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Happy one more year closer to death… yay…

Things keep going, I’m doing things… I finished a section that took so long it’s ridiculous, the first image section if you add all the elements (sprite, code, etc.), it took about 1 month and a half, maybe 2 months to complete, sad thing is you’ll go through it in less than 5 minutes, even worse, some people probably won’t even get that far into the game… have you heard about how cooking is ungrateful since hours of cooking end up in 5 to 10 minutes of eating, this is worse. I’m not saying that out of self-pity or anything it just reminds me of people who waited ten years for Final Fantasy VX just to end up blazing through it in 2 or 3 days, pretty crazy how that works, don’t know if that would be good or bad though or if it’s even satisfying to play that way, to each their own I guess.

After this one there are sprites for 2 or 3 more big sections and then I can move to level design.

In other things, I’ve been wanting to try honey select but I really haven’t had the will to play anything else, but it seems like with the studio thing you won’t need any other game for a while, it’s like a self-made gallery for what I’ve seen, and since you can share via magic PNG images it’s pretty much never ending? Not sure exactly how it works. Is there a way to get it legally other than 100 dollar amazon physical copy? I know you can download it but I would like to know if there’s an easy way to buy it first.

Finally thanks for the support so far, I know it’s been really long, it’s frustrating for me too, nothing else to say there, just thanks.


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screen_place1 post0909

It continues… sprites and animations are taking too long (which really is normal) but it’s going, I don’t know what else, every time I have to come here to post without any significant update it’s really discouraging, posting out of obligation every month is becoming a big distraction and mental drainage, so I think I will stop and report back every milestone or something or just disappear until the end, I don’t know.  You probably won’t see anything this year anyway and at this point I have no idea what’s going on after, I hate it as much as you do.

Everything continues fine though, or what I consider fine at least, just slow, I really don’t complain, I think I’m doing well given the circumstances, I just really hate coming here just to say the same thing over and over , but that’s how it is… shikata ga nai.



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post8 post8c

I don’t have anything else to say other than I’m working on it…. still… I’m working ongraphics mostly but also fixing code as I move to each part sometimes it needs timing, positioning, etc, some things out right broke because of the modifications I did later on, so I do some fixing that while I’m at it.

I don’t know what else, the only reason I post this is because I know you want to know I haven’t died… so yeah, don’t worry, everything  is going relatively well, just slowish at points but nothing to worry about, it’s usually normal slackery, job related extra work, hellish heat of the tropical zones or just stress/energy drink induced headaches, I’m still working on it every day, except last week when a sub station exploded or somthing, leaving several neighborghoods with little to no electricity for 4 days, fun.

In my opinion things are going fine and I still haven’t lost motivation, which is the most important part imo, continuing out of obligation would be the worst and I really hope we don’t get to that point.

Flash sucks at exporting gifs.


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Hello there,

I’m kind of done with the event list, I had to skip some because it’s easier to do them alongside the level design so it’s kind of pointless doing them now since I would have to redo them later, also I skipped the last two events since… I don’t know, I’m tired… I want to stop there and start with the graphics already, so that’s what I’m doing now, I’m starting to replace all the placeholders with the final graphics, I forgot how time consuming graphics are, but that’s where we are now, this part of the process is way more difficult to quantify and predict, so yeah…


redo4 redo4a

redo1redo1bI still think the portraits are a waste and even after having them redone I still don’t like them all that much, the artist guy who did them left them with a lot of corrections for me to do so that’s some extra work not taken into account before, there’s a chance I’ll just remove them completely.

About the backgrounds, after playing Mansion a bit more I’m jealous of those backgrounds, of course they are hand drawn, but I really want to improve on that, I have now the urge of replacing all of the backgrounds, of course that’s stupid and I won’t do it, and at my current skill level they won’t be any better that they already are so… you’ll be stuck with my ugly backgrounds for now (comparatively). The game itself is a bit simplistic in its gameplay (programming wise I mean, it’s a bit rough) but man those backgrounds, you should give a try, you can download the trial on DLsite and see if you like it.Mansion-7

As you can notice the similarities, that’s my style of game, spooky vibe and dark atmosphere… but I’m talking more in a general sense, not just hentai, remember when there was a thing called survival horror, and then first person spoopy jumspcares ruined it forever and that’s all we have now… yeah, me too.

