So anyway…

I realize I should have started drawing the actual sex stuff already, the reason I hadn’t was because I was busy with everything else that comes before, so just a warm up I’ve been doing a little bit of that and gah-dehm!! I forgot how time consuming it is.

I guess what I’ll try to do now is to polish the very beginning as much as possible and see how everything clicks together.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been working as consistently as I should, as in I have been working every (available) day but more often than not, not as many hours per day, I’m starting to feel the burnout I think, and it reminds me of this post where I talked about something similar, and yeah some of that may be true right now, it’s probably just temporary but yeah, burnout is a very real possibility at this point, it sucks, for some reason the idea of going against the flow and making a “forbidden” game doesn’t feel as exciting anymore, and knowing that WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY ready to shoot down anything not conforming to its core values doesn’t help.

I don’t have much else to say, I’m working not as fast but still working.

Also sag or no sag? Very important question.


Sag tech has been… improved? didn’t completely remove just toned down, you tell me. Open each and change tabs to see the difference.

Edit 2:

I just received a spanish translation for Ghost Hunter Vena, go to the donwload page to download.

Nueva Traducción en español para Ghost Hunter Vena en la pagina de descargas.


  1. I still wish you’d just open a Patreon and make animations instead of wasting your time with these games. How well have the past two honestly sold for how much work you’ve put into them?

    I could easily see you cranking out an animation or two a month and pulling in 2k in the first two months with your level of capability.

    • I don’t think or care as much about money I guess.

      • Well how is your living situation Vosmug? I’ve been pushing the Patreon thing for years and I swear its not out of malice, I just want to see you get what you honestly deserve for your level of talent.

      • I have no complaints, I’m fine. If money could help me work faster and more consistently that would be different, but I honestly don’t think it would help.

  2. No sag

  3. You just do it because you enjoy it, but you also (maybe) want to prove something to yourself.

    But it lacks the motivation, then comes in addition that something is expected from you. Namely a progress with your project, which you also want to deliver. Then you realize that you could have done more, but you still resist the necessary motivation that gives you strength and strength.

    Money and an environment to expand your community, goals and extras, such as special animations, drawings, or whatever to offer.

    All this would be possible with Patreon.

    I’m not trying to talk you into this, or trying to sell you anything, but without trying it and insisting on your beliefs like an old man is not good. Also not for your psyche.

    Doing work for yourself for nothing without a positive result.

    Is that your kind of self-mortification?

    Do what you want, but don’t expect help if you don’t want to be helped.

    (That is not meant evil, I am only honest.)

    As I already said in another post in your forum.
    I would like to see you on Patreon.

    I’d be your first patron.

  4. BanetteIsThoughtful Says:

    Sag makes boobs look better in my opinion.

    • No sag is one of the big reasons why Ive been following since Prisonkage, and I really hope that their hair will be more detailed like previous games

  5. No sag.

  6. I wanna vote no sag, but it’s not a total dealbreaker either way.

  7. No sagging

  8. I really love the sag! It does wonders to help sell the fact that some of them are so much bigger than others, plus really gives the blonde a super MILFy vibe.

    And also lets you do really fun little things with dialog for certain characters. Like assuming that the blonde and the short-haired girl in that pic are the same “size” on paper, but the short-haired one is so much perkier, you could turn it into a running joke that all of the other girls think that they’re fake because of how they defy gravity.

  9. Hey! I love how new interiors look, they will look much better soon than Xenotake interiors, IMO.
    Several suggestions, if you don’t mind:
    1) Placing a full screen almost transparent sprite with a red/blue/etc. color tint (depending on each particular game level) on the first level of the user’s HUD can make a nice color correction for your game, lots of things will look in place for each scene. It’s simple but efficient. There is a cyberpunk game called Ruiner, which has lots of red UI elements and red levels, I think it’s worth to check it for some ideas regarding level design if you want to stick to red + shades of the grey color palette in levels;
    2) I combat the burnout by changing the tasks. For example, if I do lots of animations and I’m sick of it – then I switch to doing some writing or making new features in the code, etc. Posting the progress more frequently to receive some feedback and for cheering yourself up helps a lot, too. It sucks sometimes when you do lots of work and nobody will see it 😦
    3) Animopron, opiumud and lots of creators with questionable (by Patreon) content use SubscribeStar for a long time. SS added payout to Skrill lately (so they support paying out not only to bank accounts or to Payoneer by using USPS). They are afloat for a long time. Setting up a tip jar there without setting campaign goals is a good option if you don’t want to take too much responsibility (I understand that).

    Your work is awesome, hold fast!

  10. If there’s an older character, use the sag on her.

    Otherwise, no sag for the rest of the crew.

  11. No sag!

  12. You have no need for more money? What ARE you?!

  13. Voting no sag. Also I really love your games and honestly think you should keep on making them regardless of whether you end up doing animations on Patreon or not.

