So, more characters, do you notice age difference? What ages do you think they are? I don’t want girls being too young or looking too young.

To answer some previous questions:

Not being able to fall off a ledge is not a bug; I don’t know why I did it like that though, is it ok having an invisible wall or should you just fall?

Again, 2D customization is a pain and pretty difficult to make look good, at least at my current skill level, I would like to explore that in the future though.

Also, I’m almost done working on enemies, enemy behavior and all that (not enemy sex animation though), and I need at least a couple more ground enemies, I have already enough flying ones and only one ground enemy so far, so feel free to leave your suggestions, the best 2 or 3 will make it in.


101 Responses to “Char”

  1. If any of em might look too young, it’d be the main character. Maybe I’m just seeing things, but her proportions almost look chibi to me. The others look fine, with the redhead still being my favorite.

    • You are correct sir, that’s so weird.

      You just triggered my autism, now I need to know why that is, I just checked and the proportions are exactly the same, could be an illsuion becuase of the ponytail? maybe?

      • please don’t change Vena D: shes perfect imo

      • Maybe it’s because you can’t see much of main girl’s neck? With the others the necks are totally or mostly visible. Or maybe it’s the angle of the hem on her red top. Maybe adding a stripe of red or half-tone of your color choice to the clothes might help? Colors and patterns like pics related:(Just throwing out ideas)

        Blonde and Redhead are insta-boner. Only thing I’d even think of adding to Blonde is maybe a secondary color on her shoes so they aren’t plain white like her top. Main girl’s shoes in comparison look finished and perfect. Yellow Skirt and Redhead’s shoes being solid colors suit their outfits already.

        Paranormal investigator chick’s suit reminds me of the vault jumpsuits from Fallout 1 and 2. But, if the suit is skintight, why is there material bunching up above the boots? An insignia, patch, pattern or different color section on the shoulder or arm could help make it look less Fallout–as long as it isn’t gold! Maybe silver instead? Or some other color. Or, maybe only the girl gets it if she’s the leader, which would separate her visually.

      • you are partly autistic? 😀
        i knew it, i love autistic people.
        Thats why I love to read to your comments so much ❤
        they are straight and perfect

        I would also say that the main character would be the youngest of them, although i would say she is between 18-21years old
        (its weird though because they all have the exact same face model, besides the eyecolor ^^. Must be her hairs i guess)

      • The more I look at it, I think Mu is right. I think it’s because of the combination of turtleneck, and biker shorts. It just seems to make her look squat.

      • Jojo:

        I’m medication levels of crazy, or at least I was, haven’t needed it for a while now, funnily enough, since around the time I started making these games, I still have some paranoid bursts every once in a while though.

    • Ah, I forgot. On the Paranormal chick I wasn’t sure what sort of boots you were going for:

      • The thing about the designs is that they need to be simple for animation, more detail means a more time consuming process, main girl’s changes specially are unlikely seeing as how most of her sprites are done so a complete redo of all of them would be needed, I’m expecting the proportions are messed up only in this pic because if it’s also in game with the sprites I already have then fuck, lots of redo time needs to happen, I already made some small changes though (pic updated already), not sure if it helped or not yet, also, I think it might have to do with the hairline, is higher which make it look like a bigger head, I dunno, this is messing me up.

        The suits can have some changes.

  2. hello vosmug.all characters are just perfect,in my opinion.i think their ages can be like 1-21,2-22,3-19,4-29.5-27.

  3. From the left:

    20, 20, 19, 25, 26, 39, 38

    If all of the enemies are going to be ghost like creatures, I would definitely want something that “possesses” your character. Causes her to get fucked willingly. Maybe with some form of shading of the eyes showing possible hypnotism or unwillingness to fight back.

    Also a futa. I know it’s rough, but futa, someway, somehow I think would work. Possibly genderswapping as well.

    Sorry that’s a lot. Love how everything is coming together, eagerly awaiting this one, you’re one of the best.

    • Thanks.

      That’s about right, but red hair should be the oldest one, doesn’t she look like ethe oldest one?

      Possesion and futa are planned already,

      • I would prefer a switch in the menu to turn abnormal fetishes off and on
        or make the futa-enemies avoidable/scenes skipable in the game

  4. In my opinion, I think that the third girl should have less breast, she looks too young to me (18-ish maybe?)
    So in order:
    21-21-18-27?-28?-The two guys maybe are in between 30-40?

    As for the enemies, a tentacle like enemy on the ground would be fitting and as his rape animation he it ties up her arms and starts moving her breast and inserts the tentacles into her vagina.

    As for the Futa that Dinkolish said, i’m sorry but I gotta disagree (this is more to tastest, I dislike futa, no offense to anyone). But I do really agree with the creatures that possess your character, I would like to see a “forced masturbation”!

