Time is moving so fast, agggghhh… anyway, characters, there’s still some npcs left, two guys and maybe another girl? I don’t know if I will be able to keep them all, Yellow girl may be optional too and the colors on her are temporary I guess, doesn’t look great IMO.

I wanted to wait until I get the portraits but artist guy has been busy so whatever.

Everything is going well, no defunct ion notification yet is just that right know I’m drawing sprites and that is quite time consuming.

107 Responses to “Shooooooeeeeeessssss!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, Vosmug!

    Like in Xenotake we have a robot part, why not have a part with another girl in this game?

    • There’s going to be a similar part, it’s funny though how I thought that was going to be a nice change of pace and a cool surprise but it ended up being the most hated part.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Man I really wish you could make all of them playable though for example one tiny section each. Its fine if you cant… dang these girls look really really good…

  3. Nice looking characters.

    Requesting different-sized boobs if possible (I’m more a small boobs kind of guy)

    Oh and P.S. I loved the robot part in Xenotake.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug

    I absolutely loved Xenotake, and this looks really promising too!
    Usually i don’t like pregnancy/inflation, but the girls in the background of the bossfight looked really good and i liked it. Xenotake is defenitely my favourite ‘interesting’ game, and I would totally support you and your team generously if I weren’t poor 😦
    I love you! (in a nonromantic, fan-artist kind of way)

    • I wasn’t very fond of it either but now I’m okay with inflation, not pregnacy though, it’s pretty much the same I just don’t want anything coming out of anyone.

    • @Anon:
      Well dude, pregnancy fetishists are quite large in number. Have you seen how many downloads those types of tags get at the Jap DL site?
      Even rehashed RPG games get thousands of purchases like that.

  5. So, can these characters be assaulted by enemies as you walk about the levels, or would that be too much work? They look great by the way.

    • Yup, too much work and the animations would be pretty much the same as the ones with the main characters and enemies, is not worth it, their animations will be story related and mostly different to enemy related animations.

  6. So which one is the traitor?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I like the girls clothing. Thought of any names for them and Will we see them with their clothing on in part of the game? I was a little sad that i never saw the Ran with her armor on in xenotake.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll take the redhead in the suit. Put her in all the scenes!

    • She’s my favorite too. The blonde being a close second. Though, I don’t consider any of them to be unattractive. But having said that, I hope the redhead gets the rough treatment like Malla from Xenotake did.

  9. Maaaan, keep all these girls in final game, pleeeeease! They are beatiful! But boss is you, it’s your decision. I just hope you’ll keep them all (=^_^=) And show them not just fully naked, please (if you know what I mean 😉
    Good luck to you.
    Sorry for that ugly english.

  10. Will this game have bosses? I mean bosses from stage to stage and then the final boss 🙂

  11. hi vosmug, thanks really nice artwork ^^
    why not add in a tanned one, isnt the last ones clothes too dark or old compared to her hair?.

  12. and speaking of ‘fully naked’ do you can use that on another girl during the whole playthrough in your next game?

  13. Are the 2 guy npcs good or bad?

  14. Shoes, huh?
    I personally think that they’re overrated, but that’s just me.
    Or, perhaps, shoes that can be removed are the best shoes.

  15. hello I would like some help for the game of phantom me when I get in the game I’m in a sort of house with a floor and the top right there is a red grave and I would like to have if we could get out of the home? the name of the game is what? I am French just to tell you

  16. will the full nude play through be an option in the beginning? I don’t like the idea of beating the game to unlock it. Also will there be slight changes to the dialog/story/actions in full nude mode?

    • Maybe a few changes but not many, also, it’s going to be difficult since the clothing is pretty much your HP, but the main reason for it to be unlockable is that normal mode is the intended way, but I dunno to me personally, being always naked is boring, but hey if more poeple want it unlocked then whatever, I don’t mind.

      • If clothing is hp how will getting a game over/death work?

      • A better way to put it would be clothing being a shield instead of hp, but it’s pretty much the same, attacked while being naked a few times it’s game over, or maybe being attacked while you don’t have the hand. It’s not quite decided yet, but it’s going to be something like that.