  14. I like no sag more. Or a little sagging, but in moderation.

  15. I really really love your games, I would love to see you improve and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us.

    I think youre one of the very few ppl who got the boob stuff just on point.

    If you ever decide to open up a patreon even tho I couldnt give much I would be happy just to give at least 5€/month or something just to take a burden off your shoulders and never forget, always do what you want to do, dont let anyone pressure you into giving up on your dream, we love you and support you!

  16. Can u take one of your friends and let them get raped in a room full of enemys?
    Also I wouldn’t mind if you take some ghosts from GHV cuz they are fucking hot

  17. No sag also boobgasm plz c:

    I really really love your work, take your time and don’t let other ppl bring you down, if you decide to open a patreon I would be happy to give 5€/month just to help you a little bit.

    1 thing is maybe a little enemy that clings to the MC or some side char and makes them cum from time to time, even if they are resting?

  18. Absolutely no sag 😉

  19. Oh, you are alive!
    Yes, little bit of sag.
    Also, AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  20. No sag.

  21. Those backgrounds actually look very nice, good job.
    Also, if you feel burned out, take a break. No ones holding a gun to your head forcing you to get this done as soon as possible, even if some of the comments may seem like it.
    Also no sag.

  22. I like the sag. Just not too much, the one on the far right looks just about perfect for how far you should go

    Not really related, but have you ever thought about having a mother and son pair of characters in one of your games? Even if they never get any direct action, seems like it would make for some entertaining conversation scenes

  23. You’re a man that is contented to what he has and does not concern himself to such luxury in life, but i digress to that and everyone should have the experience atleast once.

    I do think that for you, luxury is the games you want to play and that you buy and i believe on something like that since i take satisfaction whenever i buy computer hardware for my little business, but i am also not contented to what i have now since its not something i would want to have because it won’t help me further along the line when i get to an old age, not planning to have a family of my own probably gonna die single (not because its my destiny, but i’ve chosen this faith if possible, but would still claim the victory of having to marry a woman and have my own children to share my experiences, except the pornography part, they could discover it by themselves)

    Everybody has their own things made for them, decisions to make, paths to choose, tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve but everybody has their own purpose in life, you my friend has not yet discovered it but doing this hobby of yours to pleasure men like ourselves is a wonderful thing to do, it is an honor that you should accept, but there are still great things ahead of you, this is not me speaking on behalf of all the good games you’ve made to satisfy the lust of these men but rather because you deserve to have all these praises and being reluctant to any of these is a sin.

    Try Patreon atleast for once on this current project of yours, see if it will bloom greatness and it won’t pressure you onto forcing yourself upon to do this project with haste and that you are obligated to do like atleast a monthly or weekly or daily update.
    People will donate money to show their appreciation, atleast give them an easier way of doing so by showing your gratitude towards theirs by hosting a patreon account and letting them donate greatness towards your blessings.

    and also… no sag, it hurts my eyes to see such wonderful plump rack of pleasure to be wrinkled only to decay as an old wrinkled old cheese cloth.

  24. “If money could help me work faster and more consistently that would be different”
    But it would. You could cut back on other sources of income and pay other people to do the more tedious stuff. Then you could focus on art and animations.
    Every project you talk about how you are burning out. Having more time for yourself would probably improve your productivity overall.

  25. No sag in my opinion, Also Vos, don’t worry about feeling burntout, you have done a tremendous amount of work and have gotten further in development than any of your previous games. I truly mean it, if you ever need to take time to rest you should. We’ll be waiting patiently, ready to help you down the line.

    Also, if you feel like it, I would like to talk to you about your previous game that you cancelled. It really intrigued me and I’d love to hear what all you had planned for that game.

    You got this Vos, hang in there!

  26. no sag. Sag is sad

  27. No sag, please – at least not in that way. I hate to be a critic but I’m a massive shit – Most of the mass of a boob will settle at the bottom, giving the topsides a somewhat inwards curve rather than “outwards” (unless they’re fake or fat, but even then it’s somewhat rare), I don’t know why it took me til this post to really notice that this applies to all the characters across all your games, but I only find it to be a huge deal when the nipples are pointing downwards as with that screenshot, that’s what it took for me to really notice. Really loving those backgrounds btw, they’re simultaneously busier but more readable than those of your previous games.

    Regarding burnout, it’s a natural part of the creative process, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. For me it’s usually best to take a break as soon as I identify it, rather than trying to power through which just makes it worse unless the project is that near completion.

  28. Tits should be perky but in all honesty I don’t hate sag. The former gets my vote but I’m good either way homie.

  29. Pls no sag.

  30. Sag, no sag… I’m down with either. All I need from this new game is for that blonde girl to get gangbanged so hard that she loses her mind.

