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Ghost Hunter Vena 1.0 — Full Release (1.01 Update)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2018 by Vosmug

Well here it is.

Ghost Hunter Vena 1.01

I really hope there are no bugs or glitches, please let me know if you find any to update within the following days or as fast as possible if they are serious.

So it’s finally done, for now I won’t ramble too much since that’s not what you’re here for and I’m tired. There are a few things I didn’t end up doing like the skip option after finishing and the new game plus/extra difficulty, there were not as easy as I expected, I might include them for the DLsite version (and of course I’ll update this one) and maybe there can be more additions (within reason), so let me know what you think, especially if there’s something wrong.

Also, there are three prices, please don’t feel obligated to pay more just of the sake of it, $7 is the base price, extra is for those who wanted to contribute out of generosity.

Thanks, have fun and let’s hope everything goes well.


– Have you been using the fly ability? if there’s a pillar in the foreground, it means there’s something up.

– To get to the bottom half of the upper level first you have to go down to the library (through the dungeon or through the elevator) then keep going to the right until you find a way up.


To do list:

(sorry for the inconviniences I’m working on fixing these issues and I’ll get them out as soon as possible; if you feel like it you should wait until the next version brings these fixes)

Fix Maid Boss (second boss) error, this is making the fight more difficult than it should be. ( Fixed)

Added: Maid Boss – Reduced HP, Reduced Attack Speed.

– Fix Brute Boss (third boss) error by getting hit by a belt at the end of the fight, rare. ( Fixed)

– Fix potential game breaking error going for the first time into the chained door, to avoid this complete that sequence before going out. ( Fixed)

Improve Toad’s behaviour. (Reduced jump lenght, removed damage during attack stance to prevent stunlock, only does damage while jumping)

– Fix Final Boss grabs not doing damage. (Fixed, added speed to the drag in hard mode, added invincibility to the beam charge)

Add location indicators to the map (safe room, library,etc)

– Fix certain sprites after accessing the gallery and  going back to normal game. ( Fixed)

– Fix tied walking state during third boss going through solid objects. (Fixed)

A trigger in the prison sometimes not appearing after getting the Projection power up.  (Fixed)

Faulty Eye Block at the bottom of the upper level (Fixed)

I’ll put more on the list as I’m noticing them, let me know if I missed any.


Release date, final details, pricing and stuff

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2018 by Vosmug

Release is going to be hopefully by the end of next week, what I’ve been doing is testing and finalizing details and I want to give it at least one more week, I say hopefully because there’s one big problem and that’s the FPS drop that I’ve had since last time and haven’t been able to find the problem if there’s any, I doubt it’s a specs problem, there were some reports of low FPS last time, just to be sure if you had a consistent 60 fps I appreciate if you let me know your systems specs. (Press F8 to check FPS) I’m starting to believe most people had 50, if that’s really the case then we’re in trouble. Update: I have a possible solution, if it works for me I’ll update the demo for testing purposes as soon as possible, thanks all for your help.

There’s also a spike in CPU the moment a dialog starts, have you noticed that? That one I know why it happens, but I don’t know how severe it is or if it will bring problems, I hope not. Update: Is not actually a CPU spke, my bad, nothing to worry about.

Just as last time price will be $7 (paypal only), additionally I had a few emails suggesting an optional price, as in 7 as base price and optional higher prices for those who want to pay a bit more as an extra, this is inspired as an alternative to the patreon discussions and suggestions, so let me know what you think about that, I’m not entirely sure if I want to do that either way though. No extra content or rewards by the way, just your own generosity. I don’t even know if such thing is possible to do though, if it’s too much work then definitively I wouldn’t do it, because I’m lazy like that.

Also, in case you care DLsite version and by consequence the Japanese version will be ready a couple of weeks after, as always that one is going to be a couple of dollars more expensive.

Anyway, there you go.


Update 2:

This is the possible FPS fixed version, those who had FPS problems please could you check if this version solves the problem without the workarounds (youtube, other games, etc), to me it does, only when you go to windowed mode (alt+enter) sometimes the FPS goes down, but if you go back to fullscreen or move to a different room the FPS should go back to 60, also, could you run the previous version right before or after to confirm that it is indeed still running with drops in the same conditions? Thanks.

Trial 0.5

(This is only a FPS test, any new error is due to incomplete code caused by hastily putting togheter some changes from the final into the trial without testing properly, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the final, I’ll try to fix that but this is a FPS test only for now, thanks.)

Trial/Demo Update 0.4

Posted in Uncategorized on January 12, 2018 by Vosmug

Trial/Demo Update 0.4

I think I got most of the bugs, the only one I couldn’t replicate was the error message trying to recover the glove, and just by looking at the code I couldn’t see anything wrong, if anyone wants to try according to the person who got it it happened getting pink bars from the spider-like guys then pressing C after to recover over and over until it gave an error message.

I hope the problems are actually fixed now, it sucks if this happens in the final release, which probably will because this never goes smoothly, ever.

