Space Stuff Again

Hello, what’s going on here? This hasn’t been shut down by the corporate overlords? Weird.

Anyway, thanks everybody for your words of encouragement, I appreciate it… the world still sucks tho… so there’s that small inconvenient, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m stupid.

Sooooooooooooooooooo, I bring bad news… or good depending on your view, long story short I’m no longer working on the previous game you saw, the RPG thing that I was working on it’s no longer the next project, it’s cancelled, maybe I’ll work on it later but is not likely, I don’t know, sorry if you were looking forward to that particular game, I’m working on something else already; there wasn’t much beyond what’s in the demo, for whatever that’s worth.

The reason is there were some things that got too complex and too time consuming to be viable, that added to the fact it wasn’t a very popular idea in the first place kind of killed my motivation, I really like the combat so that code can be used later… maybe…

Sorry about that again, I figured there wasn’t much point in continuing when it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out, so I’m just going to back down a bit and work on something less complex again, don’t know how appealing it will be this time tho. To be honest, some of the ideas weren’t working either, so complexity wasn’t the only factor.

After that then, I’m working on something else:

I’ll have details later.

In other (even more bad news) news: The world is going crazy, sony, tumblr, patreon are going after the sexy ladies, nobody is safe anymore, specially concerning patreon with their studiofow take down, double specially the part about “sexualized violence” or whatever, which basically means rape, so… if that becomes the norm eventually it could catch up to other platforms like blogger or WordPress, even DLsite could be affected, so not a good sign overall… and you all laughed at me about the SJWpocalypse, who’s laughing now, nobody really, we’re all doomed.

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  1. It’s your project, take all the time you need. We will be waiting patiently for the next game, no matter how long it takes.

  2. Well your last game was a failure from what all the reviews say so lets hope your next game does better. I’d recommend focusing on the sex instead of the half-baked level design and story. Sorry Vos, your first game was a hit but rehashing the same idea over and over again is just going to get stale.

    • Dude what the hell are you talking about? Ghost Hunter Vena was a failure? Are you kidding? Both Xeno and GHV were amazing and I can’t wait to play Vosmug’s next project!

      • Sales wise it was a flop. Story wise it was a flop. Go look up reviews for it folks were not happy at all.

    • what are you talking about you idiot? just from DLsite alone, not inlucding paypal purchases, he made a very substantial amount of money from the game. not posting the number since it’s not really anyone’s bizness.

    • You mean that’s what you personally want him to do. There were a bunch of assholes saying the same shit back when he was working on the project still, you were probably one of them. To throw out some bullshit like “all the reviews are saying it” just solidifies what a massive tool you are. The fact that you personally didn’t like the story and have an obvious personal agenda to get him to cut the story from his games doesn’t mean it was a “flop.” Let the man do what he wants. That will always be enough no matter how much you try to get in his head.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I actually remember back from Xenotake some idiot was in the comments insisting he forego the story and basically turn it into nothing but a gallery. Guess he’s back under a new identity.

      • I really don’t care, but the funny part is “doing the same thing over and over” yet I was working on somthing different, an RPG and quite a few didn’t like it either, you can’t please everyone either by doing the same thing or something different.

    • Nice joke. GHV was probably one of the best games in my opinion. The story was very appealing and it was interesting…. if you only want to fap then see porn dude xD.

      • ThatOneParticularGhost Says:

        Jup, GHV was AND still is the BEST porn game I have ever played. Interesting story (the letters were kinda nice addition), great gameplay (tough if you did not farm) and incredibely well designed sex scenes. If you ever find something similar to this, I wouldn’t mind if you told me, because this is A++ in this category.

  3. Xenotake is a great game and reuse the project code with a new story will be a good choice, making progress faster.

  4. double heroine this time?

  5. Christin Eleven Says:

    Well, actually Steam is getting friendly with Hentai, maybe ghe sole protector? Eroico was accepted into Steam for example! 🤔

    • aren’t they removing stuff again? Also I don’t know how are they handling the whole sexual violence aspect, I havne’t even checked tho.

      • I think they are only removing “loli” content, since it’s against the law in the USA, you could also sell a “steam +18 patch” in dlsite, like some games do if you think its too risky.

  6. Is this in the same world/universe as Xenotake?

  7. I was interested in your previous project but, not gonna lie, im much more interested in this new space project. This is gonna be good.

  8. Good to see there’s more variation when it comes to bust size. Although most are still quite large, which is not my preference, but I don’t mind much when it comes to your games.

    Sad to see your previous idea go, as I was curious about what you would do with it, but in the end it’s your choice. Just do whatever feels best and makes you happy.

  9. Sometimes, i miss your ryona, guro. you don’t have plan to make the games about them?

    • I don’t know anymore, it’s too difficult to work on several things at the same time. I have to focus on only one thing, for now and probably for longer it’s going to be this kind of games now.

  10. Xenotake II all the way!!! IMHO I would just plan everything for Japanese platforms from the start. Enty, ci-en, DLSite – it’s quite tough place for SJWs to get there. I decided to make localization for Asia because of the same reason – Asian platforms are our back-up, they are not so convenient as Patreon, but some developers manage to work with Enty somehow. As for FOW – it’s long story, but they mocked Patreon multiple times on the Patreon itself after being unsuspended, lol, so that’s probably not the best example. But yeah, censorship becomes scary. I would stick to Asia anyway if you want to go really hardcore.

    • Not xenotake 2 but close, even tho maybe not…. mh..

      The reason patreon stated officialy seemed very believable for the usual narrative, if that was just an excuse I still think is not crazy to see the patterns, we’ll see what happens with other SFM creators.

    • Patreon has double standards, lots of companies have double standards. They also involved themselves into some political shitshow with banning some political organizations, etc. Currently I see that some people created accounts on Subscribestar website instead of Patreon, and lots of people closed NSFW accounts on Tumblr and created Newgrounds accounts for promoting their stuff, we’ll see where it’s going. The next year will be interesting.

  11. oooh nice I am already liking this more than the RPG project, also possible Xenotake prequel/sequel of some sort? Good luck with it, it looks good so far.

    Also I never laughed about the SJWapocalypse, always knew where we were getting to

  12. While I am excited to see a new game in development, I do hope that it’ll be a reality that we’ll see Nightmare Escape finished at least to an extent. I personally loved the turn based combat as a call back to the earlier eroge games back on rpgmaker. I also liked the idea of having a male protagonist, hopefully to have fun defeats with female enemies. Regardless, I can’t wait to see your new game and I can’t wait to take a few days off to immerse myself in your games.

    (p.s.) As a sidenote, would you be willing to send me some of the artwork sketches or models you had for NSP? I’ve been colleting all kinds of data from your games to record the history of development, just as a little personal thing. Thanks again! And do your best on this new project!

  13. angry person Says:

    ooooh. yeah all this sjw bullshit is getting out of hand. dunno how that would stop but it’s annoying.

