Trial/Demo Update 0.4

Trial/Demo Update 0.4

I think I got most of the bugs, the only one I couldn’t replicate was the error message trying to recover the glove, and just by looking at the code I couldn’t see anything wrong, if anyone wants to try according to the person who got it it happened getting pink bars from the spider-like guys then pressing C after to recover over and over until it gave an error message.

I hope the problems are actually fixed now, it sucks if this happens in the final release, which probably will because this never goes smoothly, ever.

This one should automatically pick up you previous saves and your configuration but to be sure you should go to DATA and delete your “config” file, it shouldn’t be necessary but if you had a “badly” saved configuration from the previous demo is better to start over fresh.

Concerns and known problems:

There’s something new I got where sometimes the game started running at constant 50 fps , also reported by one person, but it was pretty random, in following tries it went back to normal 60 so I doubt it’s a system specs problem, check your FPS with F8 to be sure.

If you are getting a black or white screen on startup, the only advice I can give you is to alt+tab or alt+enter (toggle fullscreen) and see if it works since it seems to be a display problem, as far as I know there’s nothing I can do from the game itself, if you’re having problems in windows 8 or 10 try running it on compatibility mode for win 7, even tho users have reported no problems  previously in windows 10.

About the virus notifications, if it really was a virus everybody would be reporting it, the fact that seems to be uncommon in general but consistent with certain AV softwares (mostly bitdefender) leads me to believe it’s likely a false positive, but I hope anyone with more expertise can tell us if something else might be wrong, if you are hesitant I recommend getting MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware or any other trusted malware/AV software, do a full scan and scan newly downloaded files you don’t trust before extracting them, I won’t tell you to add to exceptions or to turn off your AV, that should be your call.

322 Responses to “Trial/Demo Update 0.4”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So is there more content or is just bugfixes?

    Also how’s the release date looking?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    the letter x does not work in the new update

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How do I do it?

    • You mean that it doesn’t work at all or only after going into new game, if it’s after new game you have to move up and down to select file first.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There’s still some small problems like not being able to skip certain dialog like when you get the wings, during some notes, and the skull ghost kid statue. Just thought I’d say something if it’s not intentional.

  5. Elijah Hu Says:

    Could you tell me is there any method to cheat in the game?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    When going into a new room the game will go from 60 to 50 fps for a couple of seconds

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Vos man,

    Just throwing this out there. When I originally started bug testing 0.3, no trojan alert was ticked off.

    Now when I read people were experiencing such infection warnings I had updated my protection programs (Windows Defender, Superantispyware and Malwarebytes.) After this I deleted 0.3 and re downloaded it from mega. Sure enough, on starting the .exe, This is what Windows Defender found:


    At this point, I did as you wrote on the updated 0.3 page and waited for 0.4
    And as of this morning when starting the 0.4 .exe Windows Defender has found no problems. So it seems everything is good.

    Hopefully you find this to be somewhat helpful, I’ll do a little more bug hunting.

    (BtW – If you want me to delete and re download and see if 0.4 ticks off my protection software again let me know.)

    • Thanks for letting me know, there should be no need to redownload, ubnless the problem is that it’s picking somthing on the way down, in that case any similar dowload should do the same (zip file with an excutable a shortcut and txt file)

  8. I need you to help me with this: the game when it starts is perfect but the problem is when I want to start a new game I beat the X but it does not answer

  9. I wasn’t able to replicate the bug triggered by picking up the glove for now, will try again later.

    I appreciate that you changed the “game over” to include the animation, but I’d like the animation to be longer, or even better, only finish when pressing a button (pink struggle-bar fail by button press).

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if this is a bug or a game play feature.

    I noticed when you loose your glove and nude stumble after a pink bar orgasm, That repeat sex with ghosts do not constitute a game over as if Vena is invulnerable to game over in this state, even when the orb counter is blinking red.

    But if the orb counter is blinking red with the glove on, it counts as a game over.

    • It’s on purpose, in case you don’t get the glove fast enough or if you move away from it you would be completely defenseless and would lose immediately , I thought that would be unfair.

      • Anonymous Says:


      • Anonymous Says:

        But I think that is should still contribute to the yellow/red flash-game-over thingy, as it is still is the same as if you’d have the glove. I find the distinction kind of unnecessary.

      • January 12, 2018 at 7:59 pm Anon may be right..

        glove less walking ghost sex should at least contribute to the yellow/red flash meter, or players may use it as an exploit to cool down the flash meter so they can avoid game overs.

        Just a thought.

        As always your the boss man, so it’s up to you. ϡ

      • If it contributed to the game-over I feel it would suck because you’d be interrupted by it if all you wanted to do is view some animations.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You could use the gallery to just watch animations.

      • Its not the same when you use gallery, i mean, its the same but… its not the same.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    the auto camera that shows you to jump down and jump up after getting the wings is a little wonky. Also, will pressing esc or enter pause the game in final release?

    • Yeah I know, the way the camera is done won’t let me do any better, that was a last minute addition so that’ll have to do.

      No, that’s the most pause you’re gonna get, sorry, doing a pause is not that easy actually.

      • Have you tried making it like a cutscene? Like taking away control of Vena until the camera goes back on her after showing something.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Testing the latest demo version. Ran the Win XP and its fine. FPS was 50 (sometimes fps 51) so I don’t mind. Im not sure the fps for Xenotake yet it really does not matter to me.

