Drain Bamage


Hello you,

I have tentatively finished all the maps, or levels as you were, they are empty for now, they still need enemies and traps and other stuff, of course most likely will end up adding more map depending on how it feels later on, at points it feels too big and some other times it feels like is not big enough, I don’t really know at this point. Also I realized I should put a map in after all, it’s easy to get lost. So there’s that.

Right now I’m filling the map with the main events, there’s a lot of quick testing involved, now I really wish there was a way to debug test in real time, closing and running the game every time is a waste of time, sure it only take 15 to 20 seconds to load except for the first time which can take several minutes, still, added up it’s more than necessary since I have to do that more than couple of times a day.

Here’s this too, no idea.

Everything’s going well I think, it’s taking shape already. We’re getting close to the final stretch, no promises for now though, as you know.

Now for some serious talk, recently I saw a video by digibro called “prolific over perfect”, which actually hit me a bit more than I expected, you should check it out by searching the title on youtube if you’re interested, I don’t want to link it directly because you know, porn and stuff, not cool… anyway, by the title you can guess what it’s about, basically smaller projects would be more productive in the long run since you’ll be improving naturally with each, by the time you get to a bigger project you would be better and faster by default, paraphrasing of course. Actually, feel free to watch it and then come back to tell me how I’ve been doing things horribly wrong. Things are probably not going to change on my end; I can’t seem to focus on a small project without it naturally evolving into something bigger… and then 3 years later and here we are…. cool, right?

So yah.


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  1. Think we could get a new demo soon? That or go back to showcasing some of your animations?

  2. Sounds good!
    Thanks for the update, it’s always interesting to see how the project is evolving.

    I personally enjoy game dev videos, e.g. Extra Credits is the best one around in regards to general design concepts.
    Will make sure to watch the “Prolific…” one!

    As for “…then three years later and here we are”, well, is it fair to say that these projects are your personal hobby?

    You have certainly managed your fan-base’s expectations and it’s all fair game.
    Means they can take as long as 10 years or never be completed.

    Just curious: do you yourself follow any games in development that you are eagerly anticipating to be released?

    PS: Both images at the bottom link to the same JPG – the map.

    • Is not really a game development thing, it’s a creative thing in general.

      A lot of poeple have hobbies for much longer than that, but that gets misenterpreted a lot, I shouldn’t have used that word in the first place, it’s more like an extra cash side project… or something, i really don’t know anymore, but yeah I get it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly even an update like this tends to leave me super horny. Just the anticipation of seeing what lewd things that enemy is going to do to Vena is a huge turn on (seeing as all your animations are amazing)

    I think I’m going to go play the demo again to blow off some steam

  4. Anonymous Says:

    For some reason when I click on the third image it takes me to the map

  5. Yerfans Says:

    I know that you’re not good with naming title or thread head but I just can’t stop laughing for some wired reason eventhough it not suppose to be that funny xD

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if the glove is telling vena to have sex witht the ghost to be able to go through the door

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Are the portraits gone now? I really liked those :/

    • Yup. some were salvageable but I just didn’t end up liking them overall, I could try to do them or fix them but I just don’t care anymore, I payed over 500 dollars for them and even had them redone once, in the end they were just not up to quality, that kind of killed my motivation to have them. Kind of regret not doing a more intensive artist search.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well, here is an idea, just ask your “fans” to create profile pics, upload them somewhere and link them here. If you like a set of pictures you implement them and credit the artist.

      • That’s too bad. Oh well, do whatever makes you happy with the game. Its your creation so you should make it something you can be proud of.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I think that the point about being prolific meaning you end up having a lot of opportunities to learn new things and is valid, but I think it’s a mistake to treat is as superior. As he says in that video, there’s nothing wrong with taking on a bigger project that’s not in excess of your current skill level (which this doesn’t seem to be).

    I think at the end of the day the most important thing is that you do what works. You did things your way with Xenotake, and I can make some strong arguments for it being one of the best H games out there. For that matter it’s just a solid game in it’s own right. Everything I see tells me that this is shaping up to be even better.

