Random Update

I know I said I was going to remain silent but this part is slower than I expected and maybe last post felt too negative so…

Polishing and sounds is a slow and tedious process, I’m doing this in game progression order and as you can see here I’m at global.events 55, the whole game has around 300 events so you can kind of infer the progress done so far, up to now a lot of time went into editing sounds (still more to do) and so that took some time too not directly related to the progress events bit.

Btw, each “cutscene” has from 1 or 2 to 20 or so events so is not like each number is a different moment; that would be crazy.

Also, for some stupid reason I decided to add voice bits at the beginning of some dialogs like in Zelda, and yeah, now I have to go through every line to add sounds individually (3rd window), while playing I just stop every dialog, notice the line number and add the sound accordingly, not difficult but takes some time… so yeah fun, why did I do that? It sounds good, so I guess it’s worth it.

Notice I purposefully put on screen complicated looking code and stuff (is not that complicated) so you think I’m working really really hard… yeah.

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  1. Btw, about sounds, I don’t remember if that question was asked, but did you hire voice actress for sexy voice sounds or found some kind of existing sexy voice audio library?
    P.S. I know that it’s also possible to cut some separate sounds from porn and try to filter them and alter the voice, but its quality sucks in general, I tried xD

  2. A good game deserves fine sound, ie the sound bits need to be on par with the rest of the content which you have already poured so much effort into.

    In other words, the work you have already done clearly demands a strong finish ))

    In all honesty though, speaking from personal experience as a graphic designer, the worse thing to me are regrets over looking back and realizing that more effort really should have been placed into polishing that one details which is now sticking out like a sore.

    It feels tremendously rewarding doing things right. Really.

    Kudos to you for sticking to it.

  3. Good luck brutha!

  4. Vosmug,

    I look at the link: https://vosmug2.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/post674327.jpg

    The Script: screen_moan window. Who is this character name Rixa? What happen to the character name Bully? What was the reason to change the character name? Was the name sound bad? Is it still the same Blonde chick (I really don’t know and confuse if there is another character in the scene)?

    What scr_gameover contains and how does it look? Vos, I don’t know if it is the correct way. If I press continue, the tentcles don’t do anything only Vena free herself? If I press quit will the tentacle attack her (H animation) or go straight to menu screen?

    • Didn’t I say that before? Anyway, yes it’s the same character, Bully was never a name, it was just a placeholder codename from before they had actual names. Most instances of the code and resources still use initials from the codenames, F, B and T = friend, bully and teach.

      I thought I had revealed the name before. I guess not, I think you asked once and I forgot to answer.

      scr_gameover is not exactly what you think, it’ll trigger in “game over” moments and sends you either to a checkpoint or respawn room according to the kind of attack you receive. What you are referring to is a different code and there’s no actual animation there, that part it’s only to always free yourself and go back to the game. The way she is “tied up” is what changes at certain points, there’s no YES and NO option anymore.

  5. I actually love voice bits sound btw.
    Since I started play Monster Hunter franchise, I feels like voice bits can make dialogue a little bit more interesting xD

  6. thx man my hopes are still up

  7. is worth to wait

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It’s now 1st December 2017 and the year is almost near to the end. Im not telling you to rush everything. Its good that you speak out not to “remain silent”.

    You were at global.event 55 (I don’t know your coding because I’m not a programer so yeah clueless, unless I have to learn to understand the codes) and can you please tell us where global.event xxx numbers are you at now?

    You were cutscene 1 or 2 so how far number of cutscene are you at now? Is it only just 20 or still some more out there. Do you mind showing us what cutscene look like?

    I can see you got tons of “scr_something” does that mean you have to go through the whole bunch of “scr_” to put sounds?

    What else besides polishing and sounds that needs to be done before announcement of release date?

    How confident are you when playing GHV (while playing I just stop every dialog)? I know its not finish but how does it feel like (pretend) playing the real finish product of GHV?

    Vosmug, I need to ask you this question? That Xenotake flying insect was it “sucking” or “fucking” her upside down (not pregnant)? I just can’t tell by animated movement.

    • Pointing out the date doesn’t really show that you don’t want to “rush everything”

      About 82 I think, I got super stuck.

      I always say “cutscene” in quotes, since it’s not anything special, is just the same moving and talking you’ve already seen; I don’t have a number for those, you misunderstood that part.

      SCR stands for SCRIPT, those are pieces of code that can be called from anywhere else, only one of those scripts is the one playing the sounds.

      Nothing else that I can think of.

      It feels fine I guess, It looks like a real game now if that’s what you’re asking.

      I don’t think I cared enough about what specific action that was, use your imagination.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I know that. It will be a totally disaster if missing a critical code to add/edit. I guess more bugs to deal with.

        global.events 82 and you are stuck. How difficult to do each global.event x numbers (I am aware you have to go through over 300 global.events to add/edit)? How long does it take to do just one global.event? Like I said it before I am not a programmer and I want to try to understand the simple concept.

