Very Early Demo

Hey, today I bring a very very early demo just to let you know I’ve been doing things, it’s very early so there’s only one screen and couple of very early mechanics, did mention is very early?

Download Here

Press Enter then use the arrow keys to change armor for girl, there’s only a couple for now.

The battle system is pretty basic; I don’t want to go too crazy with it so what you see should give you a good idea, it has tons of placeholder images of course, and by that I mean pretty much all of it is a placeholder, it’s very early.

I still reserve myself the right of changing projects if I don’t feel like this one is going to pan out, for now though I really like how it’s going, I’m still not sharing any details in case the first thing happens, it’s going to be like that for a while.

So anyway, I don’t know how popular the idea of going RPG is, but I really want to do something different this time, let’s see how it goes.

Let me know what you think so far.

Very early…

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  1. I’m digging the design of the characters and the whole aesthetic you got going on. Kinda reminds me of indivisible, not a bad idea to mix things up a bit. If you do decide to go the RPG route, I recommend you think about adding an easy mode for people like myself who detest grinding.

    Looking forward to future progress.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Probably a bit too early to really get a sense of things. I’m not huge on RPGs, compared to action games. I’m certainly not against the idea though, especially if it’s not a topdown RPG. I could see the sidescroll setup you have started here being a lot more enjoyable, so definitely a plus in my book. Guess the biggest thing I’d wanna see is how you were planning on handling the hentai content. (Mid combat battle rape? sex on loss? both? etc…)

    • Yeah, about that… I had a paragraph prepared for that but I decided to leave it for later, even tho I’ve said it before, I want to move away from rapey enemies, so neither, instead I want the hentai content to come from progression, the enviroment, npc interactions, events, etc. not from enemies… I know it’s not a popular idea but I’ve been thiinking and talking about it for a while, now is the time to try it out.

      • Just for sake of clarity… do you mean that you’re moving away from the rapey content *in general*, or just how the enemies work in gameplay?

      • I never said “rapey content”, I said “rapey enemies” which means yes, just from enemies…

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well, that’s incredibly disappointing. That was one of the main draws for me. I feel like your previous games already had a really great mix of both kinds of sex content. You had your standard “rapey” enemies, but you also had story scenes that were progression based. GHV is a prime example of what I mean. I feel that it had a great mix of both.

        The “during gameplay” sex has always been a big draw for me in hentai games. So seeing that go away will probably be a pretty big letdown.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Then to make it perfectly clear right now, thats a loss of a buy from me.

        The H content seamlessly happening with the gameplay was one of the most enjoyable parts of your games. Without that, it looses a VERY big deal of what makes them unique. Add that to also making it a RPG, and you get one of the most generic games you can find around, and indoubtably, the most uninteresting among yours.

      • I don’t know if I would call unique something that every single Hgame out there has, unique to me would be to have a different mechanic that doesn’t involve purposefully jumping on enemies.

      • Well, I for one am certainly glad to hear that answer! Just wasn’t sure if I was reading your phrasing right there, so I was kinda worried for a second there lol

        Never really had much attachment to the random enemy animations anyway, so I won’t really miss those. And those are always pretty weird as a mechanic anyway, since you have to go out of your way to play poorly if you want to see them most of the time.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The enemy rape stuff in these kind of games has never been about purposefully jumping on enemies for me. A good game in this genre will ideally be challenging enough that the player will screw up sometimes without trying to. That’s the instance where I’d let the enemy have a round of sex.

        For instance, with GHV, I never once purposefully got myself grabbed on my first playthrough. I just played through. (If the enemy succeeded in getting a grab off, it deserveed it basically, so it gets a fuck.) But the enemies were varied enough that I saw most (if not, all) of the animations the game had to offer on my first go. It was a great experience, and the context of the player character actually trying (and failing) is a big part of the draw for me.

        For me, the notion that “enemy rape” causes the game to be about purposefully losing is “flawed”. A good game will give you plenty of opportunities to see animations while just playing through normally. GHV did that wonderfully. More like that would be wonderful.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Exactly what the guy above says, what made these games good was that the grabs happened because of the challenging nature of the gameplay, not because “You jump in to get raped”. If you have to do that, then its a game done wrong, because it has no difficulty and might as well just be a gallery.

        To add to that, without that the gameplay is just some tedious thing that interposes between you and what you are actually playing for.

