Going back to nonsense post titles (Update: Aug 16)

Update 2 (Aug 16): I was ready to upload 1.09 and decided to do another test run, it turns out there’s a huge glitch, extra difficulty gets automatically activated after the first orb eater no matter what difficulty you selected, because you know, that’s the room where you need orbs so I had to modify it to have normal orbs instead of less orbs but it got glitched and now even easy difficulty turns into super difficulty afterwards, heh, that’s why this was labeled as a TEST and not a final release, good thing no one thought this was a real release or anything like that *cough* *wink* *wink*… so, yeah… I’ll fix that…

Here’s a soft (beta?) release of the GHV update, the main reason why I’m not officially putting it up for download in the main page or dlsite is because I would like to ask those who want to test it, please do so and let me now what weird things you find, I don’t know what could be broken because of the engine change which required more tweaking than a normal update:

This update is not a big deal really, is not much different to previous updates and you won’t get much out of it if you already played it, so don’t get your hopes too high up, the main differenece is the engine update, there was a lot of trouble updating from GM Studio to GM Studio 2, some things didn’t work properly, some others broke, and I even found some bugs left from the previous versions I never noticed and apparently nobody else did.

The main updates are:

Updated intro and ending images, I’m still not entirely happy about them, mainly the ending ones, you can still select the old ones in the options if you want.

Added an option for custom script translations tho it seems unnecessary at this point; the main reason is because the file system is different in GM studio 2 making it easy, and someone had a Spanish translation in the works for a while now and I wanted to include it, I decided to instead of baking it in, I just added the option for external implementation since it’s so much easier now; on another note, there is a Spanish translation floating around for the previous version, don’t know how they did it.

Extra difficulty mode selectable after beating the game, available when starting a new game and not from the options, almost like a new game plus but not really, let me know if you think more could be added to it (within reason of course).

Fixed a bug where sometimes the map still wouldn’t align with the current floor.

Added prompts to points where jump is necessary.

The rest are minor fixes and internal optimizations that are not visible, most were necessary from the engine update.

Again, this is a soft release, if you feel compelled to test it out, let me know what you find. If you find anything the data on the left is great help to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks in advance if you want to test it.

In other news I haven’t been working on the new project much since I got distracted by the update, so now that it’s done (hopefully no major fixes needed) I’ll go back to work fully on the new one.

Some elbow fixing:

See you later.


Update: Jul 29

WARNING: To be safe, make a copy of your saved date, it should be fine but I can’t be 100% sure:   %localappdata%\ghost_final\

1.9 Test 2

I believe everything is already fixed and working properly, it’s still in test mode just in case, if nothing new comes up I’ll uploaded the proper version to the download page a week from now or so, thanks again to those who want to test it and helped me test it before, there were some pretty big problems found, thanks.


The font now has Russian and Polish characters, if there’s interest in other languages I’ll update the fonts, I believe Portuguese and German are already in but I’m not sure, so for those who are interested in the translation process this is how it works.

The numbers in the first line of the text determines the font used:

00 is default: English, Spanish, (I believe Portuguese and German too)

01 is Arial font with extra European alphabets characters, for now: Polish, Russian

So write the number you need followed by whatever you want to write (language, your name, etc)

Modifiable script files are:

txtdata.txt = Main Dialogs

txtdata2.txt = Extra environment text and journal pages

txtdata_jp and txtdata2_jp are Japanese, txtdata_c and txtdata2_c are the ones loaded as the custom language option, of course you can modify any of those but the custom is the one you should go for and the only one that accepts the font change.

I’ll add this information as a help text file later.

As an additional note, this is a weird addition, the reason why I’m doing this is because it’s easier with the new engine but it’s kind of unnecessary at this point, of course this is the system I’ll keep using for future projects so fan translations can be done close to release instead one year later, unless the engine changes and use of external files is limited again.

EXTRA difficulty

First of all, this time I tested more thoroughly and I have to say, It’s kind of annoying, only worth it if you want the challenge, I wasn’t able to upgrade any power up, that’s why I changed the orbs from 4 to 15; mind you, not every ghost drops 15, they drop normally but instead there can only be 15 on the screen at any given time, the rest disappear, maybe with 15 you can at least upgrade something.

It took me a bit over 2 hours skipping all dialog and going exactly where I needed to go, of course retying a bunch of times, especially bosses.

I still don’t know if there will be a reward at all, I didn’t plan this, this was a last minute addition due to some interest, I didn’t even know what to do or how to do it, so… I dunno…

Everything else

I really need to be done with this and continue working on the new project.