    Anyways, i wish goodluck on you on your life-stuff and your next project!!! I love your works as always 🙂 .i would like to see that blue gal from “planning next thing” post; tho that’s just my opinion and preference :3

  14. I love sci-fi setup so it’s going to be my good news 😀

    Sadly the newly (and poorly written)law are now apply to overall sexual content, will SJW happy about this ? I’m sure they are, they never nuts, they never touch porn, they surely are 120% evolved human being that certainly not need any entertainment in their life especially porn 😛

    Enough off topic I guess ?

    I would prefer your fully action game over RPG element any day even tho your last game are really interesting but let’s go with your best pick, you’re the guy and I’m sure you can get a job done nevertheless.

    Based on your tiny sneak peek, are this game going to feature any kind of dress up-ish element or maybe just storyline outfit etc etc. — ?

    Does this girls will be playable in certain partial section of the game ?
    If each one have to do their job on their own way with playable asset it would be very unique gameplay and story progress just like Little Samson game! But I certainly not set my hope that much, just curious :3

    How’s overall story you named out this one ?
    Your XT world have really interesting setup and I would love to know more about them!

    • No dress-up, that’s one of the elements that got too complex so I won’t try it again for now, also there’s only one playable character, the story is in the same universe as XT but not directly related.

      • Straight storyline as usual, I see. It’s simple and easy to digested.

        Good luck on your project man, I’m sure you’re a guy who know what to kept and what to ignore, those horny man that want nothing but your porn are really discomforting me, bruh.

        Keep up the good work!

  15. SoundOfDarkness Says:

    Ok, first: I love Xenotake AND Ghost Hunter Vena. Both great games in my opinion. I actually like GHV more than XT, because it wasn’t so short. And I didn’t care about the backtracking because I love some exploration. May only “complaint” would be that all girls are tit goblins, because I’m more into small or normal sized breasts, but that doesn’t say anything about the quality of your games.

    Of course I found both games on different sites for free and downloaded them there. Yes, I know that’s piracy and that it’s only a minor annoyance for big studios but really bad for someone like you. After seeing how great those games are I bought both. Finally some hentai/porn games, that are not just a mediocre beat’em up or SNES style RPG. I also love that you don’t have to lose to see the naughty stuff. I love that you have a focus on story, while keeping the gameplay simple.

    I didn’t really read anything about your cancelled project, so I can’t say anything about it. Don’t force yourself to finish the next project. It’s bad for your health and especially for your mental health. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Also a rushed project might turn out to be bad. Just look at all those rushed so-called triple A games.
    Take all the time you need.

  16. StoryWhore Says:

    Oh wow, I am absolutely loving these new designs! Wasn’t really super enthusiastic about your RPG concept yet because it seemed like the main character’s outfit was revealing to the point of not really having a super distinctive look, but these are just the perfect blend of sex and style. A+ on that across the board!

    Also appreciate that you’re getting a bit more variety with the body types… particularly “Salka” and “Geminis”, who seem to put Sui and Captain Ran to shame in terms of being the top-heavy ones in each of your previous games. I can only hope that won’t go unnoticed by the other characters in the game. =P

    I know it seems like you’re eager to try your hand at something new to challenge yourself, but as far as being part of your audience goes, I am more than happy for you to stick with the simpler formula as long as you feel necessary, so long as it means that I can get more of the characters and dialog in your stories as soon as reasonably possible!

    There’s no sense in rushing it so early when you’ve just started from scratch, but I have to say that I’m *really* looking forward to hearing more about your ideas for what the story with this one.

  17. Back to Prisonkage one day is my personal preference.

  18. this time please put death scenes see ” seed of dead ” not so brutal but some death animations. GHV for me is one of the best game ever but no death scenes 😦 if a girl is defeated by a ghost he doesn t live her alive 😦

  19. this time please put death scenes

  20. Regarding the SJWpocalypse, Japan will remain untouched. Adult media is its own paradigm over there, so I wouldn’t worry about the likes of DLSite, Ci-en and Enty. As for Patreon, Tumblr and others – especially Tumblr – they’re already being hurt by their decisions and other platforms will fill the gap in the west because the market exists and won’t go away.

    More space is great. In terms of setting, visuals and design Xenotake is still one of my favorites. I preferred the gameplay in GHV though. I’m sure I’ve said it before but to me the most mechanically fun part of XT was the robot section – Whether a scrolling Shm’up would work in the context of an H-game is a different question though, I’d lean toward no unless it’s GOR or H-as-a-reward.

    When it comes to “Combat Rape” (CR) – I.e. H-content that occurs during gameplay as opposed to a cutscene, on losing or in any other non-interactable event – it’s a toss-up between Action or RPG mechanics. Each has significant strengths and weaknesses.

    The biggest problem facing CR in (Turn-based) RPGs is making the surrounding gameplay varied enough to remain engaging, as well as implementing said CR in a way that makes sense to the gameplay. I’m referring mostly to RPGMaker and its ilk, since it’s what I’m most familiar with.

    Some games do this incredibly well. I’d point to Unko Morimori Maru’s Taimamiko Yuugi and its in-dev sequel Exorcism Shrine Maiden, as well as RiceRing’s Rei the Drifter Girl as the best examples I know of.
    In the former two, enemy H-attacks can occur at any time during battles and drain the Player Character’s MP – if it drops to 0 she faints for a few turns – making use of the powerful magic attacks risky, and forces the player to choose between tanking the MP damage, or trying to cancel the H-attack by damaging the enemy about to perform it.
    In the latter, the PC has a stamina meter which builds up as you perform moves and suffer enemy attack. When it’s full (i.e. her stamina’s depleted), Rei drops her sword and becomes essentially defenseless. At any point an enemy can initiate a QTE attack that will either disarm Rei, or if she’s already disarmed, grapple her.

    The biggest strength of the turn-based RPG in this context then, is being able to slow down the action, giving the player time to “appreciate the art” during combat without requiring their immediate intervention to avoid losing completely.
    Developmentally, I also imagine it’s much more expedient (Assuming you know the toolset) to create environments and link them together with the story.

    Action games tend to flip a lot of this on its head. The gameplay its self is relatively easy to make engaging, but one of the biggest problems I see with them – and this is true especially of Xenotake (sorry 😦 ) – is the gameplay has to be complex and/or difficult enough for the player to be vulnerable, otherwise they’ll never see the H-content if they play well. At the same time, if it’s too difficult they will see the same H-content over and over until they finally figure out how to move on.

    The biggest sticklers here are 1: failure states (more on this later) and 2: again, player-character vulnerability. It’s easy to abstract in an RPG, because it’s just a numbers game, but if the player’s task in an action game is simple enough (Eg. Xenotake – shoot left or shoot right, fast enough to kill the enemies. Backpedal if they’re too close), the player has to sabotage practically sabotage themselves to see an enemy’s H-attack.

    GHV was a great stride in this aspect. In line with that, the solution in my opinion is to use survival-horror mechanics as opposed to straight-up action.
    Bind the player’s combat capacity to the resources they have available, and make those resources scarce. Limit the player’s power through challenging enemy abilities.

    So, back to failure states, another problem facing ACT games is that each time you suffer an H-attack brings you closer to game-over, and in no example I’ve seen is it as “elastic” than in the better examples of RPGs. Part of it is that you’re typically only in control of one character, and if they’re incapacitated cause an enemy’s grabbed them, it becomes much more difficult to come back from that state.

