoping they do not change, and I added a bit of humor that perhaps in English is understandable but in Spanish its humor is not understood much,
    So while in the first one, given that I liked how the violation of sai is, it made me collide with the first error although I had already finished the demonstration that is to enter surveillance mode, the second error was that when you walk to the right, you are teleported and what they previously reported happens, the interface I like that it can be translated into Spanish, but hey is a great advance, take your time for 0.3 maybe for next year, the fan arts will also delay for different reasons, this is all , have a nice day.

  36. Great game.. I love that we can press Z so we know what to click on. No need to randomly click.
    Maybe let us go further with the target like the drone? It’s no fun pushing the button only to realize I have to walk closer.

  37. OK I think I’m just stupid or I’m breaking event sequences.

    I started on Day 2. Here’s exactly the sequences I’m doing:
    -Exit P-Cell with drone.
    -Goes to Elevator room, use drone on vent, trigger cutscenes, get Warden ID
    -Immediately use Warden ID on Class A cells. Buff Alien tells me to get lost
    -Looks at Map, triggered Armory on Map
    -Goes back to Class A. Buff Alien struck a deal: bring a lass into their cell.

    Blondie is still on the bridge. No matter what I do afterwards, blondie never budges. I extracted spores, blondie still there. So I literally cannot progress. Also P-Cell is locked.

    I’m open to suggestions, because I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all possibilities. I even did the reverse order:
    -Triggered cutscenes, get Warden ID
    -Extract Spores
    -Discover Armory through Map
    -Enters Class A for the first time. Buff Alien immediately struck a deal: bring a lass into their cell.
    -Can’t enter P-Cell obviously because it’s locked.

    Blondie is still on the bridge. Goddamnit woman, move your ass!

    • Release spores into the air ducts in the lab

      • Thx! Finally got things moving.
        As far as criticism go; I got no complaints with the art department. Event sequences turns out alright as well. I tried doing things in any order and nothing broke out of sequence.

        There is a bug that P-Cell is left unlocked if you start from the Intro all the way to Day 2 but that’s about it I could find.

        NOW. What I’m suggesting is that the dev hold the hands of its demo player all the way through. if need be; put arrows on where to go or when the MC scans, use different color:
        Yellow: Triggers next sequence / necessary for objective completion.
        Green: Interactable, but doesn’t trigger the next sequence nor count for objective completion.

        If you don’t want to make it that obvious then make use of the timer system already in place: when the players hasn’t been progressing for longer than it normally should, then assume they’re stuck and give them prompts.

        This will make the Demo experience much smoother. Nothing worse than thinking it’s bugged when you just haven’t figured out the next step.

      • Already took care of every problem found so far (I think), about hand holding, I don’t know, if you check the oxygen tank before the spores it’ll tell you what to do, the easiest thing to do would be to repeat the task after, or add an objective, but too much hand holding I’m not a fan of, I don’t know how much is too much, or if it’s truly not enough.

  38. The best thing without counting the sex, is without a doubt the sound of the ventilation air when the drone enters the vents, it gives a touch of realism and a pinch of suspense.

    Besides, before the end of the year will we have the sexy Salika?

  39. Took me about an hour to go through, I love it, can’t wait for the full game Vosmug!

  40. Hi Vosmug! I like your games and I like the feeling of “something that is going bad” that they give to the player.
    I have played the demo and I have noticed that the sex animation lacks the “going in/going out” movement. It’s like the tentacle is already pushing against the end of the girl and…I’m not sure if this is bad (or if you would that so) but at my eyes it is less erotic…don’t you think the same?

  41. I found something you weren’t supposed to do. In both vents when you move your drone, when going left, its just endless nothingness where the drone cursor just goes off the screen. Just a little experiment.

  42. Taking the time to read things and look around the demo took me about an hour to finish. Seems nice so far with all the back story if you like to read data entries. I continue to wait for the final product. Thanks for the update.

  43. The Demo was good, script was changed for the better, but the dialogue sounds a bit like highschool girls fighting over who’s gonna get the captain first, and then there’s 2 other extras who’s rebellious enough to be part of the story, i’m not saying its bad but it could be better.

    The Last scene before the demo ended (Tentacle part) was very nice indeed, i like how you incorporated sort of an Ace Attorney sequence on there (i don’t know the term used for that kind of transition) but it was a unique and nice touch, never have been on any of your games, this is something new and you should also do this for the rest of the crew.