  17. If you’re going to add inflation could you please have an option to turn it off or like a patch to remove it from scenes? that way people who like inflation will enjoy it and people like me who dont like it can enjoy the normal stuff. Please please please

    • Xenotake had inflation.

      Turning it off or removing it from a scene it’s more complicated, if I do it it would be more like a skip option.

      • not sure if you distinguish between stomach bulge and inflation?

      • I guess not, since the original question was about pregnancy/inflation in xenotake, I assumed it was inflation since it was definetely not pregnancy.

      • sorry, didn’t mean to detract from the original question lol
        but i guess, not getting too detailed, stomach bulge would occur when some thing is inserted, while inflation is simply there constantly…i suppose my question was whether if you distinguished between these two if you were to put something like that in this game

      • If I do it’s going to be something similar to what I already did, whatever it’s called.

        I don’t understand what you mean by “constantly” though.

      • in that statuses like pregnancy/inflation when on would occur even without insertion, while stomach bulge occurs when something is inserted
        it’s just a visual thing i guess

  18. I know nothing about game development, but patching in an entirely different set of sprites into a scene just sounds like too much work. I personally wasn’t a van of the vore scene in Xenotake, but that never stopped me from playing and enjoying the rest of it.

  19. thank you for the answer I want to know if the game will not charge I hope you made small update every month? there will have a set of H vosmug online? his would be cool

  20. trying to type out this question is hard without sounding impatient. I’m just reeeeally curious… do you feel like the progress on this game going faster or slower than xenotake so far?

  21. you can leave the house in the last update? the character set that your on your website is able to use or choose to start the game when the game is over

  22. I’m crazy about the blonde woman in red and the main third it disgusts me

    • I’m having diffiuclty understanding what you have to say but, it’s a gameplay demo, meaning there’s only one room and there won’t be more for a while. And, there’s only one playable character, the others are non-playable.

  23. So this time, there will be a day 0 uncensored patch ? Or maybe the game will have no censor at all ?

    Also do you plan to release another demo but this time for the story ?

    • The previous uncensored patch was always day 0, and the reason for the censor is mainly to sell it on dlsite japan, it’s required.

      There will be another demo for story later on when all of the mechanics are already in place.

  24. I hurry to have the new update

  25. I hurry to have the new update

  26. black hair girl is great

  27. Could you include /SOME/ lesbian sex in the game? Like… female monsters? It was nice in Xenotake, I just thought it was a tad bit short ;-; Pretty please?

  28. could you post a picture of the edits you did on the girls?

  29. Three questions here.

    1. Will your next game have censored or uncensored genitals (male and female)? I noticed that they were censored in Xenotake. I know that they have to be censored in Japan due to their weird porno laws but that’s not really the case in most other countries is it?

    2. What is your opinion on the futanari/newhalf (newhalf is Japanese for shemale and is a bit less derogatory if you didn’t know that already) genre? And what are the chances if any of it appearing in any of your future works?

    3. What about pubic hair on the females? I know a lot of people hate it but there are also a lot of people that don’t. Some games have the option to let you toggle it.

    Thanks and sorry if any of this has been asked before.

    • 1. Censored with option to uncensor, just as before.

      2. I’m ok with it, I might actually do something with it here.

      3. No pubic hair. Not so much about people not liking it, but me not liking it, I don’t. Toggle is a hassle in 2D is not worth it.

  30. Are you still having trouble with the ass up sprite after the ghost drops Vena?

    • I almost forgot to ask this. Is it normal for the screen to tear when game is in full screen since its a demo? Cause Xenotake runs perfect for me.

      • Haven’t tried to fix it for a while, will try again later on.

        Tearing can be fixed by activating vertical synchronization, problem is it’s resource heavy, I can activate it before exporting but I rather go for the low resource consumption by default. As far as I know there’s no way to do it manually from the game which would be ideal, maybe there could be a way to do it via ini files or something, I need to research more about it.

