Update 1.02 (Update 1.05)

Please download this executable; this should fix the most serious issues found in 1.01 (1.02 and 1.03)

Ghost Hunter Vena 1.05

Update 3: Sorry for this one, 1.05 fixes some map errors and a critical one where the map stopped working completely, it only fixes these map errors, if you don’t feel like downloading the executable again just for that here are some steps to avoid this problem:

1. Every time you load a game press M to see the map before doing anything else, this will prevent the map from resetting.

2. If you already had the problem and saved, it means you saved with the map reset, to fix this go back to the point where you got the map (outside the sex machine room), the event that gives you the map will play again, press M to see it and save.

Update 2: (1.04 Has some important fixes like the dragging enemies freezing and a story sequence error that broke because one of the previous fixes, not game breaking but not great looking, the map had a few problems, I think still has a minor one but not abig deal for now, and the first boss had a small rebalance and an attack sign added, I still can’t get enemies to duplicate)

Update 1: (updated to 1.03, the main additions are the option to cycle through floors while viewing the map and the looping animation on defeat, I hope those things didn’t break anything else, but I’m sure you’ll let me know if they did, the unchecked things on the list I haven’t been able to figure out, I’ll keep looking for those)

I do want to improve the map but I’m not sure how, the most important thing I think would be to cycle through floors at any moment but I can’t think of a way that doesn’t disrupt the game too much, I can’t pause and I don’t want to use any extra buttons aside from the ones already in use, any ideas?

About the gallery, I’ll try the skip but an easier option would be a sequence player that brings you back to the menu once the particular sequence is over, I’ll see about that, the reason why I didn’t do the skip from the start is because it didn’t turn out so easy as I thought, also I’ll guess I’ll have a prison style gallery like xenotake, I wanted to do something different and I FAILED but hey that’s life, you will always fail no matter what you do, I don’t feel like putting the effort to “improve” the gallery already in the game, the prison seems like the better option to put effort into. This will take a while tho, probably will be ready with the DLsite version some weeks from now.

There are still some bugs (probably), I couldn’t see them or replicate them, like enemies duplicating still apparently and a freeze that happens when being dragged across the screen by certain traps, sorry I couldn’t get to everyone but there was a lot and I was trying to fix the most important ones. Feel free to report again previous problems you had if you don’t see them fixed in the list from last post or in the version log for 1.02, I’ll read comments from last post to make sure I didn’t miss anything but is better if you just comment again.

About getting stuck, I’m seeing a lot of instances where you are forgetting the jump ability, there are always foreground pillars in areas where you can jump up or drop down to reach a new floor, the map also has markings in those areas but I guess that’s not very noticeable, there’s one getting stuck that was actually an error and is fixed in this version, if this specific problem happened to you (after the chained door room sequence) and you saved, this version should automatically fix your save and put you right next so you can continue this time with the fix. I don’t think there’s any other instance where you get stuck out of a glitch if you think so let me know.

Also, if you have the answer I appreciate it if you help answer gameplay related questions.

Thanks everyone, this is kind of a disaster tho. I haven’t even had the time to fix the demo, I’ll be doing fixes for the next couple of weeks or longer if necessary so feel free to let me know if you find new problems.


To do list for next versions

– Duplicating enemies (no idea yet)

– Prison-like Gallery

– Skip Option

– More errors at the second boss (fixed)

– Blocking Eyes shown on the map (added)

Fixed in 1.05

– A problem where the map desyncs and starts showing the wrong floor as soon as you open it (to fix, walk to a room with a connection to a different floor through staris of ladders).

– Ciritcal error where the map would complete stop working, soooorry.

Fixed in 1.04

– Dragging traps freeze (Fixed)

– Attic Legs  freeze (Fixed)

– Map not behaving properly in certain areas and after certain actions (Fixed)

– Adjusted difficulty and minor fixes to final boss. (Fixed)

– Sequence with Hand mistakenly showing up during gameplay (Fixed)

– First Boss attack sign (Fixed)

Fixed in 1.03

– Potentailly game breaking bug when sequences activate without Hand (fixed)

– Possibility to absorb orbs in Orb Eater rooms (Fixed)

– Animation loop on defeat (Whyyyyyyyyyyy) (Added I guess)

– Minor gallery errors (Fixed)

– Cycle through floors on map (Fixed)

485 Responses to “Update 1.02 (Update 1.05)”

  1. Having now finished it completely it’s a good game, I found the story fine and the gameplay was fine (frustrating sometimes, but overall fine)… My only real complaint is that as a player I never really felt threatened story wise. The big bad is distant, appears sporadically and then runs to the astral realm. She never really seems to pose that much of a threat to the group, and I felt like there was a lack of that really great scene from xenotake where you think all hope is lost/all the girls are suspended in the air, stomacks bouncing- There’s no like moment where everyone feels really threatened or like you might not succeed. I’d say Norea overall is more threatening than any of the ghosts thematically.

    good game, lots of great stuff, just missing that extra oomph I felt with xenotake. That said, I like the characters, so here’s hoping for a sequel? Hopefully not in 2022!

    • What really bummed me out in a similar vein was whenever a girl lost her clothes, they were just one boob grab away from being restored and whenever Vena lost the glove, she could recover it almost immediately.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right about the level of threat for the story. The ghosts really don’t have much of a presence outside of pure gameplay- they’re more of a nuisance for the characters than anything.

      Meanwhile, there was soooo much great build-up for Norea and the growing tension between her and the two thugs… but then they’re killed off so quickly after finally getting some action. I feel like it really would’ve helped the story to keep them around a bit longer as a more interactive threat throughout the game; either pushing back their deaths closer to the ending, or fully introducing them a lot earlier. Like instead of having the friends repeatedly disappear or stay behind in a safe room while Vena continues on, having them get grabbed by those guys until the story needs them for something again.

      Basically: I think they’re a lot more interesting as antagonists because they can talk, unlike the ghosts… Also, Norea is just hot as hell, and really needed more scenes anyway! =V

    • Yeah, my only complaint is pretty much the same you have, apart from the gallery that I really dont like.
      There is never a point where the rest of the girls, maybe the teacher, but not much, are in danger as it happened in Xenotake where the rest of the girls were getting some action along the protagonist.
      Only adding this as constructive criticism for your next, and surely awesome as well as the previous 2, game!

      • I mean, to be fair… even though it’s easily my favorite H-game ever, one of my biggest disappointments with Xenotake was that the blonde captain had the biggest rack, but *barely* got any play. Eerien had plenty of scenes, even the evil chick got a few, but for the captain, it was pretty much just the tentacle-elevator and the background of the final boss fight. XD

    • I found some bug is when I play end of game and I try to another loud new game. I play until do a sex machine and ghost take a hard. I walk to a door I can not go anywhere both of door and can not talk with her friend too you can fix this pls

  2. Thanks for cranking out these quick fixes and updates vosmug. Looking forward to the prison gallery.

  3. Hey, I’m not sure if this applies to this version. But I got stuck in 1.01 when you crawl around the “ectoplasm” cavern to get to the hand and the “legs” ghost follows you, after you get the hand and turn around, he grabs you. I didn’t struggle away in time, so I ended up with Vena being perpetually mouth-raped unable to get away or do anything, had to quit. Thought you should know.

  4. yo what do i do with the red glowing eye

  5. Stuck on the part where you have to get Hand while he is located up. I can’t seem to get the Tentacle thing to activate.

  6. I have one suggestion if I may. Would you be able to make the time you have to press a directional key shorter as difficulty increases?

    Also, the game is amazing as always, you never disappoint.

  7. hmm… what about a waypoint system in the map ? giving the player their own freedom to mark whatever on the map which they have to discover the route themselves along the way

    • well they did said the mansion is like a ‘maze’ so freedom to create waypoint marking seem legit

      • you can almost use the same codes from the gallery which you select a symbol/picture move it with the arrow keys and Z,X,C to place, remove, rotate something like that…for the map

      • As I said I can’t pause the game, so using the arrow keys and established keys is not a good idea since you’ll be moving all over the place, attacking, etc

  8. Don’t worry, Vosmug. We’re just thankful that you even released the game. But I do have some suggestion if you want to hear.

    Vosmug, if you don’t want to cycle through map, you can easily color code the map and you’d be making a huge improvement. Some people got lost because there is no indication as to which stairs go where.

    You can color the three different levels with red for base, blue/purple for upper level and green/yellow for underground for example. Next is to color the stairs with the corresponding color. if a stair goes to base level then color it red, if it goes upper level then color it blue etc. Players actually find color coding to be less intrusive than a bunch of labels.

    Also, if an objective is at another level, you should indicate is as well. Maybe have have the stairs where you should go, be highlighted or marked. I know this might seem to hold the player’s hand a little bit, but it makes for a more streamlined experience.

    Another thing is to make distinguishable between Hand Upgrade / Save Station and Hand Ability Orb altar. Because their symbols on the map are similar, sometimes I find myself trying to go to a save station only to find myself in a room with empty altar and cannot save. It is frustrating.

    We’re just talking about how to make the map much easier to read, by the way, there is no need to make changes to its mechanic or anything like that.

    But even then, you’re amazing for releasing the game.

    • Well, I DO want to cycle through maps that would be the most intuitive thing and would fix a lot of problems I just can’t think of a good way of doing it with the current limitations I have (like not being able to pause), the new map in 1.03 has some of the changes you mention, there’s color coding but only for what leads up or down.

  9. It’s less failing and more having a really solid idea the first time around. Besides, I like the current gallery, just as an addition to the old ones. I like being able to freeze frame of some of the really great expressions Vena has. So you did do something different and it provides extra enjoyment, and in conjunction with the older stuff I think makes for a better total gallery the Xenotake had

    Honestly I feel like this is a better game in almost every way. All the work you put in really shows. It was worth every cent form my point of view. For me once the old style of gallery is also in it will have lived up to pretty much all my expectations. You did good work and I hope you’re proud

    • Not to mention that whatever you work on next you’ll do even better on

    • To be perfectly honest, the old prison gallery I thought was a cop-out, I just didn’t want to do a traditional gallery and thought “hey, let’s just put a bunch of nemies in a single room because I’m lazy” this time I did try to put more effort and instead it backfired, keep learning life lessons, just be lazy and the outcome is going to be better… yeh.

      And oh yeah, next thing has to be better, I’ve been working with old technology, the code, systems and even art style I’ve had to mantain consistent since I started with this game 56 years ago, some things got improved over time, but most base systems and style can be considered old, so yeah.

      • If you care for my opinion, the art style of both games is great, I wouldnt change it.

      • Yeah, your style is one of my favorite things about your games! The character designs are all just so insanely hot.

      • Well, thing is I haven’t done anything new character design wise in years, so it’s possible my art style has changed somewhat, I can’t really control that, don’t know how drastically and if it did is hopefully for the better, I’ll have to do some sample tests soon, but first I have to fix this mess before doing anything.

      • As long as it still keeps that vaguely-anime look and similar “proportions” for the ladies, I’m totally on board! =D

      • I’d say the characters are about on par as the ones from xenotake the larger breasts is probably what’s attractive. The only thing that seems off is the booty to breast ratio. It didn’t bug me too much but I would think to myself she has a flat ass compared to her breasts whenever I look at the characters.

      • Charmin Ultra less is more. Sometimes less is more vosmug. Quality over quantity. You gave us a lot of content in the gallery which is appreciated, but it fell short compared to Xenotake’s simple prison gallery or Parasite In City’s prison gallery for example. It might feel like a copout but it’s not really sometimes we try so hard that we fail to see how something so simple could actually be just what we’re looking for.
        But yeah you’ll never improve if you never fail. I hope you keep continue making great content and improving.

      • That’s a good point.

      • The gallery would be great as is if you also included sound and all the semen effects to the animations… So it’s not a case of going the completely wrong direction, it’s just people need the sprites to be as complete as they were in story mode… esp sound though, that’s half the package.

      • why not both?

      • One definitive, undisputable advantage of the current gallery is that you can loop any animation you want. It is a bummer that all the loops seem to end after two minutes or so.

      • I haven’t noticed that, I guess I never let them play for that long, I’ll look into it.

  10. In The Mansion page, there’s a typo where the word “were” is used instead of the word “where” for the first sentence of the second paragraph: “… this land used to be were a castle or something…”

  11. Yes, the map of the game is a bit confusing at times. Maybe the different floors could have their own colour on the map and not just have everthing be red. And then have the ladder or arrow icons on the map also have the colour that correspond to the specific floor which they lead to.

