Brain Damage

Keeps going… just to let you know…

Don’t hit me… I’ll give you my lunch money.


88 Responses to “Brain Damage”

  1. U scared tf out of me when i read the post title, i thought u were sick or something…

    :v Good work with the tiny gif of the poor emo being beaten by 2 MMA fighters , accurate depiction of my first day at the fighting academy.

  2. Doublefuck Says:

    Open. A. Patreon

    Seriously Vosmug at this rate it’s pretty dumb that you are like the only game maker not making any money off of this project while it’s in development. Stop hurting yourself and just let us donate to you. I watch games that are half the game that yours is making 2k+ a month just for the odd update.. why not you too?

    • Anonymous Says:

      bump this, vosmug we out here for you

    • At the very least, a donation button would be cool. Plenty of people want to help and an option, Patreon or no, would be nice.

    • Patreon is cancer, I can’t name a single Patreon game that hasn’t become a monthly paycheck for the developer, who only gives it the bare minimum to call it an update so they can continue getting payed for doing almost nothing. It turns good developers lazy, needs to disappear, because its causing nothing to be completed. And idiots like you are yelling at the few developers with enough pride to refuse to take that easy, corrupting route.

      • Doublefuck Says:

        Pretty sure nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. Some of us have money, some of us would like to pay Vosmug for his effort so life is a little easier while he works on the game. There are plenty of games succeeding through Patreon thanks.

        Come back when you have something more constructive to say kid.

      • Telling retards actively trying to ruin games that they’re pieces of shit isn’t constructive? For a game to succeed it actually has to be completed. If you pulled your head out of your ass for one second, took a look around and saw that there is NO completed Patreon games, you’d come to the realization that you’re a tragic little cretin. You’ve got to be way too young for hentai games if you actually support Patreon, “kid.”

      • Anyway, I’ll let the kid think Patreon is the best thing ever, along with his Pewdiepie videos and dog filter Facebook selfies. Not my job to educate him. I don’t mean to clog up your comments with this Vos, but the constant cawing of kids telling you to make a Patreon must get tiresome.

      • Doublefuck Says:

        Yeah must suck when a bunch of adults who actually earn money for a living think something you’re working on is worth supporting before it has been finished. Poor poor Vosmug, that horrible experience.

        Popular game devs, not so popular game devs, artists, musicians, camgirls, porn game devs, all of these can open a Patreon just fine and get their dues. There is no logical reason for Vosmug to not have his own.

      • Doublefuck: Is it possible that for this particular developer making games is a hobby, as opposed to a job?
        Any donations or contributions he is so actively resisting for years can be seen as obligations for him to finish the game no matter what, which turns a hobby into a paid job.
        That can kill his game-making mojo ))

      • Doublefuck Says:

        I mean I’ll put it like this, his game will release sometime in the next year or two. It’ll be sold somewhere and within seven hours it will touch down on all major porn pirating sites like Nya. He can either be intelligent about it and make the few hundred to a thousand a month from fans that want to be supportive of his “hobby” or he can make a thousand or so dollars when the game releases despite the fact that the game has 30,000 + downloads on all pirate sites.

        Here, I’m so nice I even did the math and did 2 minutes of research for you guys!

        Go ahead and look at that, tell me how great it must be for Vosmug to lose almost 300k alone from three torrent sites. Please, seeing as I’m sure some of the people talking here in the comments section are also pirates please educate me on how it feels wonderful to sit back and realize how much money Vos could have made if piracy wasn’t a rampant problem for porn titles.

        THIS IS WHY PEOPLE MOVED TO PATREON. I want to give Vosmug money because I like his games, but also because at the end of the day his next game won’t even last a day before it’s being mass pirated. If fans want to pay into it then let them, that’s our right. It takes Vos ten minutes to set up a new Patreon.

        Vosmug, I want you to earn what you’re owed as a fan of your work. I have no expectations nor do I plan on hassling you to “work harder” like these people are implying everyone supportive of Patreon does. Let us show our gratitude to you, that’s all we are asking for. again, proof doesn’t lie. If Vos even saw 100k dollars from sales I’d be flabbergasted.

