For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve been working really slow due to technical problems, my UPS batteries died, my computer shut down a couple of times and I lost work twice, nothing major that couldn’t be redone or recovered through backups, so I just didn’t want to continue knowing it could shut down again at and lose more work this time, or even worse having the file corrupted. I just got the new batteries and already changed them without dying in the process. So that’s pretty much a nothing news.


Progress wise, I’m almost done with the events, I’m right before the final few events before the final boss, the final sequence after needs to be redone completely too because I don’t like it that much so… I’ll have to sit down and rethink all of that, I have never liked endings that much, be video games or movies, there’s only a couple of endings that I think are actually great, needless to say I’m not good at endings because of that, in general I don’t like endings… aaaanyway, I think maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to start with enemy placing, fixing and balancing.


Btw, if you have problems with a white or black screen pressing Alt + Enter to toggle windowed/fullscreen seems to fix that, I don’t think it’s a win 10 problem since it also happens to me (on win 7) while debug testing but not when normal testing so, it has to be an engine problem tho, so not much I can do there.


Anyway, just reporting in.

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  1. Could you at least post a gif or something from in game?

  2. Watind desperately for game…. a final demo maybe ??

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the posts. Even if theres no new content, nice to hear that youre still working on it

  4. Sounds like the final stretch is just about upon us, patience guys!

  5. Leeduva Says:

    What movie and video games ending do you like? If you don’t mind me

    • I guess I’m more keen to tragic endings in general, both endings to persona 3 are fantastic IMO, including the bad one, fatal frame 2 and 3 have great endings too, aside from that I can’t really remember much that I really like.

      • Leeduva Says:

        I see. Thank you for answering my question,I think I see your point of view now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I really like tragic endings too… in porn games.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think a tragic ending(maybe nothing too dark) or cliffhanger or open to viewer interpretation would be alright. Have you watched the anime Ushio and Tora Vosmug? Maybe you can make an ending based on the fate of Ushio’s mother.

      • I haven’t watched it, I don’t love super happy endings and personally I dislike the whole open for interpretation thing quite a lot, so I guess I like whatever is left by default.

  6. Was wondering if I could contact you via e-mail? Just had a quick question that I’d prefer to keep private.

  7. Footguy Says:

    He’s still with us, that is good enough to know for now.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nice hearing from you.

    I have never given much thought to video game endings, but I suppose I have always felt that they are that final extra reward for making it all the way through. I also like a little extra twist / unexpected revelation at the end. Anyway, a good ending is just the cherry on top. What comes before that matters a lot more to me.

    • yup, It’s all about the journey and not the destination, that’s how see it I guess.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Continental authors tend to do open window/the-journey-continues endings very well. Check out Agota Kristof – The Notebook, or Christian Virgil Gheorghiu – The 25th Hour.

        Also Ken Follett – The Pillars of the Earth.

      • Could thsoe be consider cliffhangers?

  9. Anonymous Says:


    Well… Its good to hear that the GHV project is almost done.

    If it didn’t happen when the UPS or main power go off then you would have done the tasks already by now yet reality sucks… I know how it feels not able to do anything without the electricity. Was it the ghost who tried to pull the main power or killed the UPS? Call Vena to teach the ghost a lesson not to fiddle the power cable 😉

    – “Almost done the events” Which means you still need to put few extra lines for the final scripts? Then you still need to go through the scripts to check what needs to add/edit and final revision.

    – It seems that I had triggered the “Ghost Prison” and “Skip”. Let all the users out there get to vote for Ghost Prison whether to have it or not in GHV game? I don’t know how much you have put for the Skip? Since you already put “Load Game” option. How many saving slots can you have in this GHV?

    – For the endings… All I can say is out of my suggestions. At the final stage of the boss. After killing the final ghost boss (free Vena’s friends from evil rituals for the last time or not), Vena and her friends will need to evacuate the haunted place. Vena’s gauntlet will first teleport her friends first to safe place (since the gauntlet is too powerful right at the end of game).

    At the final stage of ending the gamplay: Vena and gauntlet both will have to escape the house faster before the whole place sucks in, there may be ghosts traps like tentacles to stop Vena from getting it away from the void (stun the ghosts if she has to but just dodge and run).