  12. Concerning the Map. You could have two small sections in the top right corner of the map window named after the two levers you are currently not in. Then place an objective marker on one or the other, so that the player knows where to go.

  13. I feel like one of the big reasons why the Red Maid was so hard of a boss was because you could never tell what she was about to do. She had no “tell” for any attack.

    Sure, she would sometimes get all upset, then try to choke Vena out, but other times, she would get upset… then go back to normal without attacking. The worst offender of this was her punching Vena in the face/back of the head out of nowhere.

    As a general feedback for bosses- the Red ones aren’t really interesting. There’s no “H” in the game there, no sexual activity. So, it’s more like an obstacle, as opposed to a fun event.

    • My sentiments exactly about the red bosses. I found the red normal enemies to be fine, but bosses I honestly found them a little tedious.

    • I have the same feeling abou the red bosses. I found them a little tedious.

    • Well yeah, I never intended them to be more than that, sorry about that, that was the plan from the begining misguided as it was.

      The reason why the third boss is different is because it was intended to be a normal enemy first and most behavior was already done.

      I forgot to mention but this version should have made the enemies easier in normal and easy at least since now the boss damage output changes according to difficulty.

      • Like I said two or so years ago, when you revealed red ghost lady, you should’ve had the player calm the ghst by inviting her to fondle with Venas breasts ^^

      • tbh, i wish it was still a normal enemy, similar to the skull ghost in that it’s in a room all by itself, just so I can see it more

  14. Hey dear Developer. Thx for da game. But really dissapointed about gallery

  15. Aestrocity Says:

    In regards to enemies duping, I did a bit more fishing, Its something related to getting put into a animation as you escape another. It happened again twice. It seems universal and not the skull kid exclusive. Its quite hard to pull off but its happened 3 times so far

    • Aestrocity Says:

      I also just wanted to say that I absolutely love the game and have been looking for updates every week since 2016. The game is absolutely amazing and no sense of quality drop over time.

      • Aestrocity Says:

        My only recommendation i can think of tho, is possible to just have it loop the animation after you “die”? It’s pretty final release and probably a lot to ask but I feel its what a lot of people would want, not sure.

      • Thanks, I’ll do some testing.

        Well the animation has to end at some point, I guess i could put another extra button to finish, I mean it’s no different to the previous animation that you can hold for as long as you want so I don’t know why it makes a difference. I’ll consider it but no promises.

      • Yeah a button to proceed would be great. Future Fragments does that with their game and I like that option because it was nice to have that freedom instead of thrown immediately into the next scene that follows. Like how the sex animations work for your cutscenes you have the ability to finish when you want to.

      • Yeah, if you could finish the animation when you want after defeat it would be great in my opinion.

      • Vos, the biggest gripe I had and still have with your games is that you simply cut to black after being defeated. For me, the most “interesting” part is what happens if you fail. You cannot explore that thought enough in my opinion. How does Vena get treated when she KOs? How do the other girls get treated? What happens with the mansion and the other ghosts? Ranging from a simple text, over a slideshow with still images detailing their fate, up to full animtions with story implications layered on top, there is much you could do, most of it would require too much work obviously.

        You seem to think that a game over is just an annoyance and that the player wants to restart as quickly as possible. That might be true in some cases, but it also presents the opportunity to explore the thought of “what if my failure at this point were final?” And to dwell on that thought for a minute, or an animation for that matter.

      • Well, I haven’t changed my mind and you’re rigth, I’m not so fond of losing on purpose. I plan on getting even further away from that in the future so… you won’t be happy about that.

      • Well, but you already have to fuck up to be grabbed in the first place. And just because you explore the idea of “what if” does not mean you have to have the story depend on you losing.

  16. Anyone can Help? Iam stuck at the point where the big ghost locks the path after the teacher walks away in the basement and cant find my way there.

  17. I hope you’re not being too hard on yourself, Vos! The game does have its flaws, but I think you still easily managed to put out a top-tier game. Your unique writing/tone for Xenotake and GHV are something that I just haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I’m not kidding, my heart would literally start to RACE with some of the build up towards scenes, like Sui surrendering herself without a fight (man, was ~that~ an emotional roller coaster… XD), or going to find Norea for the amulet, only to find her being spitroasted by the ghosts of her rapey henchmen. I may not love the gameplay itself as much as your last game, but I will more than happily play whatever you put in front of me just to experience your stories!

    • Also, I just want to say: the gallery isn’t perfect, but I do appreciate what you were trying to go for with it! I mean I’m way more interested in the full cutscenes with context, but if we’re talking just the animations, I would like this “make your own room” approach way more than Xenotake’s prison with a few fixes changes. Aside from lacking sound to go with the animations, I think my only real problem is that controlling the menu for it seems a little user un-friendly.

  18. It’s not perfect, it had several flaws in terms of grammatical errors, doesn’t seem to interest most of us though, there were some difficulty in continuing the game after (purposely) being defeated by a ghost and violated, with a grasp for little hope of escape, barely even gets to avoid orgasm, such a lovely displace of pleasure, i love it, but i do hope there were several save points through out the game that you could literally comeback again and again to see certain scenes, the gallery isn’t enough to satisfy the cravings of having to read that dialogue again and again, then that particular character gets manhandled (or more likely, ghastlyhandled by ghosts) to which arouses you of that situation.

    I will give it a 8/10 for the animation, because it didn’t had a game-over scene like other games i played similar in this genre, 6/10 for the story line, because it didn’t had any constructive plots onto it, it barely even makes sense for these girls to actually want to fight to not be sex offended by ghosts (this is just me talking, i know its just a game, but hell if it had that good story, it would have been better) game mechanics was 7/10 not particularly different from some but its very unique in its way, 10/10 for the theme of the game, or the genre of the hentai, to which is ghosts, rarely even have anything like that out there, if there are, mostly its trash.
    Overall its a 7.5/10 for me, even if it didn’t got a perfect score, it was still worth the buck you pay for, could last a couple of weeks if you don’t fap everyday or often, its great porn material, does have that repetition to play if you are just bored to fap onto it and want to experience something else.

  19. Hey Vosmug, I get this error when I try and start the game now. Any Ideas?

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_slots:

    Trying to draw non-existing sprite.
    at gml_Object_obj_slots_Draw_0

    • At what point exactly? after hitting new game/load game or before, after already playing the first bit? I need more datails.

      • When I start up the EXE.

        Sorry I uploaded someone else’s save file from an easy play through, because I just couldn’t beat the final boss on hard. Now I can’t get it to start up.

        It’s not your fault, the game is fucking great and hats off to you for all your hard work. I just got impatient because I couldn’t figure out the final boss’s attack patterns and just kept dying. 😦

        If you need proof that I bought the game, I can send it too you. 🙂

      • You see why details are important?

        Did you rename it? if you changed the number of the file the internal number it’s still the original number it had so it will conflict.

        Or alternatively maybe you’re missing the other files, each save needs 3 files: savedata#, saveimg# and slotdata# to work properly.

        Leave the number as it was or get all 3 files, if that’s not the case I hope you still have your old save, all you have to do is go back to the main menu and change the difficulty, since difficulty is completely separate form the save file and can be changed at any point from the main menu.

        Not sure if you’re playing on 1.02 already but the final boss is a bit easier in that version even on hard.

      • I’ve actually deleted everything and redownload the game and re did the key. that didn’t help.

        I’ll look into that save file numbers thanks for the heads up.

        Hey, I see you’re busy and seem to be stressed. Forget about this problem I’m having. Do what you need to, so you can have your game ready by the time it hits DLsite. It’s a fantastic game I hope you the best!

      • Hey no problem.

        Deleted everything including the old save? I probably have one at the end, I can send it to you if you want.

      • Vosmug, I just fixed it bro.

        Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to try help me me fix what was my (very dumb mistake.) Anyway I’ll play through again and get to the end. シ

        I was reading that you may be thinking of doing a sequel to Xenotake? I’d love to see the return of Eerien! And with seeing your advancement in game play with RPG mechanics, it be cool if it was like Super Metroid! ..Well almost like Super Metroid, with the feeling of going deep under a planet’s surface and altercating with sci fi horror. 😀

        The one thing I like a lot about Ghost Hunter Vena is it’s pinching melancholy that’s subtly sitting in the background.

        Like I’ve said before, Love the game and thank you!

      • Maybe not a direct sequel but in the same “universe” and maybe some recurring characters.

        Pinching melancholy is an interesting way to put it.

  20. Hi Vosmug I just want to say I think this game is AWESOME. My favorite H-games so far have been Parasite in City and Xenotake, but I think GHV is better than both of them!

    Story is great, gameplay is great, H-scenes are great! Please do implement the improved gallery if you have time. Thanks!

  21. After finishing the game I gotta say, really good game overall, not gonna list everything I liked since in general I liked everything, but I got to say the 2 or 3 things I didnt like.
    Too few bosses with scenes (actually one), not end game scene and the gallery as you said is pretty bad for my taste, doesn’t even have sound, I think putting in something like you did in Xenotake as you have already said its a really solid idea.
    Really liked the game regardless of the small gripes I have.

  22. Just played through the whole thing in one sitting and loved it! Your characters are always so fun with their banter and the situations they stumble into. Though I’ll never stop being disappointed that your games never have bad endings… Haha, I would’ve gladly gotten clowned on by Maltrux at the end of Xenotake if it meant him getting to keep all of the ladies! Or having Miss Sui and Norea get trapped in the ghost forever. =P

  23. One of my favorite things in this game is that a lot of monsters are non-lethal. It makes it easy to watch the H-scenes without fear of dying!

    That being said, please make the dog monster with the red face non-lethal. I want to watch the 2 H-scenes with this monster (they’re DP which is my fav), but I die instead every time!

  24. I can’t enter the game. it says: put GHVdatak in datafolder. what is that?

  25. Any chance that we might eventually get some extra bonus scenes with the new gallery? Haha, I would pay for the game all over again just to have an animation of the teacher with both of Norea’s lackeys instead of Rixa also being there for that scene! ❤

    • Is not likely, sorry.

      • I would love to see that too vosmug. Maybe once you take a break from this when it’s finished you could reconsider or if you have a change of heart and want to satisfy a majority vote of fans wishes. You could always make a poll for fans to vote on what they’d like to see. That is of course only if you’re comfortable with it and feel like you have the willpower to try.

      • Thing is I would rather start working on something new right away instead of spending more time on this one

      • That is fine too and I look forward to seeing your next idea/project.

  26. Is there any portraits of girls in dialog ? If you delete them, I hope you could add again because its so vivid to show girl’s expression or thin. thx

  27. As far as “story mode” goes – it’ great. Awesome level and enemy design, good story and length is just fine.
    Fantastic job on animations. To me, it’s the most important thing – more important that graphics themselves. Most h-games fail at fluid animations so I’m glad you nailed it.

    What’s missing? Something for people who play h-games more for “h” than for “game” part of it. Prison-like gallery or even current one but with ability to play whole sequences/scenes instead individual sprites. Maybe even “hell mode” where you fight random waves of enemies. Even a long hallway with random enemies with it and few safe rooms in-between (room 1 -> safe room -> room 2 -> safe room ->… -> room 10 -> safe room) would do. Just something to freely enjoy “h” aspect of this game without wandering around huge mansion.
    This way people can play story mode when they want gameplay or “hell mode” of they prefer more action.

    Anyway, I appreciate your work and I’m glad it’s finally out, and I can play it. Just put something in there for “h maniacs” and it’s going to be 10/10.

    • 156_163_146_167 Says:

      A hell mode sounds interesting. I’ve always enjoyed experiencing h-scenes more when they happen during gameplay as opposed to in a gallery, for some reason. And a mode like that has the best of both worlds.

  28. If you decide to make a continuation/2nd game or extra content, maybe we can play as Miss Sui because I would love to see more from her perspective. Maybe even the other characters as well.

    • And it doesn’t have to be for free you could make it like dlc or something if it’s a continuation I’m sure people would buy it. The game itself is only 7$.

    • I don’t think I’ll do that, I rather work on something new aleady

      • Obviously without needing to lock yourself into a new idea so soon, but do you have any inklings of what genres you might potentially want try with your next project?

      • I have some ideas locked, a couple for sci-fi again in the xenotake “universe” and other for a medieval/magic/orcs type setting which is more traditional, nothing decided yet though. Also, I want to chage the style, mainly to male playable characters and oh boy, I expect even more criticism witht that one since the whole enemy interaction part will be even more lacking, we’ll see what happens, it’s just ideas at this point.