      • Doublefuck: Fair enough and those are pretty nice visual cues.

        I will only point out that number of downloads from free torrent sites can not possibly be used to estimate potential sales, even for a game that costs as low as 7 USD.

        Look, I personally agree with you. In the long run, content creators must be compensated.

        Meanwhile, this is what has been happening in this blog for several years now: about once a month someone new comes along and starts to aggressively demand Patreon.

        Vosmug replies “Thank You kindly for your support, but I am not doing it for now. Your patience and understanding are enough.”

        Discussion ensues on why or why won’t he take our money.

        Again, this happens every single month, for years now!

        From my personal understanding, indie developers are shy and secluded folk, crafting their “precious” exclusively on their own terms, always clinging to the possibility that the project may never actually be finished because of.. reasons.

        I for once prefer to give Vosmug benefit of the doubt and assume he is a reasonable person who understands Patreon, money and the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

        Hence the only reasonalbe explanation for his refusal to accept donations is “It messes with my inspiration, motivation and general mojo.”

      • Anonymous Says:

        I doubt evey torrent download is a lost sale. I’m sure 90% of people torrenting wouldn’t buy in te first place.

      • ^ This is correct. @Doublefuck, such a childish way of viewing things I’m convinced you aren’t old enough to be here. A VAST percentage of people that pirate were never going to buy it. It’s not a lost sale. You aren’t going to become a millionaire by selling porn games, the difference in profit whether the game is pirated or not is minimal. That doesn’t mean he should let himself get corrupted by Patreon, because that’s what it does, I’m sure all the patreon users started off with the intentions to make a complete game.

      • Doublefuck Says:

        It’s hilarious 1111 because I’m off supporting it and you’re flagging it as some life ruining game changer that completely fucks up the norm of games.

        You’re a pirate, I get it. You don’t want to have to work for your content. Don’t sit here and blow smoke up people’s asses because you’re broke and can’t afford five dollars a month to help a developer. Will you cry over a donation button too? Is that far too much for other people to be able to support content that you’d be a be a big baby over that?

        It’s bad enough being stuck arguing with some schmuck online, it’s even worse when its easy to assume he has autism. Wanna know why Patreon doesn’t matter when making games? Paywalls don’t matter nine times out of ten. People leak everything on Patreons on the time so even grubby asshats like you can still get their fill of stuff they didn’t deserve. You are such a lucky little boy aren’t ya? 🙂

      • I’m all for a donation button, I’m also all for what is happening, that he wants to finish the game, then get paid, how it used to be in a time long before yours, when games were good and completed. You’re making assumptions and accusations like the raging angsty little teenager you are, please learn how to argue in a coherent manner. I’m against Patreon, and silly optimistic little morons who have their heads up their asses, who are blind to how Patreon ruins games and developers. Three paragraphs of assumptions and buzzwords, truly pathetic.

        He’s already said many times what he wants to do, you think it’s good intentions, but you’re actually a pest, so why don’t you take your opinion and shove it up your ass?

      • to 1111:

        I currently support 3 game developers on Patreon.
        Not sure what makes you so adamant about crowd-funding ruining games and being bad for developers?

        On the surface this system looks to me not much different from other media projects most of which are traditionally sponsored by producers and are still canceled at some point in their development. Movies, games, you name is – don’t get finished. Even the big boys like Blizzard canceled a few.

        Is crowd-funding really that different from the traditional model?

      • I’m guessing you meant sponsored by publishers, there’s much more to it than that, a developer and publisher agreement has contracts, obligations, they don’t just get to walk away with all the money. As Breeding Season demonstrated, there is nothing stopping developers from doing that with Patreon.

        Anyway, that’s not the gripe I have with Patreon that I’m referring to. So many devs are unashamedly using it as a monthly paycheck, calling a couple of sprites, or even as pathetic as a couple of lines of code an update to keep receiving payments. No intentions of ever finishing their game. Crisis Point and Future Fragments are two of the big offenders.

      • to 1111: In other words, individual publishers are more keen on quality control than random public? Fair enough, point taken.

        Personally I am sponsoring the following games and remain hopeful that some good might eventually come of it.

