Planning next thing…


First of all I want to thank all for your support, those of you who bought the game and those of you who waited patiently for so long, thanks.

So, also first of all, there were some things I said I was, maybe, going to do, like the new game plus and harder difficulty, I’m sorry but after the gallery fiasco I really don’t have the energy or will to keep adding more stuff; I think we can call it officially done, unless there are new game breaking problems, I am officially moving to a new project.

Regarding GHV though, I have to say first, as you noticed version 1.08 was already uploaded and fixed some problems, like a map desync problem and an instance where you could move past a key into a trigger that would block your path back, meaning you wouldn’t be able to go back to get the key, getting you stuck, worst part is, there’s save point there, if you save you are stuck forever; I’m talking about the part when you arrive to the bloody safe room for the first time, there’s a key before that, which is a very obvious pick and is very unlikely that you would not get it, but it’s still a huge oversight, anyway that was fixed in 1.08, but it also introduced a new text error at the very beginning, I made a small modification and overlooked wrapping the text, so the text goes out the dialog box, I’ll upload a new version eventually but I want to wait and see if I can fix other problems to avoid updating just for one small fix. Also, Japanese translation of course was added. In the end though 1.07 is perfectly fine, no need to update unless the map thing bothers you (if you even noticed at all) or care about the Japanese translation.

Also, DLsite release happened as you may have noticed, I never publicly announced it.

You can find everything in the game page.








This is not from anything yet, this is just practice.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s next yet, I have some ideas but I haven’t decided yet. Before anything what I want to do is do some practice runs and set up a reliable basis for everything, problems is I thought the improvement was going to be bigger but I’m hesitant to call the sprites “better” at this point, and it’s still very time consuming, that hasn’t changed.

I’ll talk more about it in future posts, as I’ve said before I want to make some changes that may not be popular so we’ll see, for now I’ll keep practicing and trying to improve on the base frame work to try and make the process a bit easier.

Also, there still the question of if I should do a “normal” game for steam (as I once said) or a smaller game first or something like that before going into a bigger project, we’ll see, the best way to proceed would be to start a new project right away to avoid wasting time because as we know time is kind of a thing, there won’t be any polls, but still let me know what you think.

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  1. Johnthewhatever Says:

    Nononon don’t do it on Steam, you’re going to have to do more work than you have to. Not worth it imo X_X

  2. Daz Team Says:

    I would like to carry out the official translation of the game into Spanish Mexico, but I do not know if you leave me or if this can be done, the second part I had luck then of not getting stuck on the map in the safe room, but I got stuck in the color wheel, in short you take the time and tell me if you can translate into Spanish, while I have not yet given the time to try the game old and recent operating systems, but when I can notify you where it works and where it does not , Thank you ,
    a greeting vosmug

    • The only way of adding anything new would be to modify it myself and upload a new version, there’s no way of adding a file to a folder and have it work automatically as before. If you actually finish it I wouldn’t mind adding it, but it’s really long, so it’s your choice. If you will, email me and I’ll send you the TXT files so it’s easier for you.

      • Daz Team Says:

        It’s worth while I leave this, my original email forget your password and hotmail does not allow me to recover it,

        I will gladly do the translation shortly, I do not think it’s enough, I can imagine how double it looks in xenotake but nothing great, thank you,
        greetings for you

      • Sorry, you email me at:


        Again, it’s over 26.000 words, It’s gonna take you a while, trust me.

      • Daz Team Says:

        sent message, but there is no response

      • Nope, didn’t receive, note that what I wrote is mispelled to avoid bots copying it.

  3. It’s nice to see that you are thinking about returning to sci-fi setting, judging from the picture:) My several thoughts: 1) Small project – good, that’s better than big one, because there can be a sequel and people like series, too; 2) Steam? Well, when there was Steam Greenlight programme active, it became overflown with poor-quality “normal” games, so despite it remains a big market, I wouldn’t make “normal” game for it, and despite several hentai games were released on Steam, they were released with so much censorship that they only frustrated people(search for Dark Elf Historia game on Steam, for example). So if you don’t like Patreon and not Steam then what? IMO there are several other opportunities for distribution: 1) , which publishes hentai games; 2) , which acts as publisher; 3) Crowdfunding on Kimochi, which accepts hentai games: and if you find some Japanese-speaking guy as mediator then probably Japanese websites like and will be available for you, too. Your community is always with you xD

  4. WickId Says:

    If you’re looking to do some smaller, quick things to hone your craft a bit before the next big project, have you considered just doing a “spin-off” game from either Vena or Xenotake? Like a mini side-story where you play as a different character?