      • Oooh, a fantasy theme would be a pretty new thing, though I certainly wouldn’t say no to a Xenotake sequel! But fair warning: male protagonists are an absolute minefield, because a lot of people tend to absolutely freak out whenever there are *any* scenes that feature male characters other than the player getting with “their” ladies. I honestly wouldn’t wish that sort of backlash on my worst enemies. x_X

        I also do generally prefer your female protagonists so far anyway, but that would be more of a personal disappointment on my part than a total deal-breaker.

      • Ooh I think a medieval era orc idea would be great and different from the sci fi and supernatural like ghosts. Since you want to make the character male maybe as another change of pace we can play as the villain this time and be an orc and go after the girls.

      • there are lots of possibilites the male could even be human and have reverserape with female orcs. I can’t wait to see what you decide to play with once you’re done working on GHV

      • I swear to god, if you make a fantasy game and include a MILFy queen with the massive rack, I will throw my money at you so fast and hard that it might knock you out. =O

      • I know the problems with male characters, but my idea is more like having a group of girls around you and they would be the main “participants” so to speak while you help them and stuff (story focused as always), I guess is not clear at this point I’ll have to think about it more.

        As far as playing as the bad guy, yeah, I remeber thinking that it was kind of “mean” to do that, and I bet others are not comfortable with that idea either, but I guess I’m okay with it now, so is something I could do too.

        Also, there’s the possibility of finishing that game I started long ago, or even maybe have something on steam to protect myself in case the SJWpocalypse happens. So yeah, something new doesn’t necessarily mean H-game at this point.

      • Wouldn’t mind seeing some elf, dark elf, goddess action. I loved Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru

      • I trust that whatever direction you take, you’d do it justice! Just as a request, though: pleeeeaaaaase don’t go full-on “everyone has sex with the main character and ONLY the main character” harem with it… there are already enough games like that to build a mountain, and I really appreciate how you have so much scene variety in your games! Plus, I just love whenever your ladies find themselves captured by baddies. =D

      • Hmmmm… if it’s too mean for the player character, you could just make him more of a non-sexual witness. Like to go with the fantasy suggestion, playing as a young prince fighting his way to save his mother, who has been kidnapped and is being violated by orcs/bandits/whatever?

      • ha that’s a good laugh SJWapocalypse. It’s all fair play when it comes to fantasy nothing is taboo unless people actually try to do it for real but then that’s on them because they understand their choice. You keep doing what’s you’re comfortable with and are open to Vosmug.

      • it might be mean, but nothing is always black and white when it comes to people. We’re in the grey area so it’s ok for the character to be hypocritical/open to change then what they initially weren’t okay with but grew to enjoy it.

      • and yeah even if it’s non h game I think you’ve proved to be able to do both acceptably. I enjoyed the gameplay of GHV from your improvement and experience with Xenotake. The animations were well made with simple stylized characters.

      • By “mean” I mean playing as the bad guy, some people just don’t want to be mean and go around raping girls, because let’s be honest, that’s what a bad guy would do in this scenario, the witness character is actually more similar to what I’m thinking about, so you’re in the right mind.

        I think you misunderstand with what I mean by SJWpocalypse, I don’t care what people think and I know we’re deep enough into this to start bitching about it, I’m talking about mainly credit card holders, if they start tightening the rules I think steam would be a good backup. I’m paranoid I know. But you can’t blame me, we are living in the worst timeline and you know it.

      • I would love to see a xenotake sequel if you decide to do that. It remind’s me of Soukou Kijo Iris, Space Pirate Sara, and even Makai Kishi Ingrid whenever I think about Xenotake.


        Feels like there’d good be opportunity to add space alien sex/slave trafficking or something in that setting. Like Princess Leia and Jabba in Star Wars.

      • yeah I didn’t realize your were talking about credit cards

      • Yeah I understand some find it mean to do that. But yeah it’s definitely an option. Honestly it’s pretty fun and enjoyable to play the villian or play devil’s advocat.

      • Yeah, I would totally be down for playing an unambiguous bad guy- with minions and everything! Sort of a hybrid between the villain from Xenotake, and how Norea handles her lackeys in GHV.

      • Damn, I had my fingers crossed for a zombie apocalypse idea being the next one. XD

  29. Bug report. In the gallery for Miss Sui. For sprite 33 a green line blinks near he crotch. I haven’t noticed anything else so far for the other animations, but will report more if I find stuff like this.

    • Thanks, I noticed other problems in the gallery too.

    • For sprite 21 she just wiggles strangely.

    • For sprite 50 her right nipple is missing and blinks, but I fully understand why this one is strange and could be ignored because it’s part of a two character cutscene animation with Vena. It’s pretty hard to sync them up if u try to as well so it can be ignored.

    • For Lee Sprite 0 is normal til you switch to sprite 1 and back or adjust the speed she starts twitching. Sprite 1 her clothes blink between clothed and naked.

    • yeah, those are the ones I’m talking about, I’ll get to them soon.

      • Yeah I understand this is a lot to fix and is demotivating so I will stop here since I think you’re already aware. If it’s beneficial you don’t have to focus on fixing this and could just focus on the new prison gallery and the other bugs if theres any left in the game.

      • Well those look bad, it needs to be fixed anyway.

      • and you could even remove/scrap this gallery completely once the new ones out if you wanted.

  30. To tell the truth now i am hoping to see corrupting game after this hehehe ^_^ with poseesions and etc))) As alway Vosmug perfect job.

  31. I’d personally prefer a “skip to scene in story” button myself, context adds so much to it IMO…
    Anyway, I also really like the current sprite mode as well. “Rape collage” should be an official art term. Here’s the 2 I did:

    • ha ha yeah there is good to this gallery cause theres so much to play with

    • You get the idea.

    • looking at it tho I think if sound was incorporated we’d need a mute function for the gallery

    • What program did you use to make that gif? (Screenshots are ok but gifs are better ;P)

      Sound (and ectoplasm^^) would add a lot to the gallery.
      Personally I really would like to have both versions of the gallery; this more sandboxy kind where you can spend a lot of time and be creative and the old Xenotake system where you could just replay your favourite scenes without having to fiddle around too much with options.
      Also why is there no Ectoplasm background and some Ectoplasm dripping tentacles in the gallery? Seems like a missed opportunity;)
      Other than that the game is one of the better H-games out there, good job! It’s nice to see some quality in the porn area and I’m happily waiting for your next title to come out.

    • Yeah, maybe I’ll add a couple of rooms more.

  32. I cant find the girl after smash the heart in the vase.

  33. guy from patriarchal country Says:

    Will there be any other “unsuspecting” way to buy/pay the game? I do not want to be questioned for “paying someone unknown for strange things”?

    • someone would really have to go out of their way to check your purchase history and if that’s an issue your probably shouldn’t buy it in the first place. paypal is pretty straightforward and discreet and so is dlsite albeit more costly.

    • Sorry, paypal only here.

      You can wait for the Dlsite version if you want (in a couple of weeks maybe) but that’s also an unexplained purchase. But if it helps there’s nothing “telling” about the purchase.

    • but if you really want to cover your tracks buy a gift card and use that to pay instead of a credit card honestly

      • How do i do that? those “gift cards” are some sort of single-time-use anonymous VISA cards?

      • yeah it’s pretty much like using cash. the gift card that u buy has money on it and u can use it as a payment method until it runs out.

  34. Hey Vos! So the game for me was just straight awesome. It was so enjoyable, the story was amazing! like seriously, you putt some nice effort there i can see. I really did enjoy the story you managed to put into these games. The last scene with Vena and Hand preparing her to go to the realm and then after that shocked me i won’t lie, i thought Vena was gone for real haha.

    So, about the gameplay, i find it enjoyable too while sometimes annoying but because the enemies are interesting. The most OP motherfuckers are obviusly the first monsters you encounter haha, the fucking floating hands, it’s the case where they’re so annoying that it makes them so OP. Most of them don’t really show the moment to stun them if they don’t prepare an attack so sometimes it’s hard to clear faster them to beat the others that are “harder”. Not to mention when they managed to make a combo attack and engage simultaneously leaving you vulnerable to one of them, those were such LOL moments. But yeah, the gameplay was good too. Probably felt a little vulnerable myself because i’m not to much into slow movements and more like i prefer if the characters can run or be more faster for dodging, whereas this game is kinda slowpaced because of Vena’s capabilities, she can’t run at all and the jump and stuff are kinda slow, but that’s just me prefering something with more speed.

    Now i wanted to know something, how does the orbs that enemies leave work? Sometimes it seems they give more than others. Like for example, the two hands where you can finally jump up, when you’re entering there for the first time the hands drops you so much orbs that you can probably farm there, but later when you progress if you come back you don’t get the same ammount. That happens with lot monsters in the game, sometimes you find a place to get orbs and farm a little to upgrade, i did that with the monsters that appear near the end in the place where you see the picture of the Lady and the stage is in blood, i farmed 65 orbs there and reached max with attack, stun and regeneration. Oh, and about upgrades, i think it’s clear it’s most suitable to upgrade attack and spell duration than it’s others.

    The hentai scenes were all enjoyable and well done. I kinda left disappointed in a way because with so many potential oportunities, Vena really did never get raped by some humans and i wished she was because i wanted to see her with some normal people you know haha, probably you could make an extra where we can see that? Also with the maid suit would be awesome, it would be amazing if you can even play with that on. But yeah, i was very satisfied with overall sexy scenes.
    The gallery was something new unlike Xenotake, it was a good thing so that we could see every sprites but i think that Prison gallery is the best way yeah.

    Sorry for making it so long! That was all, it was just amazing. You’re the best Vos. Now they can’t really argue anything, you nailed it right there. We might as well just wait for the next one, i would love a Ghost Hunter Vena 2 following Vena and Miss Sui team. And i loved Vena, she really is my favorite, her personality made me feel in love with her haha. I wanted to add, it might be somehow weird but her designs kinda remembers me of Seiya? You know from Saint Seiya obviusly, like if she was a genderbernt of him, just because she has the same colors except for the legs, but i don’t know.

  35. If you decide to make a Xenotake sequel I think it’d be fun to incorporate Space Sex/Slave trafficking or even guinea pigs as a story driven plot/factor/obstacle it would fit the theme of what I experienced from the game itself when I played it.

  36. game good. you should know that this game is a lot of fun and is an exemplary example of how to properly mesh story and gameplay in a ecchi game. keep on being awesome!

  37. – Animation loop on defeat (Whyyyyyyyyyyy) cause we love you vosmug and you know we do lol

  38. Stuck after beating the maid boss. Been wandering around but can’t get back to the library. Big read eye is blocking my way, no idea how to use the eye the boss dropped and teh door to the bedroom is still locked. Think the blocking thing is glitched as it looks like the way down the library is behind it.

    • Not that way, go down until you get here:

    • backtrack to the sex machines and follow the map that vosmug screenshotted

      • Backtracked to the sex machines, went all the way to the beginning area, still nothing. I can see on the map where im supposed to go, but no way to get there. There appears to be a metal gate with no lever in the way when I get close…

      • That’s what I’m talking about, you guys forget you can fly, fly up right before the gate in the area that is circled.

        That’s ironically where you get the fly ability.

      • the map shows arrows pointing up indicating u can fly or drop down from there

  39. Somebody care to help with the 3 lights? I am literally stuck there. First I was thinking that the lines on the paintings mean their order and vice versa how many times I have to turn them. But to no avail.

    • Wait longer in each color until it clicks.

      • Thank you so much! Didn’t realize there was somekind of clicking to be heard.

        Also I noticed something. Everytime I reenter the seal room, Vena and Hand start talking about it. Should it be that way or is it meant to be that they always start a conversation when getting near it?

      • Yeah it’s fine, it’s the equivalent of talking to somebody again.

    • You’re right to go by the paintings- I forget the order, but it’s 1, 2, 3 based on the number of slashes on each color. Then just make sure to let each color “click” by waiting a moment or two when spinning the wheel.

  40. Also stuck – did the 3-light color wheel, can’t figure out where to go next. (Did go into the room and see the skeleton, etc).

    • Go back to the ex ghost hunter rival of the teacher.

      • Thank you for the reply – can you please remind me where that is? I feel like I’ve been in every room of the house twice…

      • Can you give me directions from the boss room at the top?

      • use the set of ladders near the previously chained double doors that takes you to the library from there try to head right. you should be able to access the areas that lead to it from there

      • OK, thank you, that was helpful. I got to that other area over to the right, where the girls were captured by the ex-ghost hunter’s guards. Any tips from there? Still can’t seem to find anything in that area.