    – The only problem I pickup is after game over and press “esc” to go home menu, the FPS drops so badly like 16fps or 23fbs while at the menu. Try load the game and it is slow. During gamplay I feel very slow… I cant fight, fly, run, stun or anything else… It feels like huge delay for example I press Z and should response now but no it takes like 2 or 3-5 seconds for her to do attack movement.

    – Playing hard mode is like very tough and cant beat a ghost hand (whatever you like to call it) because press Z to attack yet its too late to stop ghost attack. Must set a right timing to do an attack if that what it is design for. To be honest playing on hard mode is very challenging (It is a difficult level of course). Vosmug there is no need to change on difficulty level.

    I am aware the system specs but I can live with that.

    What should fps be for GHV to be normal at? What are the system requirement for GHV in terms of resources the hardware? If 50fps is not good then I have to sort out the problem to look for solutions.

    • That seems like a problem tho, especially the menu one.

      60 is normal, it doesn’t use more than 200mb of ram, CPU usage is not high either, the part I don’t know for sure would be video card, I have a 650ti, I don’t know how well it would work with lower specs or integrated cards.

  13. Just finished the demo, a few things:

    Combat can feel clunky, turning around feels like it can take forever to actually happen.

    If a ghost starts its grab attack while you’re under it there’s nothing you can really do, you’re getting grabbed basically.

    Also, how do I unlock the gallery?

    • Go in after getting the glove, trying running from right to left quickly over and over again. You’ll notice that when you start to run left, Vena will pull up her hand like she’s going into the idle animation, and you can’t do anything while she does this. It’s only when running right and then turning left.

      • To be more specific, it happens when you’re holding right, while you’re still holding right hit left, then release right, that’s when the delay will happen.

        However, doing the same thing but in the opposite direction, will result in an immediate direction change with no delay.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Happening here too, the delay caused by her going into the idle animation makes it almost impossible to fight certain ghosts when they’re at close range and even medium range, so if you’re in a smaller room with more than 1 ghost, you’re shit out of luck and you’re going to lose some health no matter what.

      • Alright, I’m getting this too.

        (holding ⬅ + pressing ➡) Vena instantly turns right

        (holding ➡ + pressing ⬅) Vena continues heading right, and will not turn left.

        (holding ➡ + pressing ⬅ + letting go of ➡ ) Vena must do a half second idle animation before turning left.

      • Well, normally you shouldn’t press both directions at the same time and even if you do it unintentionally that’s not a good habit to have, anyway, I think I got it, it now has a full stop when pressing both instead of changing directions, that should pick the opposite direction immediately when letting go of one button.

        This is a made up PC problem due to the keyboard setup, thanks master race.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks boss! (ゝ‿ ・)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Does 0.4 still end in the same spot as 0.3?

  15. somebooblovingguy Says:

    Game locks up when you are first defeated by the ghosts and are hanging naked in room with the glove. No dialog, no action. no options and 50 fps

  16. So I figured out I can use the flight ability to avoid almost all grappling in ghost fights. If you press uparrow just a moment before you would be touched, you can get away with a mini stun and go back to sealing ghosts. Putting the player on the ground and beginning a grapple animation, knocking the glove off or significantly increasing recover time if you are hit in mid air would probably be a good thing to do. As much as I’ll be cheating myself by abusing flight stuns, just knowing it is an option in combat is gonna kill me.

    • Plus you come out of the flight stun with invuln frames which make it even more attractive as a combat choice.

    • The difficulty changes are better in this one for hard mode! Another thing I found is that you can crawl while nude (and maybe clothed) to have grapple invulnerability against ghosts. Might be related to the ‘tutorial’ ghost you have to crawl under in the beginning.

      • Don’t forget about crawling around on the floor. You can basically go through the whole room crawling without ever getting hit.

      • Yeah, that one is more difficult to change, I’ll see but no promises, crawling is supposed to avoid flying ghosts while jumping is for ground ghosts.

        One of the changes was more delay after a naked stun and I kinda hate it so I’ll be reducing it or changing it back to the way it was, I don’t think it works.

  17. Finally after stalking on your progress for more than 2 years, its almost done and complete!

    I just hope that there’s a way we could help you out on this project, being it for free is too much, you should let people donate for this game instead of giving it out for free to the public.

    Hope you make another game with a mecha-theme one, but more better than xenotake, there are other fetishes out there that people haven’t discovered yet and they might even love it.

    Robots making love with another robot, would make a huge difference.

    Good to know you’re doing fine IRL as well, hope for it to last longer (real life problems won’t be gone, but you should overcome it)

    • i almost forgot, if the full version of the game is released, ofc it would have bugs and what knot right? or after these years, you actually did it yourself and save us the trouble of finding bugs in the game?

    • Uhh… you do realize the game isn’t free right? It’ll probably be like 5 – 10 bucks(which is still a fantastic deal).

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry, didn’t know it wasn’t for free, but now i am bothered by the fact that the game could be shared right after it is released, you know people who use other people’s product to support their monetized websites

  18. Passing-by Says:

    Shame on you! Misogynist! Those big-booby “ideal”-figured girls are not real! And women have body hair too! Have you ever seen a real girl naked? Oh yes, this never happened and WILL never happen because you are misogynic scum!

  19. Upgrade from Win XP to Win7 is fine. FPS on Win7 was 58 constant so I don’t mind at all. So far no bugs to be found… I think it is safe to release the full version. Have no graphics card does not stop me playing GHV.

    Now I clearly see what the health bar is for when encounter the vengeance ghosts. If the red ghost punch Vena then her red health bar depletes. When the red health bar is empty and then the red ghost punch her again then the blue orb will turn into yellow glowing orb and so on. Perhaps you may correct me on this Vosmug.