        Divine Arms

        Magical Investigation


        Malise and the Machine

      • there are lots of them that have frequent updates
        one of them that Vosmug links in the sidebar, Future Fragments, has weekly updates and monthly demos with huge content leaps.
        Patreon isn’t bad or corrupting, it’s human nature that is; a few people though choose to use Patreon for good rather than exploitation.

      • There are 10+ completed Patreon games, also. You clearly didn’t look around enough;
        – Anthophobia
        – Overwhored
        – Blitz Angel Spica
        – Magic Matchup
        and a few smaller ones that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but there are lots.

  3. No ‘alternative’ girls here(flat/chubby) yet? No gays? White only Check your priveleges, boy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t need your lunch money, just wanna see your tits.

  5. The backgrounds look good!

    The screenshots, the story the animations, the demo – all really do look inspired and promising.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Looking good.
    Take your time and make it great.
    Also make a patreon or something.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    as long as there are Yuri and Futa, everything will be fine

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the update, looking good!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck dude, stay strong! we all have your back bud, thanks for the update

  10. Anonymous Says:

    We’re all rooting for you, and so glad that you’re working as hard as you are… but you really ought to open a Patreon.

    Look, I’m a Jolly Roger AND a leecher, never donated or paid for this kind of stuff in my life, and even I want to donate to you. What’s the concern? Are you afraid of the commitment? Finding staff to help you? No matter what you decide to do, I’ll always keep checking back and writing to you, to remind you how many people are excited to experience the fruits of your selfless, masochistic labor.

  11. Just another guy cheering you on.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    You can do it my friend! Keep going! We are all behind you!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to point out that donations can’t speed up the development process. There are only two options: you want a badass awesome game made by Vosmug only – in his way, with his methods, with amazing graphics and mechanics and so on or you want a shitty game finished only asap to earn more money or the next paycheck from patreon. Dont try to milk the cow, quality is better than quantity, so guys wait up … let him finish on his own pace and if you cant do so FUCK OFF and dont start the patreon shit, he already said he doesnt want to do this.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yea right. I feel like everyone wanting to donate tries to force completion of the game. If you can’t wait up, then go to dlsite and jerk off to one of the dozen crappy games there.

    • Idiots convince themselves if they throw money at something, it makes it better and/or release faster. Entitled kids.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, if you wanna support development, just buy the game when it comes out.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    You know, I really like your work. Xenotake was both a solid game and really good smut. I consider you about the pinnacle of dirty game developers at this point in time. This new game looks fantastic, sometimes I’ll even go back and play the demo to help with the wait.

    I know someone who, when it comes to smut games, hasn’t played anything more advance than one of those click for the next loop flash videos. I plan to pick up an extra copy for him (thank god for anon for letting me share smut without making it weird). Knowing him and knowing it’s going to be his introduction, I have a feeling it will blow him away.

    So I guess my point is keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t rush it, I’ve waited this long and would rather wait as long as it takes for you to make this game come out how you want it to come out. Make money from it how feels right for you, when it’s out you have someone who likes your work so much they’re going to share it with someone else

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t open a patreon. Nobody ever survives that transition without losing a piece of themselves. Just make the game when you can and sell it. Don’t turn into one of those ULMF folks that charges people for waiting for an update four months down the line.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t waited in so much anticipation for a game since Fallout 4.
    Keep up the good work, Vosmug. Can’t wait for the finished product!

    • New Vegas was better IMO. Did you know that you could beat the game and complete almost all of the quests without landing a single kill count?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh, New Vegas was definitely better. Doesn’t mean the anticipation and fun with 4 wasn’t there.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I……can’t wait to mark it on you-r map.

  18. Man I know what it’s like to be constantly asked for a time these days.

    “Can you tell me when you’ll be done?”

    “Uh before I die if this goes according to plan?”

    Seriously, it’s like you post these updates to get yelled at even more by impatient people. I meam I guess they have good reason to be…? Anyway, hi, I haven’t been here in a bit. Haven’t missed a single update though, yay.

