I don’t know how to name posts…


So ok, I completely missed last month, is not like there’s a schedule, but I wasn’t intending to not post something I really just missed it.

I already started putting the thing together, graphics, backgrounds and animations are 99.5% done, maybe there’s some details here and there missing but nothing major that I can recall, some enemy and trap behavior still need to be done, mainly the new ones; sounds, music and “systems” (save, gallery, menus) are mostly the only big thing left before continuing with the “putting together”.

Now, there’s one thing that I completely forgot about and is the “CGs” (still don’t know why they are called that) as you can see up there, I completely forgot that the very beginning, before the house, needed an introduction, I also completely forgot that I fired my artist, so it turns out that now I have to do it, so yeah, I don’t love it and the main reason I wanted somebody else doing it was so I don’t have to spend time on it ( and it would be better), but at least the style is consistent with the rest of the game. I owe you a different artist for whatever the next project is.

Some behind the scenes: 1  2  3

See you around.

117 Responses to “I don’t know how to name posts…”

  1. Soooo… Does that mean it will be finished within the year?

    • Hopefully yeah, that’s the ideal.

      Oh god what have I done….

      • Well, good news :), I’m not against the “when it’s done” philosophy; a failed launch because of a rushed product is harder to come back from than a late game.

        (But my birthday is november 28th… Just saying…)

      • “Soooo… Does that mean it will be finished within the year?”

        You fool! You asked the question wrong…now he has an entire year to keep working!

      • Don you are a real idiot! Suppose to finish this year 2017!

      • Now I will be here everyday, every waking hour, waiting for the release. Thank you.

      • Creeper, keep on opening the fridge everyday until you may see a ghost holding a copy of GHV game.

  2. well-wisher Says:

    How about easter eggs? Will there be some?

  3. I can’t wait to give you my money, whenever that moment comes.

  4. Oh man do those desks look uncomfortable when you can’t stretch your legs because of the boards. Although understandable when you take into account how short the girls skirts are…

  5. That title screenshot looks so stupid, I love it! Couldn’t have been better! I want more of that stuff!

    • Really now, it looks cool.

    • Only thing I’d change maybe is the arm of Vena, it looks like it is supposed to go behind the chair, but it looks wonky. I’d let the upper arm rest on the backrest and have the lower arm hang down to the side of the chair.

      • And to round this comment chain off, I’d suggest that you try to sit the way you want the girls to sit, so you can pick a posture that is comfortable.

      • ok, I’ll try that, this shot is not final tho, there are some details that need to be added.

  6. nice this post is a very good one ill still be waiting here for the game you’ll get my cash soon enough

  7. Keep up the good work, man.

  8. Exciting to read about more progress. Good to hear the visual stuff is almost entirely done. I’d imagine that the audio and systems stuff does not take as much time. Assuming you already have those audio and music files, that is.

  9. So much hype for this! Glad to see you’re still updating!

  10. A stranger from the other side of the world is happy you’re alive and well, Vosmug. Good luck on the game! I have no problems on deadline; I’ll just play/buy it when it’s done.

  11. I’m throwing money at the screen but nothings happening!

    • You fool, you need to throw the money at your router! How else will the money go through the internet?!

      • Router run by electricity , so I thrown bag of metal coin at it.

        why it won’t work , plus the router destroyed?

  12. Just another fan reporting in saying that they are glad you are still working on this.

    • Hah, April 30th 2014 I believe is when you started working on this game. Man I hadn’t even started University at that point in time. Here we are 3 years later and I am about to finish my degree and the finishing line is drawing near for this game. Exciting times ahead!

  13. CG means Computer Graphic, at least in terms of full screen images in VN style games. It’s just a term that’s kind of stuck around since the inception of VN games when CG was actually something to marvel at.

  14. – Is it prority of putting easter egg Vos?