    In the bad ending, Vena’s friend will have to say “Where is Vena? Has she got out the house alive?” Meanwhile the ghost tentacles manage to pull Vena and gauntlet in the void. Vena will be having sex with ghosts and the final boss that she killed in the first place while the gauntlet is in the container (sex scene as gallery). That is not all, this maybe another gameplay of ghost arena where Vena can fight more ghosts and the boss.

    In the good ending as Vena and gauntlet manage to escape the house. The gauntlet will have to sacrifice to throw itself to the void to seal it. After the house disappear, Vena and her friends can finally go home and having showers all together thinking their sexual desire (sex scene as gallery).

    Would you consider putting the endings like that or that is way too much to ask?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Those are neat ideas yet i think at this point it may be too late to add that much content

    • Anonymous Says:

      A bit typical , probably still has another way to go.

    • Skip is easy, taht’s not a problem.

      I’ll decide on the prison, to be honest a normal gallery seems more likely at this point.

      About the ending, the “fate” of the characters is already decided, the ideas are already there what I need to rethink is how to execute those ideas in a coherent and satysfying way, as in the very final stuff in the middle of the final boss and the credits, not in ideas but in execution, I guess I wasn’t very clear about that, sorry.

      • Anonymous Says:


        -Have you ever thought of putting “Easter Egg” in the GHV? The reason for this “Easter Egg” term is because after you complete this GHV project, what’s the next project (make new project or resuming Prinsonkage)? I know its too early to speculate.

        – I wonder who is going to fight the final boss (Vena or two fat guys)? Last time we seen Dereth from Xenotake who took on the final boss while Eerien was having sex.

        – I’m trying to workout other comments you mentioned “tragic”, “fate” and “fatal” (I am aware that you are trying to implement into GHV)… I know its not nice to spoil the bad/good ending game frame/scene. How does it work? Does a player (myself) choose to different path by pressing any buttons that show on the screen?

        – The works of planning, drawings, maps, portraits, galley etc that created by you. Is it going to be in the GHV as artwork (roll ending credits just like other movies e.g Lord of the Rings)?

        – You are now doing gallery. Is it similar to Xenotake or there are animation movement in the different angel style e.g Parasite in the City (not during the gameplay)?

      • – I have no time to think about that right now, maybe but is not a priority.

        – There are no other playable characters in this game, only Vena, spoiler tho, why would you ask that?

        – I didn’t mean to say this game has a tragic ending, that’s what I like to see in other media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will do it myself.

        – I don’t think so, I’l release it later if at all, there’s not much aside from what I’ve posted already anyway.

        – Not done yet but yeah kinda like parasite in city.

      • Anonymous Says:


        Last final questions of this “lllllllllllllllll” topic then Ill leave you to complete the GHV game.

        -The reason why I ask you about who is going fight the final boss because I just want to know which character of GHV is going to kill the final boss. Speaking of final boss, does the final boss have animated sex (one last time of sex animated with Vena before the GHV game is done) or simply just kill her? I know its a spoiler but I am interested if the final boss is going to have animated sex with Vena (would be nice to have it) or not.

        – Does the GHV game have censored or uncensored?

        – Placing the enemies and traps in each room. How many enemies can this room (each block) have? Having 5-6 sounds impossible to beat the enemies unless change the difficulty settings of enemies behavior.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vosmug is busy… He wont reply.

        Lets hope he finish his project by end of 2017.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I can pretty much give you those answers from what has been provided and be predicted.

        1. Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!
        2. Uncensored.
        3. Well they’d be useless if the ghosts killed them so what do you think will happen?

  10. Vosmug, do you use Git or any other source-control system for your project? Seriously, opening free private repository on BitBucket, for example, along with using git client like SourceTree will save tons of your time, as well as an ability to roll back separate files if you don’t like the result of some tweaked settings, for example. I assume that size of your project is not that big and it will fit into Bitbucket free limit and will save you lots of pain 🙂

    • I didn’t know about that, I’m not sure how it works tho, does it work with any kind of code or language? is GML compatible? I don’t see the benefit if it’s just me working alone. I guess I don’t understand very well how it works.