    Enter “Rape on lose”. You just scratched the surface of it with GHV. The first time you encounter the humanoid ghosts, at least in the demo, Vena wakes up bound in a different room if you lose at that point. Having this be the case throughout most, if not all, of the game means loss isn’t loss, it’s just a temporary setback. It keeps the flow of the chain of events instead of breaking or resetting it. And it allows the player to keep their progress, maybe with some kind of penalty, instead of beating their head against a proverbial wall. It could even be an opportunity to give the player a “comisseration”, ie bump up their power and/or resources to help them clear the area they lost in. Most importantly, it avoids excessively punishing the player for being defeated, which is down the same path as the requisites to accessing the game’s H-content during gameplay.

    Another game I played, I think it’s called Castle Evil, would have the player wake up in a dungeon after losing, and you had to run past some enemies to escape. Doing so was easy, but it was much more cohesive than just being kicked back to the menu after a GOR scene (or not) to reload where you last saved.

    I could talk at further length about this stuff, but to summarise the mechanics of my ideal H-game:

    The gameplay is built around combat-rape as a mechanic. It could drain stamina, MP or lead to status effects, but never directly results in loss.

    The player character is vulnerable enough, or the enemies powerful/evasive enough for H-attacks to succeed.

    The player character is resilient enough (or the game is generous enough with supplies etc) to suffer several such H-attacks without the player losing.

    Loss doesn’t result in a game-over, but a continuation of the gameplay. Have the PC wake up in a different room after the enemies have had their fun with her. Maybe throw in an escape sequence with some bonuses along the way to make it not-a-waste-of-time, but an opportunity to capitalise on or at least break-even.

    The player isn’t punished for letting a H-scene play out when initiated – any damage caused is pre-determined and isn’t affected by how long the scene goes on for.

    Sheeit I just had a lightbulb. So, take any ACT H-game, but make the CR a turn-based minigame. So the player can watch the current stage of the animation as long as they like, and to get out of it is less trivial than just mashing a button and less frustrating or distracting than inputting a random sequence of keys

    That’s about all I got but I could probably think of more. Anyway, hope this is some helpful food for thought.

    • yikes

    • I don’t know man, I’m more specifically talking about the “violent sexual content” (I’m not so sure if patreon said this or not anymore) but if it becomes a big taboo in the west just like loli content is, it could affect western creators submitting such content to DLsite, we are already not allowed to submit loli to Dlsite, I even had to change the word kid in GHV at their request, this is because they have to comply with western laws and standards when dealing with western creators, so if rape becomes a big deal, it could go the same way as loli…. Just a paranoid guess tho.

      Also, I’m not so sure about japan being safe, since sony moved their HQ to SJW central, even Japanese studios are having trouble releasing ero content IN japan, sure it’s just on consoles… for now, but the idea of japan being safe it’s starting to break.

      It would be interesting to hear from Japanese users how the situation is over there.

  21. netherus666 Says:

    i can understand that it would be a bit more complex then your usual stuff, i won’t lie im glad to see you working on a project like your other stuff instead though it’s still a shame you couldn’t make the one you wanted :/

  22. we’ll survive. we always have. as that guy in the movie about dinosaurs said “porn, uh, finds a way” or something like that.
    even if we have to make our own websites, conservative prudes or cranky SJWs will never truly be able to wipe out us

  23. I like the blue haired girl you created. I’m a sucker for ripped tops in general, so there’s that.

    In a similar vein, I can only repeat myself: The ‘voluntary’ baring of breasts was the coolest feature in Prisoncage and I’d love to see it return in another game of yours as fully fledged ‘mechanic’

    • And to give you some inspiration on how such a mechanic could work, here’s a hypothetical plot: Swimsuit girl gets teleported somewhere with a lot of zombies. Those zombies are usually non-agressive, but they don’t like to be disturbed and you are unarmed, meaning you can’t get too close to a zombie or you’ll die or something like that. Now. the zombies to however find pleasure in the sight of stripped breasts, which you can use to your advantage. You can flash in front of zombies to lure them in, so you can reposition them or lure them into traps. But you’ll have to be careful, because those zombies might lunge at you and if they grap you, you can struggle out of their grip, but they will become immediately hostile and stay hostile, meaning if you struggle out of their grip, you have to deal with them. On the other hand, you also can’t have too many zombies have their way with you, because you’ll lose your mind/get infected/get impregnated, or whatever depraved kink suits your need. This means that you’ll have to manage your ‘corruption meter’ by deciding when to struggle out and when to let them have their way with you.

      Aditionally, zombies that were allowed to have their way with you will become your allies for a short period of time, in which you can use them to attack other zombies or to trigger traps that might otherwise block your way. Or just to let yourself be taken by them again.

      Now that’s asolid idea right there if you ask me. Too bad I neither have the skills, nor the perseverance to turn this idea into reality…

      • That’s interesting, I’ve had similar ideas like having a guy with the cure and having female characters asaulted by the zombies getting infected, then you cure them, double dip. It’s just that is not as appealing for me to work on, I rather play something like that than to make it myself, and barely since I’m more interested in narratvies and scenarios over moment to moment gameplay… if that makes any sense.

      • Different anon here, but that sounds like it could even be cool as a story threat instead of just a gameplay gimmick. Like a personality shift from characters as you progress through the mandatory story scenes, and some of them might just stop fighting back entirely if they get caught too many times throughout the story because the infection has an end goal of using them to breed, not just change everyone the same like a zombie virus.

        And a guy with some cure/antidote/vaccine could be a plot beat along the way. Maybe using that as some kind of leverage over the girls for extra scenes, or just an excuse for him to have a more active role in the story.

      • OG anon here, to round out my way too elaborate pitch for a game, here’s how the sexy could be worked seamlessly into the game. While you can already have sexy time if zombies ambush you while you try to lure them away, the most optimal way to play that game would still be to avoid all sexy stuff, which we don’t want.

        So to give you, the player, an actual reason to do the sexy, here is my idea:
        Zombies are tiered, from the most basic grunts, to the most dangerous and strongest zombie units. Zombies in one tier don’t have to stay in their tier, you can level them up by letting them do the sexy with you. As I already layed out, letting zombies have their way with you, the player, will temporarily win them over to your side. Doing the deed multiple times with them could then unlock them as a permanent companion (until they die in one way or another). This permanent companion can then be leveled up, like any other zombie as well, from the most scraggy and starved grunt to Superman in zombieform himself. Each evolution, which’d work very similar to pokemon evolution, will not only make your zombie stronger and replenish his health, it will also unlock more commands. The first command would be that you can send him to a location at which the zombie will stay until you send him somewhere else. Other commands could be stuff that helps you progress through a level, temporarily recruit lower-level zombies to your cause, not trying to hump you when standing still for to long, and so on and so forth.

        Besides those tiered zombies, you could add a bunch of specialized zombies with their own, unique look and sexy scenes.
        For example, you could add a bomb zombie, where you have to win a minigame in which you try to get the zombie to do the sexy with you instead of blowing up in your face, which you, once proselytized, can send to blow up other zombies. Anther zombie could be a tentacle zombie, which can be used to get through small holes, or a particularly long zombie, which can help you to get up steeps.

