Update 1.1

Hey there,

Here is the update 1.1, it only has the prison update with all the story event animations and an added gallery for the intro and ending illustrations (CG?) , download in the game page HERE or clicking the purple button in the right sidebar, BTW, yeah that’s a button, I thought it looked like a button, doesn’t it? I will update the other downloads, DLsite and  the XT_main.zip, later on.

The prison has now 3 rooms, two for enemies and the last one for the animations.

Old save files won’t work at all and will probably crash the game if you already have the extras unlocked, is better to delete them (files: “sdata” and “dataex”), you can download the new EXTRAS save file HERE or if you want to be legit you can play it and unlock the extras by yourself again, maybe? I dunno.

I think is safe to say we’re done with this game, of course unless something else broke, in which case please let me know, but other than that, I think it’s time to move on to something else, I know is not perfect and there are some other things that could have been better, but all of that can be improved next time.

Anyway, see you next time, hopefully with news about what’s to come.

49 Responses to “Update 1.1”

  1. I get a face full of errors after trying to run the game. Sadness.

    • You probably have the old save files in, delete them or replace the old dataex with the new one.

      Sorry, I put the clarification in the download page but forgot to put it in this post.

      If that’s not the problem let me know cause then there’s something weird going on.

  2. Alright~ ! I do hope next time you do another game like this You add more stuff to make it closer to perfection ^^ ! This was a -very- Enjoyable game !

  3. Very nice, a functional gallery feels essential for an H game to be complete.

    I definitely thought the button was just a banner and not clickable.

    Until we meet again.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I love the extra gallery, but I don’t suppose there’s any chance you could make it so that we can choose the individual speeds of the 3 “bloated” girls, or the nipplesuck and the double penetration scenes like they were in the tentacle elevator? Are they different somehow, or did you just not want to bother with it?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there’s still no way to see the “captured girls” from the first area in the gallery. Any chance you’ll add that in?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I say the gallery is perfect now
    So lets all move on

  7. I’m also getting errors whenever I try to use the save file you provided in the link. Without it the game seems to work fine but when I try to add it the game won’t work.

    • Are you using both the updated EXE file and the new save file?
      The new save file only works with version 1.1.

      • …..No. I am a colossal idiot. I even went back and played through the whole game again before I read your post and realized what I forgot to do. Please disregard my stupidity.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    locks up my computer completely, game has become unplayable

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I do agree with Martini, the game is pretty much done and dusted. Mission accomplished. What a fantastic game and what a success it turned out to be.

    Now we look forward to his next project. Whether it be a brand new game or back to Prisonkage. (I personally prefer he go back to Prisonkage) The point is it is time to focus on the next project and follow that, whatever it may be.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I downloaded the updated, removed both sdata and dataex and put the update in my gamefile. But now I can’t even see the game? All I get is a black screen.

    • Looks like you deleted more than you should have, extract all the files from your xt_files.zip (or xeno_files.zip) again into the main folder, that should fix the problem.

  11. This was a fantastic game, I highly enjoyed it. The scenes with the EXO unit thingy were especially amusing, was a tad disappointed the robot didn’t try and have any fun with them. I would personally love to see a sequel of some sort come out.

    As a side note, I think it would have been cool to have some dialogue/inner thoughts when she’s getting fucked by monsters, possibly even changing the more times she gets fucked.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this gallery addition was great, loved the game and am very pleased with how everything turned out

    if you could do more enemies or more grab variations in the future it would be great but I will gladly keep supporting you by buying your games if this is indicative of the standard you will be releasing

  13. Hi Vosmug
    how about make a Bad end?
    Im little feel empty without last stage’s game over
    people wanna see Bad end when game over in last stage

  14. And after game over
    alien gonna throw her to the ailen shell
    thats much fun and make story connection with game play

  15. annoymous21323 Says:

    Your game is great so are you going to make a sequel,If you did maybe you can make a xenotake game sequel called xenotake 2 taking place where the game left off where Malla escape from prison and then turns into half human half alien being with tentacles and kidnaps every woman in the galaxy have Eerieen and Captain Ran as the player s of the game to fight aliens,Contaminated alien breed women and creatures,It will have that sex animation with tentacles thing and then in the last levels of the game have both Eerieen and ran be fully naked without armor but have them get their alien powers they got during their tentacle rape thing from the first game and let them control it then have malla who is now a creature monster thing as the final boss make the ending as bittersweet (or have them back to normal during the ending) i think.