    It would certainly free up a lot of time for you to pick and choose what you actually want to improve on, instead of having to make something entirely new from scratch. And would also be a good choice to just experiment with some new game mechanics that might not work in a longer, more involved game.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I second this! Not only would a spin off of Vena in particular be interesting, it’d also be some what easier in terms of work load as you wouldn’t have to create completely new sprites/background. in terms of mini story wise, you could choose to focus on the professor back in her time when she was teamed up with the villian lass!

    • StoryWhore Says:

      Oh man, I would be so into this! One of my biggest regrets while playing through Xenotake was how underused the blonde captain was with alien scenes compared to the main character or the villain. A short little prequel featuring her initial mission before being captured would be AMAZING.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have already said so a couple of times, but since you ask for opinions, I would much prefer if you kept the next game on the line of your previous two, since everything you said that you wanted to change sounded pretty much terrible to me.

    Also refering to the art, as long as it is as good as before, I wouldnt say ther is much need for improvement. It is was extremely good already, and the preview you have shown looks very good, as much as all the art you’ve done.

  6. Fappinjojo Says:

    I was a real big fan of Xenotake when it was released. I liked the idea of a ship filled with rapey aliens, and I think your sprites and art style are charming. I’m a fan of Nikraria because his art is very different from all other stuff on the internet. So I say if you want to improve do so, but dont loose the charm your art style has. Maybe, and this is a little idea. make a short mini sequal/prequal to Xenotake with Sprite you recently made and work on animations to improve it. One thing I feel could use some work is the feet of the sprites as i have a thing with legs and i could help but notice how big they are and how simple they look, but thats only a small gripe of something thats otherwise really good. Also While Xenotake was a fun game and I loved the whole rapey alien infested ship its actual story was very dry. However GHV, had a very charming story that actually felt pretty satisfying to finish. Sure a few plot wholes, and the whole vision of the past thing to find the key in the well that wasnt even touched on as to how Vena had the vision in the first place.
    Asides from anything i love your work and would love to see something like Xenotake again. Maybe improve the combat system with more abilities like a punch to stun enemies or a grenade to take care of large groups or a taunt/seduce function… Just nothing like the damn robot part of the game I dont mind there being parts without the rapey aliens but going through those tunnels was out right unbalanced. Too many enemies coming at you with no way to crowd control and no way to heal yourself.

    If you ever make a Patreon I’d be a permanent patron. I love your art style, you are improving in your story telling, and you make defeat style games. Call me a pervert but I like games were i get molested by nasty aliens or tentacles when I loose.
    Maybe add some game over scenes. Night of Revenge and Bullet Requiem have some good inspiration there.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Been following you for years.
    Include this inst your next games

    > GAME OVER RAPE SCENES. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD- even just a image would be cool…maybe some text too if your feeling frisky

    > MORE then 1 animation per monster, just a little varity is nice.

    > CLOTHES BREAK- like 4 or 5 stages.. that shits great it really is

    > GO BACK TO GURO GAMES/Guro action, Honest to god, you are like the only creator in this space.. its such a niche market and we are totally lacking on good guro sprite style games- That would be super awesome dude… like. Thats what ALOT of us orginally followed you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      To be honest I started to support vosmug during the whole prisonkage project which I liked so I would totally be open to support if there’s another guro game. Xenotake and GHV were pretty good too so there’s which is why I stayed supportive as well.

    • > That’s extra work but doable I guess.

      > That’s a lot of work.

      > That’s a LOT more work than necessary or worth.

      > That’s a contradiction, because if you want all of the previous things, none of that would appear in a guro game.

      In conclusion you want me to do a LOT of work.

      My idea of guro is more gore than anything else, meaning no sexual content, it was a mistake going that route, I regret that and that’s the main reason I haven’t gone back, maybe I will in the future but no sexual content this time, that was a mistake.

