Contractually obligated post

Welp, everything sucks, everything is horrible, but this thing is almost done, there’s a couple of things to add, much polish to do, and a couple of things to outsource, still in the middle of sound adding, this was just a quick update, I’ll remain silent now until release announcement which could happen in the next couple of months (don’t quote me on that, goddammit), or until something else  important happens,  there’s really no point in “updating” anymore.

I’m having a lot of trouble with sounds tho, that’s a thing.

So there you go.

42 Responses to “Contractually obligated post”

  1. Thanks for the update, I’m hopeful for a 2017 release, good luck!

      • Haha! lots of people lookin forward to it.. but 2017 release sounded a bit to eager maybe. I’m on the other hand an all so patient man, you gotta wait a little longer if you want something good in the end 🙂 can’t go and be like eager EA Games now and release a unplayable game for blackfriday now can he.

        I hope for a release atleast feb-mar if you are at the finishing touches now, but that’s just my dirty mind dreamin xD I’d say be done when you are done 😉 and no need to rush a thing if you would encounter any problems in your personal life, take care of yourself before workin. You have fans who do care about your well being 🙂

        With that Im not saying anyone in here dont care or that Im a biggest fan or anything, im new to even commenting, though I’ve followed you for ey long time ^^

        And while I’m here typing i just wanna say, I really love your stuff.. when i tried the demo for the first time i just loved the animations and movement, bending hips and stuff , looked really good.
        Keep up being a good game maker 😀
        High-fives from Sweden!.

      • He replied the SAME DAY 😂😂😂

  2. Maybe you should do the smart thing, open a Patreon, and just do animations instead of making games. You’re actually good at making animations, people would be willing to pay for those.

    Life might be stressful but killing yourself over a game that’s just going to get pirated out the ass is silly man, do it for you and just make some easier money.

    • Oh boy here we go again

      • I mean hey if you’d rather he bitch literally every time he works on a game… good going, that’s be a true fan! Support him until his fingers bleed, his cat explodes, and his mother disowns him! What a pal!

      • I wonder where the bitching is, maybe it’s behind the mountains of sarcasm.

        DO THE MOST

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe he enjoys making games, but hates responding to the dickheads on his blog. Dickheads like you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t think Patreon is a good idea. It does not incentivise putting out something on a regular basis. As the countless h-games and other h-related things on there should show you. Many projects just go on and on and on without updates, or with updates only accessible to patrons.

      I’d much rather Vosmug just does what they want they like doing, in the way that’s comfortable to them. That’s the way you get good products. I don’t mind that GHV takes time, since I know it will come out eventually for a fixed price. And there’s no subscriptions to be a beta tester or to get progress updates.

      Lastly, I like games a lot more than just the animations. Games are more engaging. And somehow the h-animations are that much more fun or “exciting” when they happen in a gameplay context.

    • I personally am not interested in contextless animations, a game has the advantage of having an established world and context, and has more of a feeling of anticipation when you encounter enemies, rather than simply loading an animation would. I might occasionally support via patreon, but his work wouldn’t hold as much interest to me because its his games I’m mostly interested in.

    • Now I can see why he doesn’t want to. When I read something like this, my immediate reaction is no, simply because I don’t want to be obligated if for some reason I can’t complete it. So when people give me thousands every few months and then mid-year, the whole game is canceled, then yeaaaaa… No bueno.

      Besides, that place is turning into an SJW riddled hellhole. Give it time before all porn types (artwork or not) is banned.

  3. Keep up the good work and I hope you have an awesome holiday season

  4. Christin Eleven Says:

    Nice! You live! XP

  5. I think most people have been patient with your works because of how much we liked Xenotake. We’ll be here when you’re done. I just hope you don’t abandon this like Nergal did with Zombie’s Life.

  6. Anonymous Says:


    My final comment for GHV before you finish up the project (maybe few comments to say but save it for now).