    Vosmug I have a question for you… What is with that purple whole screen before or after ghost man or crawler cum Vena? I’m not talking about the white or purple bars buildup thing.

    The last end of the trial, what is with that ghost long thing eye ball (whatever you like to call it) hanging as it looking left hand direction (after beating 1st vengeance and go to the next room and on the floor there is a long carpet)? What does it do (blocking the path of course)? It seems I cant kill that thing blocking the path.

  20. I finish the revenge spirit, found out a little spirit with skull and a big one blocking the way, is this finish? If not somebody can tell me what should I do

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, the demo ends there,

      From what I understand, the enemy that has to be defeated in order to progress through the doesn’t exist, making it impossible to continue.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Is the release date looking like it’s gonna be this month?

  22. Entis Aspicientis Says:

    Great work, Vos.
    Can’t wait to see the final product.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Vosmug. Thank you for make it possible to buy the game with paypal. i´am from germany and thats the easiest way to BUY the game. I´am a pirate but only because i dont want to need accounts and more. You game will the first i buy.

  24. Evolved906 Says:

    Basically theirs no new enemies with this new trial version? Just fixed a couple of bugs?

  25. Its not letting me download it, it tells me no connection to mega, is the link down or do i have some problems with my shitty chrome? Wouldnt be surprised if its my chrome again ..

  26. The game freezes for me after the scripted defeat shortly after getting the glove.

    • Mash left and right to escape the bindings. Might want to put an indicator there @vosmug similar to when escaping enemies.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a typo in the upgrade screen (regenaration).

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I was pressing T for the test room and nothing happened so I guess the test room was taken out. Nonetheless the game looks really good and I enjoyed the Demo. Will definitely be looking forward to the full release. Great work as always.

  29. annoymous23 Says:

    It says Ghost_trial 04.exe is not safe possibly contain virus ,So please make a virus free demo just in case okay.And also does it have naked mode when you complete the game?

    • There’s nothing I can do about virus notifications, it’s likely a false positive but to be sure download trusted anti-malware/AV software and whatever you decide to do proceed at your own risk, I can’t do anything from here.

      Likely no naked mode, sorry.

      • annoymous23 Says:

        Dang,Then I Wish you would have had more developers so we could have had nude developers so we could have played nude mode ,I wish you have more time for it

      • lol, Vosmug. Why didn’t you hire more nude developers?!?!? Why!?

      • annoymous23 Says:

        And also I still think you need to make virus free version of the game just to be safe,i mean I don’t want my computer to be infected.

      • 156_163_146_167 Says:

        At least in your previous demo, I know that it’s possible to use Cheat Engine to remove the clothes. If I get your permission, I could share my Cheat Engine table which will include that feature if I can make that work with the full game.

    • What is “naked mode”? A gallery of nude illustrations?

      • annoymous23 Says:

        We wish.

      • I don’t see the point of nude mode.

        The Vos man said it really isn’t worth the trouble either.. which I’m willing to believe. I mean, can you really justify any added value to the core game play with it’s addition?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Let the hand or ghost rip her clothes off. Just don’t press reclothing button.

  30. Nelson6326 Says:

    hey vosmung !!!
    I can not play the game because he tells me that it contains viruses?
    I have a Windows Defender antivirus. Should I disable it?

    thank you,

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Release soon?

  32. I wonder if it is possible to make more difference in gameplay while clothed vs nude. For example in Blue Guardian having no clothes on raises your tension to make your attacks more powerful for easier fights (especially boss ones) but also harder to hold your breath underwater which makes exploration more challenging. It affects dialogs too as a bonus.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Come on you people stop making Vosmug’s life more difficult with anti viruses or Trojan issues! It’s out of his control! What more can he do? It would just make it even more delays to release the final version. If anyone got a spare computer that’s not been use then use it.

    FPS 50 on XP (strange rare moment when it hit to 60) makes the enemies slow to catch Vena which I like it. FPS 60 on win7 (sometimes 57-59) yet I can still live with that no problem.

    • Using fullscreen made the FPS jump from 50 to 60 for me. Maybe try that.

    • I don’t think the false positive of anti-viruses is entirely out of Vosmug’s control. They trigger on something, right? Perhaps it has to do with the engine. But if it is just a false positive, then I don’t think it deserves priority right now. Just get the game out first.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug published the post on 9th Jan and he said “before the full version which is coming soon, less than a month from now maybe (MAYBE) but as always, anything could happen.” yeah sure I tried not to quote on him.

    Release date maybe 9th Feb 2018 but anything could happen. I’ll set the date on my calendar.

    Happy Friday!

    • stop doing that

      • Anonymous Says:

        To be honest fampai it’s far more difficult waiting for something that’s almost here but you don’t know when than something that’s a year plus away.

        I’d be really nice if you could update your release estimate.

  35. Some games that run in windowed mode will not display properly (or at all) if your graphics card settings are running Fast Sync or another form of Vsync globally. If running in fullscreen mode fixes this issue, then try disabling your global vsync settings to see if the game works properly in windowed mode.

