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More things and stuffs

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2016 by Vosmug



The most notable thing recently is that I’m changing the portraits for a more clean style in terms of colors and lines, also I didn’t like the previous ones so now after they should fit better the in-game sprites, they still need work but I like them quite more than before.




As someone mentioned before the portraits are a bit too big and cover quite a bit of the screen, it does get too cluttered at times but I rather have big portraits, I’ll try to center everything within the first 3/4ths of the screen on dialogs, to be honest tho portraits are kind of unnecessary but what the hell now.

Other than that, everything keeps moving normally I guess, nothing to report… I should mention maybe that some new not very important things like the ghost stealing gloves and some other minor addiotions were stitched togheter since they were not planned, so that’s been complicating things a bit, but that’s not really something that important, I shouldn’t complain about it since I could have decided not to do those things but I did it anyway, it’s just something more on the list… so I guess there’s that.

It seems you want me to talk about stuff, and I really don’t know what about right now, so feel free to ask in the comments. I’m supposed to make a FAQ page but I don’t know anymore, I’m lazy, but feel free to suggest questions, release and progress questions will have the same answer for a while: “I don’t know”, that’s the first question.

…this is taking some time indeed.

Edit: Forgot to mention,thanks fdor the windows 10 feedback, seems that compatibility with windows 10 is fine.