    Even if you don’t get to finish everything this year, as you said you will try to complete the game before new year, i don’t think it won’t be a problem if you’re going to deliver, a lot of people are still expecting it to be done this year but there are still people out there who wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer for a better quality content in the game *wink wink*

    Tentacles are good, i like it, but i hope there’s something more that we can expect, something new to the genre, even if the tentacle concept is the same, hopefully the creativity is changed.

    • I take that as a compliment, I HATE overbearing “realistic” fancy dialog, I do try to make it as simple as possible (I’m not a great writer either so there’s that), and even the exposition about DNA and stuff is becoming too much imo.

      That being said, you can totally go into the script and change whatever you want, you can easilly access it for fan translation purposes but you can do whatever you want, I was sent a meme version of GHV once where the girls spoke like drunk truckers, so do as you please. That is, you have to work within the confines of the given lenght of the current dialog, so there’s not a lot of freedom.

      If you are talking about the insert images, I want to comission an artist to do them but I have such bad luck with artists I’m thinking I’ll have to either try really hard or just remove them completely if I can’t make them look better.

      This year was a very enthusiastic over estimation and it just can’t happen, there’s a lot to do still.

      • For what it’s worth, I really like how petty and immature the characters are with the dialogue- it makes for a lot of fun conflict between them and makes it feel more “realistic” to think that the protagonist can get away with everything because they’re all too preoccupied with their own personal stuff and don’t take the threat seriously until it’s too late.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hello, the guy who posted this comment.

        I do very much like the “insert image” you’re talking about, there’s a lot of reference you could use out there to make things a lot more interesting, it makes like this is a whole new game you’re making, not like a comparison between Xenotake and GHV, those both have the same elements to each but Lunar Crisis is a different story if you add in transitions like that, quirky effects makes things a whole lot better. I thought that insert images was sort of just the screenshot of the engineer already being held by the tentacles and you just did it for fun, but it actually works, hopefully you figure out more to make it, doesn’t need to be so special, maybe just sort of show transitions like that again when a girl’s clothes gets ripped off and stuff like that.

        If you haven’t finished a whole lot in the game, i wanted to give you my personal preference for these kind of things, its a kink of mine:
        LEAVE THE GIRL’S CLOTHES! make it look like it was teared apart, not shredded to pieces and leave the character naked, like the one you did at the first time the engineer got snagged by the tentacle and got her top torn apart by the tentacle, but maybe you could apply it like having the tentacle only tearing a bit of the character’s underwear but leaving most of it intact, a tentacle penetrating through a character’s underwear, or if it was possible, giving the player the chance to retain most of the clothing if they want to, some people has kinks like those.

        About the boobs, i think it is too big, about 25% too big especially for the captain’s boob size its around G cup its too big, i’ve said too big many times now.

        The dialogue is fine by me, i don’t see any problem with it, but it could still improve by a little bit, try to make it as short as possible, for me its easy to know who’s the jerk, who’s got a perky attitude, who’s got that strong female lead sense of personality and the one who only follows orders, its not like it shouldn’t be like that but the characters are too mainstream. Yes, sorry if i am complaining a little bit, but then again its all good, but if you do fix a bit of those, the story would seem a bit more interesting, you could make a sequel out of it tbh.

        And great idea to make people do the dialogue, and then you could also try to read it and learn a thing or two from your fans, that’s really dedicated of you actually to take time and put an effort on noticing your fan’s rework of your game (well, the dialogue)

        Have you decided on a platform for your supporters yet?

  44. With the Spanish characters you mean that we have the Spanish translation? I did not see her…

    • No, just the accent characters so they display properly but not an actual translation, I was sent an incomplete spanish translation I don’t know if I can upload it tho, I’m gonna ask.

      • Alexander Vazquez Says:

        Upload the translation, no problem right now I don’t have much time to finish it besides that it is getting complicated for me to translate what would be the instructions and some things,
        it is enough for me for now that the dialogues are ready

  45. Gotta say. Your definition of “small breasts” are really damn wonky 😛 Even what you labeled as small is still pretty damn big for normal standards. Yes I like em smaller before you ask, but I also didn’t come here to tell you to change anything. You like your stuff I do mine. And the games and animations you make are still great and very enjoyable regardless. Ramble ramble lol

  46. GHV_Lover Says:

    Only 1 sex scene and it’s tentacle. Poor us.