    There is a lot of merit to the idea that being a perfectionist is going to slow you down in the long run, but I don’t think that applies to what you’re doing. A longer development cycle for a very solid game is an extremely solid way to do things.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is I hope you’re not to down on yourself. I think I detected a bit of joking in your tone when you said people can come back and tell you how you’re doing everything wrong, but still I wanted to say I think you’re doing things just fine. You should continue to do things the way that works for you.

    I’ve been waiting for this game since you first put out the initial concept art, and I’m happy to wait as long as it takes for you to make the game you want to make. It looks good so far, it looks like it’s on track and hasn’t gone off the rails. It’s the same thing as when you turn down making a Patreon, I think it’s the right move because it’s the move that works for you.

    Anyway, sorry about the wall of text, the real point is that I hope you’re not getting down on yourself. You’re skilled at a lot of things and you make great stuff. On top of that, from everything I’ve seen out of you, you come across as a nice guy and a decent person. Take the time you need to do this right and know I’m one of the people who plans to buy it the second it’s ready because I can already tell it’s going to be great.

    Take care

    • Oh, do worry; I hit my head against the keyboard everyday… metaphorically.

      Don’t be sorry, what I really wanted was to have some ideas thrown about this particular aspect, not only on this game, but as a creative quirk in general.

      In general games do take time, so is not that big of a surprise, and I’m not really new to this to say that I should follow that “rule” strictly, but still, right now I notice things that I could do better, faster and more effectively but I just can’t because the base structure is already and old one, one that was my best 3 years ago but one that by my current skill level wouldn’t be my preferred way of doing things anymore. So I do think in this particular instance holding this project for so long slows me down because I have to work with a base engine that is 3 years old, which means I have to purposefully stop myself from doing things in a way I know they would be more effective to accommodate what I have, otherwise I would have to do a lot of modifications that in the end would end up taking more time than just doing things the old way. Is not a big deal though, because I think this is inevitable, I think you SHOULDN’T update a project like this every time you find something new, otherwise, since you’re improving all the time, that means you would never stop updating it, and in the end no real work would be done.

      Anyway, I’m not hitting my head over it, things are the way they are and are not going to change anytime soon, but it’s a very interesting idea. Next time I want to try a smaller project first and then move to a bigger one and see how things go. But then again… maybe that small project will turn big and then the cycle would start over.

      You’re right, things are on track, things are looking good from my perspective even if timewise is not the best.

      • anemonyous Says:

        Dude, a H-game called “Paio Hazard” came out today.

        I think it seems to be the first work of whoever made it. It’s short, clunky and simple in many ways but what it does pretty good is CG, the events and the flow of the story.

        I think it’s a perfect example of a short project for someone who’s starting game making. And why not for someone who’s stressed about bigger projects and needs a change of pace. 😉

        On another note: I’ve been planning a H-game myself for a while now but I don’t have any of the required skills to make it. I’ve finally started to see what I need to learn to do it and it’s partly thanks to the video you posted about. Just gotta start working on it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Fair enough, I think I missed how working with a base engine you’re out grow is holding things back. When you put it that way it makes perfect sense that you’d want to keep to a shorter development cycle to avoid a situation where you’re either having to update all the time and not make any progress, or you have to do things in ways that have become outmoded and slow you down.

        In that case I hope with your next project you’re able to strike a balance that lets you avoid feeling like you’re stuck doing things in ways you’ve moved past. I guess I mostly hope that you make things you want to make the way you want to make them. I like seeing how you handle things like Patreon suggestions, not because I think Patreon is bad, but because I’ve been glad to see you doing things your way.

        I think it worried me the idea that you were looking at the bigger project you’ve taken on as the wrong way of doing things, but now I see it’s more about the ways that’s been holding you back. Either way, since you’re getting to the end stages of this I’ll be interested to see what you do next. I’m not big on guro (which I think your older projects had), but I’d probably still pick up whatever you make next even if it has that just because I think your games are good in and of themselves, all H stuff aside.

        One last thing, a while back you mentioned the chef dilemma, how something that a long time is spent to create can be consumed in minutes and moved on from. I suppose one thing to take solace in is that there’s not a finite amount of times your game can be played, and there’s not a finite number of people who can play it.

