Trial Version

Important: Additional to the link you will receive in your e-mail, download which contains the other half of the needed files, then extract all the contents from both ZIP files in the same folder, make sure to also download the Update 1.1, is not necessary but recommended.



Necessary Files

line (MEGA) (Box)

Please only use Box if MEGA doens’t work.





If you prefer you can purchase it through DLsite:

 DLsite JP:

DLsite English:

Purchasing from DLsite you don’t need to update to version 1.1, it’s already updated, it also already contains the japanese translation.



Additional Files


Update 1.1 / アップデート1.1 (Mega)

Update 1.1 / アップデート1.1 (MF)

This update contains some fixes and gallery options, please only use MF if MEGA doens’t work.

Copy the new EXE file into the game folder. Old save files won’t work and will probably crash the game, is better to delete them (files to delete: “sdata” and “dataex“) if you have them.


JP Translation (日本語訳ダウンロード)

Japanese translation is already available on DLsite, dowload it only if you purchased the game from here.


Remove mosaics from the JP version (検閲パッチ)



Translation Files


Deutsch Translation by Eddyboy

To use,  copy it into the Lang folder, replace or rename the original EngOr.txt





If you want to translate the script to your language, use THIS, don’t forget to read the instructions.

161 Responses to “”

  1. Life-Saver Says:

    Tried the Demo, It is very nice! Love it.
    I was thinking about the whole Gore / hentai issue, and though about one easy principle. Curently, there is no end-scene. Only a cut back to last checkpoint.

    Guro fans will always go this way to try and see gore content: exhaust health.
    Where Hentai fans will let themselves get raped.

    In you last game, Prisonkage, there are many insta deaths. and this is the issue. you could satisfy both crowds by leaving rape content to the “s” tapping events / letting it all go to see final rape scene

    And for a gory death, a unique death scene for each monster when they atack and your health gets to 0.
    Currently, it feels like there is place for filling this in the current demo version.
    (and of course, providing a menu option to disable gore content for sensible ppl)

    So wrapping it up: health to 0 = gory death, Enemy catches you, rape scene. Menu option to disable if needed.

    I would be then willing to pay as game would feel more complete.

    Nice work until now Btw…

    • Steve P. Says:

      when xenotake 2 is coming out !?

    • How do you download the demo, and what applications would I need to do so? For that matter, how would I buy plus download the full; when I tried it directed me to a different site to download other software. Is the “demo” uncensored, and if not, is there any way to fix it other than buying the full game? Another thing, how much does this cost? Sorry if these questions seem silly, I’m not the most teck savvy person out there…

      • There’s no visible demo here anymore, but you can get the trial version from the english DLsite page or look for it in old posts, demo is censored, you can download the censor patch from here but I don’t remember if it works with the demo.

        Read the post at the top of this page, the instructions are there, when you click “buy here” you will get to another page where you can buy through paypal, then do the normal paypal procedure, after buying you’ll receive a link in your email to download a set of files, then download the other ones here, ,the ones under “necessary files”.

        Or you can just buy on DLsite which is easier but a bit more expensive.

  2. Played the demo and I gotta say I really enjoyed it, the story is fairly interesting and the animations shown were quite hot as well as being clean and smoothly done. Gonna see about buying a copy for myself possibly on my next paycheck.

  3. Is there any way you can remove the censor or an uncensored version?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    When you buy the game and it is mailed to you, is it on a disk? And how is the package displayed? I am thinking I want to buy it, but I would rather not have my room mate pick it up with the mail and give me head ache for buying it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    great game 😀 will u make Xenotake 2 bro?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    why don’t u make it uncensored?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How do I use the unpatch file? Do I have to insert it into the program or is it enough to have it with the other files?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I have the original game file and it works just fine.

    I’m having a lot of trouble with the patch though.

    When I load the game I get this error:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.

    It crashes the game.

    I’ve extracted both files to my main game file, deleted the dataex and sdata files. A few people have said they had the same problem, but nobody posted their solution.

    Could somebody help?

    • By patch you mean the 1.1 update, right?

      That sounds odd.

      That error is saying your trying to load the 1.1 exe without the rest of the files, are you sure you copied it inside the game folder?