  36. Anonymous Says:


  37. Vosmug is the fucking man

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Where is this demo ends

  39. Anonymous Says:

    After Kill dangerous Bloody Red ghost what I do
    There is one side is demo time
    And One door blocked
    What I do
    Is that end of demo
    Or there is another door
    I am in Underground
    I get two 2/16 Documents
    1.The Journal
    2. Servants

    What I do now
    (Please Reply Me)

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug are you Male or Female
    Can you make game for guys

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hopefully soon.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    S̵̛̤͖̗͇̗̙̩̬̜̗̻͍͈͖̻͉̙̓̄ͦ̐̉̈̊̓̄́͝O̵̓̌͐̌̂ͦ͗̓ͦ͐͂ͪ͗́͒̅͜҉̟̰͇̺̖̭̪̱̺̞͇̲Ǫ̶̜͚̻̖̩͙̲͙̺̱͇̠̞̪̥͔͈ͫ̈̉̏͘͞Ṉ̸͎͎͍̳̘͍̮̞̜̘̒ͬ̉̽ͫ̊͒̃̍ͫ͑͂̿̋͘͡͝ͅ ̨̻̠̮̠̫͓̣͕̦͆̍̓̏P̧̣͎̙̪̳̞̤ͭͬͮ̓ͭ̾̾͘͢͢ͅL̸̸͚̥̟̩̼͆̇ͯ̓ͩͦͮͩ͂͒ͧ͆̏͂̍͊̏͢Ę̶̠͈͙̣̞̞͔͉̤͔̮̺̦̖̠̳̗̘̜́̆̓͐̍̑̆̊̓̃̓ͩ̅ͬ̀̊̍͘͘͠Ạ̧̧̛͉͈̙̖̠̥̺ͫ̽ͨ̔̃̏͆̏̚͟Ş̠̤͔̥͈͎̻̥̙̣̗̠͍̰̰͒͛̅͂͋ͫ̀͢͠Ȩ̵̸̛̰͉̥͎̓ͩ̃̈ ̷͉̼̘͉̲͔̟̗͔̮̹̲ͬ̍̀͛̊̎͋̍ͨͭͤ͑̏̚͜Ǵͮ́ͮ̾ͨ̓͂̊͟҉̭̦͚͖̭͔̰̙̙̤͙̩͇̭ͅȮ̢̨̩͕̼͙̪͕̠̥̞̩͖̬̘̮͙͂̈ͯ́͘D̥̻̦̫̟̩̼̠̪̼͔͖ͬͬ̐͌͒̍̋̔ͫͮ̕̕͜͜͞

    • Anonymous Says:

      Great, you just pushed the release back a week!

      I hope your happy with yourself…

      • Anonymous Says:

        Z̸̨̳̹̩̬̹͉̼ͦ̽ͩ̑ͦ́͂͒̒̑ͨ̋ͭ̀̂͌̊́͟͡͡ͅẠ̶̴̴͓̞͈̞͈̞̤̖͎͇͉̑ͧ̄̊ͨ͋̈͐̕L͑͗̃̍ͧͤ̊ͭ̀̌͐͏͏̷͖̥̘̞̼̥G̷̶̡͎̪͔̞̯̞̽̓ͮͪ̊ͧ̅͗͆̾ͥ͌̌͞Ǫ̶̸͍̞͍̼̦̦̪̙͙̥͉̞͚̮̹̩̦̬ͤͥ̓̂ͥ̐ͦ̐̈̎ͮͮͦͬ̓̉̎̂ ̡͉̥̬̖̳̣̥͚͖̜̩̠̪̇̋̈́̉ͪ̑̀͊̓͗̐͌̋͑̏̒͂́͟͢͞C̨͖͉̙͈͍͉̏͑̐ͫ̅͋́͟͠Ȍ̱̤͖̭̱̝̦̘͇̜̠͎͎̠̑̑̈͘͟ͅM̜͍͙̮̯̺̭̥͖͉̪̄ͪ̀͋̐̿̐͒ͭ̃̈ͬͥ̈́̓͛͑̚͢͢Ȇ̿̽̑ͣ͑̈͊̆̊͜͏̳̘͖̯̺̲̬͕T̨̯̦̣̼͉͇̬̝̺̹̭̦͛ͤ̒̇̒̌̈́̿͂̓͜͟ͅḢ̶̷̜̣͖̤̳̳̳̻͓̔̾͂͜ͅ

  43. who enters every day to see if any updates have come out? XD

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug Why you use Game maker for make game because you can use Adobe Flash Professional for making game

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug Why u use ghost in this game instead of real guys.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    is it done yet

  47. Anonymous Says:

    enemies can’t touch you when u crouch.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    My blue balls is now a terminal illness.

    Help a brotha out Vosmug, nigga to nigga.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I’m done with the demo.

    I max up all on attack, stun, time and regen (took me 2 hours just to run around every rooms to beat all of the ghosts). With this demo I think Vosmug gave us enough time to max out all of the abilities before the release of final full game. Time to kick the bosses ass down quickly to get to the end and unlock gallery.

    I find it very strange that the button “F” is “Rip”. Does that mean the hand can get to rip Vena’s clothes off? After her clothes ripped, Is there a masturbating button/s? How does it work?

    It would be pretty funny that the hand can get to rip Vena’s friends like Leen, Rixia and Sui.

    Norea and her 2 guys… What are their names (I hope its not my name in there but who cares)? What kind of roles do they play?

    • Well, the game should be balanced for normal not grindy play, that was not the idea but you do you.

      Yes, that’s what F does, it was in the previous demo.

      About the rest you’ll have to wait and see, except for ripping the other girls’ clothes, that doesn’t happen.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    What good does extending duration of attack seal do?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hm, attack upgrade already powers up both freeze and seal attacks I think. Expected seal duration to do something different, e.g. damage other ghosts that happen to fly by. Not a request of course, waiting for full game release first.

      • More accurately extra hits up to 3 times.

        Attack = Increases damage only.