      • Anonymous Says:

        [JB] “The guy above” reporting in again. (I’m also “Probably a bit too early to really get a sense of things.” and “Well, that’s incredibly disappointing.” guy.) For the sake of clarity I figure I’ll mark any further posts here with a little [JB] at the start of the post. (Though I think most of what’s already worth saying about the topic is probably already said, so might not even be any more from me after this one.)

        But yah, that’s exactly what I meant about the topic. ^

        I feel like, going into a game like GHV, and just throwing yourself at every enemy is doing yourself/the game a giant disservice. The REAL enjoyment comes from just playing through and having the game actually “beat” you. And having those “during gameplay” sex animations from the enemies really helps with this particular genre of game on a few fronts. I’m here for the porn in the first place, so it’s very much preferred to have porn happen throughout the game. If it’s only progression based, then the inbetween gameplay segments can feel a bit lacking.

        That being said, the gameplay is definitely important. If the gameplay itself isn’t fun/is lacking, it’s one of those games that’ll probably get played once or twice, and then just sit in my collection. But a fun game, something like your games Vos, or Kyrieru’s games, will be something I come back to on multiple occasions.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Seriously. How do people prefer “losing” for H content? I fucking hate games that makes you to lose in order to “win”. It’s just stupid. I prefer instead of Rape, that the Main character for example is the one that searchs sexual stuff through prostitution or other kind of type, like you kill your enemies then if you fuck them you win money or energy something like that, so you don’t need to lose necesarilly.
        And Rape enemies are in at least 80% of games so it’s not something UNIQUE at all….

      • Anonymous Says:

        [JB] And I prefer pretty much anything besides prostitution. Prostitution is incredibly boring. Seriously, how do people prefer prostitution content? See what I did there, this kind of topic will always be highly subjective/opinion based, there’s no way around that.

        It doesn’t even have to be actually losing the game to cover it though. Getting stunned, or grabbed in the case of something like GHV can result in the “rapey” animations without the player actually losing the game.

        I would say though, that the loss/failure style of games fits the genre very well. The heroine has to fight her way through countless enemies that want to do “unspeakable” things to her if she messes up/gets caught/ is defeated. It fits very well, and is “unique” in the sense that it’s something that hentai games can actually do. (Opposed to real porn.) If I wanted prostitution kinda stuff, I could always just go look for that. Plenty of it on the internet.The “rapey”, “loss” hentai games cover a specific niche of content.

    • Anonymous Says:

      RPG with no battle fucking is pretty boring to me, but its ur game do wev ya want, never been a fan of male protag either.

      • some guy Says:

        1) Having rapey enemies doesn’t mean people are not going to progress in the game, that makes no sense, for in order to even see all the sex in the game one must progress through it regardless, having it limited to specific scenarios (interacting with certain npcs) limits the amount of sex you can put in to it.

        2) The whole concept of you have to do work before you get anything in a game genre about sex (hentai/porn game) is kinda pointless, its fine to have a good story and fun game-play, but in this type of game one can’t forget the main purpose is the hentai, I’ve played many games which are greatly entertaining to play without the porn but in reality that’s just a bonus.

        3) To quote John Carmack “Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It’s expected to be there, but it’s not that important” now that may not be true for non-porn games, however this quote still holds water for hentai games, the main purpose is porn, the story of the game is not as important and should not limit the main focus of content (porn)

        People buy these games for the purpose of jerking off to it, not many people what to have to go through mountains of text and endless grinding to get the that one scene they have been working to get.
        It’s true that in games having you work for a satisfying conclusion is a great idea, most games in fact do this, however those games do not rely on the single goal of seeing a sex scene, they are capable of creating mind blowing moments that make you want more, but with this game the end result is always the same, though it may be well made not many would want to sit through the same length of time just to see another generic scene, especially when the previous games have scenes with that level of detail constantly throughout its entirety.

        In the end all that has been said is really only something for you to consider if you so choose.
        I have no control over what you do, the decisions you make are entirely in your hands.
        None of what was said is in any way a personal attack, or me criticizing you as a person, simply the opinion of some random guy in the internet.
        I understand that the choice between what you want and your customers what is difficult, so i would urge you not to rush into anything until you feel confident in that decision.

        Whatever the outcome be i wish you the best of luck with your work.