    The last comment on previous post before you made this post, I can see clearly that something was distracting you when it comes to sound and other things.

    Can we please see an example of a gallery of what it looks like?

    We have gone so far of getting to finish line. Just hang in there! We are still behind you no matter what you do. Our support are still connected.

    Just a small reminder, my local currency is still not improving against US dollars and it gets worse (I know it is not an excuse or it’s out of control and you know which country I live). Trying to earn and save money at the same to buy game from you as xmas gift (hopefully the gov don’t fuck it up during December holiday which gov usually like to do at that season).

    Lets all hope we can wrap up the year 2017. If not (there is no dead line date) I’m just hoping it may release on my birthday which is only few months away (making a wish to release full game).

    I leave it to you to finish up GHV.

    All the best and good luck!

    • Just pirate it, keep your priorities in check.

      • BroInYoGirl Says:


      • Anonymous Says:

        Wow. You’re the first game dev that just advises one of their potential customers to straight up pirate the game. For some reason this makes me respect you more.

      • Vosmug,

        With all due respect.

        I can see u are giving me an advise just to pirate it GHV… I see the difference of buying and pirating.

        Buying the GHV shows the appreciation to support dev and continue making new H-games (income to buy better equipment and food on the table). Do the right way.

        Pirating the GHV just not getting any income whatsoever.

        I really don’t know what to say… I’ll have to keep working hard to earn more money however as long as the currency don’t go up too high against the US $ like a sky rocket (pay extra tax is a headache). It wont come down any time soon before/after GHV release date.

        If the currency against $ goes out of control. Vos, I don’t like to ask a favor (expressing out of my honest feelings)… Would u plz email me the link of GHV full game without pirate it? I KNOW THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ASK AND NOT A RIGHT WAY TO ASK A DEV LIKE THAT!

        Those users able to afford it, I don’t blame it at all only local gov!

        Ill leave it that way.


      • Now you’re going too far, you should have at least contacted me by email.

        It makes no diference, take it or leave it.

  7. I noticed your original work, Prisonkage, was pretty graphic. Why did you choose to go with a more vanilla style game with Xenotake? Not a big enough market for people into ryona? I’m assuming GHV will be similar to Xeno in that there will be no gore.

    • Actually, the reason I changed tracks was because of the misunderstanding and mostly misguiding way prisonkage was moving, when I started making it it was a full gore/ryona game but for some reason I decided to add eroge elements to it, which proved to be a bad idea, because I wasn’t sure of that I ended up regretting it and removing the ero again to go back to just gore, which as you can imagine didn’t sit well with the people following, I don’t blame them, it was never clear what I was doing and removing it felt like a betrayal, it’s understandable.

      After that I kept working on it but wasn’t motivated enough due to what had happened, so I moved to full hentai games, a little bit out of guilt but mostly out of decreased motivation for prisonkage, the game itself became a point of contention which in my mind kind of ruined it, which also means that prisonkage went into quasi-abandoned/hiatus mode.

      So that’s what happened, it has nothing to do with not having enough market since I never planned on selling it, actually I’m planning to go back to it at some point, work on it in stealth mode and release it anonymously, obviously most of you already know but the point is, now it’s just a personal project with no commercial intention.

      And yes, everything I’m going to do in this blog won’t have any gore/ryona in them, at least not in the same fashion, some normal levels of blood and violence are to be expected because you know… video games, but nothing to the extent of prisonkage.

      • TBH You’re one of the most tough mofo developer so far in this community that actually get some real things done no matter the cost, not that I being rude but I can’t find any better mean to justify how badass you can be.

        Mind of steel, heart of diamond and huge responsibility toward anythings you been done, I can’t respect you more than I ever had as its always top of the bar

        Surely everyone leave a huge scar marked on our past that we regretted and never proud of and we can never forget it no matter the time as all we can do is carry on … I can’t never forget the guilt I been help my bff try to cheat on someone gf and things gone to hell even more, real painful past : /

        But anyway! It’s been a long journal for this GHV and you’re finally about to release is some day or maybe in a couple months but congratulation on finishing the project!