        And at last, to make this concept completely unachievable, here’s how the level up mechanic could work:
        There are 5 sex stages. The first is the typical “Oh noes, I’m getting raped” stage. The next is the “This is all annoying, cet on with it” stage. After that come the “Your persistence is cute” smirk/smile stage, the “If you’re getting off then I want to get off too” pleasured stage, and the last is the “Take me, I am yours!” (mindbroken) stage. Going through each stage completely lets you advance to the next stage the next time you let that particular zombie have its way with you, with the last stage ending with “the magic kiss” that triggers the level up. Subsequent levels would have to be adjusted, since you don’t want your character to suddenly fall back to the “Oh noes” stage. But yeah, 5 different positions for one level, each with its own struggle animation and other bonus stuff, and I don’t know how many levels, but at least 4. That’s a lot of work. Get on it, Vos!

  24. some characters reminds me deus ex universe ^^
    i like it

  25. I don’t think Japan will be caving anytime soon. They have quite the large base for non-con etc. Plus their ideology isn’t as asinine as SJW types. Use Pixiv and just sell your products on DLSite etc. (per usual.)

    As far as a blog, I believe DLSite offers one for free to content creators? You could give that a shot?

  26. Hello Vosmug, I am currently thinking about making a game, and I have played GHV and Xenotake, and I noticed the pause system, and I was wondering how you did it.
    I would appreciate if you could give me the answer.

    • That’s a good question, I think

    • If you want to learn new things there are better resources around than me, but I don’t have an actual pause system:

      I just did a simple variable switch, 1 = move, 0 = don’t move, nothing around pauses, you just stop moving and the keys don’t react while the variable is off, when you press the pause button again the variable just goes back to 1.

      The one in XT was done with keyboard_wait() but that function doesn’t exist in newer version of GM anymore.

      • And is it the same for everything? for example: in xenotake the energy bar does not charge, or the funds do not move or the enemies do something.

      • Technically yes, when the variable is off you could also turn enemies and other functions off, but as I said, xenotake was different since it used an actual internal pause system that doesn’t exist anymore so that’s not a good example. If you notice in GHV when you are “paused” everything around still moves, life still regenerates, etc. and you can only activate the upgrade menu (which works the same as “pausing”) in rooms with no enemies, that’s intetntional to avoid enemies moving around while you can’t.

        That’s a much fleshed out system, but the basics are the same, the only thing I would be missing is the deactivcations.

  27. In that first picture, are those numbers after each name supposed to be the ages of the characters? Because if Geminis is 53… *wow*. It’ll be great to have a genuine MILF in one of your games! I hope she has a son or something as one of the other characters

  28. Well this is realy good news for me, i realy like your action games, u are realy good at this, GHV was best sex game i played so far, there are some elements i did not see anywhere, or lets say in no other games (sexy way to open door in GHV) so i’m realy glad to read u will continue to do action game, so take your time, and do things u are good at and what u love!

  29. Will we see the blue hair girl in this game? I really love her design

  30. Looks like a lot of people already said this, but
    a) You have a great, patient fanbase, we will be ready when you are
    b) Why put so much pressure on yourself to keep reinventing games? Why not do Xenotake II or Ghost Hunter Vena II? Both perfect games, just redesign a few things and keep the story going. I know you said in a previous post that they were made in different engines and it would be easier to start over, but still, gotta be easier than completely making a whole new game story, characters, etc.

    Keep up the great work man, we’ll be here

    • I have absolutely the same opinion. I would insta-buy GHV 2 or XT 2. Loved the storyline. Just add 2-3 new monsters and some new stages and take my money.

      • My answer to both would be, XT was made in an old engine (GM8) which is not compatible with what I use now (GM Studio 2), I could port it to Studio then move it to Studio 2 then replace all the obsolete code, besides the resolution is different so the values would change since I would want a better resolution, sounds like a hassle and the game is simple enough that a do over sounds more efficient.

        And I spent so much time on GHV that I really just want to do something else.

        In either case, I still prefer to just do something new, not only character/story wise, but also gameplay wise, not likely that my next projects are going to be the same as the previous 2, I’m kind of done with that particular style. So even if I wanted I still need to start from scratch even if it’s for the basic systems alone, just like the RPG system which I had to start from scratch, similar things will happen in the future, I will want to do stuff I don’t have any basis for.

        The main thing about it is though, old code is messy, you improve all the time, doing a more efficient code from scratch sounds more appealing and efficient to me than reusing and relearning and inevitably trying to tweak and move things around in old code. Of course, eventually I’ll have good enough pieces of code that I will be able to reuse without much need for doing over, I’m not there yet, I see a lot of improvement, GHV took 4 years to make, meaning is mostly 4-year-old code, I thing I have improved enough to do better, code wise that is, game quality is a different thing and that’s for you to judge, not me.

        That’s not to say I won’t revisit characters and concepts at some point, XT was open ended, I don’t want to do a sequel but a same-universe game is almost guaranteed, time is the REAL problem now.

    • I may not agree on your thoughts about how Vosmug should go ahead and make sequels for his 2 successful projects, but in my perspective both Ghost Hunter Vena and Xenotake already have a conclusion to their story if by any chance anyone have completed the story and experienced the gameplay full time without getting to the good parts where some people just fapped over the scenes, well in reality its all that most people wanted from the beginning.

      I think having fresh ideas on a new game is a good start to further improve Vosmugs imagination and to better or develop his talent further on animation, Xenotake had good scenes and a decent plot where 2 girls tries to do the good thing but gets violated on behalf of someone who’s pulling all the strings, and still gets violated as well, total of 3 women violated, but anyways, its a matter of bringing in new things rather than making a sequel that might not even be successful, and sometimes you’re gonna have a lot more worst times of thinking new things to add in to the sequel while still retaining its theme, quality and story from the previous one.

      This new project is promising, just add in a robot or a machine with tentacle-like contraptions onto their body structure and get them girls the love no man could ever give em, some people have weird fetishes… this could be a change.

      And the issue with StudioFow’s Kunoichi 3 is what deserves them, some people had the rights to direct that project and they’ve made a wrong move onto giving that promotion to someone who really can’t direct a good 3d porn properly, having violence in a porn sometimes is good, but this time its way too bad and worst, its just a trying hard sequel that never delivers, its a porn that is in short of breath on giving a good storyline but failed to do so, not fitting to have a storyline either, animation is great, but how they portray women should be fucked by ugly monsters in a dystopian metropolitan city isn’t gonna nick that rust on their falling reputation, StudioFow was better off doing some other projects such as Beastiality, more Tentacle stuff with less bulging and more sensual mating with other weird shit, but some people aren’t really good at directing stuff… they’ve managed to get directives from a moron who pledged good enough money but doesn’t have the knowledge of creating content, similarly to that of some people in the industry.