        Anyway, take care. I’m eagerly awaiting the release. Don’t feel like you need to rush, I’m happy to wait till it’s actually done rather than have something rushed. It’s just you should know, this is honestly the main thing I’m looking forward to right now. There’s no other games or events on my radar really, this is the big thing I’m waiting for. Keep up the good work

  9. Someguy Says:

    What a nice chibis were in previous post! I expected to see more of them 😉
    Anyway, keep up a good work! Ктулху Фхтагн!

  10. Hey. Just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to GHV. I’ve been really critical of Xenotake in that its gameplay lacks depth, yet it’s still one of my favorite H-games, because it makes up for that tenfold with atmosphere, story-telling, good, varied enemy design and animations. From the demo of GHV, it clearly addresses the absence of challenge in XT while maintaining and building upon the standards of the other elements that to me, are very important. I’m much more into sci-fi than the supernatural (Not that my enjoyment of GHV will be diminished in the slightest), so I’m wondering if there’ll be an XT 2, or if your next project will be something completely new?

    • Footguy Says:

      I was always hoping he would go back to Prisonkage after this.

      • despairbutanerection Says:

        I second for Prisonkage. Shame there’s no h-content but at least she could be nude in some parts of the game

      • Something new probably, could have XT elements tho, as in the same universe, but not sure yet.

        I want to go back to prisonkage but if I don’t mention it as the “next project” is because as I said (or didn’t, don’t remember) is a side project, not part of the main “lineup”.

      • Xenotake 2 would be amazing. Malla on the prowl with her new powers, with Eerien hunting her down….yum.

  11. Just gonna say, take your time and do what you wanna do, you’re the one who’s in charge of this project & no one else shouldn’t mess with that.

    Btw if you wanna earn more budget, I recommend selling it at more accessible digital platforms such as itch.io or Humble Bundle widget, they seemed to be cool with adult games.

  12. Keep doing your thing! I really feel like the size and price of your product should reflect the amount of time you put into it and how many people are working on it. It also makes a lot more sense to me to target release cycles. Picking a launch cycle that keeps your fans interested should increase your sales by attracting and compounding more fans. With that idea, I seriously think that doing smaller launches like 2 a year with appropriate prices and doing traditional game expansions for the smaller titles is wise for both income and fans.

    It is kinda like New Game has X monsters and Y levels and an expansion 6 months later doubles that, keeps your fans engaged, attracts new customers to buy the original plus the expansion and everybody wins because you don’t drown yourself in lofty goals that crush your will. If the series is really successful and you aren’t burnt out on it, then you can just add to the content pool with further expansions. It should be more adaptive with a lower risk.

    • I can’t have cycles, things are out when they’re ready, really that’s the only schedule I can afford to have given the process. 2 a year seems to much, even 1 a year would be difficult even with a smaller project, unless our ideas of smaller projects are totally different.

      • I understand the unbound work sets because I definitely have those with animations or reusable code but those can’t be the things that set my schedule since they are not accountable. It really depends on your goals and work process. I’m earnestly pushing myself toward making H-games as a full time job for a little while. I also know a lot about making reusable game engine modules and have done 48hr game dev competitions so generally I know how fast I can actually work save illustrations. As long as a dev is realistic about the scope of their project given their skill set, they should be able to target a fairly frequent release cycle assuming they pick game modes, art styles and technology that help them be productive.

        An example is it takes me 2-4 weeks to make a new reusable 2D side scrolling game engine on a good platform. I may spend some weekends here and there adding features afterward but there is no new unforeseen challenges that will prevent me from delivering.

        It takes me about 2 days to comfortably rig a 2x Subject bipedal deform animation set (see @bonedHg on twitter) and about 8-16 hours to finish the rough draft of all keyframes and blending. Realistically I can make 2-3 deform animation scenes per week especially if I’m using the same subjects and I have illustrations dedicated for the animations (versus trying to shoehorn DC’s characters into something completely different).

        Only then, once you know your expected throughput for a work type, you can actually obtain a tighter work cycle (that you still don’t share with your fans so you can breathe when things don’t go perfectly). Also I know a lot of people are obsessed wtih 2d frame animation right now and it seems to be all the rage but seriously it is a huge time sink and in many cases it isn’t actually depicting a more erotic scene than illust+deform or 3D->2D etc.