      • omg thank god i made it, thank you!

      • no problem glad u found her

  41. The game is damn great. A little low on H scenes but it’s carried by the gameplay being rather fun and the story and characters being all cool. Wish we got to see more of Norlea.
    I have a question though. It seems I only have 4/5 Upgrades to Hand and I also can’t seem to find the last 2 of the 16 pages. Idk if they are required but I think I checked everywhere on the map for these things and I couldn’t find them. Was wondering if anyone had any idea where these things were.
    Also I would love to see a Prison Gallery where you can drop off Vena or any other girl to get raped by the enemies and bosses. Would it be too difficult to reskin Vena with the other girls so that they can all be raped by the different enemies?

  42. Awesome, great to hear you’re trying the “skip” option. Just to make it easier on yourself, perhaps it’s best to make each “skip spot” only check off the things that are required to get to that particular spot. So, don’t worry about the journal pages at all when it comes to “skipping” into the game because they’re optional. Only exception I’d make for optional stuff is the banishment ability. Maybe just make that “obtained” from any “skip point” past where you would have first been able to pick it up.

    Quick question about that ability actually. So, correct me if I’m wrong. You have to be clothed, and basically at full health, and it only works when there’s a red ghost around, right? That’s the only situation I’ve been able to get it to actually work in. I spent a good chunk of time trying to use it on stuff, before giving up. And then I did it once by accident later in the game. Doing a second playthrough just on easy to see the story scenes again, I started testing It when i picked it up. Pretty sure I have it figured out. Just wanted to make sure though, because it wasn’t really clear to me when I picked it up that it was so niche.

    • The difficult part would be to keep track of mainly the doors, I guess it’s possible, I’ll have to try.

      Actually there was a problem with that ability where ground enemies didn’t react to it. You have to be full health or close to it and clothed, no need for red ghosts only. The timing is strict, you have to hit down as soon as the enemy gets hit by the stun, you shouldn’t relay on the visuals since it’s almost instantanous, instead just time it yourself.

  43. Image gallery always starts on the second image for some reason

  44. Hidekimotto Says:

    Loving the game, any chance we will get a chance to replay bosses without replaying the whole game? I loved the challenge and the scenes with some of them are very nice.

  45. Hidekimotto Says:

    also, thank you for making the enemies in the safe room near endgame give more orbs than other ones of the same type

    • Hidekimotto Says:

      am spamming this by accident, but I had to ask if the Rip ability is not available near endgame. I’ve beaten it but I can’t do that if I try it

  46. I found the gate and i have unlock the door with the three hands….ebay nave i to do Now please help me i m block i walked belong the map all day

  47. you have to add Teo things…. 1 death when a Red monster hit you only vena bleeding and faint is perfect …. 2 death for fuck for example she la full of semen and die on the floor
    For the rest some suggestions on where you have to go and the game is perfect great job
    Death scenes because for me is a simbol of fail…I have failed and i see on the screen my failure it s every importand…. what do you Think?

    • eh I think being sent back to a save or a holding room is punishing and frustrating enough we have enough death and gore like the thugs the flashback cultists and vena herself

  48. Vosmug….is possible to see a footjob with cum on Vena’s feet?

  49. Hey Vos, I’m a little curious. The teacher in this game is one of my favorites that you’ve done so far, but have you ever thought about going a bit further and including a more motherly figure archetype as one of characters? That scene where she gives herself up as part of the deal with Norea was ~amazing~, and I’d really love to see more situations like that in your future games!

    • agreed! i love the two sacrifices she made! absolute best. i just REALLY hoped that the goons cummed in her

      • You and me both! Haha, there’s nothing in the game to actually support it, but I took my sweet time retrieving Hand just so I could imagine that when I finally went back to rescue them, I could pretend that they were already on round 3 or 4. ^_^

    • I really didn’t think that deep about archetypes, I just put in what felt appropriate at the time, I guess I don’t put that much thought into it and it depends on what comes naturally according to the setting and story.

      • In that case, just keep doing what you do best! It would actually be kind of cool to play as the guardian/mentor role in your next game. I mean both Eerien and Vena were clearly younger compared to their superiors, but having the player be the one who is responsible for looking after some other character(s) would be a unique twist.

        and I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed for a mother and son duo at some point lol

  50. Holy Fuck, Dude.. I can’t believe i waited like 3+ years for this…
    Like Holy fuck.. its a solid 3 /10 at best..

    Fuck, I really wanted to like this game but like…
    im at the first boss right now, no game over / Hentai scenes at all ?
    She just picks up my friend and boom, start over ?
    Or i get beat and boom start over.. I mean holy fucking shit dude.

    Like you could have drawn a picture at least goddamn, like. Goddamn.

    and the “fighting” mechanics in this shit are terrible, like fucking terrible..

    I truly dont know if i can finish this bro.
    I really really really had high hopes..
    and yeah its badass and well done good project.
    But fuck.

    I get that you worked alone and i respect that..

    But nextime listen to us when we said get a patron or something bro,id support you making games (Especially if you could make them faster) so you can divy out work to freelancers or something. Cuz like fuck… it just FEELS like there is so much missing.

    • Also… why on earth dont you have a sound option setup, like the music is annoying as fuck man. I wana turn it off and play something else behind it. But then id miss the moan and sfx sound.

    • As I’ve said many times Patreon won’t help with that, you would have gotten the same result.

      • I really dont wana be a fucking downer, cuz ive checked here everyday and i will continue to and see what you move onto next.

        I dig your art style and ur roots, the hentai side is fun, and i really do appreciate your story telling. I donno, maybe i expected alot.. the games good, it is… just feeling like parts are missing man.

        After you get this hentai kick out of ur system, maybe go back to the hardcore guro shit ? That would be cool and no other developer makes that.

    • Your expectations were just stupid absurd in the beginning. I was amazed by the game and I loved it. VOS does an amazing job alone and he is really managing how he can with his limited capabilities as he always shows how he would like to improve most of his work.
      You really are ungrateful, you’re the kind of people one does not like to have around as fans, because your really don’t help at all, and your critic was just Exagerated.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You really made no good points at all. Yes, every boss doesn’t give you an H scene, I don’t see how this matters as it fits the lore and there are good H scenes elsewhere. Since you didn’t specify anything about the fighting mechanics I’m going to assume they just feel bad to you because you aren’t good at using them. Simply firing a laser like in Xenotake is probably going to be more up your alley. This sounds like more of a case where the game isn’t good for you, but that doesn’t mean you need to trash the game for being bad, which it definitely isn’t as far as H games go. Learn the difference.

  51. bug report hand traps pulled me underground and loops endlessly with moans unescapable without esc

  52. annoymous23 Says:

    Hey do you think there is a cheat to get invincibility,Unlimited orbs to get complete upgrades and also unlock gallery and cutscenes,Plus nude mode and a shower bonus as rumoured?

  53. annoymous23 Says:

    also if you made a new game make it a full nudity female game with a female fully naked with a barefoot and fully braided hair and unshaved vaginia and has to fight off alien abductors and also rescue female nude women from the alien abductees

    But you need a team and funding to make the game quickly and would last two years.maybe indiegogo would help or kickstarter

  54. Stuck right after you rescue the girls from the two henchmen (killing them). I can’t make it to the !! due to the statue reckage she knocked over and from the map there isnt another way in there…

  55. Hey Vos, having an issue where all sex sprites show up as big flashing yellow/orange boxes, tried all releases but it still happens, any idea what could be causing this? Previous demos releases did not present this problem, by the way.

    Here’s what it looks like https://imgur.com/a/vunIb

    • Try updating your graphics card driver?

    • Does it happen right a way or after doing something else? What’s your video card? Seems to me that it’s a video memory problem. I’ll investigate but it’s really the first time I’m seeing something like that. Updating your video drivers sounds like a good idea for now.

  56. Honestly, after reading your thoughts on your next project I am starting to regret buying the game to be completely honest. I did so to encourage you on keep doing what you did with both games and keep releasing quality stuff, not so you can stray as far away from it as you can.
    Whatever, you do you I guess.

    • Sorry to hear that.

      Is not the first time I’ve said that though, I’ve been completely open about my priorities and for example my dislike for fail states. I cannot expect you to have read all I’ve said in the past 5 years of course, but I cannot repeat myself all the time either.

      Thank you for your purchase anyway.

  57. So I completed the game and it was really solid, I enjoyed it and probably will enjoy it again with different play style or things to try.

    The gallery feels a bit bland indeed, but that gives me an excuse to run around and try different things to get to the same point, maybe speed running the shit out of the game.

    Story I really really enjoyed it, I don’t think it was inconscient anywhere (Except when spoiler : the Teacher brings out a gun when she is naked, was she hiding it in her ass or something?) and it was just fun to play and to enralv the mystery of the mansion, even though some things where a bit predictable, I loved it

    For me it’s a solid 8/10 in it’s current state game wise, if you add a sequence player, it would be a 9/10. Great job. Keep it up

  58. Hey vosmug, i finished the game and i want to share my experience with you.

    I loved it. that is all.

    thanks for making this game, its amazing! The story had me going, i couldnt stop playing lol.

    I actually enjoyed it so much that Im going to play through on Hard mode now.

    thanks again vos! Hope you earn some serious money on this, because in my eyes, you deserve it.

  59. 1.no portait
    2.few cg
    3.little monsters
    4.no completed sequence anim in gallery, no voice
    5.girls take off their clothes, assume a pose, then put onnnnnnn
    Is it an hentai game that someone spend 3 years?

  60. i love this game dude and i just had an idea just right now (just an idea you can do whatever you want with it but i am not forcing you :3) . The idea is have a game+? or dlc? that leads to a bad ending where vena gets defeated in the astral plane (her soul being destroyed or getting fucked first then destroyed. whatever) and the sui gets to be a hunter and there you go another gameplay she can fight the big eye ghost again(since i dont know what happened to it. it never showed up again), and in the end gets fucked/tortured for life by lady.(the boss one.forgot her name) and many more.

    • That sounds like way too much work to do after the game has already been released. No way Vosmug will do that. Especially when he has already said we would much rather move on to the next thing to work on.

  61. Finally the game is here. A little too complicated to find our path sometimes but it was so good ! Thank for that Vos. For me the two improvement are just to put the direction of the objective on the map, and to improve gallery with sound and complete sprite animation.

    Good job Mr VSMG

  62. Thanks for adding the animation loop on defeat!

  63. So in case anyone else is lost in the gallery. You don’t need to do anything to unlock the other 4 girls. You beat the game once, I’m pretty sure with any amount of pages or glove lv.

    When in the gallery you just toggle left/right over their red highlighted portraits and they show up and then u can press x to toggle the animation.

  64. there is no gameover scene vosmug?

      • Robert Dant Says:

        I actually like this decision. The fundamental problem with the “run-or-rape” game style is that it deliberately avoids makes the ero-content a reward for playing the character properly, and Vosmug is one of the few ero-devs on the entire fucking internet that appears to actually think through how his product is going to play.

  65. Lost my way in finding the inner garden… a little help please?

  66. Awosome game i finished in 4h i hope your gana make some more games keep up the good work.

  67. MOROZ Charles-Nelson Says:

    how long will the DLsite version be released? And why it takes so long to put it on DLsite. I wish I bought GHV but I do not know if I have to wait for the DLsite version?
    You can not know how I want to play this game, I stop to hold back and tell myself “wait for the DLsite version”

    • In a couple of weeks.

      Is taking longer mainly because I want to wait until the japanese translation is done and because is better to fix all the bugs before since updating there is a bit harder.

      You should wait until the bugs are fixed anyway, the serious ones should be fixed by now (I think) but there are still a couple, hopefully all will be fixed with the Dlsite version.

    • yeah he’s able to fix things early this is pretty much like early access right now not like an official release on dlsite til he’s able to fix all the bugs he and other people can find so he can fine tune the game til it’s acceptable.

  68. MOROZ Charles-Nelson Says:

    Thanks you Vosmug ! ^^ I can not wait to play this wonderful game in its full power (I mean with all the problems fixed)

  69. stuck here. How to entry right ?

  70. Just wanted to say that this is one of the best H-Games I’ve ever played, and it also holds up as a regular game. You really knocked it out of the park, and it’s easy to get caught up in the things people are unhappy about, but this is really tremendous from someone working by himself, and you should feel really proud of yourself.