      If the original file works fine as you say, then the 1.1 being in the same folder wihtout the old save data should work too.

      Other than that, mail me with more details please. Maybe you deleted a file by mistake.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It’d probably be helpful if I had it here so others can troubleshoot problems as well.

        I’ve attached a poorly cropped screenshot of the files I have in the folder

        If I open the XT.exe file the game works just fine, I’ve played through it before and can make a new game.

        If I open the XT1_1.exe file the loading bar completes, a black screen pops up, a series of about 20~ error messages all saying the above error pop up and then it’s just a black screen.

        I’ve tried it with the info.txt being both the old and the new, the one in that capture is the new one.

        The lang folder has one file called EngOr.txt. I’ve not installed any other language packs or mods.

      • You’re missing half the files needed, even the original XT shouldn’t work like that, copy XT1_1.exe inside the folder with the rest of the files (the one that has txtimage and sound folders, and some DLL files), if you are able to run the original XT that means you’re running it from a different folder, not the one in the pic, copy XT1_1 to that folder.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Ah ok, got it.

    To anyone else trying to troubleshoot, just delete what you had and unzip the original file again, then unzip the patch into the file.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Info on sound issues.
    I went into my speaker properties and under the advanced tab, I changed the default format.
    Originally on 24 bit, 192000 Hz, I slid it down to 48000 Hz. The app clearly wasn’t compatible with higher sound settings. I don’t know how you can fix that, but everything sounds wonderful on my end now.
    I hope this helps.

    • Cool, sadly this is an issue I don’t have control over, the software is like that by default I guess, GM 8 is oldish by now so that also counts, what is your OS? I’m thinking this might be a windows 8 issue only.

      That’s good to know, I will add that that to a FAQ or something, thanks.

      • tyler eickert Says:

        im having a problem with the XT demo. i get the purple loading screen and then everything goes black. then i get an error message saying it cant open it. am i doing something wrong here? im not that tech savvy so please bear with me.

      • Which demo did you download? Did you extract all the files before executing it?

  11. Rarebit Fiend Says:

    Looks great. You wouldn’t happen to have swf version?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I just bought the game and I downloaded the download it gave me after purchasing but I cannot find the game in the file.

    The file is called “xt_files” I do not think that is the game.

    • Yes it is, you will also need the “xt_main” and if you want, the “update 1.1” both at the top of this page, all of them are compressed files, you have to extract the files from them (right click > extract here or extract to folder) and then copy all the files into the same folder.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    After the boss fight, I cannot open the door due to no DNA. Is this a glitch?

    • No, you’re missing it, you have to go back a bit, when at the door go right, then up, and kill the purple eye at the far right; then keep going up until you find the dead vines you just opened.

  14. Hey just finished the game. Got to say I’m disappointed by a lot of games like this but you my friend knocked it out of the park. I really enjoyed this one. The story was really well thought out and well written, the animation was wonderful, and the sex scenes were inspired. I look forward to anything else you might make.

  15. OverlordZero Says:

    bought, beat and love this game (altho it lags like hell on my labtop lol) but i wanted to ask, is there any way to look at all of the sex scenes? (like the ones that allow you to control the speed) or can you only get to them by the lvl skip?

  16. Is there a way in the “gallery” mode to use also the two other girls?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    hey can you give us a list of all the games you have made 🙂

  18. Anonymous Says:

    wow..,all that using only game maker studio?

    • Game Maker is a very powerful software despite what some people say, you can do pretty much anything you want with it as long as it’s 2D.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    How did you translate the game? did you learn Japanese?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, i would like to sell my game on dlsite. Can you help me please?
    Did you opened the VAT?
    Did you received the payment on paypal as private or business?
    How about the invoice?
    If you’ve done something different please can you explain it

    Sorry for mistakes i’m not English

    • Is VAT the tax thing? If it is it depends on your country, I didn’t do any of that since here is not needed for me, if it’s some other thing then I dunno.

      I have a bussines account, I don’t know about other types.

      Don’t understand the invoice one.

      I recommend you go to the Curious Factory website, in the “distribution” section is everything you need to know.

      If after that you have more specific questions please do so through email: vosmug at hotmail.