      • Source control management systems work with any binary data. You won’t get differential comparisons like you do with actual source code files though. Game companies like using perforce or SVN. Git is nice too and all of them are worth learning sometime so you can back up and tag your code on a regular basis. It does take time to learn and you could delete your work if you don’t know what you are doing. I’d really just suggest using something like bvackup2 and do semi regular file backups to an external drive you plug in only on occasion. None of those things will prevent you from losing your intermediate work in case of a power outage, only if your drive fails.

      • There are 2 good articles about Git and GM, one is simple and other is more complex step-by-step:
        1) https://yal.cc/gamemaker-using-external-version-control/
        2) https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216754908-SCM-Part-1-GameMaker-Studio-Source-Control-Management

        Main advantages are:
        1) You can back up your changes to each file in cloud and roll back them with “Reset” function in SourceTree easily (for example, testing some settings for something and rolling back after that, I am not that familiar with GM, sorry);
        2) You can branch your versions. For example, in your repository “GHV” there is branch “dev” where all your game changes are stored. If you need to make some public demo called “version 0.XXX” then you can create a branch from this “dev” branch, make all changes required for this demo (put some blocker stubs in unfinished level places, for example, or anything else), make a build of that demo, save changes to your sources in that branch and then switch to main “dev” branch and continue working on your total game progress like there was nothing to worry about.

        I thought that it was not useful when you work alone in repository, but then I started using it and it really saved me from some mistakes that I was able to roll back quickly when needed. For example, I tried to upgrade Unity version of the project, there were lots of mistakes/problems during project run, so I rolled back to that working copy that was in repository in main “dev” branch (I created separate branch for upgraded Unity version) and it prevented me from lots of pain. Just try to set serialization of all files to text, if it is possible, because Git detects changes only in not-binary files well, so when it detects changes in binary files then it just considers them as completely new and replaces them when you make a commit, spending some space. Parts of your sources in GM are stored as text files, I guess, so you don’t have to worry about that, I think. I suppose that lots of GM developers use this system, so there could be more information on their forums.

        Thanks for your time, I just try to help you as I can.

      • Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    What are you going to update in the demo? Like are there going to be Improved animations, 1 new enemy in test room, or short gameplay/story after eye ghost at the end?

  12. after windows 10 update , my computer also halted .

  13. ZickDRD Says:

    I need your bank card number or something to send support money. I swear I will not demand anything from you.

  14. ZickDRD Says:

    BTW do you know about russian funfic based on Xenotake?

    • Anonymous Says:

      What or where it is , please tell us.

      • Search Vosmug in Google, and 3rd or 4rd limk will be it. I don’t thik I allowed to post links here.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Found none , key word please.

      • Damn, somebody really wrote sex tale based on XenoTake https://ficbook.net/readfic/4904995 xD I don’t know will Google Translate work properly with it or not, it says that it was published on November 2016, so it’s relatively fresh, haha

      • Interesting, I didn’t know about it.

        google url translator won’t let me go past the age gate screen tho, we’ll have to copy paste into translator.

        About links, the spam filter will automatically flag your comment if it has more than 2 links, if the link is too long or if it’s supsicious, but I can manually unflag it, if I don’t miss it that is.

  15. Deathtron Says:

    In regards to endings, well what if the ending was something that wasn’t an ending? Like you said earlier you like something tragic in endings, so what if the main girl is able to save the others but has to stay behind in whatever situation the game’s story gives us. So we’re able to free roam afterwards and have the girl be used endlessly by whatever we want as we wander around in that free mode.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Can you show what the map is going to look like in game? Wondering if its going to have detail on it or not. Like a waypoint and marks when you find something like a locked door.

    • It should have markings on locked doors and points of interest, I don’t know if the game is that big that you’re going to need a reminder tho.

      This is an incomplete version:

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hello! Just letting you know I bought Xenotake, and I will definitely be buying this, but I also had a question.

    I recently just had my hard drive died, so I lost Xenotake. How can I go about getting it again?

    • You should be avble to use the same link that was sent to you the first time, if it already expired Email me at:

      vosmug at hotmail.com

      And let me know the email address with which you did the purchase.