        How big is the execution file (full game if possible)? The reason I ask is how much work that’s with all been put together with characters, music, voices, enemies, bosses, backgrounds, attacks, animations, movements, gallery and character’s portraits (if there is still there or not) etc? I am not concern of storage space. I want to see how GHV grow from start to finish.

      • I’m editing/polishing, (even though I have to add an extra one at end that I missed), it’s completely arbitrary, there’s no exact way of measuring how diffiuclt or easy it is or how long it’ll take since each one is different and has different elements, today I just got to 120, so there’s no way of knowing before trying and seeing what’s needed, what I missed or what broke in the process and I didn’t notice.

        The soruce file is about 150 Mb, the exported file should be around the same or a little more.

        Also, I just remebered that I have’t worked on the gallery yet, so that’s another thing that’s missing, from your previous question.

        It would be interesting to do a bug fixing livestream once the game is out for those who are interested in the process, if there’s enough interest, i dunno maybe.

      • Any stream would be great to watch. If you do, what streaming site would you use?

      • Anonymous Says:

        120 that’s good. Not bad at all! Keep up a great work Vos. Im sure it won’t take long to get to over 300 global.events

        150 Mb very good. That means it ready to play 😉 (despite of changes which I don’t mind at all)

        I caught you right there. Which part of gallery you still need to do (start, middle or end)? Is there game over scene gallery just like “parasite in the city”. How many gallery presentation slides (per picture) are there?

        I would like to see it when you programming live stream when fixing bugs and other stuff. The problem is time zone is different. You got Youtube account so why not put it there?

        Are there any latest update on GHV demo? I know that demo has not been updated since 2015. Reason for asking is I want to see the changes

        Whenever I tried to post a comment on wordpress it didn’t go through. Practice my typing oh.

      • Why do you think that at a size of 150 MB it is ready to play? I don’t really think it works that way. File size does not necessarily indicate progress or playability.

      • Anonymous Says:

        To Annonymous. Try compare Xenotake source file and see how big the file is. You can try look at the folder of how big with all number the files been put together. Compare the demo and actual full game of Xenotake source file.

        Vosmug said “It looks like a real game now”.

      • I said that because of playing and testing not because of the file size.

        Haven’t done anything of the gallery, as I’ve said that’s the last thing to do, and it’s just a sprite/aniamtion showcase, I haven’t thought exactly how it’s going to be though, I’ll deal with that when I get there.

        Yeah, I should update the demo.

        Strangely enough yes, there’s a few of your messages in the spam folder, maybe the way you type wordpress thinks it’s spam.

  9. I have a question. How do you will announce when you finish the game simply on the site or how?
    sorry for bad English xd

  10. Sb_Feelalright Says:

    Apologizes if it has been answered before, but are you going to add corruptions, as in mind-break features?

  11. STINGNAILS Says:

    So how’s the progress?

  12. Is the test room with masturbation going to be in the final demo?

  13. Please for the love of god, this would be the best christmas gift i could imagine

    • I am rechecking every day…

    • I said I was going to announce in the next couple of months, not release right away.

      It’s likely it will be ready for next month, next week is family bussines week and probably won’t be able to touch this until next year.

      I really wanted to finish this year but unfortunately is not going to be possible.

      • I personally don’t mind the wait. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer. Take as much time as you need to deliver a finished product.

  14. I enjoy your sense of humor lol
    And its that art guy again, so you know I’m just gonna tell you to make it the way you want because this is your project dude. you make the judgement calls, whatever looks good to you. If they don’t like it, they can make their own game–oh wait they can’t. So yeah, have fun man.

  15. Hey Vosmug bro. Do you plan to release with a permadeath difficulty? Just thought I would ask. Might be a good idea for game
    longevity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • As in if you die you cannot play ever again?

      • Well, not die per se. But if you loose, you would begin again at the starting area after the first cut scene. You could even add a dumb deja vu joke.

        The reason I brought it up was that you work very hard on your games and it seems some people just blow through it in a day.
        I Just thought a permadeath restart option would create a challenge and also add time and effort needed to experience the work of art you have going on here.

        Plus, adding the amount of time it took to beat the permadeath run, wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

        I seem to feel you have a passion to not just make porngames, but porngames with intriguing game play as well. Seeing that your reaching the finishing point I thought I’d bounce this idea off ya thinking it wouldn’t take to much time or effort to introduce.. But I could always be wrong.

        Hey, maybe you’ll think this idea is estúpido. 🙂

        Anyway, keep up the good work man. Got my money at the ready.

    • Is that REALLY necessary though? If you wanted a perma-death run, couldn’t you just go back to the main menu and create a new save whenever you die?

      • Sure you could. I just thought it would make for an easy to add game mode. Where if you fuck up you start at zero and there would be no saves and all progress would be lost. Add in your finishing time for when you do finally beat the beast, and maybe you’ll get the first competitive hentai game..