      • Thick Dick Rick Says:

        Well i’d only say that the people who buy his games come back cas its the content they expect, this is kinda pulling 180 and doing the opposite, so it’ll be abit of a surprise to some long time buyers not surprising either that folks are up in arms lol, but hey thats what happens when devs experiment 😛

      • 180 is a bit of an exageration, more like a 45 degree turn.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lol. It’s not the same. I said prostitution as another way of not having to lose entirely to have H scenes. I’m talking about game play not what are people’s desires.
      Also, if I want to play perfectly the game that means I won’t be letting enemies try to rape me. So that’s a huge turn down because unless the games makes it that h scenes are after win or by events then I won’t be getting any.
      Games like the one where you are a guy raping girls were amazing because you actually had to beat them and then you could rape her. And it had and purpose. Or like Succubus one where you made the enemies “rape” you in order to win powers.

      There’s lot of stuff to be done. But something that is a fact is that Rape enemies are not unique because mostly every game uses it.

  3. StoryWhore Says:

    Looks a bit rough, which obviously makes sense with how early it is. Not really super into the idea of a 2D sidescroller RPG- the shift from movement to combat is pretty jarring when it switches sides from where you were (i.e., I was running from the left to the right, hit the enemy, and suddenly THEY are to the left of me.) No idea what tools you actually have to change things up, but I feel like there should be some clearer… perspective shift between normal movement and the combat.

    I’m also not sure if I like how it feels to be moving both characters around like that. For some reason, it just feels awkward and disconnected compared to your previous games. But I’m willing to give it a chance to grow on me!

    Have you settled on what sort of story the game is going to have? Or is that still placeholder as well? That corset version of her top gives me some pretty heavy Bloodrayne vibes, and with the city street background, you’ve me hoping that it’s some kind of urban fantasy “demon/monster underworld” thing, haha.

    On a much lighter, constructive note: given that her current design is so much more revealing than Eerien and Vena, I hope that the world around her doesn’t ignore how much she’s showing off! It’s always such a fun little detail to have other characters reacting to “bikini armor” in different ways. ❤

    • Most RPGs have always the same positioning, the difference is that you can see the actual transition which makes it jarring, that’s something I was planning to do, to change positions according to the direction you’re facing but for simplicity’s sake is better to keep eveything in the same place, I’ll be changing it I manage to do it properly.

      I’m also not sure if I like how it feels to be moving both characters around like that.

      Not sure what you mean by that.

      I’m not giving many details yet about the setting in case I decide to work on something else mid way, but you’re not too far off.

      The girls should be as revealing as you want since you can dress them, the idea is to do a bloodborne style armor where the stats don’t matter as much so you can wear whatever you want. but that can change of course.

      • Depending on the rpg, you can either have fixed positions (very common if battle sprites and world sprites are NOT the same), though if they ARE the same I would kinda suggest Chrono Trigger as an example: if you make the characters move to the position you want them in at the start of combat it can make the transition more fluid. Alternatively just letting battle ensue from the starting positions works well too. (I can’t think of an example without a battle transition right now.) Nobody is going to confuse the player character(s) from the monsters.

  4. Somebody Says:

    option to change costume seems cool. for ideas i hope there will be a feature where if you loose, the girl is kidnapped and you have to rescue her… also just my thing but i hope the game this time around focus a bit more on bondage… XD. btw can we keep the look the girl makes when we attack? the cross and frown with x and (. it’s golden. lol

  5. Spam Spamik Says:

    I really like it. It is not too bad to have a change once in a while, helps you not to get bored of doing the same stuff over and over again. Besides, I´m a huge RPG fan 🙂

  6. MAyonezter Says:

    well let’s wait for next year (or more) to make this game happen, well i know it quite take a long journey and a lot of time to create this game.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta be honest as always, because I want you to make the best game possible.

    First off, the dude can perfectly fuck off, no interest on having a dude in the game whatsoever.

    Now, the gameplay for the movement through the levels and stuff if its as in the previous 2 games, no problem at all with that, however you will have to do something to be able to avoid the enemies so it doesnt get extremely tedious.

    For the combat, I dont think you need to go much further than what you have right now, maybe some skill you get along the game for each character to compliment the (what I pressume) attack, block, and use of items.