  47. Tt Jonatan Says:

    Please upload the Spanish translation, Alex Vazquez gave him permission to do so.
    Latinos want to understand the game xd.
    Thanks for your time mister.

  48. We can translate game on russian, if you interested. I meant whole game and demos.

    • I opened the files so anyone can do anything they want, I thank that you care and are interested but it’s ultimately on you if you want to spend the time and effort.

      I haven’t implemeted cyrillic characters, so if you do you won’t be able to test it for now.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Just finished a play through of 0.3-1. All the bugs I’ve previously found has been fixed (namely: P-Cell doesn’t re-lock, Class A Alien walking animation, Class B Alien Cell auto unlock near end of demo)

    However I’m kinda disappointed as everything from there is broken just as before… I was hoping I could at least get to the point of kidnapping the guard… next demo, please?

    Near the end of the demo, when the Class B Alien has been awake, I need to send the drone though the vent. However the “hit box” of the alien is so big that I hit it instead of the vent multiple times… this is kinda frustrating.

  50. So I might be stupid or there’s a bug that I’m facing, not sure which

    I was able to get to the end of the demo in 0.2, but I got problems getting there in 0.3. I’m stuck on day 2. I agreed to get the Class A Alien a Guard, and I’ve injected the spores into the air ducts, and I’ve got thr Bridge and Warden card. As I was leaving the Class A Alien room, the Captain and a guard walked by, and told me it was too dangerous to go left towards the Lab. So I went towards the Bridge, got access to the cameras, and nothing happened. I can observe the captain and the guard inside the lab, but no cut scene or anything plays. I then try to go back to towards the lab, but it won’t let me leave the hallway with the P-Cell in it, so I’m just now stuck between the P-Cell and the Bridge and I can’t find anything that helps me progress the story. I think I remember picking up a taser at some point in my first playthrough to shock the Class B alien, but I can’t find it.

    So am I experiencing a bug or is there something I’m oblivious to?

    • Did you check all the cameras other than the lab? one of them advances the story.

      • I checked all the active cameras (the ones with the green symbol over them) but nothing happened.

        There’s 4 green symbols that appear for me. One for the lab camera, one for the Class A Alien cell, one for the CAOS agents room, and one for the Cafeteria. I checked all those and nothing happened.

      • there’s one with a green overlay, the ones with the eye icon have movement, the one in green is the one that has the next event, if it didn’t appear then that’s bug and I need to check.

      • Problem solved, I was just stupid lol. Thank you though

  51. Anonymous Says:

    The game just begin.

    but got so many bug already.

  52. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    Hello, the translation is almost complete as you saw the dialogs were already there but I have noticed that you removed dialogues in version 0.2 and some are probably repeated the lack of dialogs of version 0.1 in version 0.2 causes the game to break in the scene where the guardian enters the room of the CHAOS girls and the game breaks to reach a certain dialogue … I have put these dialogues to see if the game advances … but I will send you my translation shortly, unfortunately if I read the message I have been in debt due to a failure in a computer that I tried to repair.

    • Alexander Vazquez Says:

      “CAOS” No CHAOS I happened to fix there

    • I’ve updated the download, thank you for your time and effort.

      • Alexander Vazquez Says:

        There is no reason, this game deserves to reach more public probably if I come up with ideas I will let you know, … now my only question now that I know the story it hurts me to imagine that the CAOS girls will have the same end as the Lunar Guards, or they will become allies of the Cyborg to escape from that ship

      • LUNAR UWU Says:

        Alexander Vazquez: They are very sexy and it would be nice if they have their sex with the aliens; I see an ending that they escape with their torn clothes (showing a tit or something like that) full of cum and the mutated cyborg proud of the feat.
        While the Moles stay in the ship being eternally fucked by the aliens.
        I hope you read it greetings.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I liked this demo a great lot, however I am confused at the elevator camera bug at the end of the demo. Even after starting surveillance mode and switching to every camera as the comments here say to do to fix it, nothing happens and the story does not progress. The “green” story camera cannot be accessed, pressing X on it does nothing. Is this the actual end of the demo and there is nothing more to progress to or am I missing how to progress?

