Drain Bamage

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Hello you,

I have tentatively finished all the maps, or levels as you were, they are empty for now, they still need enemies and traps and other stuff, of course most likely will end up adding more map depending on how it feels later on, at points it feels too big and some other times it feels like is not big enough, I don’t really know at this point. Also I realized I should put a map in after all, it’s easy to get lost. So there’s that.

Right now I’m filling the map with the main events, there’s a lot of quick testing involved, now I really wish there was a way to debug test in real time, closing and running the game every time is a waste of time, sure it only take 15 to 20 seconds to load except for the first time which can take several minutes, still, added up it’s more than necessary since I have to do that more than couple of times a day.

Here’s this too, no idea.

Everything’s going well I think, it’s taking shape already. We’re getting close to the final stretch, no promises for now though, as you know.

Now for some serious talk, recently I saw a video by digibro called “prolific over perfect”, which actually hit me a bit more than I expected, you should check it out by searching the title on youtube if you’re interested, I don’t want to link it directly because you know, porn and stuff, not cool… anyway, by the title you can guess what it’s about, basically smaller projects would be more productive in the long run since you’ll be improving naturally with each, by the time you get to a bigger project you would be better and faster by default, paraphrasing of course. Actually, feel free to watch it and then come back to tell me how I’ve been doing things horribly wrong. Things are probably not going to change on my end; I can’t seem to focus on a small project without it naturally evolving into something bigger… and then 3 years later and here we are…. cool, right?

So yah.


Brain Damage

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Keeps going… just to let you know…

Don’t hit me… I’ll give you my lunch money.



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I’m done with sprites and animations, kind of, there’s still some left but I rather do them alongside some backgrounds to match them better, and some other that I haven’t done, like some traps which I don’t know if they’ll work so I rather wait instead of wasting that time in case I decide not to use them, like this unused sprite that will never be used ever, spending time making things you end up not using kinda sucks, also I completely forgot the “game over room” ones, which feel redundant at this point, but whatever I’ll have to do those eventually, I regret that though, it was supposed to be a universal respawn point but that won’t work anymore since given some changes a traditional checkpoint system before important points was necessary anyway, kind of a waste… oh well…

bg666 bg5555 bg11

So I started with backgrounds already, so yeah, that’s what’s going on…

Not much to say anymore… just keep working gaddamit.


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Happy one more year closer to death… yay…

Things keep going, I’m doing things… I finished a section that took so long it’s ridiculous, the first image section if you add all the elements (sprite, code, etc.), it took about 1 month and a half, maybe 2 months to complete, sad thing is you’ll go through it in less than 5 minutes, even worse, some people probably won’t even get that far into the game… have you heard about how cooking is ungrateful since hours of cooking end up in 5 to 10 minutes of eating, this is worse. I’m not saying that out of self-pity or anything it just reminds me of people who waited ten years for Final Fantasy VX just to end up blazing through it in 2 or 3 days, pretty crazy how that works, don’t know if that would be good or bad though or if it’s even satisfying to play that way, to each their own I guess.

After this one there are sprites for 2 or 3 more big sections and then I can move to level design.

In other things, I’ve been wanting to try honey select but I really haven’t had the will to play anything else, but it seems like with the studio thing you won’t need any other game for a while, it’s like a self-made gallery for what I’ve seen, and since you can share via magic PNG images it’s pretty much never ending? Not sure exactly how it works. Is there a way to get it legally other than 100 dollar amazon physical copy? I know you can download it but I would like to know if there’s an easy way to buy it first.

Finally thanks for the support so far, I know it’s been really long, it’s frustrating for me too, nothing else to say there, just thanks.


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screen_place1 post0909

It continues… sprites and animations are taking too long (which really is normal) but it’s going, I don’t know what else, every time I have to come here to post without any significant update it’s really discouraging, posting out of obligation every month is becoming a big distraction and mental drainage, so I think I will stop and report back every milestone or something or just disappear until the end, I don’t know.  You probably won’t see anything this year anyway and at this point I have no idea what’s going on after, I hate it as much as you do.

Everything continues fine though, or what I consider fine at least, just slow, I really don’t complain, I think I’m doing well given the circumstances, I just really hate coming here just to say the same thing over and over , but that’s how it is… shikata ga nai.



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post8 post8c

I don’t have anything else to say other than I’m working on it…. still… I’m working ongraphics mostly but also fixing code as I move to each part sometimes it needs timing, positioning, etc, some things out right broke because of the modifications I did later on, so I do some fixing that while I’m at it.

I don’t know what else, the only reason I post this is because I know you want to know I haven’t died… so yeah, don’t worry, everything  is going relatively well, just slowish at points but nothing to worry about, it’s usually normal slackery, job related extra work, hellish heat of the tropical zones or just stress/energy drink induced headaches, I’m still working on it every day, except last week when a sub station exploded or somthing, leaving several neighborghoods with little to no electricity for 4 days, fun.

In my opinion things are going fine and I still haven’t lost motivation, which is the most important part imo, continuing out of obligation would be the worst and I really hope we don’t get to that point.

Flash sucks at exporting gifs.


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Hello there,

I’m kind of done with the event list, I had to skip some because it’s easier to do them alongside the level design so it’s kind of pointless doing them now since I would have to redo them later, also I skipped the last two events since… I don’t know, I’m tired… I want to stop there and start with the graphics already, so that’s what I’m doing now, I’m starting to replace all the placeholders with the final graphics, I forgot how time consuming graphics are, but that’s where we are now, this part of the process is way more difficult to quantify and predict, so yeah…


redo4 redo4a

redo1redo1bI still think the portraits are a waste and even after having them redone I still don’t like them all that much, the artist guy who did them left them with a lot of corrections for me to do so that’s some extra work not taken into account before, there’s a chance I’ll just remove them completely.

About the backgrounds, after playing Mansion a bit more I’m jealous of those backgrounds, of course they are hand drawn, but I really want to improve on that, I have now the urge of replacing all of the backgrounds, of course that’s stupid and I won’t do it, and at my current skill level they won’t be any better that they already are so… you’ll be stuck with my ugly backgrounds for now (comparatively). The game itself is a bit simplistic in its gameplay (programming wise I mean, it’s a bit rough) but man those backgrounds, you should give a try, you can download the trial on DLsite and see if you like it.Mansion-7

As you can notice the similarities, that’s my style of game, spooky vibe and dark atmosphere… but I’m talking more in a general sense, not just hentai, remember when there was a thing called survival horror, and then first person spoopy jumspcares ruined it forever and that’s all we have now… yeah, me too.

So, see you next time, I think that’s it for now…