    And for the H content, as long as you make it so the girl can get grabbed during combat apart from the typical scene you usually make it should be perfect, add to that some kind of mechanic where when a member of the team gets its HP to 0 gets kidnapped to predetermined points of the map and you have to go find him getting fucked, and you will be golden.

    To finish, adding the possibility to change the clothes of the characters is a really good idea.

    Looks really good to be an early demo.

    Good luck with the work!

  8. Setup a Patreon account. I’m sure there are people here who would like to support you without exclusive monthly rewards.

  9. How much extra will I have to pay for this game to have a badass MILF character?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I understand that you want to move away from rapey enemies, but will the games still be focused on bondage/tentacles? If so then ill be happy with whatever gameplay style you choose.
    Either way please keep up the good work!

  11. why females characters always have huge boobs ?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the RPG stuff or the changes you’ve proposed in H content, but I’m still excited! Looks great and can’t wait to see more!

  13. Footguy Says:

    I’ll reserve judgement.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Nope.avi – I totally do not like the direction of this project.

    I have ZERO desire to play a hentai game with a dude in it.

    Side scroll RPGS never workout, thats just not a good style to use.

    If you want to tell a story dude (which seems to be your thinking) Just build a RPG maker game. I think you could find a really sweet nitch between the way you do your animations and RPG maker style story game.

    Not having “Rapey” enemies makes no sense in a RPG style game, that is what a majority of the market wants in role playing turn based game, Enemies that have rape style attacks/ bondage moves – The more of those the better. Thats what EVERYONE who plays RPG style games is looking for.

    The clothing system is OK, ish… Truthfully, its double ended- If you have clothing you need to have a good selection of clothes to use(find, purchase, upgrade system ) / and have them be damageable clothing— Otherwise the player will just find the look they like and keep it like that for the rest of the game making clothes swapping useless. So have a clothing break / Damage clothing system.

    Have GAME OVER RAPE SCENES, even if you just revert back to a starting point like your previous games. Have a image for said defeat.

    But seriously tho, Side scroll RPGS are just bad- thats why 95% of RPG are top down / Overhead cam / Final fantasy style. Vosmug, i implore you you will lose intrest in a sidescroll RPG when you try to tackle issues and flush out things multiple devs have tried (Freelance and Triple A studios) and you will stagnate trying to overcome this problems and waste time. I have worked on many game in my life stuff (freelance and studio work) and im telling ya sidescrolling turnbased/rpg just does not work.

    • Your points sound very final, there seems to be no room to argue.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Side scrolls RPG’s are bad? What the fuck? Lol no…. THEY’RE NOT BAD, 95% of RPG are made with RPG maker that’s why there aren’t too much side scrolls RPG but that doesn’t make them necesarily bad, it all depends on the imagination of the people creating these games. It’s a lot easier with RPG makers that’s why they don’t even care doing side scrolls.
      I think Vos could probably make a good job here.

  15. Mr.jojo Says:

    how about the female character having also a full body suit like the male character

  16. LordHentai Says:

    Next game should be about exhibitionism :3

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Too early to say. The outfits are pretty generic and basic atm, but yet again too early to say. The art style seems to be on the same level as your past games unless you plan to refine or stylize them even more differently. The turn based game play seems okay. From what I read above you’ve decided to move on from the simplistic: maps flooded with rapey enemies. I’m neutral on that I liked how simple and straightforward they are, but at the same time they’re boring and overused is probably why you’re trying this. I don’t mind this type of game because I liked eromancer’s Malise and The Machine, even tho they’re taking a long time to update it with a new engine. As always you work pretty fast Vosmug. Cheers.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Malise and the Machine is the complete opposite to this, so your argument makes little sense.

      • Anonymous Says:

        This isn’t an argument. It’s the turnbased gameplay that I’m comparing between them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Like certain games by gorepeat from legend of krystal forums for example which are also turnbased as of late. I’m merely commenting and mentioning and comparing to other similar games/creators.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I like RPGs.
    Are you going to make a male lead this time?
    I’d prefer a female lead if you ask me.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Real early to get a grasp of it but so far it seems to be in order.
    So long as you feel comfortable with it it’s fine I suppose.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Okay this is just ridiculous! I cannot believe what i am seeing in the comments! Seriously? First – if Vosmug wanted to just put out some hentai he wouldn’t be making a game. Its a hentai game not a game hentai, if that makes any sense. I don’t see how a person will play one of his games with one hand or how doing that won’t diminish their challenge and overall mechanics.(make a gallery if that’s the case) Next – games like Shovel Knight, Dead Cells, Salt and Sanctuary, Mark of the ninja, Ori and the blind forest, Dust: An Elysian Tail are all side-scrolling RPGs that totally never work out. Yes, they do not have any hentai content, but damn wouldn’t it be cool if they did??? So h-games that have no rapey animations, require you to die to unlock some artwork and generally are of much lower quality in regards of how they play and look are fine, but when one of the best content creators of the “genre” thinks to suggest exploring his creativity in possibly an attempt to create an immersive, multi-layered world and story and everybody starts losing their mind. When has Vosmug not delivered? Im pretty sure that even if the sexual content is 30% of the game, it can still be abundant. And by that i don’t mean 30% of the time required to go through the game. Next – do people have to be so rude? Generally as a guy i do prefer female protagonists(and in such a genre we could also say characters), but does that mean h-games should consist of lesbians and dick-girls only??? What is the big deal? If it’s because you don’t want to be looking at a guy all the time(since you are straight) then you have been bamboozled by the previous games which destroy the characters with the masculine frame and big dicks of their enemies. Lets just say i don’t care what games Vosmug creates, since he has shown he will do whatever it takes to make something substantial and worth playing regardless of what exactly it is. Vosmug doesn’t really need anyone to defend him or his decisions, but i do believe this was blown out of proportion. Im sorry if I sound waaay too salty, harsh, abrasive, aggressive, rude… it’s not really my intention to upset people so forgive me for adding fuel to the fire. Things need to be thoroughly explored and sometimes developed to be deemed worthy or unworthy. Plus knowing that nothing has really happened or is happening yet, I think we should all just calm the fuck down. 😀 😀 😀 Thank you for reading through this cancerous salt and pepper!

    – Written by the PancakeBRUH…

    • Anonymous Says:

      None of the games that you have cited but Salt and Sanctuary are even RPGs, and none of them are any similar to the gameplay that this will have, which I dont mind anyways.

      Also, you let the dev of a game know that you dont like what he intends to do before he does it, once the game is released and I dont buy it because I cant give a shit about it is already too late.

    • You give me too much credit, there’s no grand plan to make the best thingr ever, over time I’ve grown to dislike some things and I just want to do something different moving forward, of course I’ll try my best with what I have but there’s nothing more other than exhaustion, repetition and even boredom setting in.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope you’re alright man, As one of my favorite artists.. It sounds like you are reaching a burnout.

        I guess that’s why some of us want you to make a patreon, Some of us are hoping that you are having actual success with your games. This way you enjoy your art, and us as customers can as well.

        I just hope you’re not beating yourself up, Good luck with your next venture.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Before, you made guro game but, you stop making and I guess at least, guro is not included in this game.

    Of course, this game also interesting! like ghost hunter. just i am curious. do you have plan? to make any guro game sometime.

    Your gore was very impressive.

    • I really want to, I don’t know maybe I should go back. It would be better to work on several things at once but it’s just too difficult to work on more than one game at the time. But truth is I want to at some point.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    [JB] Just on a different topic (although only slightly different now that I really look at it) than the one I’ve been on about up above. (And to sorta mirror the sentiment I saw from somebody else.) Hentai RPGs without some kinda “battle rape” or in fight sex content are often pretty boring for me. Though, that’s definitely partially just the hentai RPGs are “shaky” in my eyes. I see a lot of them that are just kinda bland and forgettable. (Though, those are mostly rpgmaker stuff, so there’s definitely an oversaturation that accounts for some of that.) The problem for me is that the fighting just kinda feels “pointless” in a sense, like just another unsexy stretch of gameplay to get to the next scene basically.