    – I look at the screen shot (carefully to analyse) of the board, far left hand side that poster picture with two characters are from Xenotake. It sound to me you are planing to make “Xenotake 2” (every1 don’t go crazy on X********* 2) and ditch “Prisonkage”. Behind Bully there is a poster picture of a female which is “Tifa” from Final Fantasy which I think you are planning something we don’t know about (nice to have artwork). There is a 50% somthing poster. 50% discount to buy the game or 50% unknown project complete (I go crazy if GHV is on 50% something). After 50% A4 poster move on to one A4 poster to the left which is the drawing, the drawing I see is a person left hand corner, not sure what it is but right out of a comic/manga book. Move one poster slightly down another drawing which is a man wearing a jacket as we looking at his back or looks like a whole head with eyes, nose and mouth and his head got a bump (something hit to his head). The lasting drawing 2 characters in black and white is from this post “OVE is evor too”. The rest of the A4 papers are writings/scripts and diagrams

    -As I mention above point. Please can we see the color picture poster (far left hand corner next to the empty desk)? Im referring to Xenotake.

    -Continue to look at the screen shot (every1 is going crazy because I mentioned number 2). Look at the bookshelves far right, I see a female been tied to something and she is wearing a skirt.

    – Vos how long it takes to make the character that kind of scene in “Behind the scenes number 3”? Since you fired the artists now its even longer to complete the task.

    – This picture in the class with Vena, Bully and Leen. No wonder why Sui ask them to go with her to mansion (spoiler) which makes sense to change their school uniform to casual clothes as Vena was late to arrive the mansion.

  15. Vosmug,

    I have a question but it sounds silly, can GHV able to run on Mac?

  16. will you introduce a game over or a death scene? ( the girl fall on flore and stop ) or not?

  17. something suspicious , glimmer and fabulous.
    and probably contain a powerful long lost xeno artifact , an easter egg?

  18. TheNonChosenOne Says:

    Hey Vosmug,

    Have you decided on what sites/payment systems you are going to use for the game yet?

    Personally, I don’t have a paypal account but would love to purchase the uncensored version of your upcoming GHV game once you release. I know DLsite forces you to censor things in order to sell it on their site, but do you have any purchasing options in the works for the crowd wanting your uncensored work in all its awesome glory?

    Thanks for answering in advance!

    • Same as always, Paypal and Dlsite, you can always get a patch for the Dlsite version.

      • What method will give a bigger cut to you?

      • TheNonChosenOne Says:

        Hmm. How would I go about applying an uncensored patch to your game application if you don’t mind me asking?

      • 1. Paypal is direct to my account, while dlsite is a middle man, also dlsite is a bit pricier for you to adjust for the cut, so paypal is better for both. I see Dlsrite mostly for the japanese buyers, those who don’t trust buying through a random blog run by some dumb guy on the internet, or those who don’t have paypal or prefer to use a credit card.

        2. Go to the donwload section, download the patch, copy it into the game folder, that’s it.

  19. Hey Vosmug,

    – Are you happy with the characters you put into GHV? Were there any characters of GHV you like or don’t like? Were there any regrets you would add or remove character from the game?

    – How long is the gameplay of GHV (without getting lost directions or getting caught by ghosts)? Have you ever done speed run for this GHV?

    – Someone mentioned 4-5 bosses in the game but how many enemies are there (including traps) in the game?

    – We got 2 months and few days or weeks away until 2017 is over. I know its too early/speculate to release or you have no clue. I need to save money to buy GHV from your blog as a Xmas gift (I cant even think what present I get for this year). Do you feel that this GHV is almost ready to release just in time before Xmas or end of year 2017?

    – Have you ever decided on what future you want to do next after GHV release?


    • These would probably be questions to be answered after the game released

    • I was always hoping that he would return to Prisonkage.

    • I agree with these being more after the fact questions, but if you care:

      – It’s fine as it is, I’m good with it, not something I usually think about.

      – I don’t know, I haven’t tested properly because it’s not fully done yet.

      – I’m not sure, around 15 to 20, honestly I don’t have an exact number readily available. Also, there’s only 3 bosses.

