Release date, final details, pricing and stuff

Release is going to be hopefully by the end of next week, what I’ve been doing is testing and finalizing details and I want to give it at least one more week, I say hopefully because there’s one big problem and that’s the FPS drop that I’ve had since last time and haven’t been able to find the problem if there’s any, I doubt it’s a specs problem, there were some reports of low FPS last time, just to be sure if you had a consistent 60 fps I appreciate if you let me know your systems specs. (Press F8 to check FPS) I’m starting to believe most people had 50, if that’s really the case then we’re in trouble. Update: I have a possible solution, if it works for me I’ll update the demo for testing purposes as soon as possible, thanks all for your help.

There’s also a spike in CPU the moment a dialog starts, have you noticed that? That one I know why it happens, but I don’t know how severe it is or if it will bring problems, I hope not. Update: Is not actually a CPU spke, my bad, nothing to worry about.

Just as last time price will be $7 (paypal only), additionally I had a few emails suggesting an optional price, as in 7 as base price and optional higher prices for those who want to pay a bit more as an extra, this is inspired as an alternative to the patreon discussions and suggestions, so let me know what you think about that, I’m not entirely sure if I want to do that either way though. No extra content or rewards by the way, just your own generosity. I don’t even know if such thing is possible to do though, if it’s too much work then definitively I wouldn’t do it, because I’m lazy like that.

Also, in case you care DLsite version and by consequence the Japanese version will be ready a couple of weeks after, as always that one is going to be a couple of dollars more expensive.

Anyway, there you go.


Update 2:

This is the possible FPS fixed version, those who had FPS problems please could you check if this version solves the problem without the workarounds (youtube, other games, etc), to me it does, only when you go to windowed mode (alt+enter) sometimes the FPS goes down, but if you go back to fullscreen or move to a different room the FPS should go back to 60, also, could you run the previous version right before or after to confirm that it is indeed still running with drops in the same conditions? Thanks.

Trial 0.5

(This is only a FPS test, any new error is due to incomplete code caused by hastily putting togheter some changes from the final into the trial without testing properly, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the final, I’ll try to fix that but this is a FPS test only for now, thanks.)

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  1. My first comment

  2. I would happily pay $15-20 given the long development time and how niche a market this game fills.

    Keep up the great work,


    • thanks, I would really like to know what others think about it so it doesn’t feel that scumish if I decide to do it.

      • You know you can also go with – that’s where people can pay you as much as they want (but you still get to setup a minimum price) 🙂

        The commission is also the lowest and it’s also you who set it (10% is default but you can go as low as 0).

      • I don’t think they accept adult games do they?

      • There are plenty of adult games on, though they are not listed on the main page and are ‘hidden’ as such.

        A few examples would be on this ‘event’ at least:

      • Well, I’d give at least $12. I get a lot of enjoyment from your games, they’re definitely worth it.

      • I’d also pay 15-20 dollars for this, easily.

      • You really should join HW’s dev discord b/c a lot of those ppl deal with this stuff regularly. I seriously wouldn’t charge less than 9.99 though. With DLSite taking 40%+, I’d probably go even a little higher on that platform. is a very good pick for keeping a storefront and not screwing around directly with paypal. Looks professional and they take much less than DLSite etc. They don’t list adult games the same as non-adult games of course though you can just direct link to it.

      • He already contancted me, I’m not super social but yeah, maybe I should at some point.

  3. I haven’t noticed any slow down with the fps, I’ll check again to make sure

  4. My FPS is hard 60 as rock.
    But if I dont have a paypal I cant buy a game?? :..(

  5. You can sell the game on as I believe they allow you to set a modular price. I am aware of a handful of adult games being sold on their platform as well (you most likely need to tag and mark it as such), so it seems they have no problems with it so far?

  6. I ran into an interesting problem with the FPS. If I start my computer, and immediately load the demo, I’ll get FPS issues. It will be low, somewhere between 45 and 50. However, if I then, load up a game, or a video or something, the FPS stabilizes at a solid 60. Even just loading up a Youtube video, muting it, and letting it play in the background is enough to fix the FPS. Hell, I just loaded up the Blizzard app, didn’t even log in, but just having the program open while playing the game seems to keep the FPS at a solid 60. It looks to me like it’s definitely not a specs issue.

    Intel i7-6820HK
    32GB Ram

    I don’t really know anything about programming, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. But maybe it’s possible the game is “too easy to run”. Like computers are powerful enough that the game isn’t even registering? Somehow the message isn’t getting to the hardware that it even needs to try or something like that.

    • Holy shit, I was one of the Anon’s who brought up I was stuck at 45 – 50 FPS (updated drivers, did full screen windowed mode etc) Nothing worked.

      I just did as you said and put a youtube video on in the background and muted it 60 FPs.. How do you like that shit.

      This fix worked.

    • The same thing happens to me, running the game as a stand alone gives me 50 (sometimes) but running while testing, meaning game maker is open in the background gives 60 stable, absolutely no idea why.

      You specs are higher than mine so that doesn’t seem to be a problem at all.

      What you say makes some sense and sounds like when a software uses the CPU instead of using video memory, so you might be onto something there, but right now I’m stupid and have no idea.