So, see you next time, I think that’s it for now…


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You know what I’ve been doing and what the work schedule is, if you don’t check the last blog entry, that should cover the next several months of tasks to do, by reading it again though I notice my way of communicating things can be confusing, but we all knew that, , the event part was especially weirdly worded, I hope it was clear enough to give you a solid idea of where we are.

As expected I’m still working in the event list, I’m at the 7th point of the second page, the one that starts with “goes back”, I should have been a bit farther that that but ran into some problems that made things more difficult than expected, no big deal I think, it’s to be expected and everything is going with relative normality.

for those who didn’t understand though, that’s not the list of the entire game’s progress, just of the main events, they are for now bare bones code animated sequences with poorly made placeholder graphics, I will make the entire list of events from beginning to the ending sequence in this manner so when they are done I can polish and replace the final graphics all in one go, and then continue according to the previous post.

By next month hopefully I’ll be done with that part and will be animating and replacing graphics already, let’s hope.

In other news, I was interviewed by DLsite in a monthly interview/news thing they do that I had no idea it existed, I don’t remember exactly what I said anymore so you can read the dumb things I said in the last section of this page: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/circle/report/index

Too much reading

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So this time I’m going to give you some raw data, no estimations, no dates or anything, you make your own conclusions, your guess is as good as mine.

I have to say though, I’m not that much of a fan of knowing this kind of process before playing a game, I like to know this obviously but only after I’ve played it, it kind of ruins the magic, that’s just me I guess; I know it sounds counter intuitive because this is a blog and all but I never really intended it to be a detailed development blog but more of an informational one, but since I’ don’t do that either then whatever.

First, what I’m doing right now are the so called events, you get to a point in any given area and a dialog or character interaction is triggered, you can call them cutscenes, you could say that’s the gimmick I tend to rely on the most. So, for that I’m making everything with placeholders and a basic layout, everything working as it should but no final graphics yet, a debug version with no level design to go through, I can teleport to every new event in order to test it faster, and of course no final dialogs for easy testing, only the first few lines, and because it’s really not necessary for now, those also need to be coded and numbered one by one and will be completed later. It’s a skeleton pretty much.


This down here is my list of main events bullet pointed for easy reading, there’s another document where they go into detail; each one of those sometimes take 1 day sometimes more to complete, there was a complex one that took about 5 days, and sometimes 2 o 3 in a day when they are relatively simple, it feels like they shouldn’t take that long but for some reason there’s always flaws that need to be fixed and that end up taking a lot of time.


So, the upper arrow is where the demo ended, the green text is what’s done so far, and the blue text is what’s still left to do, the first part doesn’t have that much detail because I thought I didn’t need it but I ended up going back and forth between documents so much that it became annoying, so I started to write more detail to have a better reference.

After all of the events from beginning to end are done, up until the ending, I’ll go back to the beginning and start replacing the placeholders with the final graphics and polishing each event accordingly with sound and proper timing, a lot of those final graphics, animations and sprites are not done yet, so that will be the next big time sink, each animation takes from 1 to several days to complete, even up to 5 or 6 depending on complexity, individual sprites with no animation can take hours up to a day.

Once that’s finished and already has the final look, I’ll add the final text, as I said, for now it only has the first few lines of every dialog , so I’ll have to reorganize and renumber all the lines, is not as complex as it sounds since everything will be working properly by that point, it will fit automatically. The part that takes the most time here is the line break fixing, that is, making the dialog fit into the dialog box, I’m sure there’s automated ways of doing it but I don’t know how, so I have to do it manually line by line; pictured below is not the current spot I’m in but a previous one more representative of the process, is not final either, but I guess you can see that.


By this point I’ll have to add some extra traps and polish some enemies, I know some are not working properly anymore since some things changed along the way, especially some at the end.

