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Random Update

Posted in Uncategorized on November 24, 2017 by Vosmug

I know I said I was going to remain silent but this part is slower than I expected and maybe last post felt too negative so…

Polishing and sounds is a slow and tedious process, I’m doing this in game progression order and as you can see here I’m at 55, the whole game has around 300 events so you can kind of infer the progress done so far, up to now a lot of time went into editing sounds (still more to do) and so that took some time too not directly related to the progress events bit.

Btw, each “cutscene” has from 1 or 2 to 20 or so events so is not like each number is a different moment; that would be crazy.

Also, for some stupid reason I decided to add voice bits at the beginning of some dialogs like in Zelda, and yeah, now I have to go through every line to add sounds individually (3rd window), while playing I just stop every dialog, notice the line number and add the sound accordingly, not difficult but takes some time… so yeah fun, why did I do that? It sounds good, so I guess it’s worth it.

Notice I purposefully put on screen complicated looking code and stuff (is not that complicated) so you think I’m working really really hard… yeah.

Contractually obligated post

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2017 by Vosmug

Welp, everything sucks, everything is horrible, but this thing is almost done, there’s a couple of things to add, much polish to do, and a couple of things to outsource, still in the middle of sound adding, this was just a quick update, I’ll remain silent now until release announcement which could happen in the next couple of months (don’t quote me on that, goddammit), or until something else  important happens,  there’s really no point in “updating” anymore.

I’m having a lot of trouble with sounds tho, that’s a thing.

So there you go.

I don’t know how to name posts…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2017 by Vosmug


So ok, I completely missed last month, is not like there’s a schedule, but I wasn’t intending to not post something I really just missed it.

I already started putting the thing together, graphics, backgrounds and animations are 99.5% done, maybe there’s some details here and there missing but nothing major that I can recall, some enemy and trap behavior still need to be done, mainly the new ones; sounds, music and “systems” (save, gallery, menus) are mostly the only big thing left before continuing with the “putting together”.

Now, there’s one thing that I completely forgot about and is the “CGs” (still don’t know why they are called that) as you can see up there, I completely forgot that the very beginning, before the house, needed an introduction, I also completely forgot that I fired my artist, so it turns out that now I have to do it, so yeah, I don’t love it and the main reason I wanted somebody else doing it was so I don’t have to spend time on it ( and it would be better), but at least the style is consistent with the rest of the game. I owe you a different artist for whatever the next project is.

Some behind the scenes: 1  2  3

See you around.


Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2017 by Vosmug

For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve been working really slow due to technical problems, my UPS batteries died, my computer shut down a couple of times and I lost work twice, nothing major that couldn’t be redone or recovered through backups, so I just didn’t want to continue knowing it could shut down again at and lose more work this time, or even worse having the file corrupted. I just got the new batteries and already changed them without dying in the process. So that’s pretty much a nothing news.


Progress wise, I’m almost done with the events, I’m right before the final few events before the final boss, the final sequence after needs to be redone completely too because I don’t like it that much so… I’ll have to sit down and rethink all of that, I have never liked endings that much, be video games or movies, there’s only a couple of endings that I think are actually great, needless to say I’m not good at endings because of that, in general I don’t like endings… aaaanyway, I think maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to start with enemy placing, fixing and balancing.


Btw, if you have problems with a white or black screen pressing Alt + Enter to toggle windowed/fullscreen seems to fix that, I don’t think it’s a win 10 problem since it also happens to me (on win 7) while debug testing but not when normal testing so, it has to be an engine problem tho, so not much I can do there.


Anyway, just reporting in.

Drain Bamage

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2017 by Vosmug


Hello you,

I have tentatively finished all the maps, or levels as you were, they are empty for now, they still need enemies and traps and other stuff, of course most likely will end up adding more map depending on how it feels later on, at points it feels too big and some other times it feels like is not big enough, I don’t really know at this point. Also I realized I should put a map in after all, it’s easy to get lost. So there’s that.

Right now I’m filling the map with the main events, there’s a lot of quick testing involved, now I really wish there was a way to debug test in real time, closing and running the game every time is a waste of time, sure it only take 15 to 20 seconds to load except for the first time which can take several minutes, still, added up it’s more than necessary since I have to do that more than couple of times a day.

Here’s this too, no idea.

Everything’s going well I think, it’s taking shape already. We’re getting close to the final stretch, no promises for now though, as you know.

Now for some serious talk, recently I saw a video by digibro called “prolific over perfect”, which actually hit me a bit more than I expected, you should check it out by searching the title on youtube if you’re interested, I don’t want to link it directly because you know, porn and stuff, not cool… anyway, by the title you can guess what it’s about, basically smaller projects would be more productive in the long run since you’ll be improving naturally with each, by the time you get to a bigger project you would be better and faster by default, paraphrasing of course. Actually, feel free to watch it and then come back to tell me how I’ve been doing things horribly wrong. Things are probably not going to change on my end; I can’t seem to focus on a small project without it naturally evolving into something bigger… and then 3 years later and here we are…. cool, right?

So yah.


Brain Damage

Posted in Uncategorized on April 15, 2017 by Vosmug

Keeps going… just to let you know…

Don’t hit me… I’ll give you my lunch money.



Posted in Uncategorized on March 2, 2017 by Vosmug

I’m done with sprites and animations, kind of, there’s still some left but I rather do them alongside some backgrounds to match them better, and some other that I haven’t done, like some traps which I don’t know if they’ll work so I rather wait instead of wasting that time in case I decide not to use them, like this unused sprite that will never be used ever, spending time making things you end up not using kinda sucks, also I completely forgot the “game over room” ones, which feel redundant at this point, but whatever I’ll have to do those eventually, I regret that though, it was supposed to be a universal respawn point but that won’t work anymore since given some changes a traditional checkpoint system before important points was necessary anyway, kind of a waste… oh well…

bg666 bg5555 bg11

So I started with backgrounds already, so yeah, that’s what’s going on…

Not much to say anymore… just keep working gaddamit.