  18. Thanks for the update! It’s nice to see at least SOME content creators actually giving us a heads up on what they’re up to. 🙂

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I depend on Google translation.
    Continuing from the previous work, I am looking forward to selling a nice game GHV from Japan.
    Do not lose to trouble!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Still hoping to see nude mode. I really want to see the the (slightly?) different dialog and actions in cutscenes.

  21. Hey Vosmug,what do you think of this game?

  22. Time estimation for your completion?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Can we see stuff like the cut character portraits in an extras feature after beating the game or in an update after the game is released?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Vosmug may release it later.

    • I don’t think so, the reason why they are cut is because I don’t like them, so I have no interest in showing them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I still think you should consider it. There are plenty of people, myself included, that would be interested in seeing those portraits.

    • Actually scratch that, there are some good ones, I will post some of them. But I’m sure some of you won’t agree with me for cutting them, that’s another reason I’m hesitant about it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I REALLY liked the first set in the demo except I feel that the teachers portrait felt really off

      • Maybe it’s worth to make an artbook into PDF file with all portraits plus sketches of all stuff including that didn’t make it into the game? It’s not that difficult and lots of developers do that, looks quite fun with being shipped with the game or sold for some really small symbolic price. There are lots of game artbooks available on the net, it’s worth taking a look IMHO

      • Anonymous Says:

        Those look quite good in my opinion.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’d pay money for a digital book with all the portraits and concept art stuff for this and xenotake

      • Anonymous Says:


        Who’s got bigger boobs and whats the size?

      • They are really good & sexy. I don’t understand why you want to remove them, At least let us the possibility to add them in the game if we’d like to

      • Interesting… Vosmug, you mentioned before that you decided not to include them because you didn’t like them, can you tell us what exactly you didn’t like? I mean something like anatomy, face, lighting, etc.? I’m looking at them and it’s difficult to tell the flaws from the first look (I am not pro artist though)

      • As I said, there are some good ones, these are the best ones imo, the 3rd one in the middle is actually pretty great (even tho it makes no sense, that’s not really the pose I wanted), the shading and linework is pretty good in all of them, my problem is the style which is not really what I wanted and the proportions, the other ones are not any better and more inconsistent, having a few good ones is not enough, I need all of them to match. I tried to contact a couple of artists to “fix” them but no luck, so I just decided to not use them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Vosmug, do u still have the portraits of Sui and Norea? Please can you post them here so that we would like to see them? Are there portraits of ghost bosses?

  24. annonymous Says:

    A word of advice after you finish that game by next year maybe you should get a team consisting of 4 members,The next time if you are making a new game or retire after you finish that game.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why would he get a team? He’s making these games as a hobby, not to support himself financially. Also, why do people always suggest creators to form teams, as if that will solve any kind of issue.

      • Time constraints.

      • Anonymous Says:

        @Footguy What sort of time constraints? He’s doing it as a hobby, in his free time. There are no deadlines.

      • Uhh, well you asked why people always suggest to creators to form teams. Perhaps those people are under time constraints. You then wondered how the creator’s forming teams would solve any kind of issue. It would solve the people’s time constraints, not the creator’s.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Not to be rude, but that’s terrible advice. Look at it this way, if Vos takes this long to make every game he ever makes, we get a new game every 3 or 5 years or whatever.

      If Vos retires after this, there’s just never a new game. How’s that better? How is that preferable to just waiting? It’s almost the same thing as waiting, except you never get anything ever again. I’m just failing to see how the idea that if he can’t do it in certain time frame it’s better that he not do it at all makes sense.

      So I’m genuinely not trying to be rude, but I really do think you missed the point that if he makes more games after this and you still want to play them when they come out, you get more out of it than if he just stops altogether

      (As a side note I think you’re doing great Vos. I prefer a complete game that takes as long as it needs to something rushed out. Keep up the good work)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Little bit of an odd question, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

    So I’m really obsessed with playing the demo of this game, and I obviously can’t wait until the game is released proper. But you can only play through the demo so many times before it becomes stale. So I decided to do something I do with many H-games, which is to try to make a Cheat Engine table for it with as many cheats as I can/want.