After that comes the level design, backgrounds, enemy placement, door/key placement, etc. and most importantly, connecting the events already made, since right now they are placed one after the other for testing purposes, this part will properly space them in the areas and put obstacles and enemies between them. The backgrounds for me are one of the most fun parts to work on but the level design itself is not that much fun and can get confusing, there needs to be proper planning before doing that, mainly a map, but is likely that the game itself won’t have one, instead I’ll try to place landmarks so it becomes easier to navigate without map, also I’ll try to have smaller areas. Something else here to take into account are the transitions, each room needs to lead to another room through doors and by walking right or left when available, you need to calculate the x and y coordinates of the starting points of every room individually and connect them properly, that can take a bit of time but not as much as previous tasks.


By this point the game would be playable already, things left would be music, some more polishing, difficulty balancing and adding galleries and stuff like that… and lots of testing.

This may sounds like a messy process, but I very much disagree with the idea of making a game as if you were playing it, that is, making level 1 and all of its elements, then level 2, then level 3, etc, that doesn’t really work for me, and I would say is a very unproductive way of doing it, making the layers, then combining those layers is in my opinion the best way of doing things, it’s a wonder why I have the patient for that, the process of putting levels togheter comes at the very end. Think Mario Maker, all of the elements are working and the final process is building with the pieces you already have, that’s why although Mario Maker is cool, is a level design tool not a game design tool as some have named it, I don’t know why anyone would call it that; as long as it makes you interested in game desging though then  it works as such I guess.

Progress in this manner is not very noticeable for an outsider, I can see how things move but if I were to show you this in a week by week or even month by month basis, progress it’s almost invisible and not very interesting.

So there you have it, I think I overdid it but hey, you can’t tell me I don’t share info anymore, this raw data is as much use for you as it is for me to know any significant span of time needed for it, I don’t know you but I can’t really pinpoint a time from all of this (and I dont want to either, there’s that), so you draw your own conlcusions, even if I kind of know how much some things would take, there are others that there’s no way of knowing until I’m actually doing it, I hope this is enough of an information dump for the following 56.7 years, I’ll check back next time on that list of events and see where we are on that.

If you have any questions about the development process feel free to ask, this is the post where all the technical and design information should go in.

BTW, thanks to all for the comments and input on the whole existential crisis business I was having last post, I appreciate it, It may not sound like I do, but I do, I might not answer to every comment but I read all of them, so thanks.


Stuff and things

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First thing I want to say is, I’m getting a bit annoyed about things, the game is fine in my opinion, but I’m worried about time, I know you want faster progress but that’s something I can’t control, either it moves slowly or it doesn’t at all, I’m starting to fear the day I have to start something new, just the fact that I know it will last more than a year up to 2 years is very discouraging… I know I complicate things myself but I can’t help it, both the games I have, Xeno and this one, started as small projects, and look how they ended up, so, it sucks, there’s no solution, there’s no workaround, it just sucks… only thing I can do is stick with it until the end… hope you do too… I’m not asking for moral support or anything like that, just patience, this is something I wanted to talk about after release but I better mention it now, and then talk about it after too, and is something I would like to know your opinion on…

The fact that these things take so long makes me wonder how long people are willing to stick with it, not on particular projects but in pervy games/hentai in general… people change over time, maybe you’ll “grow out of it” after a while, maybe you’ll stop caring about porn in general when you get a girlfriend or just get tired and jaded to it, who knows, the point is, how many games with long dev times will be able to be released while you still care? and more importantly, how many games will I be able to make before I grow out of it? Let’s say I have 10 more years still in my porn clock, at this rate, that’s  4 to 5 games… that sucks, I want to make more than that, will I still care at 30 or 35? Wizardhood might help but who knows.

We were getting a bit existential there; maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

So in relation to that, I know story is something some of you don’t care about, while I do care about it, I think I’ll have the option to remove it completely, as in, characters will still move and interact but you’ll never see the dialog box appear and it’ll move automatically through it, I haven’t tried it yet but it shouldn’t be hard, I hope. What do you think? That doesn’t mean I won’t invest time in story, since that’s the kind of game we’re making here, if that’s not your thing or if it’s not what you want, then I guess what I’m offering is not for you, but at least I will try to have that option. Also, given my likes/dislikes, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea; I talked about how I hate sex talk, so there’s that.

Also… wait for it…

“I’m working on it…”

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

Also, animation.