  21. Hagane Wil Says:

    I tried the demo and I think is a great game. It has a good story, nice animations, responsive controls but, it would be better if had more yuri though. Well done.

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  23. Hello, Vosmug!

    I’m here to make some questions for you. First of all, my interest is only to help and I know the game is finished. For me, Xenotake is probably one of the best h-games of 2014, but here I go:

    1 – Why is there a command to crouch? If you crouch, you can’t dodge any attack, can’t move, can’t shoot, can’t recharge a point of armor lost or use the armor dash. You can only change the type of ammunition. Did you put the command to make the game more realistic?

    2 – The second enemy you find in game has “2 animations”. There’s one when the grapple happens and it “swallows” half of the protagonist with camera outside the allien, and a second animation with camera inside. When camera is outside, there’s a chance to be a tentacle sex animation or just the swallow. The tentacle sex in this case is truly random? When camera is inside, why didn’t put a tentacle in her mouth and other doing something with her boobs? Come on, look at her big boobs!

    3 – Same point of the item 2, but with another allien: the fourth (it looks like a type of a brain to me). Why not put a tentacle in her mouth, other doing something with her BIG boobs and a last one having sex with her?

    4 – I really missed “multigrapple animations” in this game. For example, when the third enemy (thin humanoid allien) makes a grapple with other same alliens close to him JUST LOOKING their “friend” having all fun, it’s strange.

    Well, I think this is it. Don’t get it in a bad way, I really loved this game. Like I said before, it’s probably one of the best h-games of 2014.

    *The robot part was a great surprise. Congratulations!*

    • 1. People requested it, even though I knew it was useless, adding use to it was too troublesome since most of the base games was already done at that point.

      2. Because… I didn’t think of that.

      3. Same.

      4. Same, also I would rather focus on story event animations than enemy animations, I don’t like enemy interactions that much.

  24. Sorry for asking… But Is this game FREE!!! ?

  25. please, traduction in spanish please, great game, i’m very like this game!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Game is great but ın alien prison the 3. guy (Vined one) catches you and you press f the game broke and make view same animation after and after 😀

  27. ShadowManGray Says:

    Hey quick question for you, I was thinking, if a enemy rapes you to death, can you add a death scene to it? So many other games have done it and they’re pretty good. (maybe add some secret cutscenes to some deaths at the right heath) BTW: this is just a thought, not a demand.

    • I won’t mix sex and gore at least not for now, also rape to death never happens… doesn’t matter though because this game was finished quite a while ago, I’m already working on new stuff.

      • ShadowManGray Says:

        no, no, that’s not what i mean, its a “game over” scene, what happens to her if she gets sexually assaulted and lost all her life, but not died for real. It’s understandable that your working on new stuff now.
        But you did leave the game at a “To be continued…”

      • The words “Rapes you to death” seems to have a different meaning, but probably not, I rather have anything that happenes in game, instead of having to lose on purpose to get it.

        I won’t add more stuff to this game if that’s what you’re saying, whatever continuation might happen in a sequel or in a different game someday, but this one is finished already.

      • Someone Else Says:

        I Think what he means is a game over screen when you lose all your health to an enemy, and I agree with him, that would be great to add to the next game if you can. (and I don’t think he means actual death to the character).

  28. Great game, I have finished a pirate copy, enjoyed it and decided to support you by buying the original 😀 Keep up the good work

  29. Is there any way to play this on a mobile device? I’ve followed all the steps and nothing works.

  30. Sound has a lot of static(barely make out the sounds) and cut in/out… I’ve tried different Hz and compatibility’s to no avail. On a Samsung netbook Windows 7 starter, 1gb ram, 1.66ghz dual core(intel atom 455), Realtek high definition audio(up to date).

    Any idea what is causing it and a workaround/how to fix?

    • Someone had that exact same problem before and he fixed it by changing the default format to 48000Hz:

      Speaker Properties > Advanced Tab > Maybe restart?

      Seems like you already did that though, so I’ll keep looking.