        But – what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        It was just a thought.

    • Sounds like a great way to add replayability while also making it more of a challenge, hope he can squeeze it in.

  16. You know, the fact that you’re adding in those silly voice sounds like the ones from Zelda actually make me super happy.
    A detail as “minor” as that actually shows that you care about this game you’re making and putting effort into it, like it’s your baby.
    I might just be stating the obvious but it just makes me want to buy it more.
    Good job dude

  17. Merry Christmas, Vosmug!
    I’m cheering you on.

  18. Merry Christmas everyone

  19. Hey Vosmug, Merry Xmas and fuck all the haters xD Everyone believes in you and I do, too

    • There really haven’t been any haters, it’s all strangely very supportive.

      • You’re surprised by that? I mean, your works are great, no reason to be a hater.

      • Well, I noticed some haters before, but I think their number is small because you are honest – if you can’t deliver something to some date – you just say it as it is, because when there is a plenty of projects who created Patreon campaign, then suddenly updates to their projects become more rare and rare and then they just disappear, keeping pretty face at the same time that “everything is okay”. So yeah, sometimes such simple thing as being honest is better than some complicated stuff 🙂

      • YOU ARE WRONG!
        us hater just need some time to finish our turkey.

        sincerely : vengeful intergalactic hater

      • You should go on /weg/ if you want some hate/constructive criticism.

        Also please release soon.

  20. Merry Christmas, Vosmug! All the best for you and development

  21. More patience are require. Stay put, everyone!

    The guy has said that plan are change so he might be able to release within this month, carefully read the comment section where he reply and you’ll see 😉

    Some of you may already witness the downfall of patronage’s let down countless of time where all funding money got hooked in the air.

    The guy here take no penny from you in this awesome effort and polished game, so just support him till to the last is all that he need.

    For those who whining about he can’t finish the project as you expected. You sir, need to find hobby to pick off your attention and free time else where until actual release is announce.

    Good day, everyone! And more good luck to you Vos, you might need them!

  22. So is the release confirmed for January or not?

  23. Happy New Year’s Eve Vosmug and everyone

  24. Now, Happy New Year everyone!

  25. Yep, Happy New Year!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Heil Hitler and a happy new year!!

  27. Happy NY man!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Happy new year every1

    Please Vosmug post great news so that this will be a great way to start 2018

  29. Anonymous Says:

    So is the release this month or next month another Demo or the full game?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Since it’s almost ready I was wondering just how large this game is compared to Xenotake?

    Not in terms of File size but in terms of length and content.

    • I’m not sure how large in comparisson, I don’t really remember xenotake in terms of content size, but I’m pretty sure this is at least twice as big, maybe, the script alone is 4x the size, 7000 words compared to around 26000 words (translation will cost a couple of dollars) bad news for those who don’t like reading, I overdid it a bit though, in terms of animations and sprites I’m sure there’s more here, xenotake had 3 female characters while this one has 5, not all have the same “screen time” but that alone should tell you there’s more.

      So yeah, I’m sure it’s bigger, I’m not sure how much though.

  31. All the comments I have seen so far…

    There are some confusion on the release either “Demo” or “Full game” but time will tell. It would be better to release full game because Vos has been working very hard on GHV for almost 4 years.

    I wish I want to see more screen shots of artworks, gifs, drawings, portraits and animations that Vos has done and just upload on the blog so that there is no drought. I guess we all have to wait and see.

    So much pressure on Vos and does not have time to reply our comments.

    This is the most anticipation release announcement I ever seen.

    Please make 2018 a good start! I know its early but just make it.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    In Xenotake there was parts that H animations required input to change speed/”phases”(guess more so in gallery), have you implemented(/planned) any “auto”/”random” options for such instances this time around?

    Just something I’m curious about, since at least personally I prefer it to be automated/random than having to press a key every time. Ultimately something I can get over but I know at least personally it is something that reduced my “enjoyment” giggidy of Xenotakes gallery especially.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I’m serious, I will shill this game if it comes out this month.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Super hyped about the impending update! Gonna push it as hard as I can on ulmf, 8ch and several streamers once it comes out!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug you’re just like me. Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I did some calculations and you said that it’s around 98% done and you’ve been working of it for 4 years. 4 years is 48 months so in one month would complete 2.08% of the game on average.

    So it should be out in less than 30 days. Mathematically speaking.

    • The thing is, that number is purely a wild estimation, i have no way of calculating percentages for sure… buuuuuut is close enough.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dude, just let him be and don’t rush him

      • Anonymous Says:

        I didn’t say I wanted the game now, chill.

        I just wanted to know if I could pre pay, So I wouldn’t have to mess with paypal on the day the game is released.

        I don’t like having my card on there for long, and it once took a few days to accept my card.

        So I figured Id ask.

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