Is mega working for you? I can’t download anything anymore; it always tells me my bandwidth was exceeded, even when I haven’t downloaded anything recently.



90 Responses to “Going back to nonsense post titles (Update: Aug 16)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    !st comment

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think the updated images look great, mostly Rixa’s ending image

    • really? That’s the one I have the most problem with, the proportions look werid to me.

      • Anonymous Says:

        yup, but I still kinda wonder whats going on in her image. As for the extra mode would it be possible to add a small reward for completing it?

      • reward like what?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I know its gotta be something quick so maybe a simple image or text preview for the sequel. Maybe showing the picture that Norea was holding at the end

      • it was a note, also there are no plans for a sequel or anything like that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ah well I still hope Sui will be playable if theres ever is a sequel in the future, even if the gameplay is different like with this game

      • Generick Says:

        100% agree with that last anon. Respect your wishes about wanting to try new things and not get tied down with direct sequels, but I can’t stop dreaming about some smaller Sui side-story game with the combat being replaced with hide and seek style mechanics to change things up

        or a Xenotake prequel about that blonde captain when she first got captured

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So, what’s actually changed in the “Extra” mode? Seems like you get a LOT less orbs. Anything else?

    • Just Hard difficulty by default and less orbs so far, that’s why I feel it needs a bit more but don’t know what.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well you could try changing some mechanics to be a bit harder if that’s at all possible. Like, being able to be separated from the glove. Not sure if it is possible but it just always bugged me that you couldn’t leave the same room as the glove and the little head ghosts that steal the glove from you either drop it at the end of the room or at your feet.

  4. Anonymous#34 Says:

    So I started replaying the game because I hadn’t in a while and wanted to use the new hard mode, and found a bug that completely stops progress. While you are fighting the second boss that’s a red ghost (the one with the singular arm), if you lose during the fight you’ll spawn bound in the basement trapped by the ghost tentacles, and if you go back to the girls you’ll find the two floating above the ground. You cannot talk to them, and when you go back to where you should fight the boss it will not spawn in, but the side of the arena will be there preventing progress. Restarting the game fixes this problem and puts them back on the ground so you can talk to them, but just something I thought I’d point out. If I find anymore (since I’m playing through the entire game again) I’ll report back. (Under the tag Anonymous#34) Sorry I don’t remember the order I did it in after spawning in the basement, I think I went to the girls first which might break the sequence but I don’t know.

    • I know exactly why that happened, you shouldn’t spawn in the first place, that should have been a checkpoint load.

      I’m on it, thanks.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have you thought about adding more steps to the scape depending on difficulty?

    • As in more key inputs? Not sure if it’s possible the way it’s designed, I need to check, but I like the idea.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yeah something like having to press a key sequence or something.
        I tested the “new game +” and so far no problems, tho it would need to give something to make it worthwhile playing it, given that right now its just hard with less orbs. No idea what it could be without having to work on a new animation or something like that tho.
        Also I like the new art better than the old one.

  6. CritMiss Says:

    With every picture you post of this new character, my curiosity gets more unbearable to find out what her whole deal is. Maybe it’s just the pose with a wine glass and outfit combination, but I’m getting some really strong “Head Bitch in Charge” vibes in the best possible way. I can’t wait to hear more about her and the game’s story!

    Meanwhile, I’ll just keep hoping that she’s closer to Sui than Captain Ran in terms of how many scenes she will get. ^_^

    • There’s not much implemented yet in terms of characters, I need to get to it faster tho, and to everything else in general.

      • CritMiss Says:

        I have to admit, her being in charge (presumably at least, given her rank) is something that I really find intriguing, what with how you are switching up the roles with the protagonist this time. There are so many fun things that you could do with Geminis and her personality as this consistent adversary and narrative rival throughout the game, to make it that much more rewarding when you finally defeat her.

        I can easily see two different versions of her when I look at that design: the first being someone with a long reputation of being the hero of other stories and always saving the day, only to finally meet her match against whatever this guy is supposed to be. Or the second one as some incompetent, no-nonsense commander right out of a horror movie who completely mishandles the situation and might as well be the real villain if it weren’t for the player character running around.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Would randomized ghosts in extra mode be too much?

  8. glad to see that you’re still working, when will you release a new game demo ?

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    glad that you are still working. However, when I try to to open the application to start the program, Norton AntiVirus Sonar pegs it as a risk and kills it immediately. Norton then forces a restart. Don’t know if there is something with the program that looks suspicious or if someone has attached a virus to your program. Might want to check it.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    ending images don’t work for me when i run the ending from a previously-saved game – most of the screen is blacked out, so I can’t see them. Maybe I can only see the new end-game images with a new game?

