End Year Post Chart Thing 2019 Extravaganza: Deluxe

Just for the hell of it I did a thing, I thought it would be interesting to see this chart showing dev time counted in months, it’s measured by post dates, as in, initial post about the game to release, you can safely assume each game could have 1 or 2 months more of development before the initial announcement but for simplicity it has the post dates.

Why you ask, no reason, it was just for fun, but then fun died the moment I realized it’s been a year since I started the current project, I honestly thought it was 6 to 7 months at most, damn.

I also realize I need to finish it before 2020 ends, it’s just not productive to have dev cycles like GHV anymore, that’s just overkill.

Also math could be wrong since I suck at it and I was sleepy yesterday when I made it.


So yeah, hope you’re doing well and see you next year.



We are in the future already and still no baseball with hot chicks and robots, worst timeline indeed.

70 Responses to “End Year Post Chart Thing 2019 Extravaganza: Deluxe”

  1. That Patreon Pusher Says:

    Every-post reminder to stop being a jackass and just open a Patreon already so we can show our thanks.

    A lot of us won’t stop pushing on you until you open one so you might as well take the ten minutes to just set one up. Every other nsfw game has one and so should you.

    • > : ( you’re no fun.

      • Well what reason do you have to not open one at this point? Hundreds of other devs are making anywhere from 1k to 20k a month while you’re trying to take some odd highroad that you don’t need the money. You’re hoping this game will sell well enough to matter but honestly its going to leak just as fast as your other games. 😦

        Why not just let us show our support?

    • Patreon comes with a lot of stress. Not everyone has the ability to make H-game development their full-time job. And sometimes life gets in the way, and you have to take a break, but you can’t if you have Patrons. And then Patreon content creators get called “scammers” by people like you when they don’t update as often.

      Another reason is Patreon TOS. It prohibits things like non-consensual sex, which is pretty important to Vosmug’s games.

  2. Christin Eleven Says:

    Can you please go back to female protagonists now? Those were way better anyway! 😘

    • right now? You haven’t even seen what a full game with male protagonist is like.

      • Christin Eleven Says:

        Well, i saw plenty and from all the dozens of Hentai games with male protagonists (and there are almost countless) there are only two or three good ones! I’m counting:
        1. Monster Girl Quest Series
        2. Eroico
        3. Rance Quest Series
        Soooo, yeah I’m pretty skeptical ^^*

      • But what about mine? Won’t you let me try one at least? What if it turns out to be part of the good ones? Can’t know if I don’t try.

  3. You sound like a constantly depressed person :/

  4. Happy new year bro
    And roughly when can the project game be completed?

  5. Wow, I had no idea Ghost Hunter Vena took that long, but it was still worth every month on that chart! I can’t wait to see/hear more about the new game, I’m sure I will love it just as much

  6. I love your game very much and I will always be there to support you (and I am very excited for age 53 her big boobs and sexy body
    breastfeeding and looking forward to the lesbian scene XD)

  7. Hello, I couldn’t find a way of messaging you so I thought I’d ask here. I wanted to know if Prisonkage is still on hiatus or, if you did, why’d it get canceled.

    -Thank you and good luck on your future projects.

    • Technically it’s still on hiatus, I still want to finish it, but in practice I don’t know when I’ll be able to.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Do you still have the game’s files and coding? I heard somewhere they were lost with only the demo remaining.

      • The original source code must be somewhere on my PC but it’s from an old engine that I can’t use anymore, so I’ll have to start over, even if I could reuse it I woulnd’t want to since again, it’s old and clunky; I do have the graphic files tho but maybe only the enemy ones can be updated and reused, the character and backgrounds I would rather just redo from scracth since the originals don’t look that great anymore.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Happy new year dood!

  9. i didnt know you canceled one of your games, i thought this was one game, is there a demo or a unfinished ver of the red one? i dont even know the names from the red and blue one.

    • You can download it from here:


      Read the post for instructions, In some mails I received some people didin’t even know there was a menu or that you could change equipment.

      Additionally you can press DOWN to sneak behind enemies at certain points where there’s room in the background, also press CONTROL to change equipment colors, obviously it didn’t work very well.

      The condename was NSP, possible name was Nightmare Stalker

      The current project doesnt have a name either but the codename I’m working with (folder names, etc) is LCC. Still no full name.

  10. Probably a topic you are tired of hearing about here, but boobs. Is there going to be any good breast sucking/milking animations similar to your Xenotake game? Maybe even breast expansion?

    • Anonymous Says:

      i love too boobs and breast sucking/milking

    • Anonymous Says:

      One of the hottest scenes in Xenotake was when you first find Eerien as the EXO and the blonde captain was being milked by tentacles

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think I know which scene you’re talking about, but the tentacles are not transparent but green, so I don’t know if she actually milking. If the game making is coming out, i like to see a lesbian breastfeeding or to use a transparent milking machine to suck the breast( i especially want her that wear sexy underwear and have big boobs.)

    • Nah, boobs are eternal.