        Stun = Incrases enemy frozen time so you have more time to attack, I’ll probably increase each value a bit more, so change is more noticeable.

        Time = Increases the time it takes for the damage seal to dissapear, the longer it stays it does more hits, each succesive hit cuts down damage by certain amount. So you can basically hit up to 3 times with one attack.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks! But does it work on any ghost? Vengeful guy takes several seal attacks to kill but I never seen him get hit by the seal more than once per attack even with stun and time maxed.

      • It should, that seems like a problem then.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    In “scripted” fights (where more monsters than usual come out when first entering the area), is it a bug or a feature that hand-ghosts multiply when you get grabbed and shake free? One time I had like 10 hands floating around me. Never happens when re-entering the area.

    • Are you sure you’re playing the latest version? that shouldn’t happen anymore.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Playing 0.4, same sha256 as posted by anon above. I suspect it is related to getting grabbed right at the moment she stands up from crouch and/or at the moment of the freeze attack. Even if it’s a bug I think it is cool as a feature as well so don’t sweat it.

      • I have to check that anyway because is not intended, leaving a bug unatended just because it’s not game breaking is bad, I need to know why it’s happening since it was supposed to be fixed.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sure, that one in particular was in the second web-trap area, one guy- and 3(?) hand-ghosts at first, then I was crouching a lot like for 5 min near the web, try to attack, get grabbed, escape, crouch again, get another hand for reward, repeat. Both guy- and hand-grabs got me a new hand I think. Then I gave up crouching, just stand up and attack-escape until they were all gone. Normal difficulty btw. Later I got better with the controls and didn’t crouch anymore (escaping from naked grab is much easier anyway) – never happened anymore.

  52. HeDatDood Says:

    So a small issue, but the cum-squirting effect doesn’t appear anymore after a purple bar orgasm. The jizz just seems to teleport to the floor in version 0.4.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Is it include Anal And Oral.

  54. I suppose it’s known, but might as well be THAT GUY. Vera is pretty much sanic compared to everything, sometimes you can get away from groups of enemies by just simply walking sideways.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to ask if it’s going to come out soon because I want it delayed another week.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s been delayed another week because you have already committed the thought crime of wanting to ask.

      Please have a thoughtful and productive day! ﭢ

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug like xenotake it have robot player or something else.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug is it has Anal sex in this game.
    And how to work sex machine in this game.
    ============SEX MACHINE=============

    • Anonymous Says:

      First, it is known that restless spirits absolutely despise anal copulation.

      Second, You hit the On/Off switch.

  58. And here I am Impatiently waiting for release 😥

  59. I dunno but even on easy it feels waaaay too difficult – first u gotta wait for them to be stunnable, then attack (more than 1 time it seems), then get all the blue things with another key… meh… while the other gazillion ghosts and hands floating around at immense speed and harrassing me… I had no problem with xenotake, but sorry vosmug this just seems ridiculous…

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Looking very good. Congratulations! final stretch!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    very good, works well on my pc..
    nice works, keep it up!

  62. annoymous23 Says:

    The game is nice,But is there some cheats like unlimited orbs and mana,invincibility,Plus do you have naked mode,Do you have a special ending where the girls are naked do lesbian sex and take a shower

    Do you have walkthrough?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wtf kind of butt-hash huffing, subhuman questions are these? The game isn’t even out yet. Were you thawed from the ice, brought forward by eons into a world your primitive brain can’t comprehend?

    • Let’s answer you properly.
      – “cheat-code” I guess no one going to made a cheat-code.
      – “for ending” must not spoil game’s story-line here , must not ask.
      – “walkthrough” Someone might write a it , wait after the game released.

      be patience , fellow anon.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    In the first web trap, managed to stun and seal one of the many ghosts before getting grabbed, black-out and come to strung up in the cell. Shake free, skip dialog with Ctrl, pick up the glove with C, then get this:
    action number 1
    of Alarm Event for alarm 7
    for object obj_player:

    Unable to find any instance for object index ‘306’ name ‘obj_hand_fall’
    at gml_Object_obj_player_Alarm_7

    • Got it, thanks for letting me know

      You happened to press the button twice in a very specific timing that reveals a dumb problem, or maybe your keyboard double pressed by itself, it happens. Actually if you keep pressing C rapidly you will stand in the recover position and never finish the animation, very dumb coding mistake, thanks. Now I’m paranoid, it’s possible that other problems like that one still remain.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Glad that helped! I don’t remember mashing the c on purpose so it’s likely the kbd itself.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    So how likely are we to get it in February on a scale of 1-10

    • Anonymous Says:

      This all depends on Vosmug’s descisions. Let all the fans push him to release… Say 8.

    • The answer is not to “push” anyone, that’s not how things work, this is not going to go any faster because you “push”

      • Anonymous Says:

        Best answer is “read his blog” this will get an answer.

        This is getting out of hands when people are kept on asking “when is the release date?” Or “is it coming out?”

        We are all been waiting for what 4 years something and counting (can’t remember the exact date of GHV). Calm down.

        Let us all pull together (not pushing each other around) and stop worry about release or coming out issues. Time will move on as we are getting closer (it may happen one day). It will pass on.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh, Vosmug.


        You may have the game, but I have you daughter Ivanka!

        I was supposed to have the game this month! I was supposed to have it all!

        I have Ivanka, Vosmug! Hand me the game!

      • Anonymous Says:


    • Entis Aspicientis Says:

      The chances are 0.666%.

