Happy one more year closer to death… yay…

Things keep going, I’m doing things… I finished a section that took so long it’s ridiculous, the first image section if you add all the elements (sprite, code, etc.), it took about 1 month and a half, maybe 2 months to complete, sad thing is you’ll go through it in less than 5 minutes, even worse, some people probably won’t even get that far into the game… have you heard about how cooking is ungrateful since hours of cooking end up in 5 to 10 minutes of eating, this is worse. I’m not saying that out of self-pity or anything it just reminds me of people who waited ten years for Final Fantasy VX just to end up blazing through it in 2 or 3 days, pretty crazy how that works, don’t know if that would be good or bad though or if it’s even satisfying to play that way, to each their own I guess.

After this one there are sprites for 2 or 3 more big sections and then I can move to level design.

In other things, I’ve been wanting to try honey select but I really haven’t had the will to play anything else, but it seems like with the studio thing you won’t need any other game for a while, it’s like a self-made gallery for what I’ve seen, and since you can share via magic PNG images it’s pretty much never ending? Not sure exactly how it works. Is there a way to get it legally other than 100 dollar amazon physical copy? I know you can download it but I would like to know if there’s an easy way to buy it first.

Finally thanks for the support so far, I know it’s been really long, it’s frustrating for me too, nothing else to say there, just thanks.

97 Responses to “M”

  1. That because your doing everything yourself! Of course it going take long there nothing surprising about that or bad. Game Deving take time Final Fantasy had a large team yet it took tens years. Look at this way. When it does come you be much stronger then you were before plus more experienced. So the next time you make another game. It will take less time and effort.

    • That’s what I’m counting on, I know for sure easier and faster ways to do certains things now, I can’t use them right now because of the way the base game was designed but next time if I apply those new things from the beggining everything should go smoother.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yay, one more step closer to completion! Interestingly enough is that you posted this just as I was commenting on the previous post lol.

    Call me crazy, or I need to get my eyes checked, but whats-her-name on the left; comparing her bare tits in this first image here to when they were clothed on the previous post, they almost seem slightly smaller now? Idk

    What comes after level design?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Holy fuckarony, those sprites look awesome, especially that “maiden dress”.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I feel you! It’s hard to make whole game by your own. There are no one to help there is no one to support. tough experience.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dude why are you not on Patreon?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Planning on updating the demo when the game is close to release?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I understand your cooking analogy; but never forget that it’s 5-10 minutes for thousands of people (~5,000 combining the dlsite downloads on both Japanese and English ends for Xenotake). [5-10]x5000 = 17-35 days of combined enjoyment (even more due to the other forms of acquisition)!!
    If that doesn’t help, then I’ll just say you’re doing a great job so far, and I cannot wait to play your next installment!! 😀

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Please tell me that nude mode is still going to make it in

  9. Sounds to me like the game is coming along nicely. Would you consider releasing another demo? You know, so we can see and test the improvements.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    WUT! captain of bad guy team was a victim too?

    thing work a little different than what I thought.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    HOLY MOLY THAT’S HUGE ! I love your work ! Keep going man ! I’ll definitly buy it day one !

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for the next release. The screenshots look amazing.

    Also: I used to hate cooking, until I started using it as a kind of artistic self-expression. These days I really enjoy it. It’s kind of like a video game. The meal itself is the “trophy”, but you don’t play a game for the trophies, you play a game for fun.

    As for sections taking long whiles to complete while being quick to play through… I promise I’ll play this game over and over and over. 😉

  13. anonymous Says:

    I m so fa… err, happy to see you are alive and working on game!
    Can I at least hope to see if not flat-chested, but at least small-boobed(adult) girls in-game?
    P.S. Your artwork is awesome!

  14. Hey, it’s nice to see another update here:) Btw, if you have time for Honey Select then you should definitely try Houkago Rinkan Chuudoku from Miconisomi, too – it looks like AAA hentai blockbuster to me, I still wonder how much efforts they spent on making it and its animations, especially with Unity, such projects really motivate to make good stuff (it’s not ads, just personal impression).

    • Will check it out, even though the main atraction of honey select is the customization aspect, don’t know if i’s the same, I’ll check it out.

  15. Here you go Vosky 😀
    Open it with a torrent , then you are good to go 😀
    Or mail me , i can upload it on google or mediafire

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Her face should to be displeased more than that. They are in bad situation. Or not?

  17. Vosmug It’s nice to just hear from you once in a while whether it be progress or just improvements. Whilst I really want the game to be out sooner take your time and keep your own pace. The game will be better that way.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Are they kissing in the third pic or is there a ghost tentacle going in her mouth?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    A…B…M… You have a weird order in alphabet (JK). I suppose when you arrive at Z, the game is finish?
    By the way, is there any way to give a donation?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    How do you feel about adding a progress page with percentages?

  21. Always glad to see another progress update! Also, while I definitely recommend Honey Select, the $100 price is not worth it, considering the majority of the game is just creating characters then, eh, “playing” with them. Unless you can sink hours and hours into creating scenes, I’d get it by other means.