      • Hmmm, so it’s not just me then. My “fix” worked for someone else, so I wonder if everyone is having the same issue then. I mean, if that’s the problem everyone is having, the good news is it’s an easy workaround. Still a problem, and definitely one that needs fixing if possible, but at least it’s simple to get around.

        Maybe you should make a post about it, so more people having issues are aware. Maybe do a strawpoll or something? I figure that would be an easy way to get more feedback from people about whether that solved things for them.

        Especially if it’s something that you’ve had happening yourself during development. Making sure everyone knows would probably go a long way.

      • yeat that should be a last resort, but before then I’ll have to keep digging.

      • C’mon man! Stop asking GameMaker be a nice programm =) It always had some issues…

    • AMD system here and get the same thing. 60 fps with something else running in background, drops below that with nothing else running. Windows 10.

      • Yes, after the youtube fix I am getting a solid 60 frames, no drops. It feels like glass, it’s beautiful.

        Vosmug, I know your basically finished and are in polish mode. But have you any concern with the player having the ability to farm enemies to max stat yourself pretty early in the game?

      • I have already max up the stats. One shot one kill.

      • Is not just youtube, seems to be any background software or service that forces video memory to be used, weird.

        You can play in whichever way you want, it’s a single player game after all, that’s not how I would have prefered it but what can you do.

      • My best guess, for your future games if they have exp grinding. If when when you kill old mobs repeatedly. Make it so they give 1/4 of exp then what they gave the first time you killed them. This could discourage exp farming.

      • I already kind of do that, but maybe the drop is not enough.

    • Nvidia cards do have a power saving state for sure which you can disable via the control panel for specific games. Video cards will absolutely go into ‘hibernation’ on simple game engines although I don’t know if this has anything to do with it. Running youtube does use the GPU in the background which might lead to your videocard to run at a higher power state. The thing to think about though is the game’s *update* rate drops along with the FPS. It is only an issue for me when running in windowed mode though. Never an issue in fullscreen. Might want to ship as fullscreen by default at least for launch until you can figure out the 50 FPS windowed mode issue. @vosmug Just repeating myself but you should join HW’s erodev discord. Quite a few ero devs there using GM:S that might have an answer.

      • The solution I found has a similar (maybe the same) idea, seems like frames are being rendered too fast so is missing some in the way and seems like other software with high priority overrides that delay and normalizes it… I think, I don’t know the exact details. Basically GM has an internal frame delay render indicator, which was apparently too high, let’s see if it works.

  7. VSync On, Smooth On: 50 FPS
    VSync Off, Smooth On: 50 FPS
    VSync On, Smooth Off: 50 FPS
    VSync Off, Smooth Off: 50 FPS

    Also, I encountered that bug again! Started the game (through a save in the sex machines room), let the ghosts have their way with Vena until pink bar and then letting the bar expire, picked up the glove in between and got that error message after 2 tries.

    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 7
    for object obj_player:

    Unable to find any instance for object index ‘306’ name ‘obj_hand_fall’
    at gml_Object_obj_player_Alarm_7

    • Also, there is a bug that causes Y to not work until you have visited the control menu if the controldata file exists at all (If it doesn’t exist Y works fine, if it does, the control menu must be visited for it to work)

    • In addition, I can confirm that starting a youtube video does increase the FPS. I also noticed that the game’s speed seemed to be tied to the FPS count (slower FPS = slower movement and so on). 50 FPS made the animations nicer to look at, but also made the input seem more sluggish, as some keystrokes weren’t registering..

    • That means you’re playing on a german keyboard, right? it seems the key is not assigned to work before going into control menu, thanks got it.

      Yeah everything is tied to fps, so low fps means slowdown.

      That error is already fixed, thanks.

      • 156_163_146_167 Says:

        Tying everything to FPS does not sound like a good idea. But it’s likely way too far into the development life cycle to change that. It’s been a while since I did any game programming, but I believe in Unity, which is what we used in school, there was this feature to base everything on real time instead of frames lapsed. Does Game Maker not have that feature?

      • I believe it’s Delta Time. You can use it but I haven’t played with it at all, so I don’t know how to use it properly, the thing is a 2D game shouldn’t have these kind of problems so it never really crossed my mind, I always assumend it was more relevant for 3D games.

  8. I have a shit box that’s breaking apart coz its over 7 years old. cbf building a new pc.

    i7 2600k
    12gb ram, one broken :’) supposed to be 16gb
    gtx 650ti

    I’m running at 60fps constantly. No bugs from the game at all, except one time in first trial version, game froze. otherwise nothing at all.

  9. Thanks for update 🙂 Good luck with relise 🙂

  10. Are you able to use paypal safely? If I remember right they don’t like adult content and can even freeze accounts.

    • I thought that was a thing of the past, and that PayPal changed their policies a while back. I’ve been able to buy some adult games through PayPal in the past, at least.

    • The way I and many others do it is by selling an unlock file and not the game itself, so technically we’re not breaking any policies.

      But if it changed then that would be better, for what I know right now I don’t think that’s the case but I’ll have to set that up soon so I’ll look it up better.