    • In hentai world young girls have big boobs so I don’t see a problem, besides 18 is big boob terrotory already I think, I’m not an expert in such matters though.

      Tentacle enemies are a given, so in any form it’s going to be there regradless.

      Everybody so far is close enough with the ages so I guess it’s fine.

    • Im not a fan of futa either. To me its gross and I just dont see a good legit reason why and how that would happen in this game. With xenotake it would make sense because its aliens and future technology but a ghost game I just dont see it.

  5. Me again with another (maybe creepy) design!

    • oh and tell me what you think

    • I say include both of them and have them be brother ghosts. siblings working together woo!

    • 1. Looks a lot like floor traps I already have, it would be a bit redundant, the face doesn’t seem to do much there wither.

      2. That’s not really a ground enemy, though I like it without the eye, it could be ground only.

      • I’ll be happy with #2. Will my masturbation idea be kept with him or will it be like my creepy crawler where he only grabs if vena is crawling?

      • I need regular ground enemies for now, the masturbation part will work like that regardless of the enemy, in specific parts though, not all the time.

        Edit: Also, crwaler will attack regardless of crawling or not.

      • Alrighty. I’ll see if i can make another floor enemy tomorrow

      • Forgot to ask. Does it have to be a human ghost?

      • Can be anything really, as long as it has some human features taht let you know it was human at some point.

      • I can’t sleep so I made this. Only problem is that I couldn’t find a way to make it look like it was a human at some point. Maybe replace the legs/feet to human legs/feet or change the body to a human body… maybe remove the tail… I’m not good at drawing humans >_< I just really want doggy style.

        what do ya think?

        did 2 quick designs…red ink are optional designs; the toad without eyes looked kind of funny

      • eariler designs are not for scale, the protag was actually there for style reference lol
        also referring to paul robertson’s pixel art and gifs can yield a lot of inspiration

      • Anonymous Says:

        I thought of another creepy design so here ya go…
        This ghost has 2 dicks and when he grabs Vena she faces towards him that way top penis goes in her mouth and bottom goes in her vagina. Plus it would show Vena’s ass 😉

        p.s. just wanted to say this to anon that drew the toad:
        Sweet toad dude. I wish I could draw that good.

      • Ant eater bear thing: Too animal like.

        Wall fist: It could be a trap instead of an enemy, fisting maybe?

        Toad: I like it, I could actually replace a vore-ish enemy I already have with this one, but it needs to have some human features, probably a face under that mouth and the front legs as arms, I will have to modify it if you don’t mind, or if you want to do it yourself even better.

        Double legs: Cool, your enemies are creepier than my own.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well since my ant eater dog thing is too animal like heres something better… I hope… And yeah doggy style sex for this guy

      • That’s an iron maiden

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yeah i was playing resident evil 4 and said “eh what the heck”

      • Anonymous Says:

        sorry for replying late, but another quick one
        probably would be too much work to animate, but just an idea that may hopefully spur another one for you
        didn’t know we had to make them in human form, so i also edited the old ones to clarify a bit more lol
        feel free to use them however you wish, all rights are yours XD

      • Anonymous Says:

        silly me, forgot to attach image

      • Spiderman is cool and all but as you said quite complex to animate, also a bit too similar to the other crawler enemy.

        This is an old timey house so there are no electronics, but would work with holes and paintings.

        Yes toad, but I’ll probaly remove the tail part, the sprite ends up being too big and since it doesn’t really do anything it’s better to keep it as small as possbile. Also, I traced over it since your art is really good, so no need to redesign, heh.

        Thanks, soon I’ll post a screen or something.

      • awesome, expecting great things!

  6. elevator88 Says:

    Only one would be a ghost that would get you stuck in objects. Whether they be the wall, floor, or in a door. You pretty much get the gangbang hole in the wall fetish.

  7. 36-32-22-54-45-55-60 . I’m serious.

    • Young normally are represented in art whit flat chest and they are less tall. I think then you’re well beyond the age that worries you .
      Boobs up and taller or fatter guy are normally older in art (this is in my opinion).

      • Conside that the person 5 is identical to a woman I know and she is 45 lolz, has twenty years older to me anyway ….
        Anyway I think it’s one of the best designed also for skin color artistically speaking .

  8. Maybe some reapers will be nice to add, with a Skeleton dick haha it would be nice. Or it can be like some kind of assasins or maybe some enemy like Jackson with a Chainsaw that cuts her clothes and then fucks her maybe idk.

  9. For another enemy how about a ghost that carries chains. It could throw them or whip them out at the character to bind her. My idea was a chain wrapping around the girl that makes her drop to her knees so she has until the ghost walks over to her to break free.

    Off the subject will there be any anal sex + bondage in this game?

