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First thing I want to say is, I’m getting a bit annoyed about things, the game is fine in my opinion, but I’m worried about time, I know you want faster progress but that’s something I can’t control, either it moves slowly or it doesn’t at all, I’m starting to fear the day I have to start something new, just the fact that I know it will last more than a year up to 2 years is very discouraging… I know I complicate things myself but I can’t help it, both the games I have, Xeno and this one, started as small projects, and look how they ended up, so, it sucks, there’s no solution, there’s no workaround, it just sucks… only thing I can do is stick with it until the end… hope you do too… I’m not asking for moral support or anything like that, just patience, this is something I wanted to talk about after release but I better mention it now, and then talk about it after too, and is something I would like to know your opinion on…

The fact that these things take so long makes me wonder how long people are willing to stick with it, not on particular projects but in pervy games/hentai in general… people change over time, maybe you’ll “grow out of it” after a while, maybe you’ll stop caring about porn in general when you get a girlfriend or just get tired and jaded to it, who knows, the point is, how many games with long dev times will be able to be released while you still care? and more importantly, how many games will I be able to make before I grow out of it? Let’s say I have 10 more years still in my porn clock, at this rate, that’s  4 to 5 games… that sucks, I want to make more than that, will I still care at 30 or 35? Wizardhood might help but who knows.

We were getting a bit existential there; maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

So in relation to that, I know story is something some of you don’t care about, while I do care about it, I think I’ll have the option to remove it completely, as in, characters will still move and interact but you’ll never see the dialog box appear and it’ll move automatically through it, I haven’t tried it yet but it shouldn’t be hard, I hope. What do you think? That doesn’t mean I won’t invest time in story, since that’s the kind of game we’re making here, if that’s not your thing or if it’s not what you want, then I guess what I’m offering is not for you, but at least I will try to have that option. Also, given my likes/dislikes, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea; I talked about how I hate sex talk, so there’s that.

Also… wait for it…

“I’m working on it…”

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

Also, animation.

More things and stuffs

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The most notable thing recently is that I’m changing the portraits for a more clean style in terms of colors and lines, also I didn’t like the previous ones so now after they should fit better the in-game sprites, they still need work but I like them quite more than before.




As someone mentioned before the portraits are a bit too big and cover quite a bit of the screen, it does get too cluttered at times but I rather have big portraits, I’ll try to center everything within the first 3/4ths of the screen on dialogs, to be honest tho portraits are kind of unnecessary but what the hell now.

Other than that, everything keeps moving normally I guess, nothing to report… I should mention maybe that some new not very important things like the ghost stealing gloves and some other minor addiotions were stitched togheter since they were not planned, so that’s been complicating things a bit, but that’s not really something that important, I shouldn’t complain about it since I could have decided not to do those things but I did it anyway, it’s just something more on the list… so I guess there’s that.

It seems you want me to talk about stuff, and I really don’t know what about right now, so feel free to ask in the comments. I’m supposed to make a FAQ page but I don’t know anymore, I’m lazy, but feel free to suggest questions, release and progress questions will have the same answer for a while: “I don’t know”, that’s the first question.

…this is taking some time indeed.

Edit: Forgot to mention,thanks fdor the windows 10 feedback, seems that compatibility with windows 10 is fine.



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So yeah there’s that thing the steals your glove, it took a bit of work since I forgot most about enemy behavior and had to relearn some stuff, it works well enough, but there are things that need to be accounted for that I didn’t realize before like moving forward without the glove could block you off if you need it, like for jumping or when you find a defeat-all-enemies-to-continue kind of block which you can’t do without the glove, so this enemy needs to be in controlled locations instead of the random approach I wanted to use, places where you can freely backtrack (or advance) to search for it without the fear of getting blocked, will have to work a bit more on it, so there’s that….

Aside from that, had some problems and still have, got stuck for a while because of a pretty nasty glitch that ended up being pretty simple, turns out using exit; inside a script doesn’t affect whatever code is happening outside that script, it makes sense, I guess, but I didn’t know that and assumed everything inside a script affects the entirety of the instance calling it… as, you know, everything else usually does… took me about 4 days to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem, fun times, also got super sick for a week, as it is an honorable tradition for that to happen that time of the year, and of course family reunions and stuff.

Also, I’m having an asset compiler error when I try to preview texture pages, if anyone knows anything about that, it would be really helpful, it used to work normally and now it just doesn’t… so, no idea.

Uh… yeah.

Edit: Something about compatibility just came to my attention, I really didn’t think about this before.

If anyone out there has windows 10, are you able to run the previous demo version 0.1.1? I don’t have windows 10 so I can’t test it myself, it would be really helpful, thanks.


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Um… so yeah… nothing to report as I said… slowly moving while job things happen…

So not to waste a post, what do you think about Kimochi? Have you used it? How is it? I know it’s still in development so it’s only normal it has some rough edges, I got contacted recently so I was wondering, would you like to see Xeno and ghosty ghosties there? If you don’t have paypal and have to use a credit card would you rather use it instead of dlsite? I like the idea of a new platform but I don’t have much of an opinion yet. What are your thoughts on it?