      • Nah it got changed last year, adult content is allowed now, a lot of patreon creators have enabled the option for paypal too.

    • Patreon creators don’t deal with PayPal directly, so that’s not a good indication.

  11. I do not know if I understood
    for optional higher prices you have some additions to the game??

  12. $7 dollars for what, 3-4 years of efforts? Come on man I’ll pay you atleast $20. Don’t make me feel bad

  13. I’ll pay 20 dollar too, please do it. constant 60 fps for me, I5 and gtx 1050

    • Probably doesn’t matter a whole lot, but saying you’re running on an i5 processor is not very specific. There are dozens of i5 processors.

      • Its enough to understand that the processor is recent enough to make the game work without problem

  14. Good to hear Vosmug. I havent really noticed or taken note of fps drop but I may have overlooked it. AMD Phenom II x 4 and AMD Radeon HD 7700. Hope you can fix w/e issues/bugs before you decide to release. If it’s next week so be it and thank you. I’ll be buying off your paypal.

  15. Wow this is a strange feeling lol

  16. I support the idea of being able to pay you more. The 0.4 demo on my end also runs at 60 fps. The only real issue I have is that if I minimize the game it doesn’t show up in my task bar on the bottom of my screen like other minimized games/apps. All in all i’m super excited to see the full release.

    • Yeah that’s another thing that sometimes happens, you have to call it by alt+tab, I thought that was just my system, this has more problems than I expected then.

      • I can confirm that the game sometimes, not always, does not show up in the task bar after alt-tabbing out of the game. From my experience with other games that have that issue as well, this is somehow related to how the engine treats running in fullscreen. OG Skyrim for example has similar issues.

      • Yes, every time I alt-tab, I never have GHV on the task bar, and I can only hear the game. In order for me to bring it back I need to use the task manager.

  17. Fantastic news to hear! I also hope that you will go back to Prisonkage after this.

  18. Entis Aspicientis Says:

    My body is ready.

  19. Fantastic! It is time to put it in my calendar almost end of Feb. You have been working very hard to go through everything. Specs problem then I have to go through this which I don’t mind. I’m bit concern GHV “full game” wont work on Win XP (I keep it for experimental) while running VM. Sometimes I do get 50, 58 or 60 but I feel very strange behaviour while on XP VM. I will try use other spare computer that is not in use but its not very powerful PC as you see the specs below

    Intel Xeon 1.86 GHZ
    4GB RAM DDR2
    No graphics card
    Operating system both Win XP and 7

    Ill will give you feed backs on Win XP. CPU spike reading I am aware of that reading as it shot up rocket sky while running on XP VM (ill double check again).

    Pricing you can decide on how you want to set but $7 is should be fine. My home country is getting better (not a huge jump but should be better than before) on exchange rate but it is still not enough and it will take time as long as the current gov dont pussy foot around. Patreon I don’t want to to pay per month or pay just to unlock stuff and it will turn me off (example of Future Fragment) and walk away. My suggestion is just keep this word press web open.

    For future suggestions are:

    1. Put the work progress percentage. This will allow everyone to see so that anon don’t have to go bitching and moaning around about “when is it release” or “has it complete” or come check his blog everyday for any news (it gets annoying too much for me to go through on daily basis). The example like Studio F.O.W , I don’t have to go to their website like everyday because I know its not done and I will come back few months time to check their progress. If I have few questions then yes ill go there.

    2. Test server/platform all anon can test it so that it can save more time and years without you doing it by yourself. The reason I put this is because we can assist you of finding the bugs. You may agree or disagree but that just for future.

    3. Communication. I cant say much because I started last year to follow this blog… Everyone was worried about you.

    4. Get more dev team guys to help you (again I started last year) so that it works very smooth rather than doing it on your own.

    5. You already got codes and everything from Xenotake and GHV for future h-games in place. Can you use it again except edit the movement, background, themes and characters?

    What do you mean “No extra content or rewards?” Are you saying no artworks in the likes of character’s portraits (any hidden stuff that have not been seen)? It would be nice to have because your work is great.

    Dlsite: that is only for better access although expensive yet my problem is the censorship so I don’t like censorship.

    I still want to get to see Vena’s friend Rixia go naked animation with ghosts. The release has been revealed and the waiting game is over!

    Congrats Vosmug!

    • 156_163_146_167 Says:

      Most of the points in your list there have already been discussed in previous comment threads.

      No extra content means that you get the same thing, regardless of how much you pay, if he decides to make it possible to pay more. Again, already answered earlier in this thread.

  20. Hey Vos

    When 3x ghost man and 3x hand crawler also another 2x hand crawler (a room that needs to fly to right hand top corner room) that tries to capture Vena to put in the game over spawn room, I manage to kill all of them without been capture.

    How I done that was playing on 30 FPS and I know its not very smooth yet I want to try break it to see i there is error or bugs. So far nothing.

    Anyway that is all I can say for now.

  21. Hitler did nothing wrong now that there’s a release date I finally understand.

  22. Givlving more than 7 is what i will do if i can……you worked so hard on this you deserve this !

  23. Can’t you put a minimum price of $7 and put an optional “higher” price? Because I’m sure as fuck willing to give you more for that game!