    • GoodWorkVos Says:

      Just finished the game as well. It’s really awesome, the only problem I encountered is the map. It’s hard to find out how to get to another stage, like from Underground to Upper Floor and so on, but this didn’t make me quit. I just tried every route…

  71. Is it me or there is something wrong with dificulty level? Whole game is more about luck then about skill. Some bosses are impossible to win against even after grinding… Like “hard to feel ghost boss” witch was sending out impassible to avoid giant hand. I like your art Vosmug but it’s porn game, not Dark Souls 🙂

    • Crouch makes you invulnerable to flying attacks. Once you learn how to dodge attacks with crouch, the whole game is incredibly easy. The only ‘just bad’ balanced boss is the last one on Hard difficulty where the beam startup timer is too short.

  72. I’ve put together an extra Hard difficulty mod and I suppose it is ready to share. Some stuff is taken from the PIC mod I did a while ago. Mods are mainly around adding input changes to make ero interactions more prevalent and not have such deterministic outcomes. Send questions/suggestions/problems to @bonedHg. Read the README first though.

    • I’ll try it later and see how this works, I’ve been curious about it for a while.

    • Have tried to use it, but the injector gives a injection failed.

      • Not sure why. There are many DLL injectors out there. Try Cheat Engine for starters. 1) Open process on GHV 2) Click memory view 3) Tools -> Inject DLL (Ctrl+I) 4) Execute function (Yes)

        I’ll look into d3d9 sideloading so no injector is needed. That is something I haven’t done in a while so no promises. Try CE first.

      • Is it maybe because of the new version?

      • Works fine on v1.04. You may be running the game as administrator and not running the injector as administrator and that would be a privileges error which would cause the same behavior you mentioned. Try not running the game as administrator, or use CE (as administrator) to inject the DLL instead, or set compatibility on dllInjector to ‘run this program as an administrator’. Any one of those options should work but I dunno why you would be running the game as admin.

    • 156_163_146_167 Says:

      What did you make this with?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Can I ask you how you (I assume) reversed engineer values? And I’m also assuming that some kind of documentation exist for the dll injector right?

      Other than that it was a good mod, my only complain would be when you get grabbed the hands, since they have no “failed” animations, it’s actually very to good out of their claws, so to speak.

  73. When you are captured by evil girl and are without a gauntlet again – in fact, all animations are WITH a gauntlet, you even can attack.

  74. what is GHVdatak ?

  75. I love the game, Vosmug. I finished the whole thing in one sitting.
    I think the story and character interactions were a nice balance of drama and light, sexy comedy. I like when porn games develop their characters, and I’m glad that always take the time to do some writing on top of the hentai.

    I’ll admit I didn’t like the gallery at first, but it’s grown on me. The thing that would make it much better would be to add sound options, if you feel up to it. I also can’t wait to be able to replay the story sequences.

    That being said, it would also be nice to have an enemy-based gallery that loops the h-sequences infinitely, and doesn’t involve the struggle mechanic. I would actually pay another 7 bucks for a game with these features.

    Thank you so much for making this game. It was worth the wait.

    • “nd I’m glad that always take the time to do some writing on top of the hentai.”

      Whoopsie, I mean “I’m glad that YOU always take the time to do some writing on top of the hentai.”

    • Robert Dant Says:

      Everything you said here is on point.

  76. I dont know if this was brought up or if its normal, but I can’t use any of the abilities gained near the end of the game other then the flying ability

  77. Robert Dant Says:

    The biggest fucking problem with Ghost Hunter Vena is this:

    that it’s not more popular than it is. I am not fucking joking when I tell you that I literally hurt my fucking balls during my two playthroughs of this sexy-ass ghost-raping adventure… and I haven’t even shown it to my SO yet!

  78. excuse me
    how to rotate Turntable before the gate?

  79. About the turntable, can anyone tell me the combination? I know the paintings that share the same color are the hint, but I can’t seem to crack the puzzle

    • put the color on the bottom piece and wait so you can here a click

    • 156_163_146_167 Says:

      The paintings have black streaks across them. Put the colours in that order. So the one with on streak first, then two, then three. You have to wait a bit for it to completely register. Wait for the click.

  80. when will the game be free?

  81. This game is fantastic, like, REAL good. The only issues I spotted were: The gallery is a little lacking, the z>down attack looks like it doesnt work, its really easy to get lost after you get the ghost ability, and there appears not to be a slot for a fifth attack that doesnt seem to exist (or I completely missed). Besides that, the gameplay, art, and sound design are fantastic.

    I cannot wait for the next game you make, I kinda hope its actually just a sequel to this. Same gameplay, same characters, different environment and new monsters to get violated by.

    Here’s hoping you don’t get burned out.

  82. Dear Vosmug,

    Please NEVER stop writing hot female villains who get raped at some point. ❤

  83. I don’t mind the current gallery as long as it had the sound and finishes. You could use the current speed selector, just have an option at the end to change from the normal animation to the purple bar animation and the finish animation with the sound of course. Not sure if that would be harder to implement than the prison gallery or not.

  84. Just for the record: I hope that when you do update the gallery with some of the full scenes, you’ll also include the non-sexual ones there too. Because damn was the scene where Miss Sui gives herself up to let the other girls escape ten times hotter than some of the ACTUAL sex scenes… XD

  85. Bug Report: I only fly over the other Reports, so it could be everyone else tell you that the little “Dog Ghost” always jump away from the main Char. (Dog Ghost: The Little Ghost with the big head, i think they should steel the Guradian… one of them is doing it in the Story after you find the teacher [the second time])

    Notes: I like your game and your Work, you got my recognition 😉

  86. update 1.0.4 giving the error of GHVDATAK put in data folder ? how can i rid of from it ??

  87. 156_163_146_167 Says:

    I don’t think you answered this when I asked it in the previous post, so I’ll ask again.

    I think I already know the answer, but what is your opinion on featuring women with a smaller, perhaps more realistic bust in your games?

    • Yes, don’t worry about asking again I’ve been quite busy and I missed lots of comments, even tho I did read the question.

      I don’t know if the style is a good fit or if I can even make it look good, I have never tried tho, the head size for one would need to be more proportional so I would have to try. As of now I don’t think I’m that interested, but we’ll see. Maybe smaller would be fine, don’t know what “realistic” would look like in a style that is inherently very unrealistic already.

      • 156_163_146_167 Says:

        Ah, you make a good point. The breast size is pretty much in proportion to the rest of the sprites, and it does fit the style. It’s just that I personally don’t really fancy overly large breasts. But I get that a lot of people do, and that’s fine.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Please, dont change that.

  88. Place GHVdatak in the data folder , how continuo

  89. Going by her facial expressions, does Vena not like oral or something?

    • Well going by the facial expressions, it also seems like the teacher enjoys herself a little bit *too* much… XD

  90. Looks like the map is broken after crushing monster’s heart. Is it supposed to be so?

    • What exactly happens?

      • Seems that the map can’t be opened after the heart crushing event.

      • I had the same thing happen after reloading one of my saves, but it was a lot earlier. Somewhere right after you find the teacher for the first time. Map just wouldn’t respond at all, even when I restarted the game. But I kept playing, and eventually Hand reminded me about the map (is that new? I don’t remember him mentioning that more than once in my first playthrough), and for whatever reason, that suddenly made it work fine again.

      • Yes it’s a pretty bad one, actually is already fixed, I didn’t notice that it was this bad tho, I was waiting to have more fixes but I guess I should upload a new version just for that one since everytime you start the game the value resets.

      • Unfortunately in this version the only way to fix it is to do waht you did, go to that point and reactivate the map value, from that point forward always look at the map as soon as you load. This really sucks man.

      • Ok, uploaded a new version, download it to fix the problem, or read the update on how to fix/avoid it if you don’t feel like downloading the whole thing again. Thanks for the heads up, that was a pretty big stupid error.

      • Damn, that was fast! And to think, I just brute-forced it without a map for like an hour just to save at one of my favorite checkpoints for a scene lol

  91. Loved the game so much I played through all of it in one sitting. Absolutely great work, man. Must have been some real hard work getting all this content done but you put a lot of effort in and it shows. XenoTake was already great and this one is even better.
    Can’t wait for the jail style gallery so I can play around with all the enemies. Really liked the variety on those, and how many animations there are.
    Keep on doing awesome stuff!

  92. Vosmug are you going to add audio and breast milk and in the sprite gallery? They’re missing.

  93. I bought it, and now I’ve beaten it. The only downside for me is that it’s over and I’ll have to wait for your next big idea. Thanks for making such a great game. I’ll keep supporting your works in the future as well!

  94. Stuck here bay a grey fantom barrier after glowing red eye (I followed the girl and pass the white circle).
    Were should I go now please ?

  95. StoryWhore Says:

    Hey Vos, just got a little piece of positive feedback for you! I love so many things about the game, but after beating it a second time… I really grew to appreciate those moments you made where Vena is trying to catch up with Sui while they look for the two other girls, and the big ghost that catches her later on (when she tries to escape from Norea’s lackey) blocks your path off from following her, then proceeds to menacingly stalk after her. That was just a beautiful combination of build-up and payoff. I hope you do more things like that in your next game!

  96. Hitler did nothing wrong

  97. Hey Vosmug how hard would it be to add the other girls as playable characters in the game?

  98. GHV is great! Says:

    Great Game man! You improved everything. Just one thing, please, please add sound to the gallery!

  99. Evolved906 Says:

    Im having a little issue when it comes to copying the data to a flash drive and putting it into my laptop. It doesnt show my saved data, any reason why? also is there a cheat or something for the gallery?

  100. Anonymous Says:

    So I’ve been playing around with the gallery a reasonable bit, and it occurred to me that later after everything else is done if you feel like it, adding the various cum animations to that plus section would add a reasonable amount to that style of gallery. Don’t even bother if it’s not going to be easy to do, but if it isn’t a problem I’d enjoy that addition. Either way the current gallery has been a fun thing to play around with from time to time

  101. InternetGuy Says:

    Fight rage spirit. one that chokes you and launches red ball at you. Do not absorb red ball, generates error, sorry lost my clipboard when I googled saint seyia or i’d post the error.

  102. SgtCeteks Says:

    Nice game my dude, really enjoyed it. Got a few things that’d be cool to add, if you can be bothered and think they’re good:
    Invincibility mode – always found it more interesting to use the actual levels instead of the gallery in Xenotake, and it’d make it easier. Least as a prize for winning the game?

    NG+ – Probably a pain to implement if you wanted to actually make it harder for it, but would add to the replay value.

    Gallery Mode stuff that was missing in Xenotake – stuff like proper struggling and cumming, as well as boss fights.
    Set-piece animations were missing too. These could either be their own menu, or a cool idea would be able to place them in the background of the prison gallery. Was a really cool feature you could do in the gallery modes of the Shinobi and Witch Girl games from Kooonsoft. Could even use the current gallery system for it? Iunno, I dunno how your game is put together.