  54. Lovin’ the demo. Can’t wait to see more, mate! Best of luck with the development

  55. Kimochiman Says:

    Beautiful demo! The full game will be delicious! Just don’t forget the ripping apart sound effect for the clothes, i love it :3

  56. Anonymous Says:


  57. Nastynassy Says:

    I really like it, the girls are hot and the story is suprisingly very interesting! and now my probably unpopular opinion -> harder riddles please XD

  58. All I can say after playing the demo is that I hope Captain Geminis gets fucked unbelievably hard at some point. Like she gets put into the protagonist’s cell at some point when the ship has been taken over and there’s just an endless line of those aliens all waiting for a turn with her

  59. Anonymous Says:

    So I must just have really poor luck, since every time I get to the Prevent Vacuum bit and enter the elevator room, it forces me in to the cams, spawns me in one of the rooms, and breaks.

  60. a lot of comments and I’m kinda late, though I hope you’ll read it as I have some feedback that you might find helpful.
    First of all the story, very cool I’m not into the genre but I ended up reading all dialogue in both xenotake and this one, you progression is noticable and it keeps the attractive style with the right balance, answers the questions that pop up in player’s mind while not being massive info dumps that distract from the focus of the game all while remaining optional here.
    Maybe the lab record could be less like a professional report and more like a personal notes, that way you could trim it or give it a bit of a lewd edge instead.

    I loved the ‘idle’ sprite animations in cells seen through drone, every bit like that matters for developing chars esp in H game where it is usually hard to justify any developement that doesn’t happen with the girls bent over.
    Some small thing that bugged me, when the insect-like aliens are shot after being repelled, they make a splat sound.. there is no air or other medium in space.. sound waves cannot travel.. it’s kinda w/e as most movies do it and most people don’t give a damn, now that I think about it, to an oblivious person it would be weird if he didn’t hear a sound.. So it’s up to you, also one of the sound sequences in the intro sounded like you were flushing toilet and recorded it with old phone mic lol.

    Anyway the intro should get as much love as possible at the end of dev cycle as you’ll prob advertise with it. The ship seemed to take huge amount of effort, do a bottom render, throw 2 girls into the scene as well, the player will get both the size prespective and a look at the girls that he will lewd soon.

    Inputing while waiting for text makes it skip to next segment instead of fully printing the current segment. Quick fix. I personally wouldn’t go for the colored font matching hair, the brown can be heavy on eyes and blend in. It’s kinda w/e, but I’d pick the classic approach with character picture in the left side of the text widget instead.

    Lastly, fuck the controls.. they feel unnatural. The market is dominated with rpgmaker engine derivations and people who develop on other engines mostly follow the unspoken ethics. X for escaping widgets. Y for interacting.. Why is space its own thing anyway? Got me stuck on first door. Also after completing objective 1st day, quest log does not indicate direction so I went back to cell and tried to lock myself with drone.. it doesn’t work, I was pretty lost, turns out it has to be done manually w/o drone (rip my rp experience).
    At this point I’m prob delving way too deep into a demo build. You did a good job, hope to see more soon.

    • Maybe the lab record could be less like a professional report and more like a personal notes, that way you could trim it or give it a bit of a lewd edge instead.

      The main reason for the report format is because I need to say things like “as you know, this and this is what happens” or “according to our reserach bla bla bla”, that wouldn’t sound well as a casual note IMO, for example there’s no reason why a random soldier would use a log entry to explain something that would be obvious in this universe, it’s really just an excuse to dump exposition.

      Inputing while waiting for text makes it skip to next segment instead of fully printing the current segment. Quick fix.

      I never understood why the need to make the full text appear in the first place, I kind of have an irrational hate when games do that, if you’re reading you can just let it roll or just skip if you don’t want to read, I rather disable the button until the text is finished, and you can use CTRL if you’re going to skip.

      Lastly, fuck the controls.. they feel unnatural.

      I don’t see the problem, but you’ll be able to change them in the final build. And I guess there shoud be more directions on what to do and the end of the day, I guess the drone could be optional too, it just feels like unnecessary steps.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Regarding the need for full text to appear, it’s because some people do actually want to read, but they read faster than the scroll text so it can be annoying waiting for the text to scroll. Yes, even if the text scrolls extremely quickly it can still be too slow for some speedreaders, and most people don’t really need to read the entire thing to get the gist of it, just skimming over some text is enough to understand what’s going on. I would also suggest against disabling the button until the text is finished because as minor as it is, people don’t like having control taken away from them even if it’s just pressing a button to make text instantly appear.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    I hope there will be some scenes with the guards with the helmets on. It’s more fun with the helmets on

  62. Anonymous Says:

    If you don’t think the game will be finished by the end of this year (no rush, take as much time as you need!) do you think we might be able to get some sex scene previews in future updates? Or would you not want to risk spoiling them?