  24. 7$? Damn I’m ready to pay 20$ + one of my arm if needed. xD

    By the way, is it possible to pay you by paypale then send by email?

  25. 7 dollars for this game? base on the demo (the latest) i think this game could take a while before its completed (took a peak on the map, it was large scaled for a hentai game like this) i assume that many would take the ride on the pirate boat here considering right after release, the game itself could be seen on certain sites ready for download, and ofcourse it won’t be taken down, its because you’re too nice to even let other people do this.

    If anyone is willing to donate, maybe ask vosmug, set a fixed price rate for the game, it could be 10 dollars, or as you mentioned, 7, but people could be generous, let them donate more than what they are going to pay for, if they are willing to do that it means they appreciate all your hard work for this to be done, as someone who made a hentai game alone, and put off a good fight in life, you deserved to be rewarded with more than what you’ve bargained for when you completed this game, we all understand your effort, keep doing and keep going on to the path you’ve chosen, its worth it, you’ve proved something even if its about making a game for people to fap on it, be proud of it, we’re all in this together.

    now can someone give me the game for free when it gets released, i really want to see all the scenes on the gallery

  26. I think is little silly to me for ask this, but you consider make a game in unity or unreal engime or is more easy for you making games with flash? Development in a game takes a long time, i know already, but looking for what you have done so far i think you could even do better than already is, just asking, btw i like your game so far made in the demo

  27. Yo homie. Was wondering if you accepted bitcoin, i dont have paypal

  28. Many of Major games have bug in release date.
    Don’t mind.

  29. will there be a gallery option or will it be like xenotake (gallery in a later update)

  30. Hi Vos

    I tried your latest Trial 0.5 and I pick up the error message below:

    What happen was the head ghost crawler having sex with her and Vena able to escape (during sex), I control her around and grab the glove and fly away to the left hand directions and then this is where the error message kick in.

    The ghost hand is still not working. Whats not working is the white or purple bar depletes empty and the ghost hand still rubbing/shaking her tits forever.

    The FPS is fine for now at 60. 59 somtimes… Ill go report more if there is more bugs to be found.

    • Game over and I quit the game. I load the game again and the FPS is getting worst level at 12 or 15 then it goes to 22, 25, 26, 27 and then up to 28 FPS.

      I got the same error message again above earlier. Basically clothing or no clothing Vena fly away and the the ghost head crawler jump towards her and thats is where error message kicks in.

      Im still running on Win XP.

      • Ok so the same error message again. The ghost hand flying tries to intercept Vena while she is flying. I believe any ghosts movement tries to stop Vena flying which is the result of error message. Please don’t accuse me of spamming comments because I’m trying to help get through the full release GHV game without push back/delay.

      • Another thing of FPS… Press f9 button on the keyboard is like taking a screen shot… after taking the screen shot the FPS drop to 52 and try to get back up to 56/57 or 58. Look I’m just trying to report so that anon don’t have to go through this again but if they want to do it again I don’t mind.

      • That doen’st matter, is normal since is saving a file, it will have a slowdown no matter what.

      • Got this error while getting grabbed by the ghost hand mid flight

      • Happens because I hastily put togheter the FPS fix into the Trial and didn’t check many other problems, sorry I should have clarified that, that problem doesn’t exists in the final build, this is only an FPS test.

    • That ghost hand bhaviour is not a mistake, that’s how it should happen.

      The Fps test is the impotant part, the error is not a problem since this is not the final build, thanks for testing.

  31. So I diddled with Trail 5 and here are my specs.

    Intel i7-3820 3.60 GHz
    Ram 16GB
    Nvidia GTX 580
    Window 10 pro 64 Bit

    I think you will be happy to hear that with version 5, I get constant 59 – 58. Now if I run the Youtube fix I get solid 60, which isn’t a big deal I assume no one can even notice.

    Now I tried the F9 FPS drop, and for a half second I hit about 17 – 54 for about half a second but then it goes back to 59 – 58, so no problems.

    So yes I got the error for when you get hit while mid air, I posted the error message twice sorry about that.

    I also tried the Game over, Quit and then restart for possible FPS drops, no drops. So I’ll keep on bug hunting.

    BTW – I don’t know if it’s a big deal, but what do ya say about no HP regeneration while crawling for us players who love playing on hard mode. If not that’s fine. シ

    Also the movement fixes rock, thank you.

    • Update, So when going into windowed mode like you asked I noticed I hit 60 FPS. But I also noticed that when going back to full screen that the smoothing is turned off. So when quitting and going to settings to turn smoothing back on, The option indicated it was still on. I had to switch it off and on again to get it to work, Strange.

      On Trail 4 I windowed and full screened, No FPS differences. But it still turned off the smoothing just like Trial 5.

    • No need for bug hunting in this version, I should have clarified that this is a quick fix for the FPS only, any other problem happens beacuse I didn’t test properly when moving code from the final build to the trial without taking into account other changes, so any bug that happnes is due to the trial having incomplete code, again, is just the FPS any other bugs shouldn’t matter here, thanks for testing.