    I also have no idea where my missing diary pages are, or what the symbols on the save file selection mean. Any help for those?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    So first off, I have to commend you for once again making an amazing game for us to consume. For a solo developer to design, write, draw, and code a game as high-quality as this one, and as a followup to one as high-quality as Xenotake, with no external help, and finally to sell it at such a low price point is incredible. I also wanted to thank you for being so diligent in working through the various flaws and fixes now that you have a large number of playtesters. Most folks in your position would just call it done and leave it alone. So I wanted to give thanks for that. I also wanted to give you some feedback. I’m going to give the positives as well as the areas that could be improved, especially because you are really hard on yourself, and I think you should be given credit where credit is due. So let’s dive in:
    + Atmosphere. The creepy haunted mansion is a common trope in popular media for a reason, and you clearly worked very hard at giving the setting a kind of creepy, suspenseful vibe. You succeeded admirably, from the dilapidated scenery to the subtle cobwebs to the nonintrusive, spooky music. The layout was also well-done, giving the sense that you really were in a twisting, extradimensional labyrinth.
    – This is somewhat offset by the confusing map. It’s not really as bad as everybody is making it out to be. The unbreakable barriers you have put in do a pretty good job of funneling players toward where you want to go. The only point where I had a real problem my first time through was when I was trying to find Norea (is that her name? the villain from Sui’s past?) and the only hint I had to go off of was that she was “somewhere on the upper level.” I wandered around the entire map for a good 20-30 minutes trying to find her, or some way to get to each level of the “upper level,” and happened to find the way to the area she was in last.
    + Even the 1.02 version’s map was vastly improved, and much easier to find everything on, and in your blog you’ve stated that you’ll continue to work on the functionality of the map. That’s wonderful, and much appreciated, so this negative may not even be an issue.
    + Characterization. All of the characters were wonderful and believable. I very much enjoyed Vena’s determination, sprinkled with moments of weakness, Rixa’s brashness, and especially Sui’s forwardness and openness. Even Hand was believable in his social awkwardness and his steady character development via absorbing Vena’s personality. The Madame of the house (can’t remember her name) was also a great villain, with believable motivations.
    – Unfortunately, the comparison between those characters kind of highlighted the weaknesses in others, specifically Norea and her two goons. I really liked the tension between Norea and Sui stemming from their shared past, and would have liked to have learned more about it. I was also expecting her and the two thugs to fragment, and be antagonistic toward each other, forcing Vena’s group to ally themselves with Norea at certain points and then with the two thugs at certain points. The fact that they got to bang Sui and Rixa was great, but their subsequent deaths felt extremely abrupt and surprising. That, however, leads directly into my next point:
    + It took me two full playthroughs for it to finally hit me that the two fat ghosts that bang Norea are the ghosts of her two goons. That realization blew my fucking mind. Superbly done. Seriously good work.
    + Story. You’ve clearly worked hard on the story for it to be something more than an excuse plot for hot women to get put into compromising positions by ghosts. It was compelling enough for me to want to keep playing to find out what was happening, and at no point did it devolve into the absurdity that most NSFW games do. I would have liked to spend a little more time as maid-Vena, but I understand the reasoning behind not going deeper into that side-story; having her getting banged wouldn’t really make a lot of sense within that context. The notes providing backstory was also a wonderful touch, although I would have liked if getting all 16 unlocked something (say, a flashback with maid-Vena getting some action?)
    + Difficulty. At no point was the game so difficult that it was frustrating, aside from the bugged maid-boss. The game provided enough of a challenge to be interesting, although on a subsequent playthrough it is made clear just how easy it is to run through rooms and ignore enemies. There are only a handful of times where you’re forced to fight, and the rest of the time combat is almost entirely optional. It would have been nice to have an enemy that punished you for trying to just run through a room, and have it sprinkled in throughout the map.
    – However, it never really felt like I was in danger aside from the bosses. I can’t remember a specific time where I was KO’d by an enemy unless it was on purpose, other than bosses and the occasional red enemy.
    – Getting knocked out and bound was infinitely preferable to dying and being spit back to the last save-point, but in my first playthrough, getting knocked out happened… maybe… twice. It is far more common to get killed by an attack and have to load the last save than it is to get knocked out and bound to a wall, which is frustrating. I don’t agree with the game-over mechanic you have in place. At the moment, you have it set so if you get grabbed – and successfully escape – a certain number of times, you’ll get kidnapped. But if you just let the bar run down, the yellow/red flashing in the upper left corner never happens. So there is pretty much no reason for you to ever smash the bar unless you’re trying to keep it alive to get the pink bar and “lusty” animation. I would have liked a resistance mechanic, where each grab makes it successively more and more difficult to escape, and successfully escaping prevented the KO, where letting the bar run down a certain number of times would KO you. With the bar getting more difficult to escape, that would also lead to pink bars showing up naturally – where you’re smashing the escape keys but can’t manage to escape before the pink bar shows up. The way you have it set up now, you have to be trying pretty hard to even be aware of the pink bar’s existence.
    – Tied into difficulty is the total lack of a new-game plus, something that was also missing from Xenotake. This is easily remedied through judicious use of Cheat Engine, but I would have liked to have gone through the game again with all my old powerups in a legitimate way. Compounding this is the fact that if you start a new game and choose the save file that you completed the game on, it’ll just overwrite that file without giving you any kind of confirmation or letting you know what’s going on. Initially I had done it expecting that the game would pick up on the completion flag (the existence of which is proven by the gallery unlocking) and start me off with all my powerups. It makes sense that it didn’t, but only if you go into it knowing that there’s no new game plus, which I did not. Another factor to consider is just how many orbs it takes to max out Vena. By the end of my first playthrough I had half the attack orbs, three or four stun orbs, one regeneration orb, and no seal time orbs. Without a new game plus where you can build on your old upgrades, it takes a TON of grinding to max all that stuff out. It turned out not to be too difficult, because the two ghosts in the first saferoom – the one that gets corrupted – give almost an orb a piece. Still, I would much prefer to max out my character through repeated playthroughs instead of grinding, and for folks like me, the option to do so would have been nice.
    + Animations. The whole reason we’re playing this, right? I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on this, as your animations are flawless, some of the best I’ve seen in any NSFW game, ever, and I literally cannot praise you enough for them – if I tried it would triple the length of this entry. Keep up the good work. Maybe brush up on the walking animations a little, but don’t beat yourself up over them – anybody in animation and design knows that walking animations are notoriously difficult to nail just right.
    + Traps. Man, oh man, there are few things as awesome as a ghost somehow hiding in the environment and snatching you up when you least expected it. The one hiding in the picture frame was GREAT, even though I personally am not really into fisting. Even the blowjob ghost that snatches you up at the end of the cum-tunnel was pretty great.
    – Final sequence. I think you may have succumbed to a bit of fatigue here. The end events hit the mark on story events, but didn’t measure up to expectations as far as H-content goes. This is especially evident when comparing it to Xenotake’s final battle. I was expecting something similar – the lady characters of the game all getting hoisted into the air with oodles of tentacles – and instead I got one somewhat tame animation with Sui. When all of the animations previously are so great, it builds up expectations for the climax of the game to outdo the rest, and it ended up falling a little short, resulting in it not feeling very climactic. I was also expecting some kind of animation with astral Vena getting grabbed, and that didn’t happen either. All in all, the sequence felt a little rushed. And when they all get out of the mansion, Norea gives a cryptic comment about throwing something? Did I miss something? That flew way over my head.
    + The bet. This ties into my positive comments about the story, but the bet is a great way to trigger the events of the game, and Sui’s suggestion for them all to show solidarity and agree to suffer the consequences is a cute little wrap-up. It would have been nice to get to see more than one image of each, though. A question about that, though – if you look in the image gallery, there are several places where another drawing is somehow present – the magazine Vena has on her desk, phone images, etc – but you can’t really tell what they are, only the vague impression that they might be pornographic. Would it be possible to see what was included here?
    Final thought: The (English) writing is good, but there are some minor mistakes. The most common one is your tendency to use “is” when “it’s” should be used. I’d be happy to edit if you’d be willing to send me a script.

    Okay, now we have to talk about the much-maligned gallery. I know, I know, you’ve heard way too many criticisms of it, but hear me out. I understand what you were trying to do by doing the hard way versus the easy way. The issue here is you have to stop looking at it from the standpoint of a developer and rather from the standpoint of a user. The user doesn’t care about how easy or hard it was to code, the user just wants a certain kind of experience. The gallery you implemented was one experience, but it missed the mark on another type, one which your users were expecting from a previous game. Personally, I appreciated the ability to quickly and easily view ANY animation, not just the ones you could see from the dungeon, and I love the fact that you can – for example – put Vena and Rixa on their sex machines while Leen is getting her ghost from that scene, with Sui and Norea getting gangbanged in the background. One of the problems with it is the way you implemented animations in general by having them show up as several pieces – it’s way too much work to cycle through the animation for the girl and then try and find the sprite for the ghost in the background to really pull off the animation you see in the game. And have you tried setting up that animation where Vena is sucking Sui’s boob? Impossible to get it looking right in the gallery. There’s also the issue of cycling through animations on one girl and the movement on all the other girls will just stop. But again, the overall concept is good – just the previous flavor was a little easier to get into and where you wanted to go, a kind of sandbox with enemies. I personally would like to see the inclusion of a prison-style gallery like Xenotake had, but in ADDITION to the current gallery, not instead of. I would also like some way of viewing the full scenes with text, like most NSFW games have. I can’t imagine it would be too hard to create a dummy environment with a default Vena to run through a scene and then boot you back to the title screen once it’s over. That’s one thing that I don’t think Xenotake did quite right – starting a full game in the middle just so you can see one scene is pretty cumbersome. Not that it was a bad feature – it wasn’t; maybe you want to go through an entire sequence of several scenes – but it was pretty clumsy for the purpose of viewing one scene.

    Overall I think this was a fantastic successor to Xenotake – which is still one of the highest-quality NSFW games I’ve ever played – and I am extremely excited to see what you’ll do for your next project.

    • Why does a porn game have such a quality review!? I already plan to purchase the game when I get enough PayPal bucks (who knows when that will be…), but I think your review… I think it’s why I haven’t went to sleep yet. It’s just so darn good. Thank you for writing it! (takes ideas)

  104. Anonymous Says:

    vosmug someone spreading your game what you gonna do about it, you are losing profit!

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Just bought the game. Very good job vosmug. You should creat a patreon or a kickstarter. 🙂

  106. aprhodite Says:

    need a better gallery

  107. Anonymous Says:

    why i cant play ?, Place GHVdatak in the data folder ?, what is this ?, how i continiu ?

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely fantastic game, well worth the wait and priced at a steal! Most of the “issues” I have are minor and you’re already working to resolve anyway. The map fixes revisions are fantastic and make it much easier to navigate now. Even the notorious maid fight wasn’t exceptionally difficult once I figured out her attack patterns.

    The gallery issue notwithstanding I’m eagerly awaiting your revised prison gallery and skip feature, just don’t feel you have to rush them. Don’t let our impatience force you to compromise your quality standards! Contrary to popular belief we’re not going to die of suspense waiting for it.

    The only outstanding issue I see that hasn’t already been mentioned is the rarity of certain enemies. There’s a LOT of open space in the map that could be filled with things like the ceiling tentacle trap or hand traps on the floor, or spawns added for rare ghosts like the tentacle torso that only shows up twice in the entire game. Additionally instead of adding the two spiked torsos to the corrupted safe room I think a weaker version of the third boss would’ve been a better use of the room (again because he only appears once in the entire game and you clearly put a lot of work into his animations). The prison gallery and skip features will of course help with this, but there’s just something about stumbling across them in the game itself that a gallery just doesn’t scratch.

    Overall I’d give the game a solid 9/10. Animations are smooth and the art style is consistent, a challenge in itself for how your art style almost certainly changed over the last four years. Gameplay is straightforward and controls aren’t overly complicated, while the maze feature is complicated enough to be challenging without being maddening. Story development is refreshingly well written, and I don’t mean just for an indi-game. It would’ve been nice to see a little more finesse with Norea and her defeat, but I can see where the already long length of the game may have pushed you to limit that story arc for the sake of play time.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know if posting a link to a forum is allowed, but I’ve posted a full walkthrough of the game, including a more comprehensive map:

    • Nice, if you want I can link it on the main post and in the download page.

      I’ll take a look and see if I can pitch in some info later on, just as a first glance I noticed something, you say hands can be destroyed when hit with two stuns, that’s false, at the begining you can’t do that, the reason you do that later on is because stun does a small amount of damage sometimes, when you upgrade attack, even that small damage becomes enough to kill since the hands only have like 10 HP; is because of the incresaed damage of the stun but only when you upgrade.

    • Also, Z+down only works at full Energy (health) and clothed.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the case, but in the first room where you’re attacked by hands, between where you start the game and where you go through the door to the first monolith, I’ve been able on every playthrough so far to destroy both of those hands with just stuns.

        I tried Z+down at full energy and clothed, and it seems like there’s some additional requirement concerning the enemies, like that they have to all be tangible, or all be stunned, and it’s nigh-impossible to keep track of a fight well enough to pull it off.

        I’m afraid that I’ll sound condescending while saying this, but I don’t know how to definitively avoid that, so I’ll just go for it: you have my blanket permission to link it anywhere you want.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You should probably also know that f95zone is a piracy forum, for the most part. Do with that as you will, but I think as the creator of the game, you should be aware of that.

      • I didn’t notice that. If that’s the case then I won’t link it.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    So about when can we expect the Gallery update?

  111. Anonymous Says:

    I bought the key not too long ago (I’m not confident in my computer skills) but when i run the.exe on my macbook a data file is not created. Do i input that local app data command into the terminal app?

    *Sorry for the repost.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    I have a suggestion, tho I have absolutely no idea how hard it would be to make, since I dont know if you would need to mmake the animations again, but it would be really cool if you could choose another character to play as when you have finished the game. You could even leave the cutscenes as they are, just change character for the gameplay.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Even just for gameplay without taking into account any of the enemy animations, they would still need completely new sprites drawn just for basic stuff like attacking with Hand or using Vena’s special abilities.