  16. quin laure Says:

    hello vosmug
    first of all i must say i enjoyed very much your game awesome work
    and second i couldn’t finish it as i am stuck after saving the captain you know beating the giant lizard lol but then i don’t know where to go.. help please lol 😛
    thanks in advance
    happy weekend

  17. Damn, it’s a shame you are done with this, I have really come to like the characters, especially the captain. I hope your future games have similar characters.

    Also that yuri/tentacle scene is pretty much my favorite scene in all h-games I have ever played.

  18. Do you have a scheduled release date for the patch with will remove the censoring? It’s only a tiny thing that’s missing, but would seriously make the H action so much better
    Btw, this is still one of the best H platformers I’ve played, lot of bad ones out there, but yours definitely stands out

  19. Music Video Guy Says:

    I’ll try to keep my points concise. There are spoilers in here, in case
    anyone reading hasn’t finished the game yet.

    -Shooting portions
    This part of the game was solid. It helped set the pace of the story,
    and I never felt like it dragged on TOO long. The delay of the blaster
    resetting to 12 after emptying the gun helped create tension during
    scenes when enemies dropped from the ceiling en masse. I laughed
    when I realized that the EXO could simply fly over the heads of the
    enemies and avoid MOST attacks. It looks like you spent a lot of
    time playtesting things like hit detection, and you balanced the
    gameplay elements well, down to things like health and ammo

    A great balance. It fit the SciFi theme, and it was ambient enough
    not to ever distract. The sex scene music worked well which is
    important since let’s face it, that’s a track players will be hearing a
    lot of. I liked how, during cutscenes, as soon as I heard that music
    I knew I’d be getting to play one of your excellent interactive sex
    scenes, which I’ll talk about more later. None of the sound effects
    were annoying or sounded out of place. The moans, slaps and
    wet sound effects were sexy. Great job.

    Outstanding! Your characters and backgrounds, and all the little
    details you put into them really worked well together. From the little
    exploding chunks of gore to the shifting semen floors. The girls’
    designs were varied and attractive, and their proportions were good.
    Hot stuff. The aliens also had great variety, lots of tentacled things
    for those with that preference, and the humanoid aliens weren’t so
    ugly that they distracted me during the sex scenes. Your color
    choices were attractive too.

    You left enough material in the dialogue not to need a lengthy
    explanation of the game world’s history. Did you draw inspiration from
    the Taimanin Asagi OAVs to make Eerien and Malla’s characters?
    I ask because their interactions share things in common with
    Asagi and Oboro. Especially during the prison cells stage. It was SO
    gratifying to see Malla get a taste of her own medicine. Even the
    character design of Eerien reminds me of Asagi Igawa with the
    purple skintight outfit and green eyes. In the off chance that you
    haven’t actually watched the 4 Taimanin Asagi OAV episodes, I would
    say based on the contents of your game that you would probably
    love them.

    Anyway. The storyline succeeded in making the sex hotter.

    The interactive sex scenes separate Xenotake from a lot of
    other H-games in a wonderful way. Because the perspective during
    these doesn’t change from the shooting stage perspective, it makes
    them feel like a natural extension of the story. It reminds me of how
    the Metal Gear Solid series stays within the game engine during
    cutscenes–they are not pre-rendered. I love that. The single best
    thing about the game for me is how the sex animations loop
    endlessly, while I can still can choose different positions and speeds
    to play with, plus choosing when to finish. So the scenes can last as
    long as people need them to.

    The interactive sex scenes are not limited to just Eerien’s perspective,
    so It really opens up the potential for a variety of scenarios. When
    I encountered Malla’s interactive scene, and realized the game would
    have several instead of just one, I thought, “This is amazing, why
    hasn’t anyone else done it like this before?” Having the possibility
    of sex scenes occurring away from the main character makes the
    story, and the game, much richer. And you didn’t just do fade to
    blacks and fade-ins to transition to the sex animations, sometimes
    you panned the camera across the level while it was happening,
    which made it feel more cinematic, even though you maintained the
    shooting game perspective.

    The Alien Prison is effective at showing players animations they might
    have missed if they blazed through the game without getting
    damaged much. But the real icing on the cake is your 1.1 patch
    where you included ALL the looping animations in the new room. You
    even added interactivity where previously in the storyline there wasn’t
    any! We also got a bonus scene with Eerien having naked sex with
    two large aliens just like Malla did. And you released an uncensored
    patch. You are a nice person.

    Remappable keys would have been nice, but it probably caused you
    problems, no big deal.