      I’ll drop you HP instead.

      • So this may be interesting, So I was looking into the whole when you (Alt + Esc) or hit the Windows key minimizing the game and it not showing in the toolbar. And then I have open the task manager to pop it back up.

        Well I noticed when I put the game in windowed mode, Ghost Hunter Vena showed up in my tool bar. So then I full screened the game and again minimized (Alt + Esc or Windows key) Ghost Hunter Vena, and now it will show up in my tool bar.

      • Sorry replace the word (Tool bar) with (Task Bar)

      • You shouldn’t have to open the task manager just by hitting alt+tab (or alt+esc, I dunno) a couple of times it should appear.

  32. Trial 0.5 seems to have fixed the FPS issue. The only thing that remains is the missing task bar icon.

  33. I found an interesting bug, or maybe my files are outdated or something.

    action number 1
    of Destroy Event
    for object obj_text:

    Unable to find any instance for object index ’68’ name ‘obj_player’
    at gml_Object_obj_text_Destroy_0

    you can get it by jumping while also pressing space to open the dialog box at the same time, then while in the air, press control

    Don’t know if this works anywhere else.

  34. My frames never dropped below 60fps. Only thing I noticed that is an “issue” (doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to me) is that some of the conversations can’t be skipped and I have to press next through each bit of dialogue. Great game and can’t wait to buy it when it’s fully released. Take your time putting the finishing touches on it and don’t stress out 🙂

    P.S. in my opinion you should make the purchase option have a minimum cost with the option to pay more if you wish to. No shame in letting people pay more if they want to.

  35. This is just my opinion, but i think the FPS bug is caused by the processors being used, i tried using a single CPU on 0.4 version and it didn’t had any FPS problems, but i tried it running all of the available processors and it seems to drop a little time to time especially if no other applications are running on the background (e.g browsers, other applications)

    also, for those who are using 32 bit operating systems, if you face any problems like a drop on your FPS, it might be because of your OS version, i think there’s issues when running the game on a 32 bit version of OS, maybe its because of the RAM that could be used proportional to the processors available? (sorry if i am saying this, i think its nonsense? i can’t clearly explain what i want to say, its hard to define the problem when you don’t know the terminology of certain words)

    Try running the application with only a single processor used, Task Manager> Set Affinity> click a processor, if all boxes are checked, check a single box, the box checked is the processor that will be used on the application.

    This is what i did on mine, maybe it won’t work for everyone or anyone at all but maybe try it (if possible, the full version had the same bug as from the previous trials, try this method to fix the FPS issue)

    • I’m not compltely sure but the 0.5 at the end should fix the problem without workarounds, I don’t know the details but there was a frame delay option available that was going too fast, now it should be normal; hopefully that should do it instead of using crafty workarounds like using youtube, apparently it still helps tho.

  36. Where do i pay for the game when the full version is released?

    • Can i pay more than the actual price of the game? i play the trial it was great, better if its gonna be the full version so i want to pay more

  37. works great found one thing wrong when i jumped and got hit by an enemy i got an error message

  38. Amazing, that no one noticed the misspelling of “Regeneration” at the upgrade station. Just noticed, while testing 0.5.

  39. ___________________________________________
    action number 1
    of Step Eventen_head
    for object obj_jmp:

    Variable .(100031, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Script_scr_damage
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_scr_damage (line 0)

    This error pop out when i was standing exactly at the doorway leading up and i hit the up arrow key (jump) and got grab by the skull tentacle crawling guy at the same time and this happened btw was naked too.

    • after further testing looks like this error pops out when you are naked and getting jumped on by the crawling tentacle guy while in the air.

      • This might be a conflict between 2 objects having an event with the main object and there seems no divider here, what i mean is something that should prevent the other doing something with the main object and let the first object do something with the main object

      • Assuming this is in the latest demo, it’s not that useful to report bugs. It is merely a demo, and the final game has been worked on more. And I also believe this exact problem has been mentioned already before.

    • This is happening because of missing code from the full game, so it’s not a problem.

  40. Vosmug, shouldn’t you implement fall damage on vena whenever she falls at a high place without using the jump key? like rip her clothes off or make her paralyze for a second and make her vulnerable to ghosts that wants to violate her, in this way you add up diversity into the game and make players careful whenever they scour around the rooms, it adds up a good platformer game feel to it.

    And also, is it really fine to let ghost respawn whenever you return to a room or place you just visited and just returned to look for something? even though you have killed the ghosts? maybe add this respawn ghost feature on certain areas that the players could grind for souls, but rather remove them up on key places where players would literally go back and forth to complete a puzzle, it really will be time consuming as well (its not that i don’t mind but it is a bit annoying in my opinion)

    and i wanted to ask something as well, on the demo, vena saw these sex machines or equipments next to the sealed door, the hand said before it could be unlocked, she has to use those machines in order to break the seal, so it means she and her friends could use it to unlock the seal? is it possible that you could actually lead other characters out of the place when playing the game? or its something that an event has to take place instead?