    Anyway, glad you’re making progress nonetheless. You’ll be fine and this game will be better than Xenotake. I see it online all the time. Just a matter of time before you finish it. I’ll be honest with you, if this is a hobby, you don’t even have to post updates. You could just leave this site and post it when it’s done. Honestly, I’d like to just talk to you. Learn how the process goes and stuff. Just curious about you is all. I wanna see the guy behind the skull and poke your brain a little bit. But I don’t wanna sound creepy or anything, I just think of you as a person and I talk to you from time to time and I don’t even know your name.

    Lol catfish? Let’s exchange emails. Anyway hope it all goes well. (Which it will) Forgot what I made my name on here so you could recognize it when I come back… oh well. I’ll make it interesting.

    Oh, and I’m excited by the way. Just so you know. I can’t wait till it comes out. It’ll be great. This has been pretty long, sorry. Keep up the good work aaaaand… Have fun man. That’s the most important part. But I’ve already told you that. A while ago.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Would showing the animation of vena ripping her clothes off to masturbate be too spoilery?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Please tell me nude mode isn’t going to be cut

    • 🔪 stabby Says:

      YOU’RE going to be cut 🙂

    • not until I get to it and realize if it’s worth it or not, those problems I mentioned before still stand, and since I haven’t gotten to it I don’t know how to solve or bypass them. I don’t think is going to be super difficult but I can’t say for sure yet.

    • Anonymous Says:

      NUKE mode? Haha now I’m imagining the ghosts struggling to strip Vena so they resort to using a nuke to strip her almighty powerful clothing off.

  21. You are tring to make difficult game from good, simple game what it used to be (like in demo version). Because of that it takes YEARS AND YEARS to finish it. Stop complicating more and more and just finish coz I know that’s gonna be awesome.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    are there some footjobs with cum on feet?

  23. Hey Vosmug. 1 more pervert here to cheer you on. You can do it. And please girls, stop stomping on him… Stomp on me instead. Mmhmyeah…

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Are you really fair skinned with black hair or is that just an animation?
    and who’s the bearded dude in the back?

  25. inb4 next blog post doesn’t have a demo

    • doesn’t really matter to me if it doesn’t, I think he’s so close to the end by now that the full game would be here either at the same time or not far behind.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    As long as there is Possession im happy….probably

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Not to sound impatient but is this month going to be skipped?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Hang in there, Vos! As eager as we may be for the game (and after Xenotake, I’m SUPER eager to see more of Vena), we also want you to take your time and polish this until you’re satisfied. And don’t burn yourself out! It’s a really promising project, and we’re all rooting for you, buddy! ❤

  29. Anonymous Says:

    So like… We’re all excited right? Lol
    I’m gonna assume money isn’t a huge issue for Vos here. Clearly there’s good reason to open a Patreon, but like, he doesn’t like to follow a schedule cuz of pressure, plus this is just a hobby that he just so happens to be really good at.

    So ease up? It’s stressing ME out. I just took a break from a commission and my god you guys are pushy. Can’t imagine my clients being that pushy. Do him a favor and just respect his wishes while he draws you porn, ok? :/

    • Anonymous Says:

      Clearly people who didn’t read and impatient still not gonna sit this one out no matter how hard good-willed-people try to warn them xD

      Pretty sure they’re just a kid, carefree or irresponsible human being who have too much free time to rush something from people whom they had no relation with and still think they had a right to do so.

      Or maybe a ‘too busy’ people who doesn’t feel like giving a shit to other personality or objective this place had since it started. Then kind, sir – Can get outta here and take care the ‘reality’ you carry on your back. There’re a shit ton of porn you can find else where for one who has so little time like you, maybe another activities that more creative then rant about when this porn gonna release, it contribute nothing here just …. use that countless braincell a little perhaps ? before it expire because it hardly get to work. If things is so boring then bear with it, unless you can magically spawn what you wish anytime – that would be cool.

      Just let them drop dead by their own impatient, Vos never bet an eye on them, I’m pretty sure if him.

      A feedback to go forward – for him are more precious than a pushy set back – mumble for a game to release.

      When a man determine to do something we better give him a motivation rather then useless material, are we not ? 😉

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