This one should automatically pick up you previous saves and your configuration but to be sure you should go to DATA and delete your “config” file, it shouldn’t be necessary but if you had a “badly” saved configuration from the previous demo is better to start over fresh.

Concerns and known problems:

There’s something new I got where sometimes the game started running at constant 50 fps , also reported by one person, but it was pretty random, in following tries it went back to normal 60 so I doubt it’s a system specs problem, check your FPS with F8 to be sure.

If you are getting a black or white screen on startup, the only advice I can give you is to alt+tab or alt+enter (toggle fullscreen) and see if it works since it seems to be a display problem, as far as I know there’s nothing I can do from the game itself, if you’re having problems in windows 8 or 10 try running it on compatibility mode for win 7, even tho users have reported no problems  previously in windows 10.

About the virus notifications, if it really was a virus everybody would be reporting it, the fact that seems to be uncommon in general but consistent with certain AV softwares (mostly bitdefender) leads me to believe it’s likely a false positive, but I hope anyone with more expertise can tell us if something else might be wrong, if you are hesitant I recommend getting MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware or any other trusted malware/AV software, do a full scan and scan newly downloaded files you don’t trust before extracting them, I won’t tell you to add to exceptions or to turn off your AV, that should be your call.

Demo Update 0.3

Posted in Uncategorized on January 9, 2018 by Vosmug

After 53.6 years here’s the final demo update that is also the trial version, it doesn’t have that much more content compared to the last demo but it has the final polish, so is accurate to what the full release will be, this is the final demo before the full version which is coming soon, less than a month from now maybe (MAYBE) but as always, anything could happen.

If you want you can also use this save file with the final version, I don’t think it’s a big deal to start over but there’s the option either way.

If you find bugs, glitches, weird stuff or if there’s something I said I was going to do but forgot let me know.

Download Here (Demo/Trial 0.3)

IMPORATANT: In the main menu go into configuration at least once before starting a new game… because I’m dumb, also make sure to select a file after selecting new game, cursor won’t be visible until you move up or down.

Some things:

Naked only difficulty: Sorry, I tried but in the end it wasn’t easy and didn’t seem worth it.

Perma-death difficulty: Might do that with a new game+ mode, I think is doable, we’ll see.

If there’s more let me know.

Edit 3: I didn’t want to update this demo but seen how horrible it turned out I’ll upload an updated version tomorrow or so, if you haven’t downloaded it yet you better wait for 0.4.

Random Update

Posted in Uncategorized on November 24, 2017 by Vosmug

I know I said I was going to remain silent but this part is slower than I expected and maybe last post felt too negative so…

Polishing and sounds is a slow and tedious process, I’m doing this in game progression order and as you can see here I’m at 55, the whole game has around 300 events so you can kind of infer the progress done so far, up to now a lot of time went into editing sounds (still more to do) and so that took some time too not directly related to the progress events bit.

Btw, each “cutscene” has from 1 or 2 to 20 or so events so is not like each number is a different moment; that would be crazy.

Also, for some stupid reason I decided to add voice bits at the beginning of some dialogs like in Zelda, and yeah, now I have to go through every line to add sounds individually (3rd window), while playing I just stop every dialog, notice the line number and add the sound accordingly, not difficult but takes some time… so yeah fun, why did I do that? It sounds good, so I guess it’s worth it.

Notice I purposefully put on screen complicated looking code and stuff (is not that complicated) so you think I’m working really really hard… yeah.

Contractually obligated post

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2017 by Vosmug

Welp, everything sucks, everything is horrible, but this thing is almost done, there’s a couple of things to add, much polish to do, and a couple of things to outsource, still in the middle of sound adding, this was just a quick update, I’ll remain silent now until release announcement which could happen in the next couple of months (don’t quote me on that, goddammit), or until something else  important happens,  there’s really no point in “updating” anymore.

I’m having a lot of trouble with sounds tho, that’s a thing.

So there you go.

I don’t know how to name posts…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2017 by Vosmug


So ok, I completely missed last month, is not like there’s a schedule, but I wasn’t intending to not post something I really just missed it.

I already started putting the thing together, graphics, backgrounds and animations are 99.5% done, maybe there’s some details here and there missing but nothing major that I can recall, some enemy and trap behavior still need to be done, mainly the new ones; sounds, music and “systems” (save, gallery, menus) are mostly the only big thing left before continuing with the “putting together”.

Now, there’s one thing that I completely forgot about and is the “CGs” (still don’t know why they are called that) as you can see up there, I completely forgot that the very beginning, before the house, needed an introduction, I also completely forgot that I fired my artist, so it turns out that now I have to do it, so yeah, I don’t love it and the main reason I wanted somebody else doing it was so I don’t have to spend time on it ( and it would be better), but at least the style is consistent with the rest of the game. I owe you a different artist for whatever the next project is.

Some behind the scenes: 1  2  3

See you around.