    • I would just like to wish to convey to you “Someone.” That Ghost Hunter Vena is slated to be released this week. So the answers to questions 1 and 2 may just be – These things are set in stone there is no time.

      For question 3 – I mean like.. spoilers? Shoulden’t you want to find out what happens, instead of being told what happens?

      • To Someone

        That’s for future h-game project. Its already too late to ask Vos. Don’t you try delay or push back the release date because everyone including myself have been waiting for this way too long. The waiting game is OVER!

        The key opportunity is to kill them to earn spirts but still that is way too much to ask Vos right now. Respawn ghosts just too get free kills and build up the attacking skills… You should have done that on demo 0.3 or 0.4 (that’s your own choice) while Vos make changes before the release.

        Just what anon saying “spoilers”. Vosmug will always say “You just have to wait.”

      • Ok, i’ll wait then, but is it alright if i wait for someone to post it on the internet for free because i don’t even have a way to pay for the game, nor the money to pay as well.

        Don’t hate me over for this, a lot of people does this, atleast im honest

        good to know a lot of you are desperate to play the game like me

  41. So are you still on track to release by the end of this week?

    • We can assume yes.

      But Vosmug wont give out a date until he knows his product is good and ready, that’s just his syle.

    • Trust me, the wait is killing me. I almost check my phone every 5 times a day.

      But you’ll never coax the date out of him, the release seems to be soon try to find something else that’s productive, it really helps time to pass.

  42. Hey Vosmug, I know you said this was an FPS test, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware (just in case, you probably are anyway, especially given you said any other error was hasty building for this test) of an error that occurs when the character is floating and is attacked by an enemy. It caused a fatal error for me.

    • Wait, ignore this, I’m an idiot. someone got the same error, posted a question, and someone responded with what I already should have known.

  43. Almost there! Just last step to get to finish line.

  44. It has been how long? 4 years? So much has happened during that time. I have started and finished University during that time. Good to know that it is, at long last, coming to an end.

    I can only hope now that Prisonkage will be the next project.

    • 3 years 10 months. Very close. Prisonkage you just have to what GHV to come out first then later Vosman can decide what he wants to do next.

    • That completion time is not something to be proud of.

      • I don’t know man, you seem to be one step away from becoming the greatest western XXX game developer.

      • No pressure huh, overhype and early praise seems too much, at least wait unitl you play the game.

      • LOL, listen Vosman, you’re a humble dude, I like that. (and it probably helps you greatly with your sanity.)

        As far as smut games go, there just aren’t many developers out there that actually care about giving us gameplay that’s slick, clean and engaging as GHV.

        You seem to take your XXX action/adventure game seriously, and with that being a rarity.. That alone is worth paying for.

      • Well look at the bright side… You got the codes and everything so you can still reuse the codes on different h-games without starting from scratch although making new characters design, rooms, enemies, themes etc for future. Don’t be hard on yourself.

        All anon is very proud.

        Ill be looking forward to this GHV full game.

      • i think that i agree with everybody else here that you really are a humble person, and you are one of the few western developers i know of that are great in terms of making a smut game (or a hentai game, whatever you call it) and having a good gameplay aside with great porn content in it, its worth the price we would pay for it when it gets released.

        Most xxx games out there doesn’t really care about the quality and the content of what they are making, they just put in this scene, illegally cut out a scene from a hentai, edit it a little, and you could call it a porn, and then add up a touch of stupid dialogues to make it perfect for being the worst shit porn you could ever see, play or fap to (who would want to fap on those shit? you know im talking about those meet ‘n’ fuck shit games)

        and also, you are one of the few porn game developers who are taking their time seriously on making up games like this, cares about the quality of the content he/she doing or making, atleast informing people about their progress in the game’s completion, which puts all the fans at ease (even though we thought you died off because, you know, few months off not telling us anything)

  45. Oh man, a lot of great porn materials out there are going to release their shit by the end of the month, im gonna have an all nighter soon before the month ends, and that feels great! saving all the manliness i have right now, by the end of this month im gonna be withered out and weak, but its worth it

    • 156_163_146_167 Says:

      I’m interested. What other things are coming out the end of the month?

      • Studio Fow’s Severance, i am sure its gonna be released 2nd week of march if i am not mistaken for the public, but i doubt i won’t see it on porn sites anytime soon it is released.

        its not a full version but Divine Arms might get a 1.95 version (hopefully maybe 2.0) its only for patrons though, it could be released by 2nd week of march.

        Koooonsoft updates on the games mostly by the end of the month, kung-fu girl might get an update, as well as warrior girl.

        the 2 i mentioned besides Studio Fow creates hentai games you could fap on better than ordinary hentai (Divine Arms is really divine, you should check it out) Koooonsoft’s warrior girl and kung-fu girl are on the top of being average, but its good on its own quality, because it has more diversity, more enemies and scene (it will be after it is completed) divine arms has great and awesome quality (literally so rare at this century, its one of the best you could ever imagine there compared to high quality porn shit you pay for) go see the patron page, there is a 1.90 demo on newgrounds and on the patreon page, the group that is working on with Divine Arms is called ViperV and is mainly managed by someone, Chris Armin does the artwork that is why its high quality, check his devianart as well.

        and then Vosmug’s awesome smut game, these 4 that i am waiting to fap on, saving me up and stopped masturbating for about almost 3 days now

      • 156_163_146_167 Says:

        StodioFow is not really my cup of tea. I’d rather get something more interactive. But I can’t deny the fact that I do occasionally enjoy animations such as theirs.