  31. no sag please

  32. Croooooooow Says:

    Personally, I would recruit people to work on the project so you aren’t stuck doing every little tedious detail by yourself.

    If you get the right people, show them the designs and compensate them for services rendered, you could have these games finished before you get burnt out. You already have a reputation & two prior games that seem to have been profitable. What’s stopping you?

  33. no sag. I’m not into 40 year olds.

  34. The new one is just perfect I would say

  35. New sag is A++, I love how heavy they look when you switch from the armored pic holding them up nice and tight to the nude pic of them hanging a bit lower

  36. The new one is really better.
    I don’t know you know but the nude version lacks a light on her hair.

  37. Crazy Ivan Says:

    And what about non-gigantic breasts? Like that which fit in your hand. With that tiny pink naughty nipples.

  38. The toned down sag is better, but I stil would prefer no sag.

  39. Still no

  40. old sag < new sag << no sag at all 🙂

  41. I like the new sag. But it looks like her rear tiddy is larger than her forward tiddy.

  42. Idea! Maybe I know how you would draw the sag effect of those breast.
    Try looking some works made by “digital accel works”.
    I suggest you to google this “Digital Accel Works (INAZUMA)] INAZUMA DEATHSTAR”.
    Let me know if this is what you are looking for 😉

  43. I’m getting some really strong Norea vibes from the blonde girl, and since we’re playing the bad guy this time, I hope that we get the chance to fuck her into total submission…

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if you’ve made your decision yet, but I think you should keep the sag. That is, unless it makes it harder to animate or something, in which case do whatever you think is easiest to draw/animate.

    I’ve been burned out before doing my dinky old stuff, so please don’t overwork yourself. If you need a break, I’m sure we’d all understand!

    • The last pic is the final version, it seems fine to me and there are not many complains, which means it good enough I guess.

      I’m sick, so I’m resting. It sucks.

  45. I am Japanese
    I use Google Translate
    I like your a work
    Wish you creative activity

  46. New sag are really good keep it vos. And stay focus on your way you’re still the best. Cheers bro

  47. edgartheslayer Says:

    I wouldn’t bother with “sag” if I were you. In any other situation I would say that some sagginess is ‘a must’ to be convincing and look less silicone fake (ugh disgusting), but personally I’ve gotten used to your animation *STYLE* and accepted the abstraction and exaggerations it provides.

    But regardless, sag doesn’t necessarily mean nipples need to face down. I guarantee it won’t look good with your style. Sag means that a tity doesn’t look like a perfectly shaped sphere baloon that’s about to pop , but instead – like an upside-down question mark ‘ ? ‘ if you know what I mean. The breast fat tissue starts very subtly on top, and them progressively starts to widen as it goes down, thus only the most bottom half of the breast should look more or less spherical.

    The way you implemented ‘sag’ in GHV was great in certain areas, like for example during the ‘doggystyle’ frog sex animation. It’s always good to improve, but I hope this opinion was worth noting to keep in mind. Looking forward to the new game, cheers!

    • Ahh, forgot to mention about the 3 pics with the blonde. Remember that breasts that have support must look differently compared to naked. In the pic where she has clothes it looks fine, but both old and new look like her right breast is much bigger than the left one (her left-right, from our perspective – her left boob is bigger)

      • and at the beginning of the post, first 3 left of 4 pics look amazing ❤

      • I get what you mean and I agree, the style being very round and somewhat “chubby” doesn’t lend itself to a lot of inward curves, that’s why sag is not exagerated, and what you see is pretty much waht you get right now, also I keep not seeing the size difference, I base drawings on a base rough 3d model and that’s what the perspective says so… I don’t know…

  48. Yeah… repeated work tends to be the cause of burnout, been there done that. No matter how much you like something, doing it days in a row would quickly use up your passion.

    So this might sounds stupid, but keep some pace between works tends to improve the efficiency in the long run. Not necessary move completely away from your game (if you don’t feel like doing it at all, it might be a good idea to take some rest though), just not work on the same thing day after day. Like drawing arts today, do the animation tomorrow, make some programming the day after, or just take a rest and polish the story.

    On the surface this seems very inefficient comparing to continue doing the same work as that would get you work faster on the specific work and you can easily start a day by just continuing what you left yesterday, but it really helps to prevent the burnout (at least for me) to do something different every other day.

    As much as I like to see your game sooner than later, it isn’t worth it if it comes at the cause of you losing your creative passion. Good luck.

  49. Man I just hope you keep making these quality ass games, I loved Ghost hunter, and Xenotake was pretty damn good. Do you think you need to take a break or anything? Get some stress off, I think most of the people here wouldn’t mind you taking a small break to get your mind out of the gutter.

  50. Just have to say that Mala from Xenotake and Norea from GHV have been some of my favorite H-game characters ever! I love female villains that fall victim to their own tactics, really hope that this new game will have someone similar even though we’re technically playing a bad guy this time

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