      • Hm I think I’ve found the problem, that is unless you changed the sound in someway or gradually from your test demo’s(0.1/2/3). (in which case please take the light from the end of the tunnel away from me)

        Test Demo 0.1 sound is fine and uses only 220K~ Physical Memory(RAM)(73% of system), while 0.2/3 uses 400K~(around 90~% of system) and sound is static-y a little bit. Now onto 1.0/1, it is around 500K-/+~(93/5~% of system)*. Apart from sound it does run smooth, so I’m guessing the sound is a physical memory(RAM) whore.

        I was already tempted to upgrade ram to 2gb anyway, so this conclusion just me think “just get the damn 2gb ram”. I’ll make another comment if not enough ram was the problem for me and so other people know that might be same for them. (probably will get ram in few weeks or so)

        *while still loading the game it uses 99% of my system ram, so I’m guessing my system is squashing it’s ram/physical memory usage down which results in sound issues. though guess cant handle it’s ram/physical memory usage in the first place lol.

      • The reason it uses more ram with each version is because content was added everytime, also, the game was made in a 2GB ram, 2.6 CPU with an nvidia 9500Gt, and that was my only test machine, I never clarified system specs, sorry about that, but the game is light in modern computers I didn’t think it was a problem, dlsite listed specs for ram as 1GB so it should be fine, problem could be that win 7 uses a bunch of effects that eat a lot of ram, which can deactivated, you can try that too.

        That really sucks tho, if you feel like having a refund let me know.

        Edit: just found something, by checking the files I remembered it uses OGG format for music which maybe could have something to do, you can try and download the official OGG drivers and see if it makes any difference:

      • Nope, the codecs didn’t really help and it’s fine, all I care about is that I know the likely reason why the sound is dodgy(I hate it when things don’t work for some unknown reason).

        I was gonna upgrade ram either way, cause can barely have anything else open with firefox. I’ve already removed/stopped junk programs/processes, so only choice left is upgrade ram. >.>

      • Well, that sucks…

        Good luck then, let’s hope that’s the reason.

      • Nope, not enough ram isn’t causing issues with the sound. It uses 800~k physical memory now but that’s about all that has changed.

        Well I don’t get it, Test demo 0.1 sound works perfectly fine, then 0.2/3 quite a bit of static appears and then 1.0/1 the static-y sound cuts in and out randomly.

      • When I opened the task manager while the game was running, the game goes to black and by pressing ESC the sound glitches out, maybe the fact that you’ve been checking the task manager has something to do, I dunno I ran out of ideas.

        Go to the sound folder of the game and play any music file with your media player, see if it sounds ok or not, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the OGG format.

        Or, can you check other games made with Game Maker, see if it’s a general problem or if it’s just this game, for example google Anceint Ants Adventure, which is pretty fun BTW.

        Now with more ram have you tried to do all of the previous stuff again, Ogg drivers and changing the default sound format?

        I’m sorry, I don’t know what else it could be, the refund offer still stands if it doesn’t work.

      • Yeah the sound in “sound” folder plays fine, I’ve tried messing with sound settings and anything else I can think of that may be messing with it. Don’t have this problem with the other Game Maker games I’ve played either.

        And it’s fine, not like I’m gonna delete it off my computer never to see again(barely any sound is a bummer but at least its totally not working). Maybe when I eventually get a good gaming computer it will work fine on that, either way it is what it is. >.>

      • Well then… sorry about that, let’s hope next game works everywhere.

  31. Hi!

    I recently purchased this game from DLsite and I absolutely love it! Would love to see and purchase more and improved work from you in the future! 😀

    Say, I got a question:
    How many files do they need to be in the sound folder? As other users I also have problems with the game’s audio, albeit in my case I have no sounds whatsoever playing at any time, except a clicking sound whenever I pick up items. I’ve read in other forums that there should be a total of 28 files inside that folder, but the game only came with 15 upon purchasing and downloading from DLsite.
    Following the instructions from another user I turned those 15 into 25 files total, but it doesn’t seem to fix my issue… Also, if I put in the .dll sound file inside the sound folder the game starts with a bunch of errors, but starts all the same.

    So how many files should I have inside the sound folder and which files should these be?

    Thanks in advanced!

    • There’s about 15 or 16 files in the sound folder, if you purchased from DLsite the only thing I recommend adding is the censorship patch from this page but otherwise DLsite gives you the full game at once, no need to add files, also, don’t move DLL files at all, return them to the orginal position.