  113. Aestrocity Says:

    About enemies duplicating i’d say to not worry about it, its only happened 4 times total in 3 play throughs, and the way it happens is very situational

    • I still need to at least know what the problem is, obviously something is not working as intended, I just need to find it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        ive noticed it happening with the vase boss but I dunno if that’s deliberate or if not I’m not sure what’s causing it it just seems to happen on the boss grab.

      • Aestrocity Says:

        alright, I’ve slightly figured it out and was able to replicate the duplication a couple times. It has to do with enemies that have the animation of grabbing you before going into an h-scene, if you manage to escape that animation as it transitions into the h-scene it duplicates that enemy. It seems to be a frame a perfect bug to do but I was able to replicate it 4 more times with different enemies

      • Ok, let me investigate.

      • wait, are you pressing more than one button to end the grab? If that’s the case I think I got it, it’s a very unintuitive way of ending the grab, that’s why it never ocurred to me to do it that way.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    Still a question…maybe more a Suggestion für you 🙂 In a Demo in the Past you used Pictures from the Chars in Dialogue. Some of them already done so why you didn’t take them in the Picture Gallery as Bonus?

  115. Anonymous Says:

    I just wanted to say that I bought the game and really liked it! Only real complaint was the gallery, but you’re already working on that so I’m really happy. Will definitely follow you for your next game.

  116. Vosmug, do I need help getting to this floor ? http://prntscr.com/ilx3cr

  117. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have any idea for a new game? More yuri please ;x

  118. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any other way to buy this game other than by paypal?

  119. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug would it be possible in the new gallery to change Vena to one of the other female characters so they can be fucked by the Ghosts in place of Vena or would that be too difficult?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Don’t get your hopes up, because he’d need to go back and re-draw whole new sprites for each girl to fit the animation. Even just doing a head-swap onto Vena’s body (which would be a bit weird, since most of them have pretty unique bodies) would be a significant amount of work.

  120. I’m trapped here, been mashing UP and RIGHT for a solid five minutes now… what do I do? Or am I just stupid?


  121. Anonymous Says:

    Hello getting this error in v 1.05 against the maid.

    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 0
    for object boss_maid:

    Unable to find any instance for object index ‘143’ name ‘obj_maid_ball’
    at gml_Object_boss_maid_Alarm_0

  122. Anonymous Says:

    i saw a red ghost on one of your posts on your wordpress, i haven’t seen them yet after an hour of playing it, i am still figuring out how to unlock the sealed door that needs to activate the sex machine to undo the seal, are they going to appear after that or they will appear at another point in the game? also is it a bug that my map keeps resetting, i cannot see where i went before, that is why i keep going back and forth to wherever i just went because the puzzle is a bit complicated for my brain

    • Which version are you playing? Also can you tell me what you did before up to that point in the machine room so I have a better idea or if there’s any problem? Did you get the key? did you open the door to the right of that same hallway? Did you find the eyeball ghost aleady?

      • Anonymous Says:

        yes, it looks like it is fixed now i was playing 1.04, i forgot to download 1.05 ver i wsn’t thinking right, just played what i have.
        i just downloaded 1.05 and played with it, nothing wrong now thanks for response, and i already found eyeball ghost, i didn’t fight with the ghost it just raped vena

  123. aprhodite Says:

    waiting for the new version with the better gallery.

  124. Anonymous Says:

    The gallery doesn’t have all the girls unlocked, everyone but the Main Character is red and can’t be selected. Do I have to beat it 100% to get the rest unlocked?

  125. Ghost Humper Says:

    So, real-talk: was I the only one who really enjoyed the implication that the ghosts went out of their way to target the teacher so often because she has the biggest rack? XD Hell, I know the two goons hinted at it by calling her “mature”, but I would’ve loved more explicit dialog like that!

  126. Anonymous Says:

    Been loving the game so far but I got stuck (probably because I don’t see something in plain sight). I’m stuck after the other girls run from the henchmen. Where am I supposed to go after that one, I tried pretty much all rooms and flew up.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Fly where the broken statue is.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thank you. I have another question though. I arrived at the turntable/lights thing and I understand how to solve it (above comments and all) but there is one problem, what do I press/do to turn the wheel? Nothing seems to work for me. Do I just stand under the paintings?

      • What do you mean? Spacebar doesn’t work? It doesn’t activate at all? Did you go to the left and grabbed the item?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Spacebar just brings up the message about “this has lights and a slot”, no rotation happens.

      • After or before you get the item all the way to the left?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Item on the left. That’s the ticket. Thank you. Plain sight, once more.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    ETA for the new Gallery?

  128. Glad the game finally came out! I got a little lost in a few places and navigating the map was a little tricky, but I think you did a good job to make navigation possible. The little “!!” on the map to show where you needed to go helped immensely, my only problem was the head-scratching I needed to do to navigate hallways that were blocked by barriers.

    Possibly adding an indicator of a barrier down a hallway (a black bar or something) whenever a non-combat barrier is created will help with navigation. I was incredibly frustrated making my way across the mansion just to find a barrier on one half of the room I was trying to access, having to make my way ALL the way around the mansion to get there from the other side.

    But other than that, the map was critically helpful and being able to walk around and move through doors while still having the map open was excellent foresight. I gotta take my hat off to you for that, if the map wasn’t employed, I would’ve found the game far too frustrating to play.

    As for the game, knowing how it played from the demo, I can say there wasn’t much new added to the gameplay which is fine, and I was pleased to see how much new enemy and scene content was added. The game had a good amount of length, the difficulty spiked up a bit near the end, and overall I felt satisfied with the story and characters.

    It’s an action game by definition, but it definitely would classify as more of an adventure-puzzle game with action mechanics. While devs like Kyrieru are fantastic at making action platformer games with an emphasis on action, I think you really hit your mark making slower-pace, puzzle-based exploration games.

    You did so many things well in this game that I’ve seen attempted poorly in the past out of laziness by other devs. The “tentacle rooms” in the ceiling and the ghostly “flashback” scenes all broke up the monotony of the mansion which I really appreciated. The puzzle near the end didn’t spoon-feed me the answer which I was actually expecting the teacher to do. That little segment where you’re crawling behind the wall was pleasing to me even though I don’t know why, I guess I just liked the cinematic feel of breaking into a different pane of the level with things happening in the foreground, unaware of my progress. I appreciate your sense to change up the way the character is actually CONTROLLED, making her move a little sluggishly in some areas, crawling through walls, floating on the astral plane, I didn’t realize how boring some of these games are when your character moves the same exact way at the same exact speed throughout the entire game.

    I’d love to see more games from you, possibly with a bit more puzzle element, like a point-and-click adventure game would have, though not necessarily point-and-click in control scheme. Hopefully this project didn’t burn you out and we can expect more from you!

    • StoryWhore Says:

      “That little segment where you’re crawling behind the wall was pleasing to me even though I don’t know why, I guess I just liked the cinematic feel of breaking into a different pane of the level with things happening in the foreground, unaware of my progress.”

      Man, I couldn’t agree with that any harder if I tried. Somehow, that simple perspective shift managed to make an already-hot scene with Sui and Rixa twice as hot, and I honestly had no idea how to explain why it was so effective.

      I mean I’ve always been such a huge fan of “background” events or brief little glimpses of scenes to preserve some of the mystery, but I think that was the first time that I’ve seen the PLAYER be relegated to the background of an ongoing scene. XD

      • It’s already a cool perspective change when your character moves behind a wall and progresses out of sight in the background, but it’s even cooler when there’s something actually interesting (like a threat) (or fucking) happening in the foreground.

  129. Someone Says:

    i got the game awhile ago, didn’t get the chance to play because i was busy, but hell i am enjoying the dialogue, its fun and has generic humor on it, not much and not so special on the grammar but hey its amazing for a solo developer like you could pull this off!

    I also have a problem in mind, i haven’t finished the game and i think i am still 10% on it for completion, already got 5 hours of gameplay there with lots of AFK because i keep doing stuff while playing the game (no, im not fapping while playing, just doing some house chore and work documents) i now have learned that the prof that came with them was one of the hunter lineage that was searching for hand a long time now, and just awhile ago when there’s an orb eater on the door, hand suggested that the 2 of them need to go “lure” the ghosts, i’ve seen it and i actually wanna know if those type of scenes would be included in the gallery, or not? i want to see all the violation or sex scenes to be on the gallery but i didn’t made the game to be so sure about that and to be demanding that much but i just wanna know if those type of scenes would be in the gallery?

    Hoping for the new version of the game.

    So far, no bugs existed yet except frequent stuck ups in the game whenever a scene would happen like a special sex scene that you can’t prevent, or whenever going through a door and there’s a cutscene going on there, i don’t know if its my own problem or its in the game, but i hope it is on my part, so that no more issues would linger on the future versions of the game.

    Thanks for this great game! happily fapping on some scenes while im finishing it.

  130. Someone Says:

    oh yeah, i also wanted to suggest something if you have any new upcoming projects in mind:

    1st – Make Gameover Cutscenes!
    The gameover cutscenes like on other smut games gives it oooompf on the theme of the game, not only making your character purposely gets fucked and puts you on a gameover, players also enjoy the scene after that, it gives more points to that.

    2nd – Traps on the game should have a 2p or 3p on other perverts on the game!
    like the trap on the early stages of GHV, the wall trap where it tries to swallow vena when you get close, its a good trap if like a hand tries to get near vena, then gropes her breasts or puts its fingers on her mouth, its great because this will add up tension and players would feel it, gangbang! ofc maybe its not a great idea ingame while playing, but you could let players choose the options, and also add that up to the gallery if possible

    3rd – Background scenes! while the character progresses on, maybe add up background or foreground scenes where other babe gets fucked up by monsters or other characters or something like that! so that while they are progressing towards their destination, players would see good view of the surrounding, you get my point 🙂
    this might be too much, so maybe its just a reconsideration, or not add this up on your future project, i mean its just a suggestion.

    4th – for your next project, the mainstream beastiality!
    maybe add a beastiality for your next game! a dog, horse, snake, giant wasps, butterflies, and stuff that’s possible to have a fucking penis! even ants! or something that doesn’t have a penis but its weird enough to copulate with a girl, it works! this could be a genre of sometype like witch girl, slimes included in there, and magical books that would definitely violate the character, ofc this is just a suggestion, i dont want you to copy up those type of games.

    That’s all, thanks for the great game

  131. Anonymous Says:

    How to unlock gallery?

  132. Silly question! Whats next? Any ideias to the next game?

  133. Bruno MB Says:

    Hello Vosmug, I’ve been a fan of your work since the time that Prisonkage was a demo of a hentai game. So I made a point of supporting his work by buying Xenotake and GHV ($ 20). I would just like to say that I was very pleased with the evolution, no doubt GHV has advanced a lot compared to Xenotake and has become one of my favorite H-games. Excellent job! I was not very pleased to read that the next game you intend to put a man as protagonist, yuri themes and women protagonists have always been my favorite. But you have to do what makes you happy as an artist and game creator, it’s impossible to please everyone. Good luck!

    By the way, have you thought about creating your own patron? Count on my $ 10.00 monthly! I see many creators of games inferior to yours that collect $ 1000 per month

    • Anonymous Says:

      Speaking of yuri, I was actually kinda disappointed that for all of the tension between them and their shared scenes… Vena didn’t actually end the game by properly hooking up with Sui. =(

    • Thanks.

      I’m not interested in patreon for now, the fact that you rush to compare money makes it even less appealing to me.

      Also, I don’t think about yuri that much when doing this, mainly because having two characters in the same scene is always tricky.

      • Anonymous Says:

        On the yuri: I honestly think you pretty much nailed it with Xenotake for Eerien and her captain. Probably why I expected the same kind of thing to happen with Vena/Sui, but can’t really blame you for not wanting to repeat yourself like that either lol

  134. I bought the game as well (7 dollar option). I would donate every month as well. And I do not agree that patreon requires you rush something. Patreon for me is just a way to help an artist to keep his project up. Patreon is very different from kickstarter. Please Vosmug, at least considerate this option…

    • Anonymous Says:

      he said he won’t do projects on patreon, because when you’re on patreon, the pressure gets higher, people who paid tends to keep wanting new updates as soon as possible, it will bug him out, and look for those years of making the game, he only puts the price on the game for as much as 7 dollars to which is very generous of him, he did quite a nice piece of art here if you would ask us who paid for more than 7 dollars, to be exact some 20 dollars, you know why? good art takes time to be portrayed in a grand manner, as what he did was to take his time making good quality content, unlike other authors who uses patreon, they just milk out money on other people, considering just a small scaled project would turn into years in the making, yet they tell us its complete but the gameplay is just a few hours, and then sex scenes aren’t as good as we expected, and few as well, do you expect us to pay atleast 1 dollar for that? no, its just like social media, good on the outside, all messed up on the inside.