  65. Dude, you making one of the best games ever, take all time what you need :))))) Good luck :)))

  66. Anonymous Says:

    It might sound nuts but I care more more about knowing how long I have to wait than I do about waiting a long time.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll raise the offer to 3 bikes and i’ll leave my garage unlocked so you can steal a 4’th one.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, you REALLY need to do a doublecheck on your game.

    I went to VirusTotal (a website that lets you scan files for malware online for free) and it found this: TrojanDownloader.AutoIt.avn

    I am looking forward to buy this game when it comes out, but please make sure it is safe and do not assume it is a false positive. I recommend you going to VirusTotal and check it out for yourself and try figure out what it could be.


    • I did several times and somebody else did (search for it on this page) and the results are the same as yours, the only flag is that one from a chinese antivirus which doesn’t seem to have much information in english and apparently (from what I found) doesn’t have many (if any) updates since 2010, that one being the only one giving a positive result doesn’t seem very accurate, as I said you should judge for yourself and proceed with your own judgement, I’m not sure what else I can do.

      • False positives for AV are a dime a dozen now.

        By being overly sensitive, people are forced to ignore when they cry wolf, making real threats easier to miss.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I just noticed that the H animation for the floating human ghost has the shadow above the floor for some reason

  70. What’s a ballpark estimate of the percentage of content seen in the trial? 10-20% of the full game?

  71. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t want to rush you, i’d just like to know if it’s coming out this month or not.

  72. This is too hard to be a game to fap to…

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Fucking n00bs, I play Xenotake with no hands.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Just a small detail, the red carpet room with the eye ghost makes a wood sound when you run around

  75. Anonymous Says:

    ok, i have a hunch as to when will the full game would be released by vosmug, my guess is at 14th, its the best date to release a good game to fap to

    also i have a tip for you:
    for your game to have better progress on completing sections or parts of it, instead of working alone and thinking all the stuff on your own maybe ask for advice, we will respond to you what things are good in the game and what are in need of change, like ask us what monsters would be great, what dialogue would be good for this character in this situation, what events would be great if a certain player do this on something, maybe create secrets where people find fascinating, ofc its a secret in the game so you don’t have to tell us, if someone discovered it, good for him.

    instead of putting up a patreon account, why not make a discord server of your own, give the address to chosen few that would legit help you out on your project, and by that i mean people who would literally do part on the project, credit them if you can and give them the first few trial version of your future projects, so that whenever there is a bug or something is missing, something isn’t good about this matter, this needs changing and stuff, you could work faster even if you are busy on your work and real life stuff.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    5 days until it’s been a month since the .3 release.

    Hopefully his release schedule hasn’t taken a lot longer due to bugfixing.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug has been very quite… Way too quite almost like nothing happens on any updates whatsoever (don’t you dare quote me on release date!)

  78. There are 14 words in his last comment! This means 14.02! Theory is confirmed!
    Joke, just a joke =)

  79. I have a very particular set of skills.
    Skills I have acquired over a very long career.
    Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
    If you release the game now that’ll be the end of it.
    I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will eat your heart.

  80. cant wait for the full game

  81. Is it possible to buy game twice on DLsite?

    • Anonymous Says:

      It has to come out first

    • I don’t think it’s possible unless you have multiple accounts, why would you want to do that anyway?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Buy another copy for his friend I guess.

      • Hentai Robot Says:

        Technically you can if you buy one on JP and one on ENG. They’re separate accounts, which is super annoying.

      • Amm…to support you twice? Jfcourse it depends on game cost.

      • That’s not necessary, even tho I’ve been receiving emails (not many, about 4, 2 from the same person) sugesting an optional price, meaning a normal base price (6$ or 7$, haven’t decided yet) and extra voluntary optional prices ranging up to 20 or something, for those who wish to pay extra.. I don’t know if it’s a good idea tho…

        Either way, I appreciate it but once should be enough.

        If you buy it from here (through paypal) instead of dlsite though, you’ll be “supporting” me more since dlsite takes a bigger cut for each sale, and the base price is still higher there.

  82. when I was stoned I had one thought, how are you feel knowing everyone will masturbate for your hard work? XD

  83. Anonymous Says:

    It’s gonna come out in March isn’t it.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    I be the Jews are to blame for it not being out yet.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Game is going to release!!
    —–when it’s done of course.

    Just a simple layout of cause and effect. It’s a very simple logic gentlemen.

    And when you think about release date yourself by guessing, mentioning, imaging, ran-doming, etc etc – as its cause the effect you get is pure expectation. No game, No content, No helping.

    So just wait patiently, just like how you used to wait certain game be it AAA, any indie or console. Adult game industrial are 90% gone into patronage business where you can see only a horizon and hardly any proof or content to be witness that the game still alive and well or not — some even hide behide paywall where you need to spend money just to see what’s going on in there – you just get air out of that instead it’s something you can use like food or tools.

    Using money to buy the entertainment never be so ridiculous once patronage website hit-ed the place, instead of fun and joy to be able to play a game now people happy to pay just to know something so trivia that can’t even do anything after you just paid them!? — Oh you mean ‘support’ yeah of course ….I believe wholly that you never expect ‘anything’ from one who you just supported, even the slightest and will kept supporting them for full 2~5 years without pause or withdraw your pledges even their update are so in significant almost like they’re going nowhere, yeah yeah…..

    If Vos decide to do that 2 years earlier then he’ll becoming labeled as another money leecher, even if by that he decide to update frequently but hide them behide paywall so he have easier life which he see it’s exploit people curiosity nature and not take a like in it — either way he fucked, that’s why he choose to do it solely standalone, no donation, no patronage.
    Least complex – Least problem, as simple as that.