      – Don’t know, as I said, the ideal is within this year, but who knows. I’ve been trying to avoid dates, so date questions always have the same answer.

      – Don’t have brain left to think about that yet.

      Not very helpful answers.

      • I had no electricity during weekend so late reply.

        Of course I care! I really love your work you putting into! I really must say there is NOTHING wrong with your work.

        – I don’t know if you can detect me of which country I’m from? Unless your blog have visitors, country and page statistics.

        – I looked at your drawings to see the bosses… I looked very carefully of the names “Smith, Maid, Brutes and Hunters” I don’t know if I got it correct but only Smith and Maid (red ghost bitch).

        – I really do respect your decisions not to set the release date if the GHV is not ready or you need time to polish up your work without banging your keyboard and things don’t work out. What I don’t like it as a user is “winter”. Winter makes people sick! I don’t care which country you from. If you get sick then chances are more delays and lots of catch up. I don’t want to be rude Vos but point is “take care yourself”.

        – I like characters hairs (doesn’t matter the color of her hair) and so fair played a character “Eerien” with short hair and “Vena” long hair with pony tail. Why is there no main character to play with long hair (straight) without pony tail?

        – GIF the character Bully is not enough which I respect your honesty. What about Norea? Please post Norea GIF at least one just like Leen and Sui. Is Norea fully naked (no clothes or shoes/boots)? Then why Norea still have boots on while fully naked?

        – Once you put everything together you mentioned “systems, 99.5 % animations, enemies and traps behavior, music and sounds and gallery” you will be doing testing again?

        – Does gallery contains game over scene for example Vena having sex with an enemy ghost (including ghost traps) and also the boss?

      • – Yeah, I can see where you’re from, that’s the reason I’m trying to respond to everything, I know internet must be difficult to access over there.

        – “Hunters” is not actually a boss, so yeah those 3.

        – I always get sick during the holidays, so…

        – Because short hair and ponytails are easy to animate, really that’s the only reason.

        – Sorry, no more gifs for now, you’ll have to wait.

        – Yeah… I guess…

        – No, there is no game over sex with enemies. Instead the anmation that plays at “game over” is based on location not on enemy. And yes all of the aniamations should be in the gallery.

  20. those are interesting uniforms
    I clearly went to the wrong high school

  21. Im waiting ❤

  22. It is very fun :)

  23. Fired your artist o -O? What even happened?

    • He hired someone to do character portaits for him. The artist failed to mimic his style. No big deal, especially given that what Vosmug did there looks gorgeous!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    it’s excellent.!!!!!

    anyway, what game are you going to make next?

    i very wonder!

  25. Anonymous Says:


    I played the demo (many times) and I wonder will masturbation be part of main story line or main gameplay (not the test room)? How does masturbation work or what was the idea to have masturbation in GHV game? Since you made changes will Vena get attack by ghost/s while she is masturbating? Xenotake have no masturbation button to press but now for GHV there is masturbation button which it is nice to have.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Well.. If you do not feel uncomfortable, could you know me about prisonkage?

    I wonder do you have plan to complete it someday

    In fact, i have waited for long time.

    To play prisonkage, i can more more long time wait!

    Thank you reading for you.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Xenotake released February 28, 2014

    I have a dream that Vosmug will post his blog “Release GHV”
    I have a dream that he can do it and will complete his project.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    damn, i have such a boring life rn. my gf broke up, all i am doing day in and out is work and all i am looking forward is this game…

  29. Ooooooo boy I can’t wait

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I have just look other website below:


    Vos only got 1 year and 4 or 3 days to go. This may not a good sign of expire date. This is what it says it below:

    “Vosmug2.wordpress.com has a valid and up-to-date SSL certificate that expires on October 14, 2018.”

    I know it still long way to go but I don’t like that date if it a release date before expiry date (unable to access this website to buy GHV). Why must I go through winter season again! Plus the economic in my country is not good at all, I’m trying to save money to buy this GHV game. Shit politics are a huge headache!

