Uptaded Gameplay Demo

This is a more complete gameplay test demo, no real content yet, the main thing is the battle, but it’s looking like a real game at this point, I think.



Cursor Keys = Move

X = Ok

Z = Back / Open Menu

Q = Restart

P = Debug Info who cares

Some stuff:

  • Only one skill is functional, guy’s first skill Dark Cut, if you try any other one the game will freeze and you’ll have to restart with Q.
  • All skill names and descriptions are of course placeholders.
  • The game over is incomplete and will stop the game, restart with Q.
  • Menu character graphics and portrait are most likely temporary.


I should have posted this weeks ago, I’m in a bit of a slump right now, so I’m going slow, I have lost motivation on… life I guess, I can’t bring myself to do much not even watch anime or play video games, I guess it’s temporary but man, this sucks. Don’t know what to do other than force myself to do things, which means I’m doing them reluctantly, which means I end up hating whatever I’m doing. FUN!!!!!!

56 Responses to “Uptaded Gameplay Demo”

  1. Hey man no need to force yourself. Not going to say some spiel about burn out or anything since I’m sure your more then aware, but feel free to relax and do what you want. It’ll come when it comes. Most of us are patient.

    As for the demo though, I was quite relieved when you said the dude wasn’t going to be in there lol. Seemed to work quite fine on my computer though. No issues. Interested to see some RPG style battle in one of your games!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    One thing I noticed, the color of the chest of the girl changed to red or yellow when I skipped the text

  3. Christin Eleven Says:

    Sry but . . . I don’t think i like the idea of playing as a guy now . . . I just prefer being the (female) victim in hentai Games rather than being a guy . . . And well, as a girl i can kind of put myself better in the shoes of the protagonist than ic it’s a guy . . . Will there be some options maybe? I just love your female characters but the male ones always were kind of boring till now . . . What will the game be about later on? Storyvise i mean 🤔

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So who are the main characters exactly?

    Make them brother and sister, that’d be pretty hot.

    • Oh wow, this would be so great! It would be hilarious to see him getting all exasperated/frustrated and super awkward with his sister getting fucked constantly lol

  5. I played the demo, turn-based tactics sounds interesting, though I forgot about other skills that don’t work. What will be the setting of the game, cyberpunk or something else?
    P.S. I don’t want to pretend that I experienced the same situation regarding absence of motivation, but when I had similar feeling then I dived into IRL porn and movies instead of anime/hentai and games, it helped for some temporary period of time.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Good stuff, it is looking more polished.
    The opening blurb is a copy/paste of an earlier comment/gripe about the male character? I for one don’t mind the guy, as long as the plot & story are suitably smutty. 🙂
    I hope your mental health improves. Good luck with the game.
    (Make the game that YOU want to make.)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If you want to deal with mental health start lifting weights.

    Does wonders.

  8. I definitely get what you mean with regards to just not having the passion do want to do much of anything, I haven’t figured it all out myself of course, but one thing that helps for me is to go for a jog in the morning, good exercise, and I find it has a motivating factor for me for pretty much the rest of the day, thanks for keeping us updated, cheers!

  9. Good luck! Prison cage man! You can overcome!

  10. StoryWhore Says:

    Hm. Not really sure if I’m liking how the game feels so far. I mean, it plays… fine, so not really a technical complaint. Just feels a bit too different, I guess. Hopefully it will grow on me over time once we start seeing more of it— particularly, the story!

    (also, I still ~desperately~ want a Xenotake mini-prequel. Captain Ran was woefully underused in the game! And I’d personally love seeing more of what happened to her when she originally tried to sneak into the ship and failed.)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The game looks great so far and I like that there are sex animations in the background. Can’t wait to hear what the story is about.

  12. the game didn’t load for me.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I see the inspiration from indivisible battle mechanics and sidescrolling combined. I like the concept myself so I don’t mind the general idea and I think that adding porn into that system would be interesting, but, there is a rather thin line between obnoxious battles that drags on for way to long and enjoyable battles. Therefore balancing the game so it doesn’t take several hours to go between stages can be hard for this type of game. Having said that, I believe that you could make something really unique and fun with the idea. Like for example, finding new female teammates through the playthrough “for different scenes” can make it more exiting. Adding potential rape in the turnbased battles, acting like a stun, can add to strategy. Armor can be made so that it can get destroyed during fights, leaving the girls exposed to possible sex scenes.
    I hope you get your inspiration back, you’re my favorite h-game creator so I’m sure you will pull through fast, you’re awesome man.