  12. Anonymous#34 Says:

    I replied to the wrong chain by accident so I’ll start a new one

    Anonymous#34 back with the same vein of problem just in case you didn’t find all of them. After you return to the library to find the girls are missing and go out to find them, you get trapped in the arena with the angry version of one of the normal ghosts. Dying here will respawn you trapped in the room with the torso boss that you defeated a little before going back to the library. The room you are in is in the basement and is the left of the room above the ability or save pedestal. When you go back to the library the event with Sui doesn’t play. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. Events after this do load in so I am guessing this is intentional, I just don’t know why you would spawn so far away from where you were.

    Another issue is that the same spawn happens when you die to the two angry ghosts after getting astral projection, you get put in the same basement room bound by the torso boss. It just seems too far to be where you should spawn.

    • It’s based on the same problem, checkpoints don’t work properly, instead they give you a respawn where they shouldn’t, thanks I think I know how to better fix it.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Quick take on the extra mode: it’s not a bad idea, but scaling values up and down won’t work…
    The Smith boss fight becomes almost impossible (I hit it 20 times with the banishment seal yet it’s still around doing massive damage).

    • It’s not scaling values, it’s the original hard difficulty but with less orbs meaning you don’t level up nearly as fast a before. Sounds like there could be another problem.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh… alrighty then. I guess it’s just the hard difficulty being hard. I guess I’ll just have to be more careful.
        (The checkpoint bug applies to this fight aswell btw, after losing once you’re blocked out of the fight unless you reload the save)

  14. This is a small request, but if you continue to update Ghosthunter Vera can we get a proper scene with the Mansion Flashback girls? It looks like they already have animations but they’re obscured by the shōji shade.

  15. Anonymous#34 Says:

    Anonymous#34 here, since I replayed the game on hard mode first then used extra mode I didn’t have any problems besides the check point and black ending screens. However, extra mode is fine until you reach rm_eater1, which is the first eater. Since I’m guessing the orb eater only opens the door if you feed him enough orbs, meaning he’s not tied to the amount of enemies killed in the room, but the amount of orbs that he gets, you effectively get softlocked into the room after killing the two ghosts. You cannot leave, you cannot attract more ghosts to kill, you’re just stuck. I restarted and tried again but to no avail. The solution for this is add the ability to summon more ghosts through masturbation, have more spawn in initially when you first masturbate, or change the orb eater’s values so that it isn’t dependent on the orbs but the amount of enemies you kill in the room. I might be dumb and not have figured something else out, but extra mode only allows you to get here.

    • HOLY BLUAGHH!! Yes you are right, what a horribly stupid oversight, I feel like an idiot now.

      Attracting ghosts is tied to the main event variable, meaning is pretty much scripted so changing it to attract more is not easy at this point, the best thing to do I think is to allow normal orb drops in those specific rooms.

      Thanks, that’s a good catch.

      • Anonymous#34 Says:

        I’ll use the scene selector to continue exploring but that seems like it would be the only problem to arise from less orbs, but who knows.

      • Anonymous#34 Says:

        Not sure if this is intentional or not but using scene skip on an extra difficulty mode file changes the difficulty to normal because the orb drop rate becomes normal again. And it’s also a cheat because you get attack leveled up to three.

      • Skip doens’t take into account extra difficulty, not even “intro skip” does. And I think it shouldn’t since if you skip then is not difficult anymore so what’s the point?, it would have been useful for testing purposes but other than that, I think it defeats the purpose.

        I’ll update the changes soon, maybe tomorrow, you should be able to continue normally from your last extra save.

        Thanks again.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    A double pen would be nice 😀

  17. Anonymous Says:

    So I’m guessing no masturbation function after its use is fulfilled?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe a double pen or gangbang?

  19. edgartheslayer Says:

    Damn I’d rebuy the whole ghv game and pay extra on top if there was a DLS with new animations, like, making every monster have two possible animations + double/triple penentration (with varieties, depending on..?) and not just having a few do that. Maybe chug in a couple secrets? You can’t imagine just how a few secrets can expand the lifespam of a game… especially secret sex animation xD

    Anyway, dreams and wishes aside, sorry if I’m being stupid but is there a guide how to install the “1.09” test patch properly? do I just chug all the .rar content into the main game file or data \AppData\Local\Ghost_Final or…? Also, I tried putting them into the main folder and now some ‘developer information’ is showing like fps and I dunno how to turn it off, kinda distracting and emersion breaking:(

    • you can extract it anywhere, it uses the same data folder automatically, but it’s a completely new executable file, so anywhere is fine.