    Even he ain’t do exploit shit like that, when he decide to post update like ‘almost done guys’ and this is what he get, an unstoppable bagging for game release date or them to be release asap which even he himself can’t say for sure when it’s going to be done and people still expect him to post more update so they get more hopes up, hypes up and also the urge to rush him up even more ?

    Without anything that his audience need to be lose to know how things goes in his place it already being this crazy and full of annoyance, imagine how it’s gonna be when he does this with donation or patronage system for inside and outside this place, gosh…..

    Being indie developer is already a hard career or even a hobby it still heavy, just give him some brain space so he can have better peace of mind. Even he can over look rushing comment easily but it still able to hit his eyes and pick off his brain cells, instead it’ll be a useful comment it being just ‘gawddammet another rush comment’, even a slightest tick it still rob off this mind never the less.

    For the love of god, if you reading all this and are the educative person, stop it … it’s time to stop, no more *insert FiltyFrank meme here*

    Let the man finish his job and see what next he going into or not at all – are all his decision.

    I respect his wits and cannot respect the guy anymore than this that he has to endured all kind of hassle alone until now, I can say that he’s already 100 times better than indie dev that shamelessly leech people money off in those patronage site, some even reach full 3rd years and still no full content released to be play.

    • Anonymous Says:

      In fact, developing a game is the work of art and skills.

      It’s not skills alone like you can do math so fast within a microsecond, finish the whole table as an accountant within a matter of minute while they all absolutely correct in every sentence or doing unique road show that need to constantly train to be good.

      Working on art like this need inspiration, creativity, sensitivity, vision and most importantly — feeling. You can’t do jack when it comes to art but without feeling not to mention, programming all of them by himself which need high concentration and precision – if one code massed up it all gone downhill altogether.

      Give him moneys are not going to fasten any process they just become a burden even if you fully wish to give him free in his effort but he just can’t put his mind that way, its high likely that he’ll not feel at ease if he can’t projected something visible to those backer and have to carry more risk that he’ll massed up the work in process.

      All he need is his sold-able product and his customer.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Writing a dissertation defending Vosmug is bit Sycophantic but I agree that he’s easily one of the top 5 best devs in the market.

    • You’re giving me too much credit.

      I don’t think things have gotten so bad that I need defending I don’t want to play the victim either, in fact, everything seems pretty mild (which is appreciated), the reason I don’t respond to release comments is because as I’ve said I don’t give dates or estimations unless I’m sure, that’s something I decided from the beginning and is not going to change now, I gave a window with room for change, also I’ve been busy with a game or something, so there’s that.

      You’ve been too cool with me overall; I have no reason to complain.

      I’ll give more details pretty soon.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You should visit /weg/ some time since you’re one of the few devs who doesn’t scam people.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think I’m just being overly concern and take those annoyance into my own which is really stupid of me, sorry tho.

        But yeah, I’m just saying that the fact I see here is all true. While almost any dev pick the path of patronage or donation system, more than 50% of them failed miserably and even shamelessly scammed people before gone out in thin air.

        What you hold on to yourself alone and already the wit I never seen any dev have before, hell – even some short-fused threaten to sue one reviewing their flaw of his game, instead he take note for improvement he just gone bat shit insane.

        It is better that I should stop thinking in other people and mind myself, the more I assume the risk I might create by my mistake would likely to increase as well.

        Good luck man! You’re even more cool than I though – I should not worry about your well being anymore as everything looks fine to you by your reply 🙂

  86. when the trial 0.5 will go out ?

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I realize why some users were saying to Vosmug to open up “Patreon” account. I found myself a complete waste of time and money for example Future Fragments website with Patreon and ask me to pay ridiculous cost to unlock stuff per month. I turn down and walk away and visit the website in 5 years time or never visit again.

    I am happy that Vosmug managed to pull himself through difficulty challenges. Big credits to you Vos! Keep up a good job.

    Vos just please give us feed backs on GHV (again I’m NOT asking or saying about release date).

    I really want to see Rixia animation yet I have to wait… Excited 2018 of upcoming movies, games, sport events and others should keep me occupy while Vos can take his time.

    • To be fair, the point of patreon is to support the developer, whatever you unlock monthly is a reward for patrons as thanks for the support not something you’re supposed to be “buying” or “paying for”.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Looking forward to the new information.

      • Ppl still don’t realize rent and bills are real things that have to be paid and investors don’t invest in tiny porn indie games. A full time job leaves you very little time to actively work on the project and ironically people flip out when you aren’t delivering the final version immediately… patreon can help with those issues especially when you are starting out and can’t float on your previous revenue.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    when your super excited that the game is coming out, but for some reason you’ve become so used to waiting patiently for years, it will leave a void when their is nothing to wait for.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Demo 0.3 was released a month ago. I wish Vos could give us more details without been too silence or too short. Waiting game must END THIS NOW!

  90. We shal overcome some daaaayyyy…

  91. Anonymous Says:

    For some reason waiting 4 years is easier than waiting for around another month. Especially when you have no idea when it’s actually coming out.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    My balls are so blue they could put out a forest fire.

  93. What happens if a person buys the game, and then shares the game to everybody else, eventually spreading it, losing all the chances of few people buying the game but instead took advantage of piracy.

    What happens if a person buys the game, recorded his gameplay, and then the gallery, post it on a porn site like pornhub, eventually making you lose more profit than ever, for people who are just there to fap on to the video with all the animations you did in the past 3 years and 9 months, all the hardwork to earn some good cash, ruined by people who just can’t take a hint.