  14. Yo, stay positive. There’s a text document in the file you posted, filled with shit advice. That stuff is not helpful, just ignore it, seriously. As for your depression, take some mushrooms with psilocybin, very small doses, 5mg or less. Tiny bit of stem and cap. Going on walks and getting more exposure to sunlight in general also helps. Do rotations of music and quiet times. Don’t be afraid to sit down and do nothing, if it feels good. You might need time to just think without distraction, and you could feel much better afterwards. Don’t give up, never give up. You can overcome anything that’s giving you internal difficulties, JUST…DO SOMETHING. Variety and newness help. Don’t get caught in a rut, mix it up.

    Game’s looking great, thanks for sharing, man!

  15. I know I’ll probably get a bunch of weird looks for this but looking at this demo, the female character and your characters in the past there’s a few questions that come up.
    One: Yes, I know it’s all early still and this is a lot of future music but I’d rather ask too soon than too late – Will there be in-combat sexual grapples and such with animations?
    Two: Looking at how there’s two at the moment I can probably assume yes but – Will there be more than one (female) partymember? The whole “I can get rid of the guy” just has me wondering if she’ll just end up alone is all.
    and three: This is the one everyone’s gonna look at me weird for – Will we have some variation in breast sizes this time around? All your characters tend to have a rather… large rack frankly. A bit too large imo but that’s just me. I’d straight up ask for a loli-esque type character but… I can see why that would cause problems, on a “people are idiots” level as well as on a mechanical one. But instead I just ask of you – can we at least get a character with not double D tits? 😛
    Whew this turned out longer than expected…
    However, as a little thing at the end… Keep your head up, man. I know how this kind of thing feels. I’ve had this for… years probably and now on and off, really (More on, than off) but it’s a bit of a hardcore case for me ^^; ANYWAY! What I mean to say is, I’m sure it’ll get better for you, these things are temporary, and don’t think too hard about it. You do you ♥

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Clean your room.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    You sound depressed man and you need to get treatment for it. Your physical and mental health should take priority over everything else. I recommend you taking some time off and finding someone you can talk to about it whether that be a therapist or a family member.

    Depression’s no joke, if you let it go on too long without doing anything, things could get bad. Wish you luck buddy, don’t beat yourself up over it, it happens to a lot of us.

  18. corbskeith Says:

    Get angry, and channel that into whatever you’re doing. Best way I’ve found to fight off the depressed feels

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hello vosmug. Maybe I have a good idea about the guy.
    You could sustitute him with a monster pet, and the monster pet could be a skill boost that, when activated, could be attached at her body rappresented by a sex animation (only while fighting)

    For example, let imagine the classic tentacle monster:
    boost power? sex animation A while fighting (ex: it jumps between her breast and squeeze)
    boost velocity? sex animation B while fighting (ex: it slip on her back and rubs its tentacle between her buttock)

    Giving it exp points, it could be get more tentacles tu use during the animation or as weapons or what do you prefer.

    And there could be another girls (example: a viciuos one) that owns a different monster pet.

    And could be exist a couple of different exchangeable pet.

    Just a raw idea.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That sounds like it would take way too much work to get that done. And I don’t think he’s getting rid of the guy at all. But I like your idea.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man, you’re doing a fantastic job. Take a break. I agree with other comments – light exercise like a jog and/or weights does wonders. I changed my diet and added exercise and I’m a different person, even with just little changes. It’ll change your life.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Well…that dialogue in the demo.

    I am a doll created by you human.
    would you ever think to love me?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man at least respond to some comments.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Sweet! I’m just happy to know you are still working on what looks like a promising game.
    Take time for yourself, like 1 guy/girl said, make the game at your pace and the way you want it to be.
    I’m still enjoying your other games bi-weekly so it’s still fresh for me.
    Thanks a lot man!!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I kind of really liked the atmosphere and character design in Xenotake compared to GHV. I still enjoyed GHV, but I see it as aesthetically and erotically inferior to Xenotake. The girl with blue hair kind of embodies what I liked about Xenotake style, though maybe a bit too thick for my taste. While these two characters here embody what I didn’t like about GHV.
    Would be cool if you made another scifi game. Maybe this time we play as an alien who runs/hides in/on the ceiling, seals off rooms to make nests, abducts female crew members, takes them to his nest, impregnates them and through that evolves as well as gets extra lives. Get the player seek out crew members with particular traits/genes so evolve things they want.
    I second the request for more breast size variety!

  25. Sir, please continue working or ghost hunter Vena, there is so much potencial there and for me it is The best sex game

  26. Yup. Been there done that. Going full carnivore diet has helped me out of my depression and effectively cured my UC. I can’t recommend it enough. My mood is stable and I feel great most of the time. Motivation is back, baby!