      • I hope there can be an option because I’d like to play it fullscreen without the tearing

  31. keep the blode and the black haired one, they look awesome 😀

  32. blonde and red

  33. I have a feeling that people are to hate this idea. 😦
    How about a masturbation button?

    • Are you saying people would hate masturbation button? I don’t think anyone would, I have it planned but is in the list of possible cuts because it doesn’t make sense, I need a good reason or else I won’t bother.

      • how bout this: only in full nude mode since she cant boob grab to regen clothing she masturbates and gets a temporary sheild around her (outline or circle) that lasts for only one hit and it only lasts for like 5 or 10 seconds also the time it takes for her to finish masterbating should be long like 15 or 25 seconds long that way people cant exploit it.

        Reason? Umm… Because when she climaxes her luquids shields her… Idk… If you do add it will she use her hand or the glove? Because that glove looks like it could cut her if she masturbates with it…

      • Sexuality is often tied to life-force at a base level, and evil ghosts are often motivated, in part, by a jealous desire to “reclaim” life from the living. This rationalization, though too thin for a more family-friendly work, would be almost unnecessarily well-thought-out for an H-game, and about in-line for the sci-fi explanation used in Xenotake.

        As for use, I suppose it can be a way to “flare” one’s life-force to be more visible to (and effectively “taunt”) ghosts, or possibly to inoculate against life-drain in an admittedly crude and last-ditch way.

      • I like your idea Jay

      • Yup, Jay has the right idea, it’s pretty much that, there’s a line where ghosts are atracted to sexual energy or whatever, so you could lure them, but luring wouldn’t be that necessary in general, maybe only on very specific occasions, which I don’t know if it’s enough reason, mainly because… I have too much stuff already AGAHGHGH!! also there’s another reason I had planned which is pretty much replaced by just ghost sex so…

        But yeah, I will try to not cut it out then and give it more functionality, I just want it to be useful and story related instead of being there just for the sake of being there.

        Also, what would you think could be a good reason to lure ghosts?

        1. You need a ghost in the room for whatever reason, but they won’t come on their own.
        2. ???

      • A possible reason to lure an enemy would be something that attacks from range, and runs, something you just can’t quite get close enough to, so she fingers herself to taunt it to her.

        The danger being, if caught by the ghost while masturbating would be an automatic sex grab, regardless of clothing/shield levels.

      • And if she masturbates too long she climaxes leaving her even more open to enemy grabs. If she doesnt climax after masturbating it will be disappointing 😦

  34. whats something you want to do with masturbation button?

  35. Do you have a rough idea on how finished you are?

  36. vosmug any hints about the story other than just ghosts… since xenotake story was actually really fun

    • Well,

      4 grils (maybe 3) go to the an old house get captured, one of them gets the spookies hand and has to help it get rid of the ghosts blah blah blah, that would be the gist. As far as the reason they are there is becuase they made a bet about if there were ghosts in the house or not, the teacher overheard them and got into the bet and joined them, teacher was already interested in the house because of reasons not to be revealed yet. The house in itself had some perverted ihabitants and stuff going on so all the ghosts remain that way. The hand is some sort of guardian that has been waiting inside the house for several decades since it can’t move or do much without a person wearing it.

      Those are the basics.

      • thanks vosmug i feel better now and can wait decently ^^

      • It has to be 4 friends! She needs 3 other friends possessed by ghosts for a proper “air tight” futa gangbang.

        Nah, it’s not a big deal, Xenotake was amazing as I’m sure this will be too.

      • Damn you for that idea, now I want it… that will already happen with just 1 of them so, I guess taht’s enough.

  37. Hey Vosmug, i love your work, you’re really very creative and you have a nice talent doing these things. I will also like to add that if you could put like some system that if the main character beats a monster with some kind of move so that when she beats it, she could choose if she wants to have sex with him or not and kill him and make him dissapear, like to rape the monster xD, it would be hilarious so you don’t have to let yourself lose to see those scenes i would love it much!
    Well that was my sugestion, i will be following you from now on, so keep doing your great work because you have lot of people at your side, and keep making us happy :3.

  38. With the game progress going faster than xenotake is there or will there be more sex, story, and levels?

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