      It’s a test, it’s not supposed to be fully playable yet, in fact several game breaking problems have been found, so don’t treat it as an actual full release just yet.

      • edgartheslayer Says:

        Of course. By the way, here is my first two bug reports on the EXTRA hard start:
        1. (rm_eater1), masturbating a couple of times is not enough to feed the door ghost since so few orbs are created when you banish mobs. Pressing F doesn’t do anything anymore(that’s where usually the cut scene starts as the door opens I believe), can’t leave through the way out so very much stuck. Tried it a few times, putting clothes on.. same result.
        2. this might be intentional..?.. but banishing mobs does not create more orbs than 4, even if you banish several mobs, if you pick up 1 orb (3 is left) and banish a dozen mobs, there will be total of 4 (forcing you to absorb them before banishing anyone else if you want to get the most of the orb “drops”). In other words- banishing mobs does not make them make less orbs, the number of orbs that can be active is just limited to 4.

      • edgartheslayer Says:

        oh, forgot that someone posted about the door ghost already, ups XD anyway, thanks for bringing up the game again! It’s so awesome.

      • 1. yeh
        2. That’s intended, I’m increasing orbs from 4 to 8 at a time tho.

        thanks for taking the time

  20. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    No se porque no me llego la notificación de una nueva beta de Ghost Hunter vena o Este post, pero es genial que publique algo nuevo, si puedo pruebo el juego, tengo la mala suerte de que a mi me ocurren todo tipo de fallos

  21. Anonymous Says:

    1. Reconoce mis partidas del juego anterior por suerte
    Cuando tenga tiempo lo voy probando, supongo que la traducción se puede meter ahí mismo en donde se instal+o el juego no es así?

    • Si, tambien se puede modificar directamente.

      No es necesario probarlo, voy a subir una nueva version con nuevos arreglos pronto.

      • Alexander Vazquez Says:

        Gracias, mmm no se porque comenté desde otro lado, estaré al pendiente de sus novedades, saludos vosmug

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hello. I want to add Russian language. But the Russian language is not visible. I understand correctly that this problem with fonts is solved only in the code of the game?

    • I would have to add a new font, I’ll check and see how it works.

    • I’m adding an additional font with the extra characters, that’ll have to do since the normal text is custom made and I would have to manually draw all the new symbols, which yeah, I won’t do that, I added polish just in case.

      Do you or anyone else know a better font other than Arial? It’ll have to be free and common usage, arial just looks a bit bland.

  23. Paolopizzapo Says:

    i can’t get it to work.. i tried to add the “DHVdatak” in a newly created “data” folder but still won’t work. can you help me ?

    • If it’s the first time you’re playing you’re better playing the previous version (1.08) from the download page, this version is a test and is not fully playable yet now that problems have been found.

      The data folder is loacted in the appdata folder:

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Could somebody upload a save to see the gallery? Or, if in future, a feature added to freely view the gallery. Thanks, Vosmug. I like your work.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hope to see a shower scene in this game

  26. Megamore Says:

    Is there any chance that you might add an alternate unlockable ending to Ghost Hunter Vena where they fail to escape the mansion?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    can you keep the masturbation function still possible in the endgame? It’s pretty hot. Or at least available in the gallery?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    that new video has me even more excited for the demo. Will there be any nudity or sex scene in beta demo?

  29. So with this new game, will there be any other male characters than the protagonist involved with the story or is it all just him and the ladies?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there!

    I would like to know if the new game you’re currently developing will be having the same gameplay elements of GHV or will it be something like a dialogue based game? like in order to have progress with the ladies, you have to know how would you approach them, if you’re going to the aggressive route of forcing them into submission, there would be a different sex scene from another route where instead you reason with them to do this and that and then both the player and the character involved will have a mutual understanding and it would give a different impression for us when we play it depending on how we approach and pick the dialogues, but i think it wouldn’t be possible since from the way you made GHV and Xenotake i don’t think you can do that on the current application you’re using when you were still developing the other 2 great games you’ve accomplished to complete and was a success.

    If somehow you want to do something like that, you can ask us for advice on what dialogues would be perfect for this scene for both the response of the character involved (the ladies) and what would be the choices for you to pick in order to frick them, or you can just force your way into them.

    Ofcourse it would drastically change the way you do things and that would also give you more knowledge and take advantage of that and improve your skills in doing scripts and stuff.