    I already have quite a lot of things in the table, including the obvious things like your stats, but also whether Vena is clothed or not. There is one thing that I have been really struggling with however.

    In Xenotake I could fairly easily find the value for the speed that an H-animation played at. This is because it constantly changes. However, I wanted to find a way to lock the speed of H-animations in Vena as well, so that it does not change when the struggle bar goes pink. However, I have not been able to find a way to do this.

    So here’s my question. Could you share some insight as to how you speed up the animation? Is it done with a timer? Do you count the frames and trigger it when that gets to a certain number? Is there something else involved?

    I don’t expect you to answer this question, but thanks in advance if you do.

    And again, really looking forward to playing the full game. You’re doing a great job with this game. Take as long as you feel you need.

    • How do you do that, do you decompile or something? Hex manipulation? I don’t know if I like that but whatever.

      Anyway, I just checked and it seems there’s no variable controlling speed, it’s a direct image_speed function (bad, I know) there’s a timer (alarm) that triggers at the beggining of the animation and changes the speed after 500 frames along with the variable “ahg” which determines if the bar is pink or not.

      So that, I guess.

      • Anonymous Says:

        No, not decompiling. Cheat Engine works by manipulating memory.

        You had all the right to not tell me how you did it, and since you don’t like the idea of hacking your game I totally expected you to, but you still answered my question. I think that’s quite nice of you.

        Thanks for the answer. It will surely help me.

      • oh Cheat Engine is the name of the software, I thought it was haxxor lingo or something.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    My gf left me today … I need this game right now

  27. Hey Vosmug I got a weird question for you. If Your Mascot(the skeleton in the hoodie,wait is that your mascot or your persona?). Was going to feature in a fighting game. As a playable Character. What kind of fighting would he have? What I mean is what would his move list be like,what Characters in another fighting game. Like Street fighter,Tekken, Guilty Gear,Snk,etc…. Would you say be similar to your Mascot?

    • I dunno, weird question, are you making a fighting game? I would say Freeman from Garou, and a bit of Jin or Iori, something with claw slashes.

      Tho I’ve been thinking in not using that character anymore since the moment somebody told me it looks like Sans.

      • Maybe😋. As for your character looking like San ,and not using him. I disagree,and I kinda advise against that.
        First your Character judging by Xenotake and prison kakge(am I saying that correctly?) Came out on March 14 2014,and Prisonkage was announced on December 16 2011. Undertale came out in September 15 2015. One year after Xenotake and 4 years after you announce PrisonKage. In other words Sans looks like your character not the other way around. Also you’re Character and Sans don’t really look the same. It true that both Characters are basically Skeletons and clothes. But sans basically in a since a cartoon cariture of a skeleton,as in i.e he not a threat. While you’re Character is gritty in a good way. I can’t really tell you what you can or can’t do. But I really recommend you keep your character. After you came out first:)

      • Anonymous Says:

        So..there is no such a thing like can not be kill or avoided , but can catch them all exist in that labyrith.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Hello vosmug.
    I have found an error in the main menu: the writing to choose the japanese language should be 日本語 instead of 日本人 (you did it correct in xenotake’s main menu).

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Vosmug, out of curiosity how much would you say you’ve improved since Xenotake? With GHV can you say you’ve surpassed your limits and improved greatly in terms of sprites, artwork, and etc?

    • Is difficult for me to see it objectively, and it would be a bit arrogant for me to say, I believe I have seeing old sprites compared to this ones, still, you are better judges than me, so you tell me.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hi sorry for the questions but when the game is done how much is it going to cost? Or will it be free (doubt)?Great work btw love the demo. Will it be updated once more or is the next release the final release?

    • Same as before, about 6$, 7$ or 8$, I don’t know. There will be one final update that would work as the Dlsite trial version, since it’s necessary, so the demo would be updated with the same, not so much in actual content but in mechanics and visuals so it resembles the final version more.

      • Anonymous Says:

        oh cool! Thanks for the reply. Any estimated time for release? Like give or take a month or more of work left?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I felt that in Xenotake, apart from the humiliation, getting raped had no consequence for the main character, especially no physical consequence. Will GHV have more (physical) consequences for getting raped? I’m not speaking about getting pregnant or something, you already said you don’t like that, but more about getting strengthened or weakened by it, or getting addicted to it in any way.