  8. Hello Vosmug. I am one of those who asked for a harder mode. I am sadden that you want to stop making updates for GHV but if you do feel exhausted from the game. It is fair.

    The reason I do ask for a harder difficulty is because GHV and Xenotake was just too easy. The character only gets raped maybe two times when I play through the game. I think health or clothes armor should be more scarce and the enemies should be able to attack faster(GHV problem) because even on hard I could just walk past them no problem. Please add a harder difficulty in the next one.

    I did enjoy the snatcher in GHV. I hope in your next installment you add another one in and instead of it being stuck in one room it goes in another which increases your chances of being raped. That way the enemy would feel more of a threat.

    The side characters are nice but it would be cool to play as them besides the main character and the other characters would get different animations when raped.

    One last thing, when you are trying to break free from rape. Instead of it being the same to fill it up no matter how may times you get raped. I think every time you get raped it should be harder to break free. For example. 0 rapes= 10 clicks 1 rape= 20 3 rapes= 30 so on and so forth. That way when you want to do the animation for her to start squirting out milk you can see it that way and it ramps up the difficulty and it would seem she gets hornier.

    Other than that, I loved every aspect of it. I think you did an excellent job on animations, art, and gameplay. You definitely improved from Xenotake and I like the different positions and different characters that get fucked. I enjoyed this game and I can’t wait for your next one.

    P.S Please make the main character female in the next one. I do like the fact that you would want a male main character but I don’t feel like it would be the correct time to do it.

  9. I know this can be hassle. but what about some of your concept arts as well as those deleted full body images next to those dialogues. they had so much detail and work into them that it would be such a waste not to bring it up. if you don’t want to code them into the game, at least make a separate image folder link for all of us to see.

  10. StoryWhore Says:

    Whatever your next game/project winds up being, I hope that it finally has a bad ending option! Like in Xenotake, maybe if you die at the final boss, that gives you a unique little “the villain wins” ending scene instead of a generic game-over. Or in GHV, one where Vena doesn’t come back from the boss fight so the other girls are all trapped in the rapey-ghost mansion forever…

    Or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious with a bigger concept, making a game where the player can choose to be good or evil during certain cutscenes, and those eventually tally up to decide whether you get the happy ending or the bad ending. Though that would probably work best with a male protagonist, I think! =P

  11. The New character design kinda reminded me of the characters you made after completing xenotake (a girl with a jetpack of sorts) honestly looks like some secret agent in a Cyberpunk-esk world

    my personal thoughts on making “normal”‘stuff for steam, i’d say you could if you’d like more exposure, as the “Fans” that are here will always follow and support your products and having more exposure to your work can never go wrong (unless you dislike people constantly nagging you as to when somthing is Fixed or when the project is completed)

    Reguardless, thanks for the two games you’ve made already, Great stuff, cannot wait for what you will make next, NSFW or SFW

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The practice sprites seem alien sci-fi themed again, which is very nice. Are there any other themes that you’re considering? (Metal Slug/Indiana Jones style jungle and ruins for example?)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I would suggest learning a new technique or engine for the game. It felt like half the time you were battling the game engine.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    That’s looking good vosmug. Could always improve the generic face and body unless you’re satisfied with that art stylization. The animation quality is definitely improved here. As for whether or not you want to make more nsfw or a sfw game. You seem to have the potential to do either justice. I’d get a sfw game from you off of steam if that’s a planned option for you. If it’s another nsfw game I’m interested mostly in the erotic content more than the gameplay, and I’d buy it off paypal/dlsite like usual.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, when going through the sprite gallery in GHV, I don’t recognize seeing Sprites 68, 69, 70, 78, 79, or 96 for Vena anywhere in the game. Can you tell me where they’re from? Also, the “leaking” scene when Sui is assaulted by the brute’s second phase is one of my favorites, but it can’t be seen due to how it loops in the gallery. Is it possible to add that part to its gallery scene?

    • 68, 69, 70 are from the generic tentacle enemy, I don’t remember how many there are in total but I’m sure some appear near the cave area at the end.

      78, 79, are from the skull ghost, you only find it in the library/shrine area (where you find the dagger and the skull) that’s the only place.

      96 is from the frog enemy.

  16. Well, while you’re in the mood to practice, please do consider working on those walking animations.

    Cheers and thanks for all the hard work!