        Divine Arms is another game I have been sort of following for a while. Lots of drama surrounding it. As is pretty much the norm nowadays when it comes to h-games on Patreon. I’ll probably check out the new release anyway, since their animations are good.

        Koooonsoft has fallen off my radar. Not that they don’t make quality stuff, but it’s mostly just more of the same. At least when it comes to gameplay. I do hope they continue development on 「魔胎都市 断章 淫獄への道」, which I liked their animations of more than their other games.

        And speaking of interesting h-games. Future Fragments will get another public demo fairly soon. And Gillenew’s Rescue of Mermaids as well, if I’m not mistaken.

        But the one I’m looking forward to the most is obviously GHV.

      • Well, this time, the creator or Divine Arms is on track, he changed the patreon options after he vanished with that much money after just a few months people paying to become a patreon on his project, it was a total of $30,000 or more, it was really huge compared to what an annual worker from a factory earns, and he earned it in just a few months, and also he’s from the philippines, so just multiply and do the math on the dollar rate , and that is how much he got from dollar to peso, he reasoned out that a storm hit his place, or something, i didn’t want to read all those drama, its all shit and fake, its just that simple for us to know that he took all those money and disappeared for a bit to go shopping with his family, he shouldn’t even be earning anything this time and just complete the game for free for those who paid or were previous patreons after he changed everything on the page.

        enough with the drama though, but let’s face it, chris armin does the animation quality fantastic, its amazing, very unique and top notch that could even actually rival most skilled animators all over the world (most western animations were hand drawn by Filipinos, no wonder this guy knows his work, not talking about chris armin, but the guy behind divine arms did the planning, CA just did the art style and animation)

        Koooonsoft is trying to use Unity besides Flash, its because Unity has better options of animations, Flash is a little bit restricted, Unity could go pixel as well, and to which pixel h-games out there that has good quality animation are few, and some of them has a lot of repetition going on with some scenes.
        if successful, the creator might shift into using Unity on his/her future projects.

        Studio Fow is a different story, its a movie animation, all of the animation is being decided by chosen patreons, they discuss it beforehand so that nothing goes wrong, but i am gonna have to say that some or certain movies they made, were of good quality yes, but the patreons are just being too selfish, i didn’t like the Nier [ass]embly or whatever it is, too practical, didn’t had any diversity in it, for a porn animation yes it is good for some who just wants to fap, but for me who critics everything, before i fap, i want some finesse in it, not just put a female character, let all these beasts fuck her crazy, no that is not being a good quality porn animation movie, its just being too ordinary and only suit for regular shits out there who just wants an animation to fap on, we all have our fetishes, and its not my fetish to see some big ass machine plunge a drill on her fucking ass, its like worst than vore!

        sorry if i did go overboard and typed so many crazy stuff, its just what i want to express for today

  46. is it a bug or its just as it is: the wall ghost at the early stage doesn’t have a sex scene with vena , it only rips her clothes, is it natural? it only tries to swallow her and stop in the middle when vena is almost inside it

  47. Publish the game please , i have waited long enough don’t really care about some bugs though !

    • You’ve done it. Vosmug will now publish the game, just because you asked. Good job.

      Seriously though. Don’t go telling him what to do. You’ve waited nearly four years, you can wait a few days more.

    • You dare to give orders to our Obergruppenführer Vosmug?

      Heretics like you belong on a cross with all the other undesirables.

    • “Release is going to be hopefully by the end of next week”

      “hopefully by the end of next week”


  48. I went to website to check out the release… I saw this page says “Whoops! There was a small system error. Please try refresh the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.”

    I feel that the release is extremely very close!

  49. I have such suggestions
    you do not have to do it because I think you live in America
    Think about people from Europe and Asia
    Is it possible to release the game on saturday
    that the rest of the world could masturbate on sunday
    Only such a proposal if you were able to finish the game
    Love from Polando xd

  50. 😥 dat moment you fracture your wrist and dislocate and damage your shoulder so you’re off work for a month or 2 and have no way of making money to play Vosmug’s game 😥 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, grahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, 😥 must make money, hmmm maybe can get workmate to pay me back the 150$ he owes me.

  51. What all goes into the final week or two of a project like this? Just polishing up final details?

    • i think he’s just doing some debugging at the moment, the FPS bug is still on the demo, might be working on it for a little while before releasing, hopefully this sunday its done?

      • wat? most reports with the fix were positive, why are you waiting until now to tell me that? To be fair there weren’t that many, but since problems are the first thing to be reported the lack of reports I assume was because there were no problems.

      • For me the latest demo fixed the FPS problem. Instead of hovering around 48-50, it’s now at 58-60.