        You had been shown that sole man can done something with just almost a whole hobby time and can sell them for extra income while some people out there still trying so hard to make a living out of it, milking it, hold project itself for ransom, etc. etc. and nothing has been done whatsoever or even see a bit of an island on the horizon.

        Not that I ignorance for their method but I just feel some of them out there that way – as they have almost anything to show for the time being that I think some are even more resourceful then yours but still going almost nowhere while your here, finishing yet another project that I think it’s going to boom real hard that can sink even a pirate ship or two.

        You even does acknowledge that piracy are something almost unavoidable and decide to ram them head on is something I never expect you to said them outright, your badassery are off the chart, Sir.

        Well done, well f*cking done. for real no sarcasm involve, once you finished off this project I believe you deserve even about one full year rest for all this worthwhile journal.

        As a matter of fact, they all up to you like always, cheers! And good luck in advance for your next project 😉

      • Thanks, that’s really nice of you.

        I will fully accept the praise after this game is ACTUALLY finished though. Let’s not celebrate prematurely.

  8. Just know we love you. Keep on doing a good job!

  9. Just meant to say that I respect you as a h-game dev. I can see with Xenotake that you put a lot of attention to detail in every aspect of the game you make and I enjoy the result. I’m usually pirating instead of buying but I’ll gladly make an exception for you. You deserve it.

  10. Really looking forward to BUYING this game when it is eventually released. Keep up the good work!

  11. Anonymous Says:


  12. You sound depressed

  13. So excited!
    I hope the end product is something you’re happy with
    because I’m already sure I will be~

  14. fight! I support you from japan!

  15. I love you Vosmug. Your first game was amazing, I still cherish it, it was the best H-game I ever bought, and I’ll proudly support you by purchasing your next one!

    Stay strong, live long, ding dong, donkey kong.


  16. I appreciate the time you spend working on your stuff until it’s at a point you can live with–Your standards must be quite high given how often you’ve been tough on yourself. Anyway, thank you for being patient responding to us throughout this, and good luck to you in the final stretch Vosmug.

  17. Hey man, big fan of your work.

    I‘m excited to see the whole thing when it‘s done! Don‘t try to rush it.
    You‘re actually one of the very few people making decent stuff like that.
    If the release won‘t happen before 2018, don‘t even bother. Got that patience from being a Kingdom Hearts fan xD
    Thank you for all the effort you put into it!

    • Not to mention that he’s already about to outclassed those patronage leecher that have almost little to none content serving their supporter that try to push them for a good stuff – and get milking instead.

      And here he is. One man army, hobby only, carry all things in his back is about to sold us some good sh*t that some $x,xxx funding per month sh*t still going no where 😛

  18. You can do it~ :3

  19. As someone who PAID for xenotake just a few months ago, i am also looking forward to paying for a copy of this when it is finished. Piracy sucks.. Yes we get things for free, but when you do that for things like this it leaves no incentive for the creators to keep going.
    I also have patreon for a H game or two in development.. Some of us cant afford to pay, some can.. Dont let it be a ‘why bother’ sort of thing.. Just know that some of us pay for things even when we could otherwise get them for free because it shows support.

  20. I think you should make a Patreon page anyway! Good game creators are really making a lot of money, and you are very good. Akabur for example is making $5.000 a month. More money could allow you to make more and even better games!

    • At this point, maybe there’s no reason not to, and i really hate when it devoldes into money talk, but I like not having deadlines and feeling like I don’t owe you anything since you would be putting money upfront. If anything, I’m not professionally minded enough yet to commit to consumer-paid work, not mentioning the fact that I have responsibilities outside of this which make the commitment even more difficult.

      Maybe in the future, thanks for the interest.

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