  17. Sci-fi again! I want nothing more than a hentaified Dead-Space type deal. One girl and a derelict spaceship full of mutant fuck-monsters, what could go wrong?
    GHV was a big step up in raw gameplay over XT. I think the next step would be more directions in which you can attack beyond left/right and enemy behavior that necessitates doing so – ceiling crawlers, flyers, erratic movers, stealth bastards, ranged enemies. The player’s weapon could be a projectile travelling in a parabolic arc to make it require good timing and/or a TF2 sniper rifle mechanic where you charge the weapon through a damage curve. You can get a higher rate of fire shooting much, much weaker bullets, or make every shot count by good timing and target prioritisation.
    I really dig the design of the character by the way

  18. Footguy Says:

    I would simply vote for returning to Prisonkage!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    One minor critique on that middle picture (the gif one) of the new design: you might want to sharpen the curvature of her hips/waist a bit, because having it be such a straight line from her hip up through the torso gives her a very triangular silhouette lol

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, since you’re doing sprite work, you might be interested in checking out dbaumgart’s workflow (the dungeons of dredmor artist), there’s a good amount of it on the blog for StarFarer.

    I realize it’s not 1:1 since it’s spaceship art, but I thought checking it out couldn’t hurt.

    Check the entries tagged art.

  21. A German Says:

    Vosmug. Please listen:
    You have talent.I buyed your Game here 4 days after release.
    You have some fans now. But everybody in the internet thinks he is the most importent of the World. Make the Game YOU want and not what the loudest screams. There are alway some crazy people who want gore or pregancy. But not everybody here is mental ill. For the Love of God make options to block this things in the Game.

    Just before you start the game you get asked:
    Want Gore?
    Like pregancy?
    What´s about quicksand?

    It´s simple: nobody buy´s a game with things he hates and cant skip it.

    • I’m only doing what I’m comfortable with, even stuff that is considered “normal” I won’t do if I don’t like it, so you don’t have to worry about that.

  22. Well,Good luck with that,Also one last bit of advice ,Get a team and use a patreon or kickstarter that way you can finish your game in a year or two.

    And one last suggestion maybe you can make a game where a female character remains throughout the whole game with nothing to wear ,Maybe have a game where she is abducted and is about to be a naked slave in an alien planet but then escapes while trying to get off of this planet and try to save earth from the aliens invasions while being remain naked throughout the game ,Can you do that?

    • Patreon doesn’t allow the kind of themes Vosmug likes to make. They’d ban him super quick.

      • Anonymous Says:

        There are projects with raunchier themes that just watch what language they use and they’re fine so far. And he could add an intro disclosure where all the characters say they’re actors and agreed with all that is happening to them later. 😀

      • Anonymous Says:

        There are many adult games on Patreon in development. So if VOsmug decide to go to Patreon we must support him, to bring to us even more awesome games

      • Maybe though I think he try different fundraisers,After all every independent game developers nick a fundraiser site and I think perhaps kickstarter,patreon or any fund site would ,So he can make new games in a year or two.

      • And I agree what the 2nd annonymous said a patreon should be useful for adult game developers

      • As far as I know patreon does allow it now, but not for now, it’s a last resource, if at all.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats man, GHV is awesome, more than i expected, and the difficult was very enjoyable. As a suggerence you could do a game about some sci fi novel, or mythical novel, just a sggestion, congrats again man, thanks for ur awesome work.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    The holocaust never happened

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I would want something like Xenotake 2. But you do what you want.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I also agree a Xenotake 2 would be very very welcome and a possibility to reenact what you learned so far. just saying things so you can feel encouraged. best of luck Vosmug.

  26. If money is a consideration, make a small game and take it as a practice to market it properly, maybe hire some coaching for it. After all, it’s a piece of art what you make but u need to get some juice out of it. A smaller game would be more versatile and y can feed us the fans with concept tests. But i would like you to get as much money as u can. If u want to improve your skills, many small games are better, since you can notice the small things to change without having to change everything.

    If money is no problem , make a normal game. Since u won’t have to spend nearly as much time marketing it and the progress will be seen.

