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Small Update 0.3

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2013 by Vosmug


Small update on the demo, fixed bugs and glitches, I hope all of them, tweaked the reload and the normal difficulty and… I don’t know, you tell me how that turned out, didn’t really tweak or test the easy difficulty that much but it could be affected a little… most importantly I added special characters to the font which I completely overlooked the first time.

Download Demo 0.3 (Mega)

Download Demo 0.3 (Box)

I know Mega doesn’t work for everybody, if you know of any other file sharing site without adult content restrictions please let me know.

Download Italian fan translation by Alex

Download Portuguese fan translation by Goddess Ilias

Download Spanish (Neutral) fan translation by Camilo

Download Spanish (Spain) fan translation by Memnoch

(To use custom translations: Extract the file EngOr.txt to the “lang” folder of the game directory, overwrite or change the name of the original file in that folder)

If you are translating, download this Tool to help you organize and preview the dialog, don’t forget to read the instructions.

More Demo Stuff

Posted in Uncategorized on August 2, 2013 by Vosmug

First of all, sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy this past few weeks, and also  as I said, I wanted to have all the main stuff at least 99% done, so I spent some time fixing and tweaking the Item system, dialog system, checkpoint system, etc, so it looks more like an actual game and not just some disjointed tests objects.

Download Demo 0.2 from MEGA

To be perfectly honest is not shaping up exactly as I wanted, but hopefully your expectations are not as impossibly high as mine.

Question time, I think it’s a bit on the short side, for one, I want to save some stuff for the end, and two, I kind of did it on purpose, with short areas and events kind of close to each other, should it be longer or do you think it’s OK like that. I feel it could have more areas and more enemies spread around but that’s just me. Maybe puzzles I don’t know, kind of pointless though, I don’t really care for puzzles in these games and I’m thinking not many people do either.

Difficulty, Easy mode is stupidly easy, even Normal it’s a bit easy too, I think I want to up the difficulty, but I will leave it like this for now, unless you guys think it’s fine,  it’s a bit too easy for me.

Other than that you know the drill, glitches, bugs, and minor upgrades you think could be done please let me know, I won’t do gameplay changes or major modifications, as I said this thing is almost done.

There… um… I dunno, I a bit disappointed in this whole process, it’s taking way too long and in the end, some stuff I really wanted to add was cut off already because I don’t want to spend much more time on it and overall is not really as smooth of a development process as I expected… hopefully this can improve for next games, for now, hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Edit: I forgot to add something, I was going to elaborate on the color coded bar during enemy grabs, it you let it be filled different things happen according to its color, Pink is sex/hentai related, Red is getting hurt, and Black is insta-death, is not implemented yet since there are not enough enemies but the only insta death for now are the underground tentacles so, be careful with those.