Small Update 0.3


Small update on the demo, fixed bugs and glitches, I hope all of them, tweaked the reload and the normal difficulty and… I don’t know, you tell me how that turned out, didn’t really tweak or test the easy difficulty that much but it could be affected a little… most importantly I added special characters to the font which I completely overlooked the first time.

Download Demo 0.3 (Mega)

Download Demo 0.3 (Box)

I know Mega doesn’t work for everybody, if you know of any other file sharing site without adult content restrictions please let me know.

Download Italian fan translation by Alex

Download Portuguese fan translation by Goddess Ilias

Download Spanish (Neutral) fan translation by Camilo

Download Spanish (Spain) fan translation by Memnoch

(To use custom translations: Extract the file EngOr.txt to the “lang” folder of the game directory, overwrite or change the name of the original file in that folder)

If you are translating, download this Tool to help you organize and preview the dialog, don’t forget to read the instructions.

62 Responses to “Small Update 0.3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just played this demo 3 times and the only bug I ran into was when I killed an enemy (the enemy with the tentacle legs) it went sliding all the way to the right. It only happened once though so its no big deal.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How much will the game cost? Or will the game be free?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Finally lol. the tentacles are annoying when you come of one room.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m A Noob At This I’ve Downloaded The Demo But I Don’t Know Were I Can Open It And Play It Can Anyone Help?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What does the little “slugs” do to you? They only stick to you once naked…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug i’ve made a neutral spanish translation and umm, how can i send it to you? i mean, if you’re interested

  7. Anonymous Says:

    For who have problems on mega site for download.
    I have also problem on mega, but this is also the fastest and clean site for download. There is a nice program “mega downloader” is very great for download mega links.
    You can use this for downlaod mega link or multiple mega link (if you have any problems):

    You need only to press “+” add a link on every line (for multiple links), add a name and next select the folder where you want to save the files.

    Personally i prefer the “Windows Binaries version”, you can download from dropbox link.

  8. I’m pointing my money at you~
    ; )

  9. JacktheRapist Says:

    this game is awesome even the sprites .Good job! quote zazaaz

  10. I just found the website and tried out the demo. I like what I see so far but it would be nice to have other tentacle animations (oral/anal/multiple/etc.). Yes I know this is a demo. I’m just saying. I’d be interested in buying the full version if it came with more animations.

  11. random. Are you looking for anything in particular?

  12. Maybe something more like shinobi/angel/witch girl where every monster does something different. Maybe different animations per monster depending on your position. As far as anything particular for me personally? If tentacles are involved, then that’s tentacles plural which means multiple penetrations at the same time.

  13. gardenvarietyshark Says:

    I like it. The art is head and shoulders above most of the other new games being offered in the genre, just needs a bit of polish on the mechanics and of course more content.

    The “Girl” series is the obvious go-to for basic tips on fluid H gameplay (Angel/Shinobi/Witch Girl), and Hounds of the Blade and NanoCrisis had good H concepts. Iris Action is probably the most polished of these kinds of games, but it concentrated too much on trying to be an actual game and setting a challenge.

    • It’s funny you mention the “Girl” games because, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see much there in terms of gameplay I thought they were poupular because of the big sprites and gfx, granted I haven’t really played them myself only have seen them on youtube.

      I don’t have a jump button because it’s not supposed to be a platformer, I don’t know where else can I go in gameplay.

      • gardenvarietyshark Says:

        Haha, fair point about the Girl gameplay – hence why I added the H. There’s not that much game, as there shouldn’t be, but what there is is nicely varied.

        Mainly in the Girl series I like the single-handed, immediate controls (your keys are just weird, ZXC/CtrlShiftEnter scheme would be nice), “default” two-way struggle (contra single-button, more engaging), three-level gameplay (top, mid, low – dodging more than one way opens up the world and varies gameplay), enemy interaction (fallen heroine can be beset upon by more than one enemy, although this can also be annoying if you just wanted the single enemy animation), and the changing clothes (dressup enemies, plus Witch Girl has more than two-stage tearing).

        The main attraction are of course the big gfx and fluid animation, as too few games have assets as good, unfortunately – but the ease of play is why I keep going back to it every now and then. Give it a go!

        What Hounds brings to the table are persistent stats (hero ability + sex record), upgradable equipment, and more Ryona-oriented stuff (Girl series is pretty vanilla, Hounds/NanoC plays rough). The persistence was what was going to set it (and NanoCrisis) above and beyond the other games, as few other games feature comprehensive stats, or effects like arousal/poisoning/parasites/egglaying/pregnancies (i.e. it’s a one-shot effect or animation, not something the character has to go on with).

        I like the way you’re going with the story and H in 0.3 already, so keep up the good work! The suspended fly grab pic on the blog looked promising, too.