The bummer post

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I know some of you, (or all of you) want a new post but I have nothing, I’m still working in the same thing I said last post, it just never ends, I can’t believe it’s been a month already and I can’t move forward, also there’s a big problem, I just got a big editorial project at work due for January, so I’ll have to work on that and not as much in the game for a while. Fun.

I’ve tried to avoid saying anything conclusive about release but now let’s just be real and say release is not happening this year, and again, I don’t know when…. yup.

I’m really bummed out, not even about work, that’s normal and I fully expected it to get in the way at some point, but the fact that this has been so slow is really discouraging.

To be fair I’m pretty sure by next week I can start working in the “event” set pieces, meaning sprites and animations for particular story scenes, which is really one of the last things to work on, before actually building the areas and placing enemies and events according to the script. This means almost there but not quite there yet.

Also I just remembered most traps are still missing, I think I’ll just cut most of them out, additional to the ones I already have I’ll probably make the suggested ones only (frame painting ghost, statue ghost, backyard underground ghost), I think those are all.

Anyway, sorry but yeah, that’s how we are.



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I’ve been doing terrible this past couple of weeks, I’m starting to pick up the pace just now but yeah, you should know that not everything is nice and dandy anymore for some reason, I used to say I was doing just fine, now not so much anymore, whatever, it’s still moving well enough I guess so it’s okay, no need to worry about the details.

I’m done with the general layout of the enemy sex animations (took more than expected), now I’m fixing details, unifying layers and stuff before exporting to sprite form in batch, still a lot of other animations to be done, the story event ones and some extra trap ones, after that let’s go back to code again.

Nothing much else really, I’ve been really tired lately and I need to focus so… not much controversial statements for now.

See you.

Don’t click me.

More nothing

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No breaking news yet, still working… this last couple of days I did nothing because I’ve been helping someone to set up a computer, but in general I’ve been working slower than usual, I’m tired most of the time, I’ve been having to wake up at 7:00 am for the last 2 months or so and it’s already showing its effects… blah… so yeah, it’s still going and I’m alive…

Reading and coming up with ideas is pretty fun and easy but I need to stop getting so distracted and focus in actually doing all of that, I’m getting too distracted, so maybe I’ll tone down the commenting and answering for a while, but you can fight in the comments as much as you want.

For the sake of discussion this time I will tell you normal things/fetishes that I don’t like and very likely you won’t see around here, so you can yell at me for having wrong tastes:

Sex Talk: “My womb feels so hot I could die, my babies will be rocket fueled” I don’t get it, I don’t find that interesting at all and actually find it kind of annoying, I know it’s normal and almost required, but I just can’t like it, I have tried to avoid it and the very few there is is lame and unfulfilling because I don’t care enough, my writer person said that he was very much capable of doing it but I refused and said that he were to do it I would pay him less, that’s how much I don’t like it.

Anal: I don’t see the appeal of the poop factory, I’m ok with it from a distance and in double penetration and stuff like that as long as it’s not detailed or specific, but not with anal only and especially not with close ups.

Close-ups: Glad I do sprites, I’m not doing close ups of anything, mainly because I like context instead of focusing in a singular part whatever it is, again, sprites shouldn’t have to deal with this anyway.

Too much mental distress: What I mean is tears and cries for help and stuff like that; I know some people like the psychology of it, of seeing a helpless victim (virtual, let’s be clear here) in mental pain and suffering. I don’t know how normal this is but I’ve seen it way too much around, or maybe I’m just too paranoid, anyway, I know that kind of stuff it’s implied in the context of these games, that’s fine, I just don’t like seeing it so literal and so exploitative to the point of having it as a main gimmick or standing out too much as a main point of a particular scene.

I wanted to say it too in case you’re waiting for this kind of stuff, I don’t want you to feel tricked. I probably forgot some others too.

There was controversy before because I made (and will continue making) guro but don’t like some fetishes, before you go there, one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

You already saw one game, so I think you already know how tastes and ideas work here, I want to think that if you’re here is because you are confortable and pleased with what I have done before, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

Finally, should I change the blog design? I’m noticing the text is too small and the comments get too cluttered and the columns seem to be too narrow after replying several times. I use ctrl and + to zoom in if that helps. Also use <blockquote>message</blockquote> to quote other comments, I always forget to say that.

I’m tired.

Edit: Oops, this won’t help in the “tone down the commenting and answering” part, maybe next time.

Edit 2: I kind of regret giving free way for fighting but only because you’re derailing other people’s comments, it’s fine if you want to argue, I don’t care, but NOT in somebody else’s question/comment, so new rule:


Stay in your own comment thread, I will start deleting comments if you derail or spam others’ with off topic comments, I dont care who it is.

Nothing personal, other people not involved don’t deserve to have their questions/comemnts buried with off topic arguments.