      Sucking/milking proably yes, expansion probably not.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think the graph is accurate, i’ve read a lot of your posts and you told us one time that you took a bit of break because you had a struggle with your job while you’re working on with the game and that you had to think for a while.

    As for people who are suggesting patreon, i do think that they really want to donate money for you to use, you could also work on games you’re trying to develop full time because the games you make are really good stuff, you could also expand your fanbase at that point, and you can take a bit of break while actually working on the project your whole work hours rather than only doing it when you’re not at your job.

    Also, i hope there’s a cool looking robot that would have a scene with one of the girls, because there’s really those robot fetishes people has and its so few of them out there and not many does go for that route atleast.

    P.S: if you’re going for a cyber punk theme on that game you cancelled, maybe a female robot that looks spunky would be great.

    • Well yes, there was likely downtime in between padding the dev time more that it should, but that’s how it looks going by post dates, I wouldn’t have a more accurate measurement scale anyway since I didn’t track the process better so, that should do.

      Maybe there’s a robot, I’m not sure yet.

  12. GHV one of the best H games of the decade. Dispite I prefer the fem protaganist in games like this I can totally understand that after Xeno and GHV a male protaganist could give you more opportunity to create new contents and implement your new ideas and avoid repeating the same thing.
    I’m looking forward to see it. 🙂

  13. Yes, I’m still looking forward to when you do eventually go back to PrisonKage.

  14. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    I have a lot to say but my English is very bad yet so I will resort to “god google translator”
    xenotake a great game although I have not played it although I saw its gameplay but you made it simple and without so many complications with a small story and something that was easy
    Ghost Hunter vena, is a complex game like a windows-type operating system or a starcraft 2, with many random things bosses, a long story a lot of work and therefore progressive development so don’t worry that game will never be complete because errors will appear, updates or improvements, the game its destiny will be like that of windows XP and windows 7 that will be forgotten because they had a life cycle in the case of Ghost hunter vena its life cycle in development will end when you no longer want to make any correction, improvement, or some update to the game, that’s a part that I want to say I would like to know what you think of my point of view

    Regarding the new game it would be great if you take into account the proposal of sucking and milking tits, it would be great, I don’t know if you can do it, there are many girls and breasts and it would be a waste not to put that, as in ghost hunter Vena

    I send greetings, keep working at your time, as the translation into Spanish that I did, I wish you a great 2020 vosmug

  15. SiriusVision Says:

    Happy New Year! Definitely looking forward to this game. Even minor changes can make a community wary, but plenty of us are patient and open to new styles and we will be happy to play this once you are ready. Best wishes for 2020!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe if you’re willing to skip out on your other cancelled project, a different type of protagonist that isn’t human might be a cool idea…

    A lot of games out there that i’ve seen its always either a female or a male (most of these male leads are shotas so they don’t really count as a male if they cross dress or somewhat being feminine) or maybe futa. There are some that are Orcs, Humanoids and such, but there isn’t many main characters that are playable like a slime, a tentacle monster or other kinds that aren’t humanoid but rather with interesting characteristics that might prove something new in the industry (only know a VN made from RPG Maker that is a tentacle monster but it isn’t a game like an action side scrolling one).

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have some sort of progress chart that gives you idea on how much more you would work on the game before you think its already complete? Are you near the end of the project or atleast know there’s only a few more things to do before its ready?

    Any estimates when will the game be released?

    • No. I’m not good at estimations, the main core is already done, content is already mostly planned, what’s missing is graphics, sound, etc. and puttting it all togheter, which takes a while, all I’ve said is that it can’t go beyoned this year.

      • Anonymous Says:

        If by any chance faith have decided that you can do this job full time and you get more than enough money from your regular work per month, would you take that opportunity?

        And if so, how are you going to compensate with the pressure of having to amend all of the constant updates, and manage your time while trying your best to give the utmost quality of game to people who are giving you all the support you need in order to meet their expectations, or even better give them greater experience towards your end goal for the month?

      • You mean full time game making plus a regular job? Or by regular you mean whatever progress I can make by month, like on patreon? Got confused there.

        Either way, my day job used to be full time, then it became half-time, now since my boss moved to another city I’m pretty much freelancer now, it’s still lucrative enough is not worth leaving, which means I have enough time to dedicate to this, at least more than before.

        I guess I would, but I don’t think I can keep up with montly updates, I don’t have enough discipline. If it happens, not much would change as how things are going now, that’s why it seems silly to me to focus so much on that, as if things are going to improve, I’m a lazy bum, if anything I would probably get complacent and procrastinate even more.

        I’m NOT saying it will NEVER happen, but I don’t have much hope it will make me any more productive, so is not that much of a priority.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Have you ever thought of hiring voice actresses to do some voice acting for you? where do you get those moans from GHV and Xenotake?

        Won’t you try to hire a voice actress to do some scripts for you and add it into the game? i’ve seen some of your dialogues it isn’t perfect but you could actually do some research and play some other Visual Novel games out there and make an example of it, take some lines in there, or extract the idea from those VN games, and then translate it into something that what you would expect your character to say if she were to actually speak those words in the game.