    • I agree with your opinion

    • Actually I’ve been thinking about that, making a small game to practice, either SFW or NSFW, mainly because I just started playing around with GM Studio 2 and it’s a bit weird, it would be a good idea to do a practice run to test the changes in the engine, we’ll see.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I would say a Xenotake 2, even if with another MC you play as and the other girls appear just for scenes would be awesome. And would also serve to compare with the first part as they would share similar theme so you could see what you want to improve on.

  28. Here’s an idea-
    an Isometric dark fantasy hack and slash, kind of like diablo.

    just that the HUD has an HD animated character sprite that reacts/moves as you do things in some sort of random generated dungeon.

    Pretty much anything that happens in the field (e.g. treasure chest full of tentacles ) is reflected on the HUD character sprite.

    MAYBE add some RPG elements, or just make it kinda like old school Zelda, but the main idea is just keep the world building to simpler sprites whilst focusing more on HD character design and animations.

    • or maybe a game where the female character remains nude throughout the whole game with shaved vaginia,unbradied hair and barefoot and its setting should be either a forest or an an alien ship/planet.

    • Pretty much anything that happens in the field (e.g. treasure chest full of tentacles ) is reflected on the HUD character sprite.

      That’s a cool idea, I’ve seen that in other games, I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off, but it’s insteresting to consider.

  29. Whatever you are interested in making I would love more lesbian of futa content in it.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know what you’re planning at the moment, but I would seriously pay DOUBLE what I did for Ghost Hunter Vena to get a mini-prequel about Sui and Norea’s original partnership with those two criminal guys.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, kind of a random question, but have you ever watched the hentai Kuroinu? If you’re thinking about potentially doing a fantasy game with a male main character down the line, I’ve always thought that its premise would make for an interesting ‘framework’ to use in an action H-game. Where each level has a female boss that you are trying to defeat so that you can conquer her territory.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    You have done ghosts, and this blue sprite looks like it could be in space on ship. Maybe do aliens next, different aliens, different ways to get fucked. I like the lack of vore and gore and just the hentai sex part. Please don’t go to steam.

  33. monkeyking Says:

    bro,u know i do love your games,whether xenotake or ghv,they are better than most of the ACT on steam XD..

  34. monkeyking Says:

    wait…there are also amount of H-game on steam,aren’t your game’normal’enough for steam?

  35. Vosmug, what about a gallery-heavy ‘game’, where you focus more on customisation and animation? Quite a bit of time saved on not making worlds/maps, combat etc instead used for the aforementioned.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Any chance for a zombie game?

  37. Anonymous Says:

    what about doing a game like the abandoned parasite in city sequal by Pixel Factory, since the developer went AFK years ago we need someone to take up the mantle

  38. As far as I see it would be really interesting to have somrthing like short dlc to one of your game. You wouldn’t need to make all from zero and both games have a pretty decent cliffhangers…

    Taking a step from different gameplay and genres… have you considered perhaps a game where character would be looking for sex rather then being violated?

  39. Q'own Son Says:

    I like aliens, and I like ghosts, as well as robots. If you could do an almost demon/alien/robot, dark themed story that would be cool. A new genre, well not new, a few horror games are doing it, like Scorn, and Chains That Bind.

    Hellish/Alien-esque games, kinda like Doom, but not…those are cool themes, however I would work on a SFW game.

    You make a lot of NSFW stuff that is awesome. Of course your erotic and gore skills are good, so I don’t need to suggest how you make a game, but a cool blend between the demonic and alien themes would be cool….maybe…?

    If you go that route, you could incorporate the idea of a cross over game? Add old sprites and animations in, so you could make the game quickly?

    Maybe even allow for the opportunity to have main characters from your old stories make an appearance, it doesn’t have to make sense, I don’t give a shit about plot holes. It doesn’t have to be sexy, gory, rapey, or anything.

    It’d be cool to see the characters from these stories, even the one from Prisonkage, maybe an older version or the same version…but a game that maybe incorporates everything from the past ones, a SFW game.

  40. I hope the next game will involve a fully nude female protagonist throughout the game with not clothing

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hello vosmug. I would ask you: what do you think about the game called “Flying Princess -Inter Breed -” ?