    It would have been nice to have a separate button to make Eerien

    I would have liked an option to cycle music tracks in the Alien Prison
    extra stage. Just feels like there’s something missing with no
    background music. A minor gripe, considering I could alt+tab and
    have the music playing in an external process.

    In the Alien Prison during Eerien and Malla’s looped sex animations
    with two large aliens, Finishing just looks like hard thrusts–there’s no
    accompanying spray of semen like with some of the other animations.
    Granted, I don’t know how difficult it would have been to reuse the
    semen spraying animation from the final boss fight, with the three girls
    in tentacles.

    More variety in the moaning sound effects would have made the
    interactive scenes even better. I’m guessing here, but whether or not
    the thrust sound accompanies a moaning sound seems to be
    randomized, and sometimes that results in several moan sound
    effects stringing together. If you can tweak the settings at all, perhaps
    it would help to reduce the maximum number of allowed consecutive
    moan sounds?

    On the subject of adding variety to non-moaning sound effects: If
    you’d like, I have a few sounds ripped from H-animes and H-Games
    of things like wet slapping, ejaculating, and swallowing sound effects
    that I could upload for you to use. The sounds are completely
    isolated with no music in the background.

    Malla’s animation when she’s having sex in chains has no Finish
    option in the Alien Prison. Again, a minor gripe, considering she
    kills him in the story mode.

    Your blending of interactivity, story, and use of perspective during
    your sex scenes are wonderful. I’m thrilled that you’ve stated you
    have more ideas, that you intend to make more games, and the fact
    that you’re not doing it for free. I didn’t include “Add more sex
    positions” into my criticisms, because I figure as you become more
    comfortable with this you’ll probably be adding more depth to
    your games anyway.

    • Glad you liked it, it’s the only thing I can say really, I spent way too much time on it, more than I should have, the end product wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it was close, and in the end it was all worth it, and thanks to that next projects will hopefully be better.

      I’m guessing Asagi was an inspiration for the characters but not directly, the partner character and the bad girl is a common combination but Asagi was the first one I remember having it, and since non-vanilla is what I want to keep doing then, yeah, it makes sense it stands out like that, you could say Asagi has a lot to do with it but it wasn’t intentional. The whole enhanced-performance-thing was totally inspired (stolen) from it though.

      I don’t know how to remap keys :D, is not as simple as I thought, I’ll check that out, but the kick and the fire actions were always supposed to be the same key, it’s a context sensitive attack kinda like in RE4, fire when enemies are far away and kick when they are close.

      Most details will probably be adressed next time.

  20. Hey. Do you think you can make a small update to the gallery and include an option to change the character in a scene(or add separate scenes). Just like you’ve put Eerien in Malla’s scene. I mean if it’s possible to be added an option to cycle to characters through the scenes. I would like to see Ran(the captain) in the same scenes as Eerien or Malla as well. I dont know how hard would be this to be made, but the characters have the same proportions which i think is a good think. Thank you.

  21. In my computer the game can’t have a sound, please help

  22. Hey, soooo… I have a little problem with the game, I cant play it cause is frozen every 5 second and I really dont know what to do :/

  23. Anonymous Says:

    this game rocks, pls make part 2 bro ^^

  24. Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    GeForce 9600 GT 1gb dedicated
    and 6.2 RAM

    • Well, looks like that shouldn’t be the problem. Are you running windows 8 by any chance?

      – Try running it on XP mode.
      – Try changing your sound settings to 44Hz

      Those are some common solutions, other that that, I really wouldn’t know, it’s the first time I hear about it freezing like that. if you want you can give me more details via mail or let me know if you want a refund

  25. were is the dataex location?

    • It’s in the main folder, but the file is created only when you finish the game, so if you haven’t finished it don’t worry about it.

  26. This is message from Jpanese.I’m Japanese too.

    I bought your game and update ver1.1 complete, but I can’t play the game.

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object START_ALL:

    Error defining an external function.

    ↑What’s this mean? What should I do ?
    Incidentally,save date was deleted on ver1.0.

    I’m sorry for my broken english.

    • Looks llike you are missing files, all the files need to be in the same folder, that includes the files from:


      If it doens’t work can you tell me which files do you see in the main folder?

  27. Thanks for assist.but sorry,nowhere in main foler.


    ↑There are none, I can’t find that zip.

    ↓This time
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Step Event
    for object title_draw:

    Error in code at line 1:
    if pos > 0 {
    at position 4: Unknown variable pos

    What’s going on ???

  28. I did it,I can play the game.

    I’m sorry to bother you.

    Try on delete to save date,I can do that.

    Thank you very much for help me.

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