    I suspect that the format you’re going for would avoid a lot of the pitfalls a lot of RPGs in the genre fall into though, so I could definitely see it being something I could still enjoy. I certainly won’t immediately dismiss it just because it’s different than what I’d prefer. You’ve definitely made a fan out of me with your other 2 games Vos, and I’d definitely be interested in seeing what you’d do/make in the future.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    If you talk about making an RPG where the character looks small and pixelated, please do not, and there are thousands of games RPGs , is the easiest, go easy is never the way, what if cool would make an RPG where the character was seen 3d in real time as The video game, but I understand that is a lot of work, you can make a 2d game with mechanics of some game, such as Dark Souls, the last of us, or any other, is an idea for mechanics and history. In any case is expected many enemies and porn animations , if cool that you put traps like the one that has the game hentai night of revenge.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Have you thought about making a game for example based on Alice in Wonderland?, would add events, more than one end, many enemies and animations, a beautiful blonde, make a game based on movies, or stories already made is another idea, so that the game looks different You just have to show different physical character and face, you can make a happy world that goes back sad and perverse

  25. golden ice Says:

    Mmm I do not like the idea of the fight by turns sorry xD, is much better in real combat with platform games and the male character I would remove

  26. Honestly if this game plays out like your past game in both art and quality then I can’t wait (your naked female characters are amazing!!).
    I agree with golden, only here to see that female character the guy can take a hike.

    Couple last things
    I was wondering if you have a patreon & if you had a tumblr where you frequently post your W.I.Ps at. I feel you’ll get a lot more money and attention that way.

    Will the next game feature more full nudity for the females and possibly more girl on girl action as we saw in venna with the possessed friend (Pretty awesome IMO).

    Keep up all the great works

  27. Big Stupid Fucker Says:

    I have a question. Why not have a solely male protagonist?

    It would give you an excuse to focus more on designing an RPG rather than battle fuck, kind of like Parade Buster. It also lets you entice people with a large array of female enemies ‘fighting’ the male protagonist (which I assume people would like more than one single female design raped in 20 different ways.)

    • What you propose is the same, only in the female character would be in this case masculine and would be raped in a thousand ways by female enemies, I propose to make a game in real time where the protagonist is female and is raped by female enemies and Futa , something like what he said big stupid but with woman and woman, adding futa enemies for penetration, I would try as anon said to make a game based on a movie, or videogame that has a world of pure fantasy.

      The male character I would take it off, you could make a female escort like a sexy fairy who had phases in which you control and come out girls sexual aggressor monsters of his stature?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Ghost hunter Vega was best sex game i played so far, and i hope u continue to do similar things (things other games do not have – like when u need to feed that ghost that is blocking door, and in mid masturbating ghost hand cought u) defenetly put similar things in games, no one game have it

  29. That sounds like a lot of numbers and even more coding dude.

    If you wanna do an rpg go for it. Sounds like something you could really get into an have fun with.

    I personally liked the rapey enemies obviously since it was a sexual survival horror type thing. Really gets me going you know? Lol

    And it sounds like this would be more consensual sex later on which might conflict with your style. The looping images may not coincide with something passionate considering there’s a lot more loving involved. You know what I mean?

    Idk that’s just me. Tbh you could get by just making sex sprites on the side and putting them on a tumblr every week or something to keep everyone entertained while you work on the game. And it sounds like you might want to use some sexy backdrops during main text scenes. That could be pretty cool. Lots of intimate close ups and whatnot like how you did the beginning and end scenes of Xenotake.

    That’s just a snippet of my creative opinion. Lol do with it what you will

    • And it sounds like this would be more consensual sex later on

      Maybe a little but overall not really, not a fan of vanilla stuff.

      I wouldn’t have time for sprites on the side though, the game itself it’s a huge time sink as it is.

  30. I’ve been a lurker on your site since Prisonkage. Wanted to let you know that I’m planning on making my own games in my (nonexistent) free time, and that you were the catalyst. You make cool games, even if it does take a while and thank you for sticking with it.

    Comments and feedback are the best ways to spark new ideas. Feel free to stop by my terribly made site every now and then.


    I have things I do and don’t like about H-RPGs I think the most memorable one for me in recent history was “Legend of Queen Opala”, which was an excellent game. A branching story, gallery, lots of enemies, recurring challenges, secrets, porn drawing collectibles, new game plus mode (WITH STORY IMPLICATIONS), etc.

    The best part of any game, including H-RPGs, is discovering something new. A new enemy to lose to, a hidden mechanic, a bonus sexy secret… these keep your player coming back until they’ve discovered everything. And with an RPG, there’s no rush. It’s SUPPOSED to be a long playing experience. It’s a relaxed form of H-game.