      • I definetly don’t have calculated work times like that, my times are very variable not only that I have the bad habit of starting from scratch every time, even if I want to reuse something I know I can do it better since by the time the new project rolls I’ve learned tons of new things I rather use instead of being tied to old maybe outdated practices I had.

        I’m still not at the level of having a self sufficient process… I’m still learning I guess, I have a whole set of rules I need to follow next time tho, so hopefully things will go smoother.

        Do you have a blog?

      • No dedicated blog. Just the @bonedHg on twitter.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Someone plays Dragon Quest
    3rd picture: https://vosmug2.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/screnn11.jpg

  14. CatfIsh Says:

    that fucking video got to me too…
    dude I’m working on like 3 commissions right now and I’ve been taking weeks what the fuck.

    I mean these are commissions should I still be prolific? I mean that’s not what Da Vinci did and he’s like my role model. We have so much in common, I spoke to my history professor and she agrees!

    Ugh anyway, yeah I get it. I’m not gonna go back to my old projects anyway. I’ve lost interest. That happens.

    You could go a little faster and then fix whatever problems arise later on with updated versions. That’s an option. But smaller projects can be boring in my opinion because, well I’m super into immersion and you can’t get that out of a smaller project unless it has Undertale level replay quality. But hey, there’s always the Zone-Archive “short loop” flash animation if you’re into that shit.

    AAAAANYwho, back to my main point. I forgot my point… Oh yeah prolificness. Dude just do the project. Doesn’t matter how. Just do it. However way you want. Fast. Slow. Just do it. HAVE FUN. Or be like me and scrap it, go back to it, and scrap it again. Do something new and better, then come back, feel bad, finish it halfheartedly (or wholeheartedly if you feel the drive or fucking eighthheartedly or something I dunno.)

    Hell you could go back to project Prisonkage. That’s been a nice fap I have in a side folder. But I think I recall you taking that scene out because you wanted Prisonkage to be guro… That’s beside the point.

    But realize you just need to do what your heart tells you. Or whatever fraction you’re willing to listen to.

    Honestly I’m just mega ultra curious as to what GHV looks like now cuz MY GOD you’ve been doing a lot.

    Either way,

    • In the case of comissions the time of the client is the most importnat, depending on how much time you have and the price you should adpat, when it comes to somebody else’s work you should stick to a more “nomral work process” so to say, at least that’s waht I think, once you’re doing your own projects you have the luxury to experiment more.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I really want to pre order this GHV now. I mean it… I really want to support it.

    I have not seen that blonde chick in animated action whoever that name is “Leen” or “Bully” (according to your scripts) been fucked by the ghosts.

    Lets be all patient… Anyway take your time.

  16. I know it’s a big feature to ask for at such a late stage, but how doable is color customisation? Hair, eyes, maybe even clothing? I don’t want to sound entitled, and I do like Vena as she is rn, it’d just be nice to have the option

  17. danilafel63 Says:

    I remember how in June 2015 I thought like “Hmm, probably Vosmug will finish his new game pretty soon”. How young and naive I was. Hope the work on this game will not make you crazy, Vos 😉

  18. I really like this game. May I ask what the approximate percentage of the progress is? If the progress can be measured by percentage.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Had a dream that ghv was shown on E3

  20. Anonymous Says:

    This month screenshot remind me that bacon is malevolent temptation , tasty-but not so healthy.
    – what genre of your smaller projects , horror?
    – no portraits is all right , but how did player know about which character is currently speaking?

    • Nice, love your doodles.

      – Don’t know yet, if it’s horror it would be more horror-themed, than actual horror, kinda like this game.

      – Because of the color and image on the dialog box

  21. Anonymous Says:

    How much bigger do you feel this game is compaired to xenotake? Sex animations, levels, cutscenes, etc.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Considering the demo alone had as many enemies as the whole of Xenotake and there are more female protagonists I think it’s a safe bet to assume more content

      • Does it really has as many enemies? I don’t know about that.

        I would say is at least twice as big most likely bigger. Content wise and eveything else. Of course is an estimate.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Vosmug, I have questions?

    -Will there be another GHV demo just like Xenotake?

    -That glove Vena is wearing (fight against the ghosts), should she call it a “Glove of Eye God?” (Referring to the screen shot the white eye ball in the palm of the hand)

    – What if we don’t level up the glove? Does it require to level up to beat the game or it doesn’t make any difference?