  22. Hey man, no matter how long it takes, I’m still gonna buy it day one. You do great work.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    stay determined man, good luck !

  24. We are with you Vos, it will worth it 😉 you are the best honestly I’m waiting this game since last year and it’s not a problem because I know it’s gonna be awesome ! Can’t wait to play it.

    Take care

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Vosmug i have never wrote to you yet, as i have never wrote to any eroge maker before, but, i have completed xenotake and tried this demo. just wanted to express how much i love your art, i usually don’t get this aroused in any game as dirty as it sounds we’re here for this right? ANYWAY passion made this comment and passion made your game, what else is to be said but your work is exactly what i’ve been waiting in an eroge, it’s GREAT keep the good work, i know this comment could be more useful but, giving you a tap on the back like so many others has done was just the only thing i could come up with to express how great it’s looking don’t rush patience and take care of yourself before anything, and as always with all the peoples who didn’t speak up with me “up until now” we’re kept happy just to know you are still making only the slightest progress you are MVP at eroge keep the great work :P.(- only a random fan who didn’t spoke up until now)

  26. I believe the story line on this one would more likely to be a dark comedy rather dead serious is it not xD ??

    I don’t met much of a comedy-type in adult game society but I can tell since demo until now it’s going to be one enjoyable tale with not much of a headache. Just my liking. I really love H-comedy tho, Some that I been encountered – I feel that they’re very unique and entertained to pull it of in such lewd filled place and I still laugh my ass off.

    Not gonna lie or just complement you outright, but if you can think off this kinda stuff, you’re very skillful and talented writer.

    • *—rather then dead serious
      typo fix, darn. It sad that I unable to edit comment.

    • I wouldn’t call it comedy but is definitely lighter in tone, I don’t really want to go that dark.

      • I see, from all asset I see I though it wouldn’t be much dark but rather a cup of milk-tea. a gags and comic relief are all over the place.

        Still, a tension and environment is very pressuring so it wouldn’t be that funny for sure – will stay tune for more!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    cant wait for the lesbian and futa scene coming.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    What will be the price for this game?

  29. Kera Unos Says:

    Bit of a weird question, but is there any chance you’d be willing to pack in the .swf or .fla files into any of your games? Only reason I ask is because in that format, since they’re vectors rather than png files packed into gamemaker sprites (or whatever you’re using now), they can scale up perfectly to any size; i.e. if you were to play xenotake on a large resolution monitor, it gets blurry as you scale it up, but if you were to open the swf / fla file, it stays perfectly sharp no matter how large you make it

    • That would be alot of files to organize and export again, I dunno man, also, reducing the size to bitmaps helps mask the imperfections they would have at full size, which was part of the point… when you say sharp, the big drawings wouldn’t be that sharp, not blurry, but not really that sharp either (line consitency I mean).

      I don’t know, not part of the plan, I’ll have to think about it… we’ll see but I don’t know…

      If I can embed it into the game that would be better, but they would have to be something like 2x size of regualr sprites or something since actual full size I don’t think looks that good either.

      Don’t know, that’s a tricky one.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well, maybe this would be something for your next game then. Would definitely be cool to get .swf files to scale properly with the window width.

      • Kera Unos Says:

        I mean you could just keep them in the .fla format and throw them in an extras folder with the download or somesiuch, if there’s that many to export; I know most game engines (including GMaker, to my knowledge) don’t support inherent flash files or scalable vectors
        Maybe add it as an optional download for people interested in such a thing, I suppose?
        Maybe I just have a thing for vector scaling? Hm.
        Regardless of your final decision, thanks for humoring me with an answer in the first place; it’s pretty sweet to have a dev willing to respond to such things.

      • To be perfectly honest, I don’t like the idea of putting images in folders, the point of making a game and reaching that content through actually playing it gets kind of lost, pardon my selfishness but I would like you to actually play the game not just open a folder… I know you should play or not play the game in whichever way you want but the idea of spending so much time making a game just to give everything away outside the actual game doesn’t seem right to me… as I said, putting them in the game would be better, by that I meant not the actual vectors but 2x sized exported bitmaps or something, not a plan right now but maybe that would be better.

  30. Yeah when someone does a gallery mode as well as Vosmug proved he can do previously, we really shouldn’t want for the ability to look at the file directly.

    • InternetGuy Says:

      plus you get bonus content sometimes. There was a Xenotake prison gallery scene that wasn’t in the game. I like to imagine it was after the game, Eerien comes back to the ship and strips naked addicted to the atmosphere… See what a sprite swap can inspire?

  31. Speaking of the sprite swap in the xenotake gallery. How long did that process take?

  32. Good to hear you’re still making progress! I love your work.

  33. I find myself furiously reloading this page. Please update us on whatever boring thing you are currently doing!

  34. Baked Saint Says:

    or it serves as a reminder that chocolate and candy go on sale the next day

  35. Oh shit another post. HAY MAN, YOU LIVING LIFE? YOU FEELING ALRIGHT?

    So, here’s the deal. I think about that stuff all the time, but for everything manufactured. Like, is a tractor really worth all the work that’s put into it? Like there’s so much, circuitry, metals, assembly, machinery operation, tires, how the tires need to be specially made, like a couple hundred apiece, not to mention labor. Same goes to pencils, doorknobs, screen protectors, etc, etc etc.