        Iris Action is probably the most “game-like” of these H games. There’s not really much there that wasn’t featured in other games already (game over CGs and animations, ryona, gore or gore-like rough H), it’s just well made overall, plays like a true game and was an actual, completed project. The Girl series seems to have gotten perpetually stuck in the “good enough” phase with no real innovation or departure from form, and Hounds+NanoCrisis got bailed on by the author.

        Sorry this got a bit long, but I wasn’t sure what I should and should not tell you. It’s your game, and I’m just a selfish ryona H game player!

      • The control scheme it’s the one usually used in emulators, main keys being Z and X, and then the inmediate ones above A and S, that’s why I chose those, besides I don’t like to use shift, space or control since some keyboards ahve problems with those when pressed alongside the cursor keys, Enter is just too far away, I usually don’t use it.

        I tried to do a more “survival” style of gameplay since hentai platform is not really what I want to do.

      • gardenvarietyshark Says:

        The keys are just a personal preference (line ZXCV or cross AWDX). Arrows+CtrlShiftEnter(Insert) has been very nice in both VH (and RPG Maker games in general) and the Girl series. Action key squares just feel cramped and awkward.

        If the finished game has key configuration, this whole problem is gone.

        I do like the survival idea over a sidescrolling beat-em-up or platformer (LAB – Still Alive is an actual platformer, and a very nice one). The environment definitely feels more alive than it does in plain fighters when you don’t just progress from level to level but actually get to explore.

        I’ll try to think of it more as RE and drop the Girl comparisons – the visuals just reminded me of them, and I missed the controls.

  14. Out of curiosity do you have a time line for when the next update will be? When should we expect more content?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Any plan for Vore content?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know if you know this but first encounter with malla, if you get caught by the creatures that consume you, if you escape right next to her glass window you sometimes get thrown into the inaccessable area and cannot get back into the game, the collision detection there messes with it.

    i think you might know of this already though.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    any plan for pregnancy?

  18. hello, remember that the first image had been deleted?, well … now if I can show well what I meant about the previous post of the two girls being tight with each other, in this link you placed an image on the protagonist being taken down due to tentacle that.

    the appearance of the two girls being tight with each other that they accidentally showing her breasts pressed tightly as they admire each other’s eyes as they suffer when tightened with each other breasts to breasts together so as I put earlier in this image.

    • I did get it the first time, I like it but I’ll see if I have energy to keep drawing once I’m done with whatever I’m doing right now since I already finished the drawing part.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Where do you plan on selling this game?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering about the progress of the game. What are you currently working on and what have you got finished on the game so far?

  21. i can’t use mega download

  22. This is one hell of a game I am really expecting to play the final version, a lot of potentials in here. Why not open a pre-order channel so it will ease your life and act as a motivation?

  23. Don’t translate to Korean. Because may not support Korean language.

    • Ah, Modify it. This tool not support to 0412(Korean Language Code)

      • Non roman based alphabets are not supported via text because that’s how the software works, I can’t do anything about it, instead other languages are image based, the folder “txtimg” contains those images, I will (hopefully) put there the japanese translation and anyone who wants to translate can modify those images for their own language, I know is not as easy as writing but is the best option given the software text limitations.

        Just check the “txtimg” folder, that’s how non roman alphabets are going to work.

  24. I didn’t have a problem downloading the demo, I am having a problem where I can’t extract it. What do I need to do that? All I want to do is play the god damn game, it shouldn’t he this hard.

    • Is not hard, you don’t have the right extractor (winrar or 7zip) or the file is corrupted in which case you have to dowload it again.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What are the system requirements for the demo?

      • No idea.

        My own specs are:

        Dual Core 2.7 Hz
        2 Gb Ram
        Geforce 9500 GT
        Win Xp

        As long as you have a decent, even low end video card you are good to go, I’ve heard integrated video cards have problems running these games, never tried that, but unless you’re computer is very old I’m assuming there won’t be much problem.

  25. SHUNRENHU Says:

    WOULD YOU PLEASE ADD Secret Cheat Mode While Updating XenoTake to COMPLETE Registered Version such as Infinite Armor And Infinite Ammos.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Its not working for me, it keeps giving me an error, it will load the intro, such as the vosmug logo, then it refuses to go past that. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

    • Does the error say something or is just a black screen?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well, I don’t know what problem ^that^ person is having, but I get an error that says “Invalid floating point operation.”, then it says “Unexpected error occured when running the game.” before it closes. This happens after the green slimy box with the purple loading bar closes, and the game goes full screen.

      • I don’t remember seeing this error before, what OS are you using? 32 or 64 bit? This gme is oldish so it could have problem with newer systems. I’m trying to look around but I can’t find anything. I’ll keep looking.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yes, I’m using a 64-bit system. Oh well, the GHV demo works brilliantly, so I’ll just play around with that.

  27. Tried to order the game via PayPal, but got no email response. Wondering if the site is now defunct, or if I did something wrong. Any notification would be most appreciated.

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