    (sorry if this got posted twice, my browser went crazy)

    • I think waht you’re asking is if it affects gameplay, you slow down a bit but is temporary, other than that I can’t really think of anything.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I did not mean gameplay-wise, but story-wise. If it affects gameplay as well, that would be a bonus for me. What I’d like to see is that the sexual acts have a lasting influence on the character, at best physical, something Xenotake did not feature IMO.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Is the next update going to be the demo?

  33. Hey vosmug, do you know why pixel factory did not posted anything since 3 years?

    • Anonymous Says:

      pixelfactory is korean, and they have serious anti-porn laws over there. He stopped making porn becaue he was afraid of legal action.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Just went to the website… Not a single Korean symbol. All of them are Japaneses. How you would you know he was afraid of legal action? Enough of this! Lets not take that route!

        Just hoping Vosmug finish this GHV project.

    • I like that schedule better, work in secret and only post when necessary.

      • Anonymous Says:

        That feel when Vosmug’s been so generous with updates and it still isnt enuff. He’s practically closing in on the finish line why rush inevitability.

  34. Just a cheer up comment! 🙂

  35. In the intro whats the plan to have Vena go into the mansion with no clothing in nude mode?

    • I love this project and I’m sure negativity won’t be met well but it’s really kind of fucked up and petty how out of your way you go to shit on the portrait at considering how much work probably went into that stuff, and that everything shown is really high quality. I can’t imagine wanting to work with any commissioner with attitude like that. It’s beyond disrespectful to the artist to publicly trash their work for you

      • ?

      • What goat bit your butt today? If the work is subpar and the artist refuses to change it, then he has every right to speak about how good or bad the art is. Being paid to produce art and refusing to actually match the commission means you’re a stuck up asshole. That being said, Vos was very clear in that he liked a lot of it, and posted the ones he found good. He was just not happy with how most of them turned out because the artist took liberties and thus failed to match what he needed. In this case, only the artist has won because he got his money and Vos is out his cash and has unusable art to boot.

        You can take your stuck up attitude and shove it right up your ass, and maybe pull your head out of there while you’re at it.

      • How exactly is that related in any way to the question about the intro, which you replied to?

      • My bet is: replied to the wrong comment, no biggie.

        The portrait discussion happened in previous comments.

    • Sorry for asking

      • About nude mode, the idea was to block the regen ability at the begining since there’s a moment when it happens automatically, so instead it just doesn’t do it and continues naked for the rest of the game.

        To be honest I’m having problems with it, so I don’t know what to do with that at this point.

      • ah I was hoping they would do another bet where she has to go into the mansion nude

      • Vosmug,

        Having problem to put nude mode in the gamplay… Don’t worry about “what to do at this point” of nude mode.

        I really hate to ask you again Vos, what is the progress like of enemy placing, fixing and balancing? You don’t have to answer that question if you feel it is not the right time to say. Just showing respect

        All of fans including myself have gone so far to get to finish line.

        To Anonymous

        Its too late to add nude mode as I was asking Vos for “Ghost Prison”

        If you want nude for the rest of the game. Allow the ghost to tear the clothes out of Vena (from the start of the gamplay). Vena can be naked for the rest of the gamplay without pressing “C” button. Cut scene while naked still works on demo.

      • Uh we talked about nude mode since the beginning and Vosmug said he would work on it last. I just wanted to know how it would go.

  36. See the character GCS. If that’s what Vos is doing to make nude mode.


    • Oh wow those hidden portraits look really good

    • The ones at the end? not really, it just showed those depending if they were naked or not at the moment they speak, just like the ones I posted above. each pose needed 2 portraits, one with clothes and one naked, regardless of “mode”.

  37. Duuuude! Please please change the keybind on Ghost Hunter. Three times now I’ve pressed escape and quit a level – before entering a save point. Also I’d like an explanation on what benefit you get from levelling up that second bar. Cause I can’t tell.

  38. Hey vosmug sorry about the question but what kind of game maker u used to make GHv andXenotake?

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