    This concept applies to many aspects of my life, like whether going to get food is worth the gas, and if I should do something else to make it worth my while, or something like that.

    After all that thought, I came to the conclusion that… How do I explain… I got it. I’ll use my three appeals, my personal standpoint, a logical standpoint, and a profitable standpoint. These are similar to your rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos, but I digress. I have an answer, I promise.

    The result of all your work is worth it if…

    One, if you’re happy with the work you produced. It’s your work of art that you worked so hard on. If you love it. It’s worth it. If everybody else does (which I’m sure, we your fans always will), then it’s worth it. (Personal standpoint)

    Two, if the profit you make is equal to or greater than the time and effort put into it. If you put 800 hours into it, you should get however much you personally think is worth that time. (Profitable standpoint)

    Finally, my favorite, is the time. I use this one to justify my every other action in this existential crisis of mine. You see, I believe that if the product is used more by yourself or others than the time that was put into it, then it was more than worth it. For example, I put 35 long hours into hammering and honing my blade into my own custom work of art. How do I know if it’s worth it? I know it is if I use it to make my life easier or better for at least 36 hours of the future. Otherwise: it’s literally a waste of time. (Logical standpoint)

    If you put 800 hours into this game, I’m sure that cumulatively, everyone who gets it will enjoy it for at least 801. Be it 100 people who enjoy it for 8.01 hours each, or a thousand who enjoy it for .801 apiece.

    Trust me, dude.

    (It’s worth it.)

    Personally, I loved Xenotake. Nothing like it and it’s great. You’ve learned so much and GHV is gonna be SO much better. I’ve got bootcamp on my mac so I can play it. I’m horribly excited and I know you won’t let me (us) down. There’s a hundred people who agree (if they all don’t one up me in replies they just haven’t read my spiel).

    Anyway, this was long. I just have existential anxiety and this just really hit home you know?

    I know it’s just a game specifically for the purpose of faps, but you know what? I don’t give a fuck. I’m excited.

    • Oh yeah, and happy late Valentine’s Day.

    • From all the aspects you mention profit is probably lowest on the list, of course still important who are we kidding; probably the top of the list would be time, even though not as you describe, I’ve talked before about how it’s so long between games that 1, I won’t be able to make as many games as I want if they all take this long and 2, time passes, tastes change, maybe I won’t like the same things, or even as I said, “grow out if it”, same for some of the audience who will just move on or forget about it, that’s a another existential crisis we’ve already covered.

      But yeah, it’s worth it even if the only outcome is learning and improving to make better things in the future, but I sure wish it wouldn’t take that long.

      • when game will be released? i played demo yesterday and i fall in love for your work…but a question….i love foot fetish….will be some footjobs in the game? i played Xenotake…it was beautifull but with a footjob……….

      • Foot Fetish? Check this out:

      • wwwwoooowww…but a footjob?with cum on feet? and releae date?

    • Can’t help you there. I’m merely an advocate. Not to mention I’ve never made a game. But hey, you know, I don’t think anybody’s making a game this big by themselves. So pat yourself on the back my dude. I look at a bunch of indie games coming out and they all have a team.

      So… I guess with a game this big, ridiculous amounts of time and patience just come with the territory. I’m amazed you have the patience honestly. I applaud you for having more patience than every fan you have.

      But I’m rambling. Honestly… I do this with a lot of my work. Sometimes I’ll start it and never finish it. I’ll move on to something I like and pour my heart and soul into it and end up loving it. It’ll be ten times better than the last. It’s hard to abandon work, I know, and I’m not saying you should. I’m just saying it’s okay if you do. But working on something like this… It’s all you. Just doing what you love. Sure it takes forever, but in the end I just want you to enjoy it.

      By the way your game’s all over the internet man. So will the next one. We’ll hear echoes of its name for years. I just found that so impressive to be honest. So hey, give yourself some credit. Just look forward to all that’s gonna come with it being finished in the end I suppose. But I’ve lost track of my point here…

  36. Any progress?

  37. wheres the post

  38. hello?

  39. Anonymous Says:


    He said sometime THIS WEEK. Its only Wednesday

  40. Anonymous Says:


  41. I’m sure i’m notre thé only one thinking nor writing what i’ll write but it’s doesn’t mater. Seriously Vosmug i really like your work but you are living support because it takes too long. I’m not blaming you here, i just thinking you should consider getting someone to help you on some parts of the game and seriously, get a patron account Man ! I understand that you dont want to leave your work to live only with patrons money but with the quality of your game you can get many supporters and i’m sure it could help you to get à programmer/animator tout help you, to get some more money for every month confort and last but not least raise your morale. Take sole Time tout consider what i said, it really could help you finish this project. As always keep up with your amazing work and thank you.

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