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Sorry for the delay, things have been going on, first here’s some stuff:


I’m not entirely convinced of what I’m doing, nothing looks solid right now, the ideas are mostly fine, but the workflow and time are not the best, especially because I’ve decided to complicate my life even more and try to do costume/armor changing, I haven’t even put anything in game yet, just the sprite work is troublesome enough, I really wanted to do it but at this rate I don’t know if it’s going to be worth it.

Anyway, some info:

The new window size I’m thinking of using is 1280 x 720, as opposed to GHV’s 960 x 540, which means resource use should be higher (I assume), and the sprite size I’m showing here should be the final, or maybe a bit smaller, also I’ll be using Game maker studio 2, there are different and new things about it so I’ll have to learn some new stuff along the way.

As for the next idea, these sprites could be from it, I don’t want to say exactly what it is because I’m doubting already so things might change, but the main idea would be rpg-esque style, again, it could change.


I don’t know what else to say for now, so feel free to ask.


Updated hair:


Planning next thing…

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First of all I want to thank all for your support, those of you who bought the game and those of you who waited patiently for so long, thanks.

So, also first of all, there were some things I said I was, maybe, going to do, like the new game plus and harder difficulty, I’m sorry but after the gallery fiasco I really don’t have the energy or will to keep adding more stuff; I think we can call it officially done, unless there are new game breaking problems, I am officially moving to a new project.

Regarding GHV though, I have to say first, as you noticed version 1.08 was already uploaded and fixed some problems, like a map desync problem and an instance where you could move past a key into a trigger that would block your path back, meaning you wouldn’t be able to go back to get the key, getting you stuck, worst part is, there’s save point there, if you save you are stuck forever; I’m talking about the part when you arrive to the bloody safe room for the first time, there’s a key before that, which is a very obvious pick and is very unlikely that you would not get it, but it’s still a huge oversight, anyway that was fixed in 1.08, but it also introduced a new text error at the very beginning, I made a small modification and overlooked wrapping the text, so the text goes out the dialog box, I’ll upload a new version eventually but I want to wait and see if I can fix other problems to avoid updating just for one small fix. Also, Japanese translation of course was added. In the end though 1.07 is perfectly fine, no need to update unless the map thing bothers you (if you even noticed at all) or care about the Japanese translation.

Also, DLsite release happened as you may have noticed, I never publicly announced it.

You can find everything in the game page.








This is not from anything yet, this is just practice.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s next yet, I have some ideas but I haven’t decided yet. Before anything what I want to do is do some practice runs and set up a reliable basis for everything, problems is I thought the improvement was going to be bigger but I’m hesitant to call the sprites “better” at this point, and it’s still very time consuming, that hasn’t changed.

I’ll talk more about it in future posts, as I’ve said before I want to make some changes that may not be popular so we’ll see, for now I’ll keep practicing and trying to improve on the base frame work to try and make the process a bit easier.

Also, there still the question of if I should do a “normal” game for steam (as I once said) or a smaller game first or something like that before going into a bigger project, we’ll see, the best way to proceed would be to start a new project right away to avoid wasting time because as we know time is kind of a thing, there won’t be any polls, but still let me know what you think.