    -When Vena manage to kill a ghost trap at that door and Vena goes in the door. Vena goes back to the same area where she killed the ghost trap will the ghost trap at the door appear so quick just to catch Vena?

    • – Later on closer to release, is not going to be much different or bigger though.

      – Not really, it’s less grandiose than that.

      – It’s necessary, enemies will get stronger.

      – It’s essentailly a lock, so once is gone it won’t come back.

      • Anonymous Says:

        -no death scenes in game?
        -there is footjobs in game with cum on feet?
        -is only vena as playble character?

      • – Not graphic, just normal fade to back game over.

        – Nope, that’s quite specific

        – Yes.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope its close like next month close. I’m still excited about it even if it has only has like 3 tiny changes.

      • Anonymous Says:


        – You are right as enemies will get stronger throughout the game (absorb the orbs and level up the attacks etc to win the game). The red ghosts are dangerous, what can they do beside choking/grabbing Vena to death (referring to the red ghost bitch was choking Vena)? I really don’t know if you can give me an answer?

        – There is no gore in the game right?

        – Once the gauntlet is fully maximum level (Attack, Regen etc), can it still absorb the white dots after killing the ghosts?

        – The gauntlet has five abilities which we have seen only three abilities such as Spector Seal, Phantom Wings and Banishment/Exorcism (not in action as you are still testing other ability) There is the fourth ability called “Projection ability” but what is the last ability?

        – The dialog scripts (green texts completed, blue, red and black texts and grayed out) how far is it? How does the dialog look like now at this moment (we saw screen shot from the past)?

        – Is there lesbians white ghosts (not the red ghosts) in the game?

        – any hand/finger fucking, licking pussy and lastly sucking breast in the game?

        – Will there be a Ghost Prison and Skip just like Xenotake?

      • Do I know you? I think I know you.

        – Not much else I think, there’s not that many red ghosts actually. I guess the other new different one will be one that will pull you into the ground, but not shown in detail, again just fade to black.

        – NO. There’s some blood though.

        – Yes, to get HP.

        – It’s a secret. I don’t remember ever putting in the fourth one, but I guess you know about it so I did in some way.

        – All of that is done already, the script is complete and almost final except for a few extra lines I haven‘t gotten too, and some I’m adding and changing along the way. There needs to be a final revision though.

        – Not really, kind of. Not what you might be thinking though, so not really female ghosts enemies since I’m sure that’s what you’re asking.

        – Some, maybe some and some.

        – Prison maybe not, I would like to do a regular gallery this time but I guess that can change if there’s demand. Skipping levels, maybe, haven’t thought about it but I guess I should.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I vote prison because spawning the enemy more fun

  23. Evantokoi Says:

    hope everything on you side is doing okay my man take your time bro no rush we true fans will wait no worries on that part

  24. El macho Says:

    Something this month?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I know you probably don’t have an answer, but how does the release look? Late 2017, early/mid/late 2018, or even longer?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Damn u niggas tharsty, let him work will ya

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Any ghost designs that couldn’t make it into the game?

    • Not that I remember any of note, if they didn’t make it was becasue I thought they looked too stupid to even show, this one I didn’t notice I had already made so I ended up redoing it, so it’s out.

  28. You’re doing great work, Mr. Vosmug. I know I’m a stranger to you, but even so I’ll still support your works by giving you some cheer.

  29. Hey Vos just to let you know that GHV demo is not working on the latest update of Win 10

    • Are you sure? I don’t have win10 so we’ll have to wait and see if more people are having problems.

      • Anonymous Says:

        For the record I’m using Win 10 and I’m pretty sure I have the most recent update. I haven’t noticed any problems running the 0.1.1 demo. Hopefully though whatever’s causing you trouble gets resolved

      • I too am having this issue, it’s fixed by turning on the vsync but it’s difficult to navigate to it with a black screen

      • Does the same happen in windowed mode? Alt+enter.