    That can also be what’s bad about an RPG, too. If you populate too much of the same enemy, spread out your secrets too far or make them too obscure, or if your story/gameplay doesn’t grab people’s attention, the game will fail because no one wants to waste their time on it.

    My biggest problem is that most H-RPG have a lull in them, where there are no new enemies or secrets to be found. You’ve seen the two or three H-scenes you have access to. Now they’re boring, and there’s just you and a huge grind to get to the next bit of content.

    If you make an H-RPG, you’re going to need to keep the game populated with events. Unfortunately, that takes A LOT of time. If you think you can do it, DO IT. Good luck!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, Vosmug!
    I wonder… do you ever played the game named Shin Sei Den? When i see the direction of you new game, i remember that game just in a moment. If you don’t see this game, check it if you have time. I think, it may be interesting for you.

    • Looks interesting, I like fullflap but I wasn’t aware of this one, one thing I don’t like as preference is the cutesy characters, not a fan of cute characters being involved in sex situations, but overall it looks nice, I think I’ll try it out.

  32. I just beat GHV for the tenth time, and I’m already dying for more. D:

    seriously, I would pay twice the price of the full game just for a mini spin-off with Sui or Norea.

  33. It seems to have stripped the clothes too much from the beginning.

    Personally, I think that the appearance on May 3 is much better.

  34. Personally i don’t like this type of game but the sidescrollers you did was amazing which leaves me hopeful for whats to come. P.S my first exposure to p0rn was your xenotake, so good job.
    i do have some complaints though, like one being the guy character’s standing posture the body sticks out too much IMO.
    BTW i wouldn’t recommend going for steam now. If you’re going to do a non H game i would recommend sites like gamejolt, etc before trying to put it in steam. Get more people exposed to it first otherwise nobody will see it in steam.
    Good luck and all the best for your future endeavors!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    will we be able to play the game with all the female characters completely naked?

  36. StoryWhore Says:

    Do you have any general idea of when you might be comfortable enough with your progress on the new project to share what it’s about? I’m so eager to know more about the story, and what you have in mind as far as characters go!

  37. I really hope your next game has some kind of MILF character!

  38. Vosmug, I’m sure that’s a unrelated thing, but you thinks in resuming Prisonkage’s development in the future, or that project was canceled for good? 😦

  39. hey vosmug how about instead of the rapey enemies u were talking about how about a system when when you beat some enemies u have a chance to recruit them as friends, and companions that u can find in a place to have consensual sex, like a companion hub or something, and just have a spot where you can choose what character or recruited enemy you have sex with kinda like a gallery with gameplay but in order to get them you need to beat them in a specific way. an example would be: say you find a goblin girl and u wanna have sex with her but shes an enemy you gotta get her at like 10% hp then maybe u have to use like a slab of cooked meat or something and then she has sex with you for feeding her and then will always be available to have sex with whenever you get to the hub.

    • My man I love you to death but a male protag sounds like dogshit. Your art style doesn’t lend itself well to dudes and your writing works much better without them.there’s ten million bad sex games with block jawed male protagonists but few that completely omit them. Play to your audience.

  40. Wow man, I thought you’ve done with making games after you finished GHV. Tbh I had doubts that GHV would be ever finished. But dude, you’re just… wow

  41. Anonymous Says:

    That new upcoming game demo does not work on Win XP anymore. Vos there is no need to fix that problem. Moving on to Win 7 or Win 10.

    • I don’t think I can anyway, GM Studio 2 is the latest version (which I’m using), it probably doesn’t have support or functionality for XP at all.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    What are you doing now? Making this RPG? What about the dlc on GHV (that I believe I once read in one of your previous post)?
    Could you give us some news? I’m wainting impatiently on your next project. :p

    • Anonymous Says:

      It gets suggested a lot, but I think Vos has always been pretty against the idea because he’d rather try something completely new.

      • That’s correct, I never talked about DLC, I assume those were sugestions from commenters but not from me, the only thing I talked about was to maybe add a new game+ and another difficulty mode but that was before release, at the end it was too much to keep adding, that was a 4 year process, I was tired and wanted to move on, so I admit I should have add those but I didn’t have the energy to keep working on it, and I said as much back then.

        Anyway yes, I’m working on a new project, I’ll post more about it soon.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Any Update…

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Whats the game length you are aiming for? Shorter or longer than ghv/xeno

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