      Vosmug will do as he pleases, he doesn’t need to consider making his own patreon account for that nonsense, his wordpress is enough, and paypal (he even done and got his DLsite link made soon for GHV, you should be happy)

      Patreon is like a cancer, you are obligated to post updates frequently, because people already paid for your project to support you, and vosmug isn’t someone who actually depends on making good porn games to earn money, he has his own real life things to do and to manage, and add up patreon there would give him a lot of pressure, i am already feeling the pressure at a point in my life where i posted my drawings on facebook and people was yearning for more of it, and then i stopped.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    The game could be improved if Hitlers ghost made an appearance.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    Huh. You know, after beating GHV, I just went back to replay Xenotake… and I have to say, I really appreciate how you seem to be adding more scenes with on-going dialog, rather than pausing everything for the controls to show up each time and only resuming once the sex has finished. It makes them feel a lot more interesting and involved- like the scene with Sui and Rixa “partying” with the henchmen, or Sui and Norea’s whole rivalry even as they’re both being tentacled by ghosts. They just wouldn’t have felt the same without that sort of pacing.

    Not to say that you should ever stop doing the interactive ones, of course. I just like the variety, so it’s nice to both styles getting enough play throughout the game!

  137. love the game a great improvement after xenotake keep up the good work! And finish the gallery please…

  138. Yet another fan of Vosmug's work Says:

    I’ve got a little idea for a slight improvement of the map. It may help for explorations, although I know it probably is very picky, so uhh…

    What if there were different colors palettes depending on the floor the character is in? It’d help distinguish the different floors more easily, because right now they’re pretty much all red rectangles.

    Better yet, you could add several color palettes for a floor if it has different distinct parts, such as the basement that can be divided into the “cellar”, the “sewers” and the “library”.

    A nice example would be Hollow Knight’s map: Each area has its color on the map, and sometimes sub-areas get distinct color palettes too.

  139. Hey, Vosmug. The little defeat transitions you added work great. It’s much less jarring when I run out of health, now, except again the ghosts that use lethal force.

    Also, even though it takes some time to figure out what you’re doing, the final battle is much better than the one in Xenotake.

    Anyway, I experienced a crash bug against the maid boss, when absorbing her projectile and firing it back at her. The error code was as follows:

    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 0
    for object boss_maid:

    Unable to find any instance for object index ‘143’ name ‘obj_maid_ball’
    at gml_Object_boss_maid_Alarm_0

    • Anonymous Says:

      it happened to me as well, whenever you try and absorb the maid orb and launch it back to the maid this happens, i tried doing it and at first it worked and it damaged the maid by 145 , then i try it the 2nd time it gave me a fatal error, i think he still needs to fix this on the upcoming gallery fix, because the gallery didn’t have any sfx whenever the girls where being violated

  140. Anonymous Says:

    big difference on the sex scenes, and cutscenes from ingame while you’re playing, and on the gallery, no voice sfx on the gallery, i think you should fix that? or i am just missing out on things.

    now i have to play the game all over again with separate save files so i could see each main boss scene with vena while she moans

  141. Anonymous Says:

    Gallery update when?

  142. LordHentai Says:

    An horde mode would be cool :3 Fight until being fucked to the death :3 Hot…

  143. Anonymous Says:

    Where do you go after you find the skeleton of the girl that owned the mansion. It says upper level but I dont know how to get to the right section.

  144. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug,

    can you complete the Image Gallery with the Pictures of the Characters please? I mean… they look awesome 😉 and a few or most of them a finish (or not?). It’s not my intentation to make you more Work 😉

    I mean the Pictures like in your old Post:
    Title: More things and stuffs
    Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2016 by Vosmug

  145. Anonymous Says:

    Vos, would it be possible to add an option to slow down or speed up all sex animations in the game during normal gameplay, similar to how you can set the speed for a single animation in the gallery? I found that I enjoy the animations way more when they play at only half the default speed.

  146. Anonymous Says:


  147. Anonymous Says:

    I think it would be nice for the gallery to have the seven arrow scenes in them as well. By arrow scenes I mean where you can control the speed and position. Also the voice over would be needed for this as well.

    • well i think i agree about this speed arrow setting while you still making the gallery adding this feature is a possibility, thou if it’s too much of a problem then i understand

  148. How’s the gallery and skip progress vosmug?

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Is needed a video card of something to play the game?
    with me the screen freezes in the scene when the girls are talking about the picture, but the sounds of Vena scaping from the tentacle ghost still plays as normal

    • It freezes and it plays the sound of the following scene?

      Truth is I haven’t tested on lower video settings but I don’t believe so since this is the first time I hear about this, if the problem was video card the game wouldn’t run at all I believe, can you share more details?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yep, Freezes the screen, but plays the sound of the following scene.
        So I’ve tried to play the “new game (skip cutscene)” and the same thing happened: stopped after passing to the next scene (room) but the sounds played normally

      • It does sound like a video card problem, when it freezes try going into windowed mode with alt+enter, then alt+enter again to go back to full screen.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yes, and i~ve tried to play “new game (skip cutscene)” and it happened in the same way, plays normally in the fist scene, pass to te next, the screen frezzes but the sound plays

      • Anonymous Says:

        sorry, not saw that you’ve alread answered, but when I use Alt+enter, the game stops working

      • Maybe disable v-sync in the options and start a new game from windowed mode.

        I don’t know what else to do here, if it’s a video problem the only thing I can tell you is to update your graphic drivers, other than that there’s not much I can do from here, I don’t know if a video card is 100% necessary but if you want a refund please email me with your details vosmug@hotmail.com, sorry I can’t help you.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Maybe a video card could be added as a pre-requirement to play the game

      • I’m not sure if that’s the case, this has been reported only 2 or 3 times, and I also have reports of people with integrated cards running the game just fine, so I wouldn’t know…

    • Anonymous Says:

      No Problem Vosmug!
      I’m playing without a video card, Its why i’ve asked if one of these is needed to play the game 😀
      I’ve not bought the game yet (just tested the demo) , so i’ll upgrade my pc first before purchasing the game 😉
      keep great with his awesome game

  150. Anonymous Says:

    Gallery please

  151. Anonymous Says:

    I found that a certain enemy you encounter acts weirdly: his jump attack always goes in the wrong direction so you can stand still and every time he get’s closer, he jumps in the opposite direction, leaving you safe.

    Here’s the picture of the creature, since i don’t remember when you find it, but it’s in a room with a red ghost


    Anyway great job as always. i like both your games which i bought.
    The fact that you have to do all the work and also the drawings/animations is enough for me to buy the game when it comes out.

    I know people can complain about stuff, but to be honest if a one man team can do all of this it’s enough for me

  152. MajinLuffy Says:

    Hey! Just finished the game! Overall, I really enjoyed it and never felt like there was a puzzle or battle out of place or beyond just playing better. I honestly like that you are not pro game over rape and plan to stay away further from it in future games. It’s simply a counter intuitive mechanic for games. In fact, looking at the gallery after I finished I noticed I missed some Vena’s scenes that you probably get by losing with sex and being carried over to another room, which only happened to me once or twice to me.

    If I would have to say something I didn’t like about the game, it would be the lack of scenes with Lady Sugaria? (sorry, I’m bad with names) Being a futanari genre fan I found awesome the possesed Rin and… the blonde (again… sorry xD) scene and even if it wasn’t futanari again I was looking forward to a hardcore scene or two at the end with her. But, I understand you can’t simply make everyone happy or the game would have never be finished, so it’s just a personal thing.

    Honestly dude, you and your games are great motivations for me as I try to make my own games (though I’m right now failing so bad due to lack of time and a soul siphoning job :/)

    As always, I’ll keep an eye out for your future works. No pressure, take however much time you need 🙂

  153. hi i finished the game and i wanted to tell you that i fucking love the story

  154. Anonymous Says:

    Hello! Nice to see another game after Xenotake.
    I tried to play, but I just can’t open the program.
    It always shows up in task manager in a short moment and disappear.
    The downloaded version is 1.05, and this issue happens in trial version, too.
    My OS is Win10. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Is not clear what the problem is so try any of these and see if there are any changes:

      Update your video drivers.

      Try alt+tab to make sure the game is not running in the background.

      in the task manager, processes tab, terminate any related process, if there are any: ghost_final, ghv or runner.exe, and try again.

      Try running the game as administrator.

      In the properties, try changing compatiblity to windows 7.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks for reply!
        Unfortunately, these methods doesn’t work, either.
        I also tried some localization settings, the result is the same.
        I’ll keep trying to run the game.

      • What are your system specs?

      • Anonymous Says:

        CPU: Ryzen5
        GPU: GTX1060

      • Have you tried other games recently especially 2d games? for example try running kyrieru’s new game demo:


        or some of his previous ones.

        This seems to be out of my control, so far I don’t know how else to help you.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh no. Same result goes to this one. So looking forward to this.
        The trial of Noaika is also unplayable.
        However, Kurovadis and Eroico can run with no problem.
        May I ask what game engine you’re using? Maybe we can find some clue in this.

      • Game maker studio, I know kyrieru uses the same, his older games use game maker 8 which is less resource intensive, not sure if it’s a resource related issue though.

        If that’s the case I would say when updating drivers, select the clean installation option, restart and try again. But I guess you already did that.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ok… I bring up my notebook in win7, the game works properly 😛
        Guess I have to use different machine to play the game (or maybe a virtual machine).
        Thanks for advice above.

  155. Anonymous Says:

    i buy the key to DL ghv_key and Download Executable 1.05

    Copy and paste GHVdatak into the data folder …..

    black screen will ask you to copy GHVdatak into the data anywhere

  156. Vjilaquin Says:

    Stuck here. can’t get to statur room the gate is closed. what do I do?

  157. Anonymous Says:

    how do I use banishment? keystroke ‘z’, then keystroke down-arrow? dunno if i’m doing it right… i don’t see anything different happening ._.

  158. Anonymous Says:

    It’s been more than 2 weeks since the release.

    Gallery when?

  159. annoymous23 Says:

    Vosmug thanks for the game but do me a favor,The next time you make another game,Get a team and use some fundraising site like patreon to make a good game without bugs whether you like it or not.

    And also my suggestion for the next game have the female protagonists remain naked always while trapped in an alien planet.

  160. Nyntynyne Says:

    Vosmug I followed the development of Xenotake and enjoyed that game very much. I’m more than happy to pay for your new game. Please, if you plan on continuing to make games (and I hope you do) please get a patreon. You need to see that you have continuing support.

  161. Anonymous Says:

    Gallery update soon please god

  162. firewing02 Says:

    After 8 hours i finished the game, and im not regret to pay for 7 usd, it is a good game.

    The story is good and i love the main character is a girl and surround by other girl, all 4 girls are very lovely and hot.

    About the gallery, will there be H scene review? since the H scene is not only just picture, it content the story as well, like Miss jealous about Vena and try to H her, that scene seem veryyyyy good.

    And i love the bet too, so they all go naked the end,
    but it will be good if there will be a 4P yuri ending, after the mansion event, they get used to becoming horny and have sexal relationship with each other, that will be far more gooooooood and hotttt.<—but i think it will be too much work for you, but you consider a 4p ending for Ghost hunter 2?

    My only real complaint is that as a player I feel the combat system can be improve, some of the ghost like the one who can shoot two hands to you is very flusterating.

    And it there if there are some yuri h scene will be better, for now we just have Miss and Vena h Scene, Norea and Miss H scene, if it is possible, i think a 4P h Scene with Vena, Miss Rixa, Leen will be soo goodddd

    And since Norea is still alive , i hope ghost hunter 2 will be coming next soooon, i will willing to pay USD 14 with it!

  163. Tatsuya Michi Says:

    Yo everyone just chill. You’ve given Vosmug like 4 years of hounding. Just let the dude work and you’ll get your gallery or prison thing. He already said he’s gonna do the prison and stuff so just let him do what he do. Stellar game btw dude

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. I¨ve got a problem. When i open the game it will show me: Place GHVdatak in data folder and i don’t know hot to fix it. I would be glad, if someone help me with this

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