      Try these:

      In windows configuration, go to Speakers > Advanced Settings, and in Default Format change to 44Hz or 48 Hz.

      If that doesn’t work, download the OGG drivers:

      Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

      • That did it!
        It feels so nice to finally hear the moans and music to go along with this game 😀 Had no idea about the uncensored patch, so will be getting that next.

        Thank you again!

  32. For Xenotake 2, (Once you feel up to making it of course, I know how taxing making these games can be) perhaps you play as the captain? She seemed rather…open about the whole sexual experience.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    other than the sound problems listed above it’s a good game.

  34. I really enjoyed this game! this is not something that i´ve been getting from another h-games for a while, so i thank you for making this piece 🙂
    Now to my question, do you have any plans within this year for xeno? like an update with more scenes/enemys/places etc. or a sequel its most likely to show up instead?

  35. for some reason I can’t play the demo for prisonkage. ;-;

    • I don’t support that version anymore but please be more specific, windows version? does it have an error message?

      • I have a windows 10 laptop and when I downloaded the prison demo 0.2 file, I had to download a rar app to try and open the game. However when I “unzipper” the file an error message appeared.

  36. I have a windows 10 laptop. and I need to use a rar app to unzip the file. but when the file is unzipped, there is indeed an error message.
    sorry. ;-; I feel asleep.

    • Problem could be older versions of the engine which I used for it could have compatibility problems with win 10.

      Have you tried running in it xp mode?

      I’ll have to look more into it, and will let you know if I find anything.

  37. okay.
    Thank you very much.

  38. Sadly. My strange brain doesn’t know if it’s possible for me to use XP mode. . . i’m kind of new to the whole windows laptop thing. . . I usually use Dell.

    Actually, now that I think of it. would you mind sending me the link to prisonkage? I’ve no idea if the game is finished or not because I couldn’t find a post of yours where you said that the game was up for download. ;-;

  39. started up the game but got an error:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.

    what do?

    • make sure to extract all of the files in the same folder before running the game, you should have 3 compressed files to extract:
      xt_1_1 (this is the update, is not necessary but recommeneded)

  40. BrokenBrain Says:

    Love the game except for one irritating issue: Lack of key rebinding/changing controls. I like to play these action game with one hand keuheuehuehuehuehue.
    I tried using AutoHotkey, but for some reason this is the only action ero game that i know of where it doesn’t work. The only one.
    Very irritating.

  41. A sequel of Xenotake would be great.

  42. […] you to pick up Xenotake, you can purchase the game through various means on the developer’s blog here, along with information on the Japanese translation, purchasing it on DLSite, as well as the patch […]

  43. […] to pick up Xenotake, you can purchase the game through various means on the developer’s blog here, along with information on the Japanese translation, purchasing it on DLSite, as well as the patch […]

  44. Marxsus Q Says:

    Hey Vosmug, I just recently purchased your game through DL english and it is quite fun. I did want to know how to get or active the patch to uncensor the game. Feel free to get back to me when you have time.

  45. Marxsus Q Says:

    Nevermind. I just had to download the file and then put it with the other game files.

  46. Um i need a bit of help. Why does it says error for me? :]

  47. Anonymous Says:

    I just bought this game, played it through to the end, absorbed all the story and content, and I have to say I’m extremely pleased with it. It has made me all the more excited for Ghost Hunter Vena, which is going to be an instant purchase for me when it is done, no matter how long it takes.

    Great job, Vosmug! Keep up the amazing work. :3

  48. when i start the game it keeping says

    ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object START_ALL: Error defining an external function.

    is there any ways…i download the update too. it didn’t work

    please help 😦

  49. i love the game
    Xenotake 2 will come out?
    I want to play a sequel

  50. greetings from mexico

  51. Tried to order game using PayPal, but received no code email and can’t run game. Perhaps I did something incorrectly, but I can’t find any help for indication.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else have really low frames? Is there something I’m missing?

    • What are your system specs?

      • Anonymous Says:

        i7 4790k, GTX 1080

      • Windows 8 or 10?

