Viva la resistance


Hello there.

I hate this time of the year, everybody is so happy and cheerful… it’s disgusting, especially the neighbors with their late night drinking and loud music.

Anyway, I’m finally done with the new enemies, last week I was busy with some family stuff and just yesterday I was able to finish, Legsman could use some additions like walking on the ceiling or something, also, I didn’t realize it was going to end up so big so I had to resize it and the lines ended up being too thick, I’ll have to redo the lines later.

Thinking about it, the last few posts added more work than expected, these enemies were trickier than the previous ones, the masturbation part also got more complex, and I realized I still have to finish at least 2 powerups; jumping is a power up btw, you will start the game without it, attacking too but you’ll get that almost right away.

Also, I’ve noticed some interest in the design aspect, in the comments too but mostly via email, so have some of ultra-amazing and super organized “design documents” if you can call them that, most of the rest are just scribbles, bullet points and walls text of in a word doc.

1 2 3 4

I just realized this is lame, I usually don’t like sharing this, it ruins the magic, but whatever.

And why is time moving so fast? It sucks… hear that time, you suck.

Most likely this will be the last post of the year, so see you next year.

44 Responses to “Viva la resistance”

  1. Baked Saint Says:

    Is there a way you could add in the enemies to the alpha version we already downloaded? (I don’t know if it’s actually the alpha version, I just didn’t have any better words to describe it)

  2. Yay my creepy designs made it in 🙂
    Thank you very much vosmug.

    And i hope i dont sound like a jerk but could you leave my enemy designs out of demos? I want them to be a surprise on release.

    • And for the leg guy ceiling walking would be sweet. When hes up in the ceiling he could leave a shadow on the ground to let you know hes above you. Maybe when he comes down his shadow gets thicker letting you know hes coming.

  3. I’m gonna like the scene when she is tied in a room, looks awesome on the paper, and I know you, it will look even cooler in the game !

  4. I know what you mean about the holidays I work for the post office I hate this time of year

  5. Vosmug, you games best, good animation, nice panache. Want know, can i help you someone? I make Russian translate for game Paperheads(WS)
    P.S. Waiting for demo)

  6. Hi, willing to get the game as soon as it comes out, how can I pre-order it?

  7. I thought it was out today. Foolish me. Things look great

  8. Awesome!

  9. which enemy will you use for the masturbation is it going to be the head with tentacles?

  10. Looks great! I’m looking forward to your next post 🙂

  11. how complex did the masturbation get?

    • By complex I mean stuff I have to do to make it, not on how it works, instead of 1 I want to do 3 animations for it, and some unique animations if some enemies (or enemy) grab you while doing it, also the actual luring is not finished yet, that’s what I meant.

  12. For the ghost prison/gallery could you have the other girls trapped in the background? I didnt like how xenotakes alien prison/gallery felt lonely.

  13. Yo it sounds like there is a demo already out where do I found it

  14. Merry Christmas!

  15. is the game going to be a new year surprise or is that too optimistic? ^_^

  16. Vengeful ghosts only attack?

  17. Dude, happy new year!

    There, celebratory greeting given, now can we have our expanded demo? ^_^
    Though, just wondering what’s your rough overall completion estimation of your awesomeness…. Ah, masterpiece.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    it would be alternative sex scenes? Some variation like the way the monster catch you or maybe changing for V, A, or O sex?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Got anymore design documents you can show? 😀

    • The rest is not very interesting, mostly illegible scribbles that only I can understand.

      • hi many enemies will really have sex with characters?i mean having real sex with them,not buy using tonge or tentacles.i see that there will be only 2 enemies.will there be only 2?

      • Around 4 or 5 I guess, but “real sex” gets stale doesn’t it? Seeing al enemies do the same would be boring imo

  20. yes you are needs balance with sex scenes.

  21. “Fist wall,” eh? Would it be too optimistic to believe that the game will feature fisting?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    are you still working on this game ? :/

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