  10. Paintgeist would be great. A cursed painting.

  11. I wonder will the main character enjoy having XXX with those guys…

  12. i d suggest a cloaked orb or boy as a ground monster well semi monster , it could as a thought if you wanna maybe make more groundy , turn transparent and go into ground or something

  13. How many enemies are in the game so far and how many do you want in total?

  14. Baked Saint Says:

    Suggestion for an enemy: Maybe a demon of some sort? I don’t know what kind of theme you’re going for in terms of what kinds of enemies you want, but with all the ghosts that I saw as enemies, I thought an upright standing, very strong, pissed off, two legged demon would be a good fit.
    Maybe doggy style or cowgirl on the ground as a sex position for the demon, because I love booty.
    That, or a gargoyle could work too.

    On a side note, will the game include any easter eggs at all? I haven’t seen any H games with them really, but something low key and funny would be cool to find.

    • Ya it would be cool to see little easter eggs from your other gadmes. I also agree that there should be doggy style and cowgirl.

  15. I say remove the invisible walls off ledges

  16. Anonymous Says:

    In the December update will you announce which designs got in?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be a gallery like in Xenotake ?
    Also do you know how much H scene you will do or for now you still don’t know ?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    For the masturbation button are you adding a bar? like when the ghosts have sex with her and when it fills up all the way she climaxes.

    • I was thinking about no more button mashing but I don’t know, I guess but I’m not sure.

      • Not button mash you would just hold the button down and the bar would fill up but if you wanna do button mash thats fine.

      • Anonymous Says:

        If you’re still considering the nude hardmode, make the button mash part of it. Normal, hold the button for escapes…hardmode, button masher.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I would say no. Holding a button to escape is waaaaay too easy. Holding the button to masturbate makes sense because theres no struggle only pleasure until you make the mistake of filling the bar and climaxing leaving yourself open to enemies.

      • Easy? It doesn’t have to be hard anyway… it’s not hard to escape mashing, i would prefer to hold on so my i don’t have to go hard with my keyboard, then there should be something to choose how to set free.

    • button mash then, but some of you are getting it wrong, you won’t be able to do it all the time, it will be only on certain parts when is needed.

  19. care little on ages, they are good looking, just wanting some sort of serious lesbo sex with no sort of boob suckling (though Im not againts it , just add more than just boob suckling)

  20. Anonymous Says:

    If you still need enemies, something with multiple arms (aka Goro) to grab arms and legs and give her a good hard slam-fuck?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Any idea on when the game will be released?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    With xenotake having Eerien and Ran as lovers. Will Vena fall in love with one of the girls? Or even better could she and the glove be lovers in the end? My idea is to have the glove be able to take form of a human and they both have sex like in xenotake.

    • In that case there should be a male protagonist that helps her, so in the end they both fall in love or something like that because he helped her like in Xenotake(Sadly they didn’t finish together having sex xD) and then there would be love and love haha.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well if the glove is male then there ya go. Have him be cursed and at the end the curse is lifted and bam hes back to a human male. If vosmug wants a sequel in the future have the glove be able to change forms (for example the anime soul eater)

    • Sorry to dissapoint you but that’s not going to happen this time around, also, human glove goes against some plot elements, it could be tweaked though but I’m really not that interested in doing that, for me, human male romantically involved with gril kind of goes against hentai rules dones’t it? I don’t find that idea very appealing. Sorry.

  23. will all enemies do that invisibl/visible attack pattern or will they each have different tricks up their sleeves?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    How about everytime an enemy jizzes in Vena it sticks on her crotch area for a short while. Like in xenotake when the main girl fell in the jizz floor and it stuck on her body for a bit. Would it be difficult/time consuming?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    looks like you’ve chosen which designs are getting in 😀

  26. Anonymous Says:

    New idea for the name: Haunted Huntress.

    Tan lines on the blonde and some vore enemies would be pretty sweet.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering, are you currently drawing/animating the selected ghost designs?

  28. Is there experience orb farming? When you kill an enemy will it respawn when you leave the room and go back?

  29. We need some kind of futanari/shemale ghost enemy. There were no feminine common enemies in Xenotake.

    • Would also enjoy more ethnic female characters as well. Brown/Black girls need love too lol. But it seems like you’re already pretty far along and set on your female character designs so maybe in the next game I guess.

    • Agree. Need some female enemies, whether for futa or yuri.

  30. Looks like Team Rocket turned to ghost-busting to pay the bills.

  31. I say remove the invisible wall on ledges. kinda annoying if you’re running away from an enemy and forget to jump over it resulting in a grab. Also its a bit awkward to me because most games with ledges have you fall when your run off them.

  32. do this game have only H scene without guro scene? fact, i have been missing prison cage… i’m very very wonder. please answer please~

  33. For real though? Those are some sweet night vision goggles.

    If you’re not confident in your engine and jumping is too hard to control, then keep the invisible walls. The only thing worse than not being able to jump gaps is shitty platforming and struggling to make said jumps.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    So long as every single one is fucked, it doesnt matter

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