    If not interested, i do hope you add atleast a few scenes for a pleasure robot to frick one of the characters in the game (the character preferably someone that dislikes robots)

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Me and my prediction again.

    about gameplay…about Solid slith and bowl dumpling.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    After looking at the artworks what Vos has done is pretty amazing. That man with his hair and metal rode into his head to close enough to be come alien (sorry to spoil you Vos). That Youtube clip I watched, I think its all about capture big ship and enslave all women onboard.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a chance that there will be some futa on your new project? for instance, like the male character on a futa and while the male one rams her from behind, tentacle like contraptions with suckers would suck her futa dick, this is actually a good fetish for some of the doujins i’ve seen on the internet, there’s a few good ones out there with a scene where a futa gets her dick sucked by a tentacle or some sort of long object resembling of that a tentacle but not entirely.

    if by any chance you would make another game right after this current one, please do an archaic age where mages and wizards are more of a norm, as well as elves, anything that’s a genre of fantasy since that’s something that you haven’t tackled before and that is also a good starting point to draw in more people that likes that kind of stuff, but ofc even if its not fantasy your games are still of top quality, very erotic indeed

    • Yes there will be, not exactly as you describe it but yes.

      I’m thinking about a fantasy setting next time, yes to that too, but things might change, it’s still too soon to know for sure.

      • CritMiss Says:

        You’re probably really focused on finishing this game right now and don’t want to get sidetracked, but next time you hit some kind of creative lull, I would LOVE to read a blog post that was just about what you are thinking for a fantasy game, even if they’re just vague ideas.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That sounds EXTREMELY gay

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that there will be a feature in the game as to where you can let the characters retain their clothing, or to remove the one fucking the ladies so that the only thing you can see is the penis or tentacle penetrating them.

    If its not so much trouble on the animation, i do hope on some key scenes where it would be best to retain their clothing is to where we get the option to turn it off or on to our liking

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, seen the youtube clip and it looks really detailed and much more sharper than your previous works so far.

    This is probably gonna take a lot of work considering my guess is the clip starts at the earliest stages of the game, this is unusual for you considering your 2 previous games are more likely to have action the moment you start the game, but this one might probably a puzzle solving game rather than an action, kick n punch game, which is totally a good move on your part and this will also give you more ideas for your next future projects (i’m getting a vibe that your next one would be a fantasy themed game)

    One thing i’m concerned about is will there be some sort of upgrading system in the game? i’ve seen that drone scene, and the theme is in space, its much more techy than your usual vibe of the game, there will probably a scene there where the drones you will try and send out on the airways might have a very strict air filtration system that detects anything that goes right through besides dust and clogs, having an upgrade system would make players decide which they would want, to enhance the stealth of the drone by giving it a much smaller version of itself, or having more drones to send out incase it gets destroyed on the air filtration system.

    You should add categories that can help players progress in the game since it would be like a puzzle game, there’s not gonna be a level up system (i think?) where you can spam and upgrade stuff while you’re preparing to go through the upper levels of the game.

    My suggestions on the categories (if there’s still a mechanic in the game that could give you the ability to subdue the female soldiers using sex)
    upgrades that can help increase the possibility of making a female soldier orgasm to weaken and subdue them, this could also probably make negotiations go smoothly (if there is any in this game)

    Social upgrades for barter, having upgrades on this category can prove useful in most cases such as negotiating, doing something for them could benefit you by gaining their trust, this could mean more options to pick (this could be a lot of work but its just for sharing ideas)

    Mechanical upgrades
    Idk if you’re gonna have any of these, but having more options to spy and be more stealthy could help the players progress in through the game and helping them in the toughest situations that requires a specific type of level on a category of upgrades to progress (they should still be able to complete the game in any normal means without having to focus on any 1 of the category but even so there should be enough that it could help them get past through that certain stage of the game

    • I appreciate your enthusiasm but you’re thinking too hard about it, gameplay mechanics are not going to be that in-depth this time around. You could say there’s a main upgrade system but it’s automatic.

      • Anonymous Says:

        So the upgrades are basically automatic depending on your progression on the story or in the game?

        Have you got any info you might wanna share about the sex mechanics in the game? will it be very similar to GHV or Xenotake? or will it be more on cutscenes and stuff? I hope this time around there will be some sort of feature for us to control what we want to do with whatever scenes may it be.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    im surprised the game got updated with a harder difficulty. this just an idea for the hard difficulty but knowing your done with this project so it wont probably wont happen but i was thinking of vena being naked through out the game no
    clothes recovery but that my idea i think seen someone ask this not too sure

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