        I think the best way to improve your dialogues is to actually play lots of other porn games out there like Future Fragments, there’s some dialogues there, you can get lots of ideas here and then but i doubt a dialogue when a character is getting banged in a scene would work since it doesn’t really fit the image, but you would get there.

      • I would actually like to and I’ve been thinking if it’s possible to try it with this game, right now I’m not very familiar with anyone but I’m interested in trying, though, right now is not the moment to delve into that aspect, that would be the last stages of development, so there’s still time.

        The voice clips I used before were from voice libraries bought from DLsite.

        Yeah, I’m not a writer but the main problem is that I don’t like to focuse on sex dialogue so much, it’s my least favorite part of any sex game/VN/hentai, I know it sounds counterintuitive but yeah.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Your work are art, i love your game and the story is fantastic

  19. Happy new year, take your time and make it a good game after your own measurements.
    You can do this 😀

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Why not hire some people to make your job easier? Making a Patreon account will give you more opportunity and the advantage of hiring other people to work with you, so if you have some sort of pathway already planned like the cancelled project, after this one you would get to do another easily.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Vosmug! Can’t wait to see more of this game!

    I’ve seen a lot of people are mixed about the male MC, but if it still does okay in sales, do you think you’ll ever do another one with a male character who has more of a personality like Eerien and Vena? I think I remember you saying somewhere that the guy in this game is going to be some kind of silent villain, which sounds like it could be fun, but I’ll miss seeing so much of your dialog and interactions between characters

    • I’m not as worried for the male character, I’m more worried about the gameplay style change which could be (and seems to be) more of a divide, so if it doesn’t do well I wouldn’t atribute it to the male character, I don’t think this game is going to be a good metric for that.

      The reason for the silent villain approach is moslty for the self insert aspect (and because it’s easier to have one less character to write for), which is how I see male characters at the momoent, in the ideas I have right now none have personalities, all are silent self inserts. I guess they’re not real self inserts since the customization is null and the decision making is not that deep but you know what I mean.

      Maybe but right now I haven’t thought too deep into it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I can only speak for myself, but I always prefer playing as an actual character over a self-insert, especially when there isn’t any sort of choice involved with controlling how they behave in the story. It just seems more awkward than immersive to have the MC be mute.

        I think it will work well enough in this idea since you’re playing the bad guy and won’t have as many opportunities to just talk to characters and your actions speak for themselves. But for any hypothetical game where you play as the good guy, the MC not having a personality feels like such a waste.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What’s a self insert? I don’t understand the meaning…

      • Anonymous Says:

        A self insert is a blank slate character that doesn’t talk or have any personality so that players are able to pretend that the character is them.

  22. Şu yeni oyunu bitir de yükle artık beklemekten deli olacağız

  23. GHVIsTheBestGame Says:

    hi, vosmug.Your games are amazing, the mechanics and graphics, these two games you launched are the best hentai style games.But could you make images / photos of the ghost hunter vena characters? If you feel like it, of course .

    • Thanks.

      I’m not good at CG or photoshop or what have you so I don’t think I will make more art of the characters, I should comission at some pont tho.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a chance that characters/references from xenotake will be in this game?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    How was your income from when you’ve put up GHV on paypal and DLSite? not to sound rude but that’s how i thought of it, ofc i know your product isn’t really just meant to be sold for customers to buy, but rather to give way to your milestones, i’ve seen drastic changes from your approach on Xenotake to GHV.

    If you were to be able to share to us, would you consider telling us if all the purchases people did or rather “Donations” are quite bountiful? or was it enough? maybe it wasn’t enough or wasn’t the amount you were expecting?

    Patreon is a death hole so don’t put up any hope of digging your grave on that platform, i would rather stick to DLsite, Patreon is now being handled by political retards that follow up to what Media wants them to be, rather than actually following what the people who makes them money.

    Paypal and DLsite, those are the only 2 methods people would be able to support you atleast, Not sure if other platforms would give hope to most of the people who creates many promising projects that would satisfy the lust of men/women on the internet.

    I also wanted to suggest if you would be able to add somewhat of a tentacle machinery this time around? and would Futa be present on your current project?

    • It’s fine, I don’t complain.

      I don’t really pay attention to how much exactly, but you can do the calculation yourself, go to the game page on DLsite, take the number of purchases and multiply by the price, then divide by 2, the result is roughly what I made from it. The sales from this site amount to less than that, maybe around 60 or 70%.

      Machinery = I guess.
      Futa = maybe, probably.

  26. GHVIsTheBestGame Says:

    you are girl or boy?

  27. Mıthrandır Says:

    heeyy vosmug! where is my favorite bloger. okey this time ı have problem where is new game what time is comeing pls my friend ı need this

  28. Hello, when making GHV and XT did you take some inspiration from Oddworld games?

  29. Pregnancy? I will be very happy if

  30. I check up on you once in a while maybe once every year. I enjoyed ghost hunter vena very much, I just wish it had more hentai for the blondie in that game. XD She’s my favorite. :3 And i’m actually looking forward to your next game. I’m wondering alot on what it would be like. I do know that i want to lewd your new blondie tons. :3

  31. your games are fantastic : >

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