    If not then I would be happy just to see an update about some early ideas you’ve got in mind for future games after Lunar Crisis without feeling like you need to commit to one. I’ve been dying to see you do something with a fantasy setting.

    • There’s no way it’ll be finished by the end of the year, I’ll post some images when they’re ready instead of updating the demo, I think there won’t be another demo for a while, it derails work too much.

      I don’t want to think too much about next ideas since it can distract from the current one so I don’t want to make a whole new post about it, but I do have several lined up:

      The better formed ones are a zombie game similar to parasite in city with a bit of an open world feel to it and the cancelled rpg (you can find it in previous posts) which I would like to continue at some point, any of those is the most likely to be the next one. I do have a couple of fantasy side-scrolling RPG ideas but not fully formed yet, and of course more sci fi ones in the same universe as XT and Lunar Crisis. Note that pretty much all new ideas I’ll be doing have a male main character, I’ve fallen off the jump-on-enemy-on-purpose-to-see-sex train as examplified by the current project.

      But as you said, no committing to anything in particular yet.

      Feel free to ask if you want more detials.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Damn, a zombie one would be amazing… Parasite in City was one of my favorite hentai games for a loooong time before I stumbled onto Xenotake through a Youtube review. And seeing one with your style and actually having some story to it would be so fucking cool. As much as I loved Parasite, it was pretty minimalist on that front. I tried to make my own zombie h-game at one point, but ended up just writing the whole damn thing before I figured out that I’m just as bad at 3D animation as I am with drawing.

        How do you imagine the open world might work for that? Would you completely change the side-scroller perspective for something more like a top-down camera like you see in RPG Maker games? Or something like picking different areas from a world map menu and then you’re teleported to that level with similar gameplay to your previous games?

        Honestly I really like female protagonists more, but I can see why you’d get tired of that mechanic. A big reason why I was so into Xenotake had nothing to do with losing to enemies on purpose to see those animations, but the forced scenes as part of the story like when Eerien first gets captured, or pretty much every scene you had for Malla. So even with male protagonists going forward, I hope your female sidekick characters will continue to get similar treatment!

      • Could be like that, or also a big map separated by screens and a map to guide you, haven’t really decided on that, but gameplay wise will pretty much be the same sidescrolling bussiness with more action.

        When it comes to male characters I have two main potential ways of doing it:

        Bad guy obviously, and a good guy surrounded by female sidekcks as you said, the way I described it before was to play as a witness more than a participant, either of the story or gameplay, for example rescuing them from orcs or whatever, and then be participant too by reaching certain story bits or by building a meter with your female sidekicks dating sim style, even tho that last part sounds like lot of work, honestly all of it sounds like a lot of work, I don’t even know if it’s within my skillset to do somthing like that, that’s why I’ve been doing simpler games, and now with this one, escalating the skill level to see if eventually I’ll be able to do something more complex like what I’ve described, a lot of work so, I dunno… zombie game sounds like the better option for now, which will probably have a simpler male and female sidekick vibe going on.

      • Anonymous Says:

        For future games I’d rather play as a nude/half nude female even if there isn’t any of the “jump on enemies” thing. Like having the girl be naked in prisonkage, there isn’t sex in that game but at least we would have something nice to look at.

      • Anonymous Says:

        From the way you describe it, the zombie game does sound like a perfect fit for that as your first trial run. You have so many potential situations you could come up with between the zombies as this constant mindless threat, and then throwing in some human antagonists wherever you want to make things feel even more tense.

        And for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the thought of the zombies being easily distracted by the player character’s female sidekick (and just women in general), like how those two henchmen in Ghost Hunter Vena are about to attack her as ghosts but then run off-screen to go rape Norea…

  63. Hello, I try to advance where it is broken, but according to you, as far as version 0.2 can be reached after “End Demo” because I was able to fix an error but later I am ambushed by the message, look for a safe place and no option other than enter my cell but there the game breaks, being teleported takes me elsewhere to the second level but still the game is broken there, I have the feeling that day 4 can be reached but unless you tell me otherwise .. ..
    I am fatally depressed and sad, I wait for some answer.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s pretty weird, I once got a conversation from the end of day 3, it froze and I tried it again, it didn’t work. There must be extra content but I guess it was pure luck

    • There’s extra stuff coded into the demo just not accesible, I don’t know how you got further but is not intended to happen. Anything past the end of the demo is unpolished and mostly broken, whatever you’re doing, I can’t be sure.