      I would like to also comment on this new project and point out the things that i like to have a say with:

      1.) That alien without hands but just tentacles is too cliche, i know i’m actually complaining about it too early, but maybe it would have been better if you add in a bit of a touch of “Aliens” on it since its about “Space stuff” and people who have seen sci-fi movies in the past like the “Aliens” they would get the reference lol, and weird fetishes is also ‘in’ these days, add in xenomorphs, with tentacles coming out of its tail, so when there’s a scene, the xenomorph could either use its tentacles to do its thing, or show off his long johnny on its crotch, its better if you literally hide in the intention of a monster on this project, so there would be a suspense for someone who’s trying out your game first time or if they aren’t suppose to be reading most of your posts here on your wordpress, i am just speaking out, it might be a good idea for some, but might not be for most? well copy right strikes, so you should probably make your own version of the xenomorph just to be safe.

      2.) this might not be a good idea, but since its Space Stuff, lets be scientific for a little bit, the technology will be advance, so probably there could be some genetic changes that could happen on to the characters at some points if this strikes through your plans for the project, like make some FUTA scenes on this one? since on GHV there’s 1 scene with the “dark” haired girl possessed by a ghost, and then the blonde dark skinned girl where its a FUTA scene, its acceptable at a standpoint since its ghost stuff, many things could happen unimaginable but hey, its porn, and its animated so anything could happen! but i was just wondering if you can actually give the players the chance to do some nasty things with other girls if by any chance they might end up being an enemy to the character the player is using, maybe several scenes would be good enough? 2 or 3? i don’t know, i’m just someone demanding stuff without even worrying how hard it is to actually code and animate those stuff in to the game LOL
      it would be great if some main characters in the game could have scenes with a FUTA as well besides the guards (female guards wearing a helmet on the images you posted, i’m assuming they are guards? since they aren’t as compelling as the special characters with special traits)

      Some other things that i also would add in that maybe you could pick up an idea to add in or apply onto this new project of yours:

      There hasn’t many other weird fetishes that exists on the internet, well there are some but to an extent where it is only portrayed on a satisfying work of art on an image, but that isn’t enough right? (not like i’m saying it because i really want a scene with that type of fetish but hey, don’t get me wrong)
      Robots, androids and stuff, there’s too few of them, and especially Robots (a mechanical robot programmed to pleasure men in this project would apply perfectly) maybe add this in on a background? have a lesbian scene with the female character and stuff like that? there’s a lot of possibilities that could happen if one’s imagination expands through the great horizon of weirdiness.

      And on this project, since its sci-fi stuff since its in space or maybe its just futuristic and such, aliens would exist, so i’m expecting lots of tentacle scenes maybe? It would be awesome if you add in some Vore in it like in Xenotake, and partial vore on GHV with the Frog and the huge face wall ghost in the beginning of the game, those are all good scenes for people who has vore fetishes, the only missing thing on that vore is the suspense of the character slowly being swallowed while being violated at the same time like tentacles slowly slithering onto their crotch and gaps, nooks and cranny of their sensitive parts.

      If by any chance you can be accompanied by another character to fight with you in some occasions on this new project of yours, maybe its best if they could possibly be get caught by enemies and violate them as well, and then the player needs to actually break them free by attacking the enemies, or if by any chance its one large enemy, maybe both of them could get caught at the same time or one at a time and then that would be threesome? lol.

      Also, i’ve also noticed that its possible that theres another enemy that can join in the fun like what you did on GHV with the Ghosts (the one that can project floating dicks and its not connected to it since its just like those cliche ghosts you see in cartoons and animated movies) so maybe make some scenes with that kind of option? maybe add in a possibility that there could be variations of scenes that could happen with different types as well? yeah, i know, i’m demanding, but i’m just giving out ideas, so its a good thing, but i’m still demanding though and asking for too much LOL.

  31. Its GOOOOD news )))

  32. how about GHV season 2 ? or remaster ? xD

  33. I really love you art and you work. So, if you want change game project, i’m absolutely ok with that. Especially if this game in Xenotake universe! Oh yeah! :3
    PS Want to see some robotgirl in you games someday!
    PSS Love you ^_^

  34. I love Xenotake and it would be awesome have a sequel or something similar this time.
    Is not that I hated GHV but, I feel that it fell short compared to Xenotake.
    I hope this game bring us a little more of yuri…
    Yes, I’m a filthy fundashi or whatever is called.

    • That seems to be the common consensus, I find xenotake way less interesting to play and to work on, it really shows how disconnected I am from the rest of the “hentai-dom”,

      • i loved GHV more than xeno (i love both)

        not sure what the virgin incel hentai connoisseurs have against GHV but it is in my top 3 favorite H games and always will be, at least until the next game you make!

      • GHV has a superior gameplay, but the story kinda fell short. Also, when I thought I was about to have a hentai scene in GHV, it never happened.
        Don’t get me wrong, I still think GHV is a good hentai game.

  35. I’m ready for more tentacle monsters.

  36. Will there be any xenomorphs in here since its in space? hope there’s vore in here because it would be a good touch in the genre since its gonna happen in space

    • as in from the movie? I don’t think I’ll ever use direct references to other pop culture media.

    • Well, it would be a good reference and people would like some good scenes with a xenomorph, there’s not much porn out there that includes this type of genre in the game, maybe you could add in a part in the game where the character needs to avoid getting caught by the xenomorph, and if she does well, things gets “Rough” for her and its gameover, back to the savepoint, similar to “Alien: Isolation” if you ever heard or watched atleast a bit of its gameplay in the middle part of the story, you would get my point, and it would be awesome.

      Also, it would be nice if you can adapt the “Ghost fights” in GHV near at the end of the game where vena forced her soul out of her body to fight the evil ghost that has been haunting the mansion for years, that gameplay mechanic where she was floating? maybe you can do that on this game where its gonna happen in space, the controls and grip are a bit loose and has less sensitivity so it was a bit difficult to defeat the boss, hope if you were ever try to implement it onto this new game it would have been working well.

      There’s a lot of people out here that could help you out on thinking ideas for this new game you’re making, its cool, so any of us here are eager to help you out so that this could progress smoothly and that it would only take maybe less than a year atleast to finish since GHV took like 2 years since you have taken all the responsibility upon yourself

  37. Merry Christmas dood
    Just like, make game!

  38. Just have 1 question that not relevant, if you could answer. What happened to Pixel Factory? It’s been 4 years since the last post, I mean his game and yours are those the most promising H-game and it’s really unfortunate to see one stops.

    • Don’t know, as far as I know they/him rarely show up, so it’s difficult to even know what’s going on.

    • Pixel Factory is dead, its a 1 man developer running that trademark, i think something happened to the author of “Parasite in City” since the last time something was posted on his blog was a few years ago and it was something about making a sequel to that of the game but unfortunately after that no one knew why he stopped making updates on it, i assume he might just gave up and didn’t bother making a come back or an accident happened that could have ended the author’s life maybe and that his relatives really didn’t know much about the things he did? no one really knows, mostly its all just assumption from people

      • Thank you, well it’s sad to see him stop developing his works.

      • angry person Says:

        something happened recently. someone tried to sell their game in steam and they(pixelfactory and team? creator of parasite in city) reacted accordingly. They took down the game in steam and posted something in dlsite that it was a fraud.