        Right click the executable and try running it in compatibility mode with XP or 7 if you haven’t, let me know if that works.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry ya I’m on Windows 10. Running in compatibility mode only temporarily fixes the frames, after 10 seconds the frames are back to unplayable.

      • While running it, try going to the task manager (ctrl+alt+del)

        In processes look for the game (maybe XT.exe or something like that)

        Right click and set it to high priority.

        Other than that, I wouldn’t know, this game was made with an old engine in Win XP so I can’t give accurate support at this point, expecially in new systems, that I know nobody has had problems in new systems so far except you though, so it could be something else…

        Anyway, sorry, let me know if you want a refund.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks for the help, that didn’t fix it unfortunately. I’m not worried about a refund I purchased this game forever ago and just wanted to play it again.

      • Well that sucks, for what I’ve read it could have something to do with 64bit system trying to run a 32bit Game Maker 8 game, but it’s the first time it happens so no idea, sorry. I’ll try look into it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Good news, it’s fixed. The bad news is I didn’t do anything past rebooting my computer for a update, so whatever was the issue was on my end.

      • That’s good to hear.

  53. JL Romero Says:

    Idol please download the free full version 🙂

  54. its asking me fr a password

    • When exactly does this happen?

      There is no password anywhere, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about, maybe it’s something else.

      • when i exract files from the zip folder

      • Sorry, you’ll have to be more specific, there’s no password so maybe something else is happeneing:

        Which files are you downloading?

        Did you get both zip files as explained in the description?

        If anything it could be corrupted, if that’s the case you can mail me at vosmug at and give me your receipt details and I’ll resend it to you.

  55. Android need it.

  56. Where can I put the unpatch.txt file in the folder?

  57. I put the unpatch file into the main folder,
    The mosaics were not erased.

    how can i delete mosaics?

    Is the unpatch file format a txt?

    • Is not a txt file, it doesn’t have a format.

      Make sure it doens’t have an extension. Did you get it from the download section at the top of the page? Try downloading it again.

      Make sure the to extract all the files in th same folder, instead of running from inside the compressed file.

  58. How do you get the files?

    • There’s 2 sets of files, when you complete the purchase a link will be sent to your email (check your spam folder if you don’t see it) and the other set you download it at the top of this page under “necessary files” plus the update ( and update 1.1)

      If you are referring to something else can you please be more specific?

  59. Game Maker, right? is that all?

  60. SoldierCMY Says:

    Hi,vosmug.Thanks for you hard work.Can U add chinese typeface?so I can translate this Astonishing game to chinese?

  61. Hello Vosmug, I need you to help me solve a problem, the audio comes up with an error! 😦 Help

  62. Vosmug, you are genius.
    Answer me, what softwares use you?

    You draw with mouse or other hardware(optical pen)?
    How to draw this sex scenes software or paper and scan(onion skin)?

    This is incredible fancy.

    There is 3 types of porn games

    1. Pixel art like Parasite in city(maybe graphicgale)*
    2. Grimhelm alien quest eve(this is 3d in 2d platformer so realistic)*
    3. Xenotake (awesome)*

    *i want to know how it make

  63. i keep getting this message
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.

    • make sure you have all the files extracted from and, if that’s not the problem please can you provide more details?

  64. Anonymous Says:

    The game seems to be running incredibly slow for me, can’t figure out why. I think it’s just a windows 10 issue but I’m not sure.
    Tried running it in a bunch of compatibility modes, as administrator and such but no luck.

  65. This game is revival.
    Sequel !

  66. Anonymous Says:

    i keep getting this message:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 6
    for object room_start:

    Failed to save game to file sdata

    similar messages pop up at every checkpoint and the game is not saved.
    How can I fix this bug?

    Thanks in advance!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I feel dumb but I can not for the life of me figure out how to use the uncensored.txt. its in the folder but everything is still a mosaic. any ideas on a fix? thanks in advance.

    • it’s not uncensored.txt, the file is just called “unpatch” (without extension), just download it at the top and place it in the folder, without changing name or anything.

      • Anonymous Says:

        when I download unpatch it automatically turns into a txt file

      • That’s not normal, but as long as the game recgonizes it it should work, if it doesn’t right away remove the extension .txt, in win 10 go to the view tab and check “file extensions” then remove it.

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