      • Alexander Vazquez Says:

        If you mean anonymous, then I say that it confirms my theory that you can move on later but then I have to move you to the dialogues to try to guess who is speaking in the missing dialogues 9059 I know this is not legal for you but I want to forget about my ex-girlfriend and “a very close friend of mine” I just entertain myself with your game … if there is no problem for you, then I continue with that, but the guy who arrived on day 3 who knows how he has done to evade the ambush that leads you to enter the “priority cell”, the teleportation to the girls’ room, and the lost dialogues .. Whatever it is for me after the “end demo” is an alpha phase where there may be errors in The errors, right now that I think about it, the anonymous boy can refer to when Sallika was captured there are dialogues about it but hey, I won’t always be able to have time to see what happens beyond the demonstration, and well I can’t report anything to him for the simple fact of that everything is a draft of dialogues

      • All I’m saying is, yes there’s more, no it’s not intended to be played, and I don’t know how to acces it from this particular demo, if you flll numbers in sequence 9059, 9060, 9061, etc. you may actually end up progressing more, but again, doors and other stuff might stop working.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have any estimate when will there be a new demo coming out with some new content? (lewds)

  65. Anonymous Says:

    The demo took me around an hour to beat with reading all the lore and I enjoyed it. The tentacle content was a pleasant surprise so fingers crossed for a lot of non humanoid action in the future.
    Good luck with developing the game!

  66. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Other Event: Room End
    for object room_start:

    Variable room_start.amb_sound(100794, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Object_room_start_Other_5
    gml_Object_room_start_Other_5 (line -1)

    Well, I do not pass the ambush that makes me go back to the priority cell, well wait for a new release in summer of the following year

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Any news if this will be finished before the year ends? or could there be a new demo coming out soon with new scenes?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Already answered. “The end of the year doesn’t sound plausible anymore, I’m sure that’s going to be held against me, but as always, it was a best case scenario estimation.”

      “There’s no way it’ll be finished by the end of the year, I’ll post some images when they’re ready instead of updating the demo, I think there won’t be another demo for a while, it derails work too much.”

    • Alexander Vazquez Says:

      Have an estimate that the next version 0.4 will be released in April 2021

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever thought about doing some kind of short story game between your bigger projects? Like a mini-expansion for Ghost Hunter Vena from Sui’s perspective, or a Xenotake prequel about Captain Ran where you’d be able to quickly recycle a lot of the game’s core assets but then focus your time on experimenting with new gameplay ideas?

    • Yes but not reusing assets, after working for so long on a project the last thing I want to do is keep working with the same assets, I should do that but that would make the main projects take even longer so we’ll see what happens next.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I would LOVE an expansion for ghv

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think it would be a good way for you to try out some of your more difficult/risky ideas in a way that won’t risk prolonging your bigger projects, like all of the development time you lost on that turn-based RPG before you switched to Lunar Crisis. And in something like a GHV sidestory, you could completely skip making a whole new map from scratch and just use the skeleton of the same mansion but have the character go a different path with new rooms and enemies along the way, leaving you a little more time to focus on getting different gameplay ideas to work as well as you want them to. Plus, if they don’t work out, you didn’t spend as much time on it and can just move onto the next major game idea without losing so much progress that would’ve been spent on laying the previous game’s foundation.

        I’m glad you’re making Lunar Crisis into a full game of its own because it seems like it will be awesome, but as an example purely from a design point of view… If you were worried about how it would work as a non-combat stealth/puzzle game, a smaller Ghost Hunter Vena “sequel” where you play as any other character than Vena (the only one in the game who is capable of fighting the ghosts thanks to Hand) would’ve been a much easier way to test that style of gameplay. And probably less stressful too.

      • Funny you mention that because this game started as a small project just like GHV, and eventually they bloated into main projects, problem would be to manage to keep a small project actually small.

  69. Wow Vosmug, a great demo. My time was 1:40 and I read almost averything… it wasn’t slow or boring for me, the story is good so no problem with lenght. Loved the scan to search interactions and also if this kind of puzzle/exploration games aren’t my favourites it didn’t bore me at all soo good story. Keep going, ur art style is waa
    PS. nice meme the lockdown dialogue

  70. please can u have like pleasure bar going on same as ghosthunter

  71. Looking forward to playing a full version) Could you please share the progress for the present moment pleeeease?)

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