  27. angry person Says:

    hey vos. i have always followed your works and they are all good yo. hope you figure things out and have a better mental health! wish you all the best, mate! Kinda excited for this turn based thing. Maybe try going out or meet some friends(if you have) and if you dont have maybe try some really random things like: bowling, some other sport, going to a park or sumthin, or read stuff, maybe painting? bc maybe you are burnt out and need to cool down. Good luck vos! long time fan here

    • angry person Says:

      one more thing! i also dont mind having a dude in the party as long as the girls will be getting monster fucked as always, or even by human opponents.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I was reading some old posts and comments. I saw that you want to do game without monster\tentacle and etc. sex? Is this true? If so… eh, for me, usual sex in that sort of games a bit… boring, i think. But anyway, i wish you good luck and to get succes in development. Will waiting new games from you.

    About your problem. Don’t know, shit happens. Try to change you usualy things in life. Maybe it will help.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I feel you man, I’m a burned out 30++ with nothing better to do in life other then working my ass off everyday, trying to play something in my free time or find an interesting show to watch but turn out to be too bored to even do shit, being depressed is sucks 😦

    Anyway, just want to have you know that I never get bored from your style (unless some niche taste mixed in it so to speak).

    Dose you current project will feature both aggressor and victim role on both sex ? It really interesting if you ask me, I can even handle some femdom or pegging if it going to have one XD

    • Everything sucks… I know it, you know it, we all know it… should we even bother?

      Victims but only girls, I’m expetimenting with agressor right now so we’ll see.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Cool, good to know 🙂

        Well .. you see, sometime having able to share the same feeling with someone in the same shoes can make us feel a little better, like we feel bit more relief when we know we’re not alone in the universe or some shit like that lol

        We still keep at it anyway unless we pick the shortcut yeh ?

        Keep up the good work man, you’re a hard finding legit developer in this time around where you actually have something for us to expected on. Not just some people who try to sell delusional material and bullshit when they still call it a ‘game development’, I can guaranteed you that much.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any Sex scene in this demo.
    Because I can’t find anything.

    • Anonymous Says:

      He does say ‘no actual real content just yet’ so I think, no, there’re yet to have any in there. Just basic core mechanic.

      Place holder name on the other hand, maybe some content that we can expect in the future.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Ever tried working out? A bit weird to say out of nowhere but when I’m down I work out and start feeling a lot better especially if I’m doing an intense session.

  32. Vosmug, I love you. Please don’t die.

  33. Hope you feel better dude, Just take a break, we’ll be with you. 🙂

  34. Tbh this is not my thing. I like turn based rpgs but I don’t find them arousing. When I played GHV and Xenotake I jerked like 20 times the whole day. This is not as hot because there is no tension or ryona. I know there are like 293836281 rape based action games out there but they are all the same and only you can do them properly. If you want to do something more rpg like I think it’s fine but the turn based stuff takes me into a whole different context.

  35. Dear Vosmug, im just some dude from internet and i bet you will never read this, but: a)its your game don’t let others tell you whats right and wrong besides all of the complainers are gonna play in anyways b) Depression is normal for our world – have a walk, turn off tv, try NOFAP for return of ideas and vigor c) If you can adapt for monthly updates Parthenon is pretty good source of income. While many will steal your work many also will give you $$$ to mobilize you to finish it (there are much worse games getting 1k/month). Best wishes and good luck! Ps: Ghost hunter was awesome.

  36. Hey vosmug, I noticed you render 3d scenes as set pieces, and put them together as a prerendered 2d scene. Because of the perspective, floor tiles end up distorted, and you have to blend them together.
    Instead of perspective, you could use orthographic rendering to get rid of the distortion for your purpose.

    (I just had to make sure you know about this.)
    (By the way, love your shit.)

    • I get you, I have tried it but it looks too “flat” for my tastes, besides I’m using only the center part of the render for tiles and the at the ends of the screen (like the red glowing door) use the rest of the render to the side, I like that perspective-ey look. What I need to do is stop using shapes on the floors so they can be connected more seamlesly.

  37. I believe in you, Vosmug-chan.

  38. can’t wait! loved your previous game a lot!

  39. Kyle Dielschneider Says:

    Hey man, keep strong… I know it’s hard right now, but it will get better, it always does… believe me… I know. I’m a writer myself
    and often times my mental and physical state are the two factors that contribute to me getting paid; muses don’t dance around one’s head unless you’re near 100% I suppose. Truth be told, it took me a long freaking time to get over my depression, but one of the best ways I managed to get the muses back was through working out, having a healthier diet, and going out to explore the city or just going on the odd road trip places when I had the money and time.

    I know it may not seem like a lot… but believe me, all that piled with some professional help goes a long way to getting the sense of “feeling” back.

    And if you find yourself running short on cash, try making something like a patreon account so you can get some support and get some more fan feedback, or get some ideas from fans, either or.

    You have a lot of fans man -myself included- and we all love and respect you and your work. If ever you need to talk or just vent, you know your friends and family -as well as your fans- are always there to support you, even if the world might seem like it’s against you, just look back here or anywhere you post your work and you’ll know you’re loved and respected.

    Wishing you all the best,

    -Mars the Oddball

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