      • Sounds like he never tested 5.0, I get 58 – 60 with trial 5

  52. I have not even had any fps problems. Seriously, don’t even understand what are you all talking about…

    • When I play .4 and .5 back to back, the difference in framerate is very noticeable. It may be that not everyone was struck by this bug, and that you just got lucky. Or maybe you were playing the game with something else running in the background, which seemed to be a workaround for the issue.

  53. 0.5 fixed the fps issues for me. I hadn’t chimed in about it before because, no issue. So exactly what it seems you were thinking, Vosmug. About the lack of reports.

  54. Well every thing looks good on my side as well i didn’t have any FPS spikes or any bugs whatsoever. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t take a lot of my GPU as well which is very nice

  55. Everyone is ready!
    Please release it now!
    The wait is over!

  56. schyzotrop Says:

    when will the link to the purchase appear?

  57. Come on Vosmug~I can’t wait to buy your game~Just tell us the link!

  58. i masterbait to him announcing release every day

  59. annoymous23 Says:

    I dont want to sound negative,But you have to face facts,You need a team and you need a patreon to fund for future games whether you like it or not.

    • No, as that could cause more problems if there is a disagreement or creative differences. No, as it’s been shown that devs were able to still make a decent wage as long as they released a game in a good time frame.

    • I don’t want to sound negative, but you have to face facts – Vosmug does this stuff in his own time at his own pace, and it’s his right to do it however he wants to. Sure he might get stuff done quicker with a team, but then he runs the risk of producing a product which is different to what he had in mind, or running into creative differences.

      Patreon games generally fall into the trap of never-ending development hell and the creators sit back rolling in the cash, leaving us with a half-finished project at best. If you like a game, buy it. If you really like it, buy it again. Paying by the month or for every v0.01 update for a product before it’s finished makes no sense, but more importantly it puts stress on the creator to meet expectations of patreons. Sure that might work for some creators, but it’s up to Vosmug, not to you or to other commenters, to make decisions about that sort of thing.

    • Well aren’t you quite the cunt annoymous23.

      Just because you have the ability to speak, does not make you intelligent.

  60. I can ssssssssssssssssssmell the release, can you smell it too?

  61. ssstutututu Says:

    Why not just make multiple price buttons on your buy page? I would pay more for your hard work for sure!

  62. Hey I just looked back at Xenotake and you posted it on Feb 28th.

    I think it’d be neat if you released it completely and wholly on the 28th again so it’ll be exactly 4 years. It’s not important, I just thought it’d be neat. That way you could say you produce games every 4 years and such. I know you’d have 4 days from now but hey, it’d be pretty neat right?

    • It would be yeah! Too bad he didn’t released it on a leap year tho, it’s would be like “Leap year, Vosmug Year!”

  63. The anticipation is killing me , I know it’s been 4 years but it could happen any day now. Can’t wait to play it.

  64. Techniclly Saturday is the end of the week and Sunday is beggining of the week.

    So is it coming out today?

  65. Vos! my girlfriend left me. I need moral consolation!

  66. what the hell happened to the promise

  67. I’m going to assume, that this is how the comment section will play out today.

  68. Hey vosmug , are the portraits still there or you removed them in the final version ?

  69. Wait for the process of release date!

  70. Vosmug if you can hear me… If you need more time then say it! Dont keep quite all the time. You can do it!

  71. Eastern and Central Europe is preparing.. 😉

  72. can’t wait to buy it! 😀

  73. Jesusu people, the end of the week is not over, from my time zone technically I still have one day.

    I’m doing my best to figure some logistic issues and finishing at least a couple more test runs just to be sure, if everything goes well I’ll be uploading tonight or tomorrow, technically still within the time I tentatively proposed, not promised.

  74. ___________________________________________
    action number 1
    of Step Eventen_ghost
    for object obj_jmp:

    Variable .(100031, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Script_scr_damage
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_scr_damage (line 0)

    dont touch this girl on jump, ghosts! this game dont like it and crashed =)

  75. In my mind, this comment section absurdity just reinforces to me the good reasoning behind not wanting to give a specific date, if there was something else to fix and you needed more time, I’d understand, but the frenzy is insane, can’t say I blame them, I’ve got email notifications set up and yet I’ve still checked the blog every day this week.

    • Exactly, like I’ve been wanting this game for years. I’m actually pretty impatient with it, but I never come and ask for a time frame because it will be out when it’s out. I mean sometimes things just take time, more time than even the creator wants them to take. That’s just life. I want this, but it’s gonna come out when it’s ready and that’s fine

    • Look at it this way, At least there are a good amount of people who are excited. Could you imagine laboring over a game for 4 years and then seeing little to no anticipation?

  76. Entis Aspicientis Says:

    “Release is going to be hopefully by the end of next week.”



    In Vosmug We Trust.

  77. Technically, Sunday is the start of the week. TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT BOYS

  78. Everyone is keep on coming back to this blog. How many visitors did it come? Vosmug should have set it number of visitors per day and so on… This tells everyone is so dam serious!

  79. The Anticipation 😮

  80. I’m really hoping that tonight will be the night

  81. Hi, I am currently stuck after getting the eye from the Maid boss because I didn’t destroy the eye when entering the Library do i really need to restart the entire game just because of that?…. (

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