    What if the release of the full game got delayed by another year, i have been holding all these semen on my testicles to fap over your animation. what would happen to me?

    What if instead of reading the comments on this post, you went somewhere else or be productive today and not waste time on people commenting on a post with no actual or solid release date of a game that people could use as a fapping material because they don’t have any girlfriends or watching real porn doesn’t satisfy them anymore and they want something weird, or an animation, to satisfy their cravings on masturbating.

    What now? what will happen to people if trump build a wall? why not just make an electrical fence with surveillance camera all over the posts every few miles, that would be cheaper instead of building a wall like china did which is pretty good in the medieval era, but now its not.


  94. GHV… when? As what Vos said on his blog a month ago “before the full version which is coming soon”. What is the “soon” mean? According to the dictionary it means “In or after a short time everyone will soon know the truth.” But then you have to look up the meaning of “short time” and that will say “soon” and then it becomes circular. Synonyms for “soon” are in the short time, shortly in the presencely in the near future before long, in the little while, in the minute, in the moment, in the instant, in the twinkling, in the twinkling of an eye, before you know it, any minute now, any day now, any time now by and by. Which one of thoses applies to the length of time between now and the conclusion of GHV full game in the near future? Before long… What is the diffention of “long”? The point I’m making rather than heavy HANDEDLY is that “soon” is a word without real meaning. At what point does “soon” end I don’t know.

  95. when is the release date?

  96. I don’t even want a release date.

    Just a 30 day release window would be fine.

  97. Just curious, whats the progress right now?

  98. Local man gives broad release estimate without promises
    Chaos ensues

  99. Other post have 316 comments… Let go break a record.

    • I am just here to asking about when the game is releasing, but in reality i just want to help break record

      • We are all here asking the same thing over, over and over again. We simple can’t “push” or go “faster” because what Vos said before it’s not to going to change or do anything whatsoever. What we can do as a whole is put more comments so that Vos thinks we are all very serious about this project yet this may distract Vos of going through all the comments we made which is pretty bad idea.

  100. Heil Vosmug Heil Victory

    We must the existence of WEGs and a future for the industry.

  101. We have one life only. I don’t like to get involve of politics but if trump or Kim to press red shiny button then it’s going to nuke us all. We may not able to see full game but who knows a short period of time.

    I don’t like to express frustration but there is the lack of communication on progress (Vos doesn’t care on percentage that for bloody sure). Vos may hire spokesperson yet most users like us may act as spoke user.

    Nothing can go much closer. A spin doctor normal like to say in my country “Wait for the PROCESS!”

    FUCK IT!

  102. Valentine day release… oh please that’s really not going to happen once in a life time if vosmug can prove me wrong. Every guy who don’t can’t get a date or girlfriend and just play Vosmug’s game until Valentine’s Day is over. Pay few dollars for game while paying billions of dollars for a chick to open her legs

  103. Soon soon soon

  104. Vos

    You are way too quite it’s like a ticking time bomb that’s going to go off of release announcement don’t you agree?

  105. Oh Vooosmug voooooooooosmug.

    Are you still alive or the ghost is just stopping you from working?

    • Love ya Vosman but..

      Why do the majority of your followers think you’ve died when you don’t post anything every 30 seconds..?

      Should I purchase a Ouija board to contact you?

      Well, I just wanted to let you know, Your my favorite undead, restless spirit, smut, game developer. Even when we only get a game every 24 years.

      Love –
      dumb Anon who posts here to often.

  106. Soon brothers we must be patient for our glorious Reichenfurher Vosmog. Soon he will deliver us to the promised land of finished WEGs and a pure Aryan ethnostate.

    Heil Victory!!!

  107. I’m guessing Vos is making huge surprises but we must just wait and see.

  108. Heil VosMug Furher of the WEG industry


  109. Does Vos have girlfriend? If he does then he is busy having Valentine’s Day with his partner.

  110. is it done yet? i wanna fap now

  111. what’s the percentage of progress on this project? is it almost done? can vosmug tell us if its 95%, 99% or something that would give us a hint if its almost done

    • Didn’t you hear? Vosmug is dead.

      His family smacked his computer with a bible, doused it in holy water and burned the hard drive.

      I guess all you can do now is beat your meat to Shoko Sugimoto’s brown star fish.

      Sorry brother…

  112. 300 comments! 17 comments to go! Yeah!

  113. Come my Broddas, I know de wai to da vosmug, you must make a circle with spit, summon de ghost, de ghost will show you da wai

  114. No gf on valentines Says:

    Vosmug pls, just take my money already

  115. Save us from our terminal blueballs.

    Please God.

  116. I’m here to contribute to the comment record.

    But seriously, don’t rush it. Do what you do best Vos

  117. My dick is turning purple, please someone help me! its almost spread all over my balls! oh my fucking balls!

  118. Still need more 7 comments after this post so that we can break the record. Vos my man just hang in there! We all know you work tirelessly hard to get this far and done. You may seen or not seen comments but I just know you can do it!

  119. Hitler did nothing wrong

  120. i heard that if you break the record the games release will come even sooner

  121. Entis Aspicientis Says:

    I have a very important question for Vosmug.
    Do you know the way?

  122. Vos will be legend once GHV full game is out!

  123. Vosmug SAY SOMTHING!




  124. FIRST! ..I think we did it boyz!

  125. maybe trump will finish his wall first than vosmug completing his game and posting progress for us to know about

  126. Broke the comments record YES! WOOOAh YYEAH. ITS PARTY TIME!

  127. Congratulations, now please stop.

  128. Game crashes if enemy attacks when you are flying with wings.

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