      • Windowed mode works fine

    • That’s weird because the demo was working on the previous update and I’ve updated W10 and now it’s only a black screen when I start it.
      I’ve tried to redownload a fresh one from MEGA but it ended up the same. I have a pretty recent computer, I5 with gtx 1050, nothing that could explain that 😦

    • Black screen on start up, Alt-Enter windowed mode works fine.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I just went and replayed Xenotake to help me with waiting for the release. I had just planned to play till the first checkpoint, but I was having fun so I ended up beating it instead. It’s honestly still a good game. Even with H content aside it’s still fun, playing through it this time the H stuff was good background, but I really was playing just to play.

    Then I went and played through the Vena demo, and I really can’t wait not just for the new H content but the game itself. I want to do a hard playthrough, because it seems like it would be fun. Even with an old demo it still seems like it tightened up a lot of things compared to Xenotake, like combat and animations. Xenotake was a lot of fun, but Vena feels like it’s the next step up using what you learned making Xenotake.

    So yeah, I hope you take all the time you need and don’t rush or stress; but I’m super looking forward to the release. That’s going to be a real good day for me

    • Anonymous Says:

      I like to speed run and find glitches. I found one in Xenotake a while ago that are in 2 different areas so far. Its not a big deal to patch since it doesnt break the game.

      • There’s one that is actually game breaking, the first boss just stops, I could never fix it. Did you find that one? I don’t know how rare it is.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Nope but I’ll try and get it next time I play

    • Cool mang, I know things look bleak from the outside but I think I’m doing well given the circumstances, so don’t worry, I’m about to finish another milestone, hopefully I’ll post about it soon.

      Any advice for hard difficulty? I guess more HP for enemies and decreasing timing is the normal thing to do here without going overboard, I can’t really change behaviour or do more complex things like that, either way is going to be hard to balance.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh things don’t really look bleak from the outside. From what I can tell things are going along fine. It’s mostly that you’ve mentioned things along the lines of wondering if your games have any replay value, or if they’re just consumed and moved on from. So I figured I’d mention that Xenosaga is still fun. I’m worried way more about your mood than how the game’s going since that seems like just a matter of time till it comes out.

        As for thoughts on hard I’m far from an expert. What I can say is that what I like in the demo is that the bigger health pools tend to mean more prolonged fights, and the more enemies there are the more hectic things tend to be. So it taking longer to cull the first enemies means the part where you’re having to manage enemy positioning lasts longer. At least that’s how it feels to me and that’s what I’m liking when I’ve played the demo on hard

      • Anonymous Says:


        I kept on playing demo over, over and over again and all I can say is it’s not very bad at all and very smooth! As you are about to post the new topic… Can we PLEASE see Bully (Blonde chick) as GIF (we have seen Sui and Leen getting fuck by ghosts tentacles)? We as all users want to see bright news that you have done so far for this project of GHV.

        -What is the progress on the dialog of gameplay?

        The advice on hard difficulty… I can think of Vena having sex too fast (lots of motion) which depletes her HP too quickly. After killing number of Ghosts lots of orbs to absorb as rewards or less orbs just to make it more challenging.

      • She doesn’t have that many animations so I rather keep them hidden for now.

        Not sure what dialog of gameplay means, but both dialogs and gameplay are completed.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I hope the prison stays with this and your future games, I like having the freedom of what goes on. Like spawning 3 different enemies and seeing which one grabs her first. Little things like that makes it fun instead of just pressing a button to go to the next animation.

    One thing to improve it is to have the option to turn music on/off and change.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    What kind of bosses are there in this game and how many?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Are there plans for a corruption feature, or will the character always dislike “doing it”?

    • You’ll have to find out for yourself… actually, no there’s no such feature. Truth is I never thought about that since that’s not a particular fetish/idea I care for… didn’t think about it at all.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Someting for this month?

  35. someguy Says:

    Are making all arts by yourself? I mean they are really nice,. good style, etc…

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve had too much to drink, so I hope you don’t take this wrong. I’m impatiently wait the release of this game. I hope you take as long as it take to make this game the game you want and don’t release any sooner than you feel it’s ready to be released. Still, I wish I had my hands on it now. Don’t rush it or do it any pace but your own, just know I’m waiting for it and will pick it up the second I see it for sale

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I guess This game is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy longgggggggg game. Right?

  38. cool bro !

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Is the map going to be on the top right or will we have to open it up?

  40. fogofwar1 Says:

    When can it be a regular release?

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