        Apparently some people saw him post at ulmf saying that he is continuing another game (maybe sequel of parasite in city), though i don’t know how true is that. Someone also posted in f95 that he saw from ulmf that pixelfactory or dotslave_3 has a picarto “”. Still i havent seen any new news about it after the incident.

  39. Falconartist Says:

    Do you think this next game will have more guys in the story, and not just random monsters? Especially if any of those girls are villains, I looooooooove when they get betrayed and fucked by their own minions/henchmen

    • Only one and probably humanoid aliens

      • Falconartist Says:

        Awww darn. Well hopefully those aliens have a few characters! Or just chances to interact more during scenes, even if they’re disposable enemies. Those brief dialog exchanges really add something special

  40. Anonymous Says:

    What about Fanbox? I was under the impression it was Pixiv’s answer to Patreon. Maybe the nekkid ladies will be safe there ?

  41. I’m hype for this new project, hope you don’t change this theme half-way through because this looks a lot more promising than the previous one with a demo.

    I know vosmug works alone and all of the ideas comes from his mind so we may expect a 2-4 years work in progress project and i’m all hands on deck to this one, surely after release a lot of people would buy this game considering GHV was a successful HIT for many including myself, i’m a fan of Vena since she’s a bit of the naive and innocent type of character that wonderfully adapted to a situation where everybody wants to witness, my only concerns is that there’s still some cringe part on the dialogues for most scenes in the story, but its not that bad, and i’m nitpicking so maybe its just me but not for everybody else, but the narration could have been better, and since this is a new project, i hope the story, the dialogues and scenes wouldn’t be that cringe like from GHV! Hope you will have a wonderful New Year and don’t stress out on things in life! it’s ok to stress out since it is what makes us humans, but way too much negativity in life would bring in more disasters so stay positive!

    Take your time onto making another master piece! We are eagerly and patiently waiting for the project to be done! doesn’t matter how many years it takes as long as we know you deliver quality shit for us to have fun with!

  42. LordHentai Says:

    Please do the “Death scene” with the girl(s) being fucked to death :3

  43. LordHentai Says:

    P.D Many moanings and liquid sounds in that part :3

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck mate. Don’t let it all get you

  45. This does look very promising, I wasn’t really around to speak my opinion on earlier works I’m quite relieved you chose to stick with what you do better than like 90% of other 2d hentai ACT game devs (Seriously, I can’t find a decent new one that isn’t dogshit, loli/blahblah ridden and/or annoying as hell to play). And having a sci-fi/space themed game like xenotake? You’ve sold me already.

    • Agreed, a lot of japanese made hentai games has a lot of those stupidly annoying voice acting on their game especially the ones made with a dialogue that seriously something you would want to fap to while hearing the character fucked so hard her brain can’t handle all of it, stupid enough, some hentai i watch on pornhub or on other sites has some annoyingly voice acting as well, was actually better to see the thumbnail than actually watching the whole thing, can’t even fap on something that a girl keeps talking about how she’s being fucked like wtf? no one does that, it should be something that she would say to fuck her more rather than NARRATING THE WHOLE DAMN THING “OH MY GOD HIS DICK IS ENTERING INSIDE ME” for fuck sakes we can see that.

  46. These days, ryona game’s poor days.. I respect your ryona and I hope to see again prison cage as re-making version Hehe.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug
    Did you get idea of GHV from Naruto
    Because your ghosts are quiet similar to White Zetsu in Naruto Shippuden

    • Nope, I didn’t watch any of shippuden, I stopped at Rock Lee vs Kimimaro in OC naruto. The idea actually came from a combination between Fatal Frame, Vampire Hunter D and a bit of Onimusha thrown in.

  48. I suggest you should use patreon like everyone else whether you like it or not

    • That’s a stupid idea considering a lot of patreon content creators on the hentai and porn industry just got guillotined already like Studio Fow, and since Patreon isn’t really a platform for content creators such as vosmug considering there’s pressure on him if by any chance make a patreon and then a lot has pledged on the project, he will be obligated to do atleast a monthly update or something like that in order to stay paid, and since patreon is a middleman, he won’t get 100% of the commission he should be getting unlike when he released GHV he got all the payments from his fans via paypal.

      And he already stated that he won’t give a go on patreon, and patreon’s malicious and a dog of that on the media, that is why when the media and other bloggers got a sniff of Studio Fow’s latest project, which is kunoichi 3, and a lot of violations against women are already paint up front on the picture, it’s no wonder patreon acted out when they got rattled about some activities, and products being made by some content creators on patreon by those SJW and feminist shits and stuff, and also one creator at that time that was focusing on “loli’ content that promotes fetishes against children isn’t really something the law sets aside since a lot of people being addicted to those type of fetishes makes it as a conduit of pedophilia which is a type of mental disorder that they get this sexual lust for young children and that of teens under adulthood, this is practically an offense and a violation of their right of conduct on their terms and agreement (actually they changed it at some point right after they kicked out some content creators on patreon for the illegal action and illicit production of those said contents)

      At some point Vosmug knows about this kind of thing, so if he manages to pull off a ryona game like prison cage and is on patreon, he would get likely get kicked off by patreon if this gets out on those people that will likely warn patreon about it.

      And since he’s working on something else, i doubt that will come out soon enough since his work progress takes a few years because he’s taking time to making stuff like this.

    • Patreon is a last resort, for now is not necessary and honestly not the kind of model I would want to use, if I do it would be out of necessity.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Full nude or partial when armor breaks?

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Xeno and GHV are my favorite games
    Cant wait till your game be releashed
    But will it have easter egg or sth like that? some secret scenes? some lust item or lust behavior

  51. i noticed 1 small bug about Ghost Hunter Vena 1.08 tho. in 1.07 when vena is caught by certain ghosts and after awhile she lactates on both boobs, but in 1.08, only 1 side of her boob lactates.

  52. will there be a feature where a character gets violated while their armor or apparel is still intact? and that when a character’s armor or dress or whatever they are wearing breaks or chips off or tears, instead of their apparel being entirely broken and makes them naked, they get stunned and that some or several parts of their dress or armor is still intact?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    is ok if you feel too complex
    by the way im looking forward for your new project
    i hope there will be more yuri scene or may be more girls vs girls

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I loved GHV. I was into it from the very post about it (the setting and Vena both really press the right buttons for me). I thought it was totally worth the wait and it ended up being an instant buy for me, and I also picked up a copy for a couple friends I knew would like it. I’m sure I’ll like whatever you make next too. I like your style

  55. If you don’t care about the potential moral backlash, you should always use platforms such as Patreon or Steam for income if it is not explicitly against their terms (until it is). Have you considered using Unity for this game? It is significantly easier to mod than GMS. NR: in GHV, can you add the ability for other monsters to grab Vena if she is struggling against a hand ghost (and replace the hand ghost)? Also what is Vena’s specific numeric value for movespeed? I know her idle state is #69 and knowing her movespeed would help me reverse engineer some more mechanics easier.

    • I don’t use unity, I don’t know much about it.