    • Looks interesting and very well made, I don’t know if it would be my style, I would have to play it to find out. But the battle stlye is different to what i’ve seen in this kind of games that’s for sure.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think that the battle style is inspired by Angry Birds (never played it). What i found really good is that even if the gifs (loop) are made only by 6 (i counted them) frames they are fluid. Now the maker is developing another game: unfortunatly he has decreased the gif quality but the images are still good.
        (your animations are very good too)

  42. Whatever you plan on doing I’m sure is gonna be great 😀 can’t wait for it, you’re awesome dude love your games, I’ll be following it closely for sure 🙂

  43. Critical Says:

    More of a general suggestion than most I’ve seen on this post, but I’ll still say it: going right from Xenotake to Ghost Hunter Vena, I really hope that whatever your next game is keeps the same feeling of having a larger cast of characters.

    Not to say that you should feel obligated to have *this* many characters… being honest, I feel like Vena having both Rixa and Leen as friends felt a bit redundant at times for how small a role they played in story. But it just felt so great to have more variety in scenes with different characters stumbling into their own unique situations instead of being 80% Eerien on her own like in Xenotake.

    Somewhat related: your story scenes with dialog are soooooo much better than the random enemies in combat, so I appreciated Vena leaning so heavily into that.

    And for the record, I absolutely LOVE how you take time to actually build tension and tease future scenes, like the one ghost following Sui that blocks Vena’s path, or pretty much everything with Norea and her rapey goons. Please, never stop doing that! It’s such a weirdly unique feeling that I get from your games that I have yet to find anywhere else.

  44. Daz Team Says:

    Send a message try the advances and tell me what, forget to tell him in the message that I still can not find the part where they are in school, that has not been translated, where it is already where they are outside the mansion, have a good night , go the time already has happened that fast.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I originally downloaded your game from wherever I found it floating around online, because I’m a bad person, but I thought it was genuinely amazing, so I ended up buying the $20 version to pay for myself and the next two guys that downloaded it. Keep up the amazing work man, and I’ll be happy to buy whatever it is you make next for the same amount.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Update Please…….

  47. ANTagonist Says:

    I would like to know what engine you use to make games, because it’s a good engine and I would like to see it used more.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug! I was wondering how the idea of a more RPG-like game sounds. One with character customization, maybe stamina bar, dodges or blocks. Maybe change in the enemy type behavior based on one or more statuses. Interact with the environment etc. IDK :D. Maybe game mechanics that are more under the radar than ones expected of an rpg. So what is your opinion on taking an h-game in this direction(im not really sure that is your style). And also do you think its reasonable to try and do it?

  49. German Nuñez Says:

    Jugué la versión 1.05 y la verdad muy bueno logré terminarlo aunque use como 4 horas de farmeo con los moustros cerca de la logré terminarlo en 8:47 horas una joya espero una posibilidad de traducción al español para disfrutarlo más aunque sea de google traduc sigue mejorando

    • En este momento hay una persona trabajando en una fan-traducción? cuando este lista habra una nueva version con la traduccion incluida.

    • Daz Team Says:

      Yo me estoy encargando de la traducción al español, estoy demorado pero llevo un 45% de la traducción completado pero cuando tengas mas tiempo libre terminaré todo al 100% esto debe estar en un plazo máximo de 3 semanas, espero que le guste si llego a terminar esto.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I’m curious, do you hand draw your animations, or are they 3d models? I’m guessing hand drawn, because Xenotake looks very hand drawn to me, but GHV and these samples look really 3d to me.

    • It’s a combination of the two, more now than before, that’s why it’s more noticeable.

      • Anonymous Says:

        How does that work? I’m wondering because I really like the style, and I’d be interested in trying it out myself, if possible.

      • It’s basically using a 3d model as base and drawing over it, you use a 3d software like 3ds max to export and then a 2d one to import the images then draw over them.

        Video 1
        Video 2

        Of course that’s way more complex but the idea is the same.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I’d love to see a game where death is the default punishment, and having sex is the better outcome. A blend between PrisonCage with its “Show tits” option and a normal run&gun mechanics.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    The 3d 2d merging is super cool, thanks for the explanation and especially for the video links! (It won’t let me reply to the actual post about it so here I am haha).

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I did the stuff, but when I start the game, I just get a strait
    black screen.

  54. maaan, i would like to see more of this character x3

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