    I think all the fans including myself must be aware of it.

    • I suggest you look up what an SSL Certificate is.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Seriously, you made my day xD Looking up a random site for expiry date and believin it’s the game release date – hilarious

      • To make it even more hysterical he is looking at a lookup for this website itself as if it has anything to do with the game. Simple reading would have told him its due out before the end of the year.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Any update?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Just another cheer up and finishing up high in the good way comment 😉

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Tomorrow is the time! The day of another blogpost! Exactly one month have we endured my friends, without juicy details on how far Vosmug has come and if we can expect the game in the next month or not!

  34. FreakOnAMuthaFingLeash Says:

    Well, hell. You’re almost done? That’s good to hear, Vos. Can’t wait to see the finsished product…Also, my bank hates overseas transactions (and Paypal and any online transactions) for some reason…is there a way I could mail cash to you or something?
    Let me know please.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t remember if I asked this already but did the group shower scene cg at the end get cut?

  36. Anonymous Says:


    The “systems” that you are currently working on, what does the sounds or music sound like? Can we plz hear it? Lastly the gallery just one example picture (anyone) of what does it look like?

    • I haven’t worked on the gallery yet and there’s already music in the demo, those are the only pieces availbable for now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vos, its good to hear from you! Next time when you post another blog just please upload a sample of gallery (can be anyone as long as there is nudity so that there is no drought).


  37. If you are a skeleton, do you bone other skeletons to have babies? Or do you take a bone off of your body and water it till it grows into another skeleton?

  38. Benevolent Says:

    Hey. How are you feeling?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Do all ghosts have red eyes Vosmug?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Yo Vos i was wondering what was your inspiration to create all of this cool stuff

  41. Hello, just a littel reminder to not miss this month’s blog post. 😛

  42. A very quick question Vos,

    When the ghost hand crabbed her boob/s and making Vena to climax. Will there be her boob/s squeezes out milk from her tits?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you release it on halloween. This would be most fitting and would help me get past this day somehow where i just feel left out…

  44. Anonymous Says:

    That game shortcut icon GHV on the desktop, its got an eye ball and bit grey/brownish background… Is it referring to gauntlet or fleshy boss? I need to know why the shortcut icon don’t have Vena’s face similar to Xenotake shortcut icon? The reason I ask is the face of main character icon game.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Halloween (almost)! Any GHV characters wearing any sexy Halloween costumes/outfits that we have never seen it before?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Any GHV characters?
      – very few people will say this sexy , trick or be tricked

      Vosmug give you what you looking for , not me.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Since when Anonymous? They were asking the release game on Halloween day (sounds a bit impossible).

        “Vosmug give you what you looking for , not me.” Then why you put the link Anonymous?

        Change the question… Does Vena, Bully, Sui, Leen or Norea (females only) have her own sexy Halloween outfits we have never seen it before?

      • Because this place is not my blog , so only joke I post.
        – wait for 31 october , maybe Vosmug give us a real content.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vosmug didn’t reply this comment. He got distracted again. Just simply give us an answer Vos!

  46. Day1 signal boost on launch. Hope you have plans for more games after this one!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Already Halloween. There are no news… Whats the status?

  48. Nastynassy Says:

    There needs to be a remark of the robot stage from Xenotake =)

    I felt I was the only one that enjoyed it.

    • No doc, I enjoy them too xD

      Too bad that later quarter of the game feature different role, sadly that there’re no more active sex scene but game play still fine while most of its content still very stand out!

      And yes, that easter egg about them would be really surprise like some kind of adult movie poster or thing lel

  49. Vos, I’m checking this blog twice a day atleast. It is time for another post.

    • No it isn’t. He has no obligation to keep an up to date dev diary. I don’t understand why people build up expectations on their own and then get angry when the person who made no promises doesn’t do what he has no obligation to do.

    • Calm and let the man work you melvin. Grow some patience.

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