      The speed goes between 4 and 6, don’t remember exactly and idle stance I’m pretty sure is 1, I don’t usually go over 10, usually 0 is completely off, 1 is idle, 2 is moving, 3 jump, etc, again I don’t remember exactly but that’s how I usually do it, I don’t have Studio isntalled so I can’t check.

    • I’m dumb, I can just import it:

      Are you sure the values translate the same?

      The term “move speeds” there is technically wrong since I usually modifiy position values not speed values, meaning that technically the actual speed value for x will always be 0, it’s changing x position, not speed. The only speed happens in the y axis while jumping since it needs gravity to affect it, GM uses 3 values, hspeed, vspeed, and speed. So hspeed is usually always 0, vspeed is the only one that changes (gravity = 0.2; vspeed = -6;) and goes back up immediatly because of gravity…

      • Oh, interesting. In x86 assembly, the values I’m keying off of are possibly something else. “*strugglePointer == 69.0 && lastState == 93.0” lets me detect switching from normal to grabbed. Assembly modding is more crude but usually works for everything that runs on a common OS. Kyrieru does mention he thinks GM makes 2D games easier than Unity and he might be right but I do think that entirely depends on how much familiarity you have with Unity. A lot of Unity is just getting familiar with the tool and knowing which plugins help with the game type. Probably not a great idea to start anything but a hobby project in Unity at first. Unfortunately I can’t really modify the monster’s behaviors with x86 modding as it would take a potentially huge amount of work. Good luck and thanks for the tips, I’ll put an updated version of my GHV mod up on the net once I feel like it is in a decent balance spot.

      • that 69 could be an object change, the main character changes objects at several points, including grabs.

      • I feel like its time for you to do some changing over on a better engine since Unity has a lot to offer and you will have more options and ideas to apply on the interaction of enemies against the playable characters, this would have drastic changes and ofc you will be able to further expand your horizon and learn new things in the process, this is a great opportunity for you in my opinion.

        Even if it takes such a long time, we are eager to wait.

  56. I really love ur games

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you had a good start in the new year! I’m very excited about your new project 🙂

    That’s it. Just a “hope things are better, keep at it~” post.

  58. Daz Teama Says:

    Good luck with your project, I think I’ll be able to see it until 2020 because the projects are not done from one day to the next, for my part do not forget to bring the story a bit of humor understanding the game of Ghost Hunter Vena in Spanish, I understood what is the story completely about, but good to leave aside this I hope you do not give up this project and be great as Xenotake “I have not played it just gameplays” and as a ghost Hunter Vena I will help translate that game also if I have time, it was really worth translating GHV
    well that’s it, I hope you do not censor all this or erase it this is the little that is still worth, greetings.

  59. Heya mate do you have a twitter for NSFW stuff also what’s your patreon?
    Twitter so we can follow you in-case patreon continues on their madness.

  60. hot dogs are here? Says:

    may you give me prisonkage gallery data ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  61. woah sad man. anyways do what you like and dont bother about any of the stupid shit sjws say. they are scum of society who only want to get fame and attention.

  62. Wow, I love your games, I really enjoy your way to make them. Have you ever thought to create a twitter or something?

  63. Anonymous Says:

    (just in case if you want to fix it) I just noticed a small mistake in GHV when all the girls gather in the library. If you decide to walk out the room instead of talking to the girls again to reconstruct their clothing, Leen and Rixa will have clothes on when they encounter Norea.

  64. Xenotake 2!?
    Looks great. Big fan of GHV. I’ll continue following you and be there to buy your next game!

  65. hope theres a demo soon, really excited to see how it will play

  66. Hey, Vosmug How much time you spend to make one Character or Object in game
    Because I know Making and Animating Character Consume too much time.

    • I assume you mean sprites, objects it’s a different matter and it’s difficult to measure.

      Depends, a static sprite can take from a few hours, animations can take 1 or 2 days each, depends on the complexity.

  67. Listen man. I like your artwork and the game mechanics itself. I just wish you put a harder difficulty where it is easier to get raped and harder to escape and I enjoy as much hentai content as possible. This is your game do what you can do. Don’t worry about pleasing others. Usually, if you put the hard work in and do what you believe is the right thing to do I am sure you will garner more respect. Of course listen to criticism. Also, don’t call yourself an idiot. I think you do a great job.

  68. God I am dying to know what the story is for that blonde one and who she is. I hope she has a loooooooooooot of scenes in the game!

  69. why not implementing femboy to make the game better

    • because, no offense, not everyone is as gay as you are.

      personally i like a good girldick too but i also like a good girlclit.

  70. so how far in are you in developing this new game? i really liked xenotake and am really excited for this

  71. Gotta say, I’d prefer some more muted bust sizes. Not small ones, not even “normal” ones, big ones are fine. Just the DDDDDD bust sizes most of those designs seem to sport are a little bit too much for my tastes.

    • Nothing against having a bit more variety, but I for one love how ridiculously busty some of the characters are.

    • Gotta agree. The bust size of that dark green haired girl is pretty much as large as I would go. But somehow it doesn’t detract from the experience with Vos’ previous games. Must be the art style.

      • If that’s as large as you would go then we definetely live in different planets

      • Seriously, that’s… wow. I would say that the green haired girl is almost my MINIMUM before it starts to get a bit creepy with this kind of art style.

        But I do at least agree on some level, that I like having some kind of size difference between characters. Like in this sheet, having the green haired girl (Sai?) just makes the others like Geminis stand out for how busty they are.

      • OP Anon here, dark green haired girl is on the lower end for me. The blue haired girl from 2/3 posts back is perfect IMO.

      • thankfully this is Vos-boss’s game and not yours, itty bitty titty committee enthusiast

        or as i like to say, scum 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        Wow, the backlash. Not that it wasn’t expected, but still.

        It’s just that if this were a more realistic art style, those breasts would be massive. Y’all do realize that, right?

        And like I said, I still like Vos his games.

      • I don’t know if comparing it to a “realistic art style” is something most of us would do.

  72. Hey Vosmug, just check in to let you know that I’m still rooting really hard for this project. Definitely a must buy for me.

  73. Esteemed Vosmung Steam has started allowing the sale of hentai/porn games on it’s store,have you considered selling your games there?

  74. Anonymous Says:

    did you died?

  75. Anonymous Says:

    so any words for the “hopefully” upcoming demo? Im really excited. Also i hope you feel better emotionally, i know the internet is being a prick to you nowadays. Stay Strong!

    • Hopefully soon, sorry, working on it.

      Nobody is being a prick tho, not that I care anyway, but most people (99%) on this blog have always been cool dudes

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Checking your blog everyday. Oh, I’m so impatient. Why is always so few good action porn games? :c

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Also leaving some words of encouragement – I check back frequently. Hope you’re feeling better about life lol we’re all rooting for you

  78. Anonymous Says:

    I bought both Xenotake and GHV.
    I love them both and think they’re far more erotic than most anything else i’ve found on the web. The stories are good too.

    The animated scenes are amazing and I LOOVE the extras features. I saw tons of improvement in all regards to GHV over Xenotake, though they’re both amazing.

    Have you played Parasite In City? They have this great H feature where the enemies can gang up on the main character for some really exciting scenes. That’s something I wish they expanded upon and could see you accomplishing in future games of yours. It appears that you do things frame-by-frame, so I’m sure it would be no small task.

    Whatever you come out with next, I’m sure I’ll buy it. I believe in you as an artist and am willing to support that.

    In the meantime, do you know of any other games with a similar style to yours and Parasite In City?

    • I haven’t played much recently, the one that sticks out the most to me is probably Mansion for how similar is to what I’ve made, even tho gameplay wise it’s a bit clunky, backgrounds are great tho.

      Also Paio Hazard seems to have a similar stlye, I was interested so I bought it but haven’t actually played it yet, so I can’t say anythjinbg about quality.

      • I don’t want to disappoint you with your purchase, but you should have bought this Ghost Hunter Vena game from this one dude Vosmug, rather than Paio Hazard.

        Kidding aside, I think Ghost Hunter Vena is much more polished, action-oriented, well-animated, than Paio Hazard. Not that Paio Hazard is bad, it’s just not up to the quality stuff that you made. Like I said somewhere above, I’m rooting hard for you, and will definitely purchase whatever you put out.

  79. (Alexander) Daz Team Says:

    Facebook, Gmail, Instagram Whatsapp “Fallen”, what is happening in the outside world, at least I could send the work before the page fell, it would be great to take out GHV in Spanish on my birthday, or the demo of this game soon, I am aware that I ask of too much.

    • It’s not a demo, but I’m planning a small “concept test” of this game first, once I’m done with that I’ll continue with the update.

      • Alexander Vazquez Says:

        Okay, I imagine he will do the same as with his other project that has been discontinued.

  80. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    I already have my wordpress account hahaha and stop being anonymous here.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    any updates on progress?

  82. I really love your work and try to support you as much as I can, keep up the good work please 😀
    Both XT and GHV were amazing to play.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    hows life? coming on everyday to check on the progress.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Any Update

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, What taking you so long

  86. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    I was going to question him because there was not an advance or something, but I see that he is going through a similar situation to the country of Venezuela

    • Nah, that’s crazy speculation but no, I’m fine, I just moved to a new place without internet, also making games is hard, also my brain is failing, also I’m tired, also I’m dumb.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m jumping to conclusions, but better safe than sorry. Get some help if you’re not doing well mentally.

      • The last kind of help I would get is mental help, fun fact, I used to take crazy pills.

      • Mark Wilson Says:

        What makes you dumb? I don’t think you are dumb. You are making video games that are enjoyed by a lot of people. Dumb people can’t do that. Get some rest and try again tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

        Also saw what you wrote below “The last kind of help I would get is mental help, fun fact, I used to take crazy pills.”

        The best kind of help you can ever get is mental health. Mental health not only effects your mind and thoughts, it effects your body and soul. Being on pills does not mean “crazy pills”. I am personally on anti depressants and anxiety meds. Do you think I am crazy? You know what makes you crazy? NOT GETTING HELP!

        Let me put it this way. You suffer from a mental illness, you don’t have it. The more you let yourself suffer the more you let your whole being suffer. Get help, be kind to yourself and you will be kind to others. The one thing I want to see from one of my favorite hentai game creators is you being happy. You make hundreds if not thousands happy with your games. You are also human don’t forget that.

        Also, check out headspace on your phone. Great way to meditate and learn inner calmness.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yeah what he said. To tell you a secret, you were the one who dragged me into my porn game addiction with your game Xenotake , which says a lot about how great your games are. Sure it may seem like a bad thing, but i’m definitely enjoying myself. Take a break and heal your body.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Take some rest and settle down

  88. Anonymous Says:

    get some rest dude.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Would you mind adding some prolapse content?
    I love that kind of stuff

  90. New GHV fan Says:

    Man, I played xenotake when it came out, but for some reason I held off GHV for almost forever. Only recently I bought it and played it, and man was I impressed of the story. I loved the interactions between different characters, and all that chatter they did. It felt really fresh for me, as most games I’ve played usually only 1-2 characters, GHV felt awesome with its “group dynamic” going on. I cannot overstate this, but I really enjoyed the story., it kept me glued in. Top 10 eroge game stories

  91. shoomers Says:

    Weird advice Vos, but if you’re suffering from mental afflictions, and you’re not adverse to the idea of trying new options (regardless of legality), I’d recommended psychedelic shrooms. I’d been in a rut for 10 years, and then I had a friend in Canada who recommended I try a ridiculously large dose and then go on a spiritual sort of guided tour with him.

    At first I was skeptical, but when I googled it there were actually a lot of articles by places like wired and The New York Times reported on the purported benefits of this stuff. I took a heavy heavy dose, had a heart to heart with a group of my closest friends, internalized positive teachings and I’ve been incredibly happy ever since.

    This is just advice from some guy on the internet, so use your own discretion though. I’ve seen people get even worse off after doing this because they didn’t surround themselves in a comfortable environment with supportive friends. It can completely heal you, but it can also completely fuck you over if you don’t take the time to prepare a positive place beforehand.

  92. Charly Nyo Says:

    Hola tal ves no me conoscas pero soy la persona que tradujo al Español tus dos juegos (Xenotake y GHV). Solo queria preguntarte si algun dia vas a seguir con el proyecto “PrisonKage”, es que desde hace años estoy esperando una actualizacion de este gran juego. Desde ya muchas gracias por tu gran esfuerzo.

    • Lamentablemente y probablemente no, al menos no por ahora, por ahora tecnicamente esta abandonado, no cancelado pero casi. Me gustaria continuar algun dia pero a este paso quien sabe.

      A estas alturas, no se si todavia valga la pena esperar algo de ese proyecto.

    • Alexander Vazquez Says:

      Ah ya existe una versión GHV en español, ? me gustaría que la pasara pero mejor prefiero esperar a que Vosmug saque una nueva versión en unos años.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    may be you make xenotake and vena open project? its too good games with too short scenario.

  94. Alexander Vazquez Says:

    See a new update of what is improbable now

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Too quite…..

  96. Conscience Constituent Says:

    Esteemed Vosmung,i’m writing this message to ask if you have considered selling the games you have already finished on Steam.
    In case you didn’t know Steam has allowed the sale of porn/hentai games in it’s store and several hentai game developers has already started selling their games there, one example is Kyrieru that sells his game Eroico fully uncensored on Steam,but there are plenty more.

    Steam is an incredibly popular store with a huge user base and so selling your games there is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a lot more follower,patrons and to make a very large profit from the sales of the games you have already made.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Do you plan on putting your games on steam?

  98. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not accurate to say that players are only playing to lose in games like Xenotake and GHV. We’re playing to have fun, and these games are in genre where both losing and winning is a fun experience. When you lose, you get a sex scene with that monster, but when you win you get story progression, cutscenes, and new areas with new atmospheres and creatures.

    Hentai games are one of few genres that’s able to pull off this kind of gameplay. Going with the traditional VN style is just another cliche to be honest. And I’d